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Joy's scarf is going to turn out to be a Silk Scarf

The Dark Trinity/Shadow Triad are the Striaton trio.

  • Because it's already a popular theory in the games verse anyway and the third triad member hasn't opened his mouth yet, so there's no proof he isn't POD.
  • Besides, their Gym is the only one so far that hasn't been attacked by a legendary.
  • And the third member was seen collecting shiny rocks in Chargestone Cave. Why? TO PAY THEIR DEBT!

Hitler really is Black's father.

  • Why the hell not
    • Because that would be impossible. Even by Black Adventures standards.

White will be the target of Kcalb's Yandere.

Kcalb has been made a Yandere by the fandom and Black has a crush on White,  so why not have Kcalb try and kill her to express his love? For extra points, N will save her for some total Irony. Or...

N will be the target of Kcalb's Yandere

Simply because the Black Adventures fans want it this way.

Pod will be the target of Kcalb's Yandere

Because I want it that way. And it would be funny.

Black will be the target of Kcalb's Yandere

Just look at the artist's Deviantart picture of the two.

  • More or less confirmed in chapter 18

The gym leaders are being attacked by legendaries of their respective types.

Meloetta, a Normal type, was going to kill Lenora, Team Plasma unleashed Bug type Genesect to attack Burgh and the Electric type Thundurus wreaked havoc in Elesa's city. Therefore, if this pattern continues:

  • Landorus will attack Clay
    • Conformed by Episode 17
  • Tornadus will attack Skyla
    • Confirmed by Episode 20
  • Kyurem will attack Brycen
    • Confirmed in Episode 23. Additionally, the rest of the characters actually seemed to expect this.
  • Which leaves Zekrom and/or Reshiram for Drayden and/or Iris.

In their Big Damn Heroes moment in Ghetis' castle, the gym leaders will bring the legendaries that attacked them.

Kcalb is an Anti-Spiral.

He's drawn in a very similar way, after all.

  • What this says about Missingno. is best left unsaid.

Missingno. is behind it all

He seems to know more than he let's on. Plus he has the power to glitch things up. That could let him take over a Pokemon without their knowledge. And he let's/helps Black win to gain his trust.

Skyla was the object of Elesa's affection.

In the next part of episode fifteen, we get to find out what went on between Elesa and Arti. Considering that they're both crossdressers, and the rising popularity of the Elesa/Skyla ship, it wouldn't be a surprise if Black Adventures mentioned it. Only that, instead of getting together, Skyla rejected Elesa, which caused her to go into a Heroic BSOD and made her contemplate suicide or something of the sort. The only reason she's still alive is thanks to Arti, her Sassy Gay Friend.

  • Jossed. Development in episode fifteen keeps Arti's Unlucky Childhood Friend status.
    • Humm, forgive for asking, but exactly how does that Joss the Elesa->Skyla theory? Her explaining that and Arti comforting her in a SGF way could even have been part of their off-screen make-up discussion, what with their affectionate name-calling.
      • Not OP - last comment makes this theory officially un-Jossed until further notice.
    • Theory seems sound. Except for Arti being either Bi the Way or Mistaken for Gay. Still doesn't mean there is nothing between the two girls.
  • More proof, Skyla has openly stated that she's a lesbian as of chapter 21.

Iris is dead

As the first two episodes turned out to be dreams made into reality, Iris' death is also something that happened.

Mary and Joseph get a Transformation Sequence.

The series has numerous homages and references to Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt. They'll probably start filling the roles of Scanty and Kneesocks, with Jesus as Fastener. But instead of being obssessed with "Rurrus," they'll be obssessed with "Ribburation."

Ghetsis will be portrayed as Faux Affably Evil.

I say this because how else will they make such a Complete Monster enjoyable to watch? It'll include things like Hilariously Abusive Childhood.

Samba the Darumaka will evolve.

Let's see if it's still cute when it becomes Rape Ape.

White is a lesbian.

It'll be revealed when Black finally decides to tell White that he likes her, as another Plot Twist.

Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Will Switch Sides

Ghestis will cut out Mary's eye, causing Joseph's Beserk Button to be pushed beyond repair

I'm guessing he's going to have a violent breakdown sooner or later...

Black and White are long-lost twins

They certainly look the part in their matching yukata, and they seem to tan the same way.

Alder is senile because he is going through the Five Stages of Grief.

Black will have to battle Kcalb for control of his body.

Black can't keep control of him forever, nor can he depend on N to shoot him every time he fuses with Missingno. Soon Kcalb might catch on to the trend of being shot at and attack him in order to keep control and heck, he could also kill N and have Black all to himself if he considered him an obstacle between them).

Ghetsis will be the Knight of Cerebus.

Because he's, well, Ghetsis.

  • And with the recent revelations concerning his encounter with Kyurem, this WMG becomes a bit more ambiguous. Though it may end up that Kyurem takes this title instead.
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