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Main characters


Our female protagonist. Sometimes sweet and sometimes mean, Lucy is wrought with insecurity and would rather punch you in the face than expose it.

Michael "Mike" S.

Our male protagonist. A star athlete and regular “nice guy”, Mike often finds that the girls who vie for his attention are the source of most of his problems.

Daisy "Daze"

Smart and hardworking, this bubbly cheerleader spends her time immersed in books. She longs to be more than everybody’s “little sister”.

  • Beta Couple: With Abbey.
    • Or so it seems...
  • Brown Eyes
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: for a few chapters. She gets better.
  • Gave Up Too Soon: Inverted with her crush on Mike. She waited so long for him that she didn't even notice Abbey liked her.
  • Generic Cuteness: While still seen as pretty (Augustus has called her 'gorgeous' and Carter at one point even mistook her for Lucy) Daisy is regarded as being much less attractive than most of the other Main girls. However Daisy is part Ragamuffin, which develop later than most cat breeds, so her lack of attention probably stems from her poor self-confidence and the fact she isn't as developed as the other females.
  • Love Triangle: AbbeyxDaisyxAugustus. In canon, Abbey got her. In a What If chapter, Augustus did.
  • Running Gag: "Hi, I'm Daisy!"
  • Teen Genius
  • Nice Girl Daisy despite being very occasionally immature or jealous, is very kind-hearted and supportive of her friends, often going to huge lengths to help them out.


Paulo spends more time hitting on girls than paying attention to class. Despite his talent for timewasting, he is fiercely loyal and will always stand up for his friends.

  • Beta Couple: He and Jasmine were at first considered this, but then Pillow Talk subverted this.
  • Brutal Honesty: Paulo in "Another Path" failed at tact. A few times. And Lucy thanked him a few times.
  • Butt Monkey: Paulo had some butt monkey time randomly if Lucy (and sometimes Yashy) was nearby until high school. And then...
  • Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest: Paulo is particularly protective of Daisy, and immediately shapes up when she's watching.
    • In the chapter "Return", it's revealed that Paulo now thinks of Daisy as more of a sister anyway, and doesn't mind her going out with another guy.
      • However, it is hinted at in "Back and Forth" that he still doesn't want to be seen as a sexual deviant in her eyes, as he immediately notices her and seems worried about her opinion of him when Tess and Lucy start some drama because of his sleeping around and being a man-whore in general.
  • Catch Phrase: Paulo's abuse of the word "AWESOME" and common usage of kid, wimp, wuss, etc. when referring to Mike.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: When the well-being of Daisy or Lucy is in danger, Paulo tends to forget his perversion in favor of helping them or, at least, trying to. He also reacted this way when Sue got hurt in Confrontation.
    • Also, he absolutely refuses to make use of Lucy's fragile state when she almost imposes herself on him.
  • Eyes of Gold
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold


Chipper and dimwitted David sees the world a little differently to those around him. His distance from the others sometimes yields surprisingly astute observations.

  • Ambiguously Bi: David adores Abbey according to the chart. And this or this makes it seem that David likes touching Abbey while having fun.
    • Now according to the new chart, he also adores Augustus.
  • Brown Eyes: Really dark though.
  • Catch Phrase: David to Kizuna: "Who are you?" Poor girl can't get a break...
    • David also tends to come out of nowhere with an "AWKWARD" announcement.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: It's only gotten worse with Flanderization.

Abraham "Abbey"

Bound by a strong moral code, Abbey struggles to balance his protective nature with his short temper. While he may butt heads with the more easygoing members of the class, he’s working on it.

Secondary characters

Susan "Sue"

Always busy behind the scenes, Sue's interest in the dramatic doesn't always extend to her social life. She'd much rather be writing or directing.


Mike’s very own green light on the horizon, Sandy is Mike’s earliest childhood friend and his current love interest. Having found success as a young model, she struggles with the demands of work, school and a budding long-distance relationship.

Jessica "Jess"

Jessica is a proud, quick-witted member of the cheerleading team who is never afraid to voice her opinion. Together with her closest friend Rachel, she has been quick to offer compassion to Daisy.

  • Berserk Button: Jessica hates it when called out about how she bullies Tess, which led to Lucy's button being pressed... Tess pretty much just takes the bullying.
  • Bi the Way: Fancies Lucy.
  • Bottle Fairy: Has been seen drunk in "Back and Forth".
  • Break the Cutie: Jessica got this from a lot of the school and Tess as a freshman.
  • Characterization Marches On: Jessica and Rachel were initially your typical high school bullies with little reason for singling out Tess aside from her being an easy target. As time went on, though, hints were gradually dropped that there was a deeper reason as to why they bullied Tess specifically, a reason that was fully revealed in "Pillow Talk".
  • Freudian Excuse: See main page.

Rachel "Rache"

A true flirt, Rachel revels in playful jokes that make light of those around her. While her open nature is often confronting to friends, her cheerful demeanour always shines through.

  • Black Eyes
  • Butt Monkey: In Pillow Talk.
  • Characterization Marches On: Jessica and Rachel were initially your typical high school bullies with little reason for singling out Tess aside from her being an easy target. As time went on, though, hints were gradually dropped that there was a deeper reason as to why they bullied Tess specifically, a reason that was fully revealed in "Pillow Talk".

Jasmine "Jazz" "Jazzie"

A peppy freshman girl whose life is dominated by school activities. While she’d ordinarily keep to her own group of friends, Jasmine has taken an immediate liking to Paulo, happily adopting the role of his girlfriend and principal partner-in-crime.

Augustus "Final Fantasy Cat"

Calm and composed, Augustus is always sure of himself and executes his tasks with quiet efficiency and biting wit. While he keeps his emotions close to his vest, there’s one girl who can unravel everything…



Lucy’s first pet, and the loudest by far. Yashy is something of a prodigy, with a sharp wit that betrays her young age. Bratty, loudmouthed and rude, deep down she wants nothing more for Mom to settle down with her flea.


Innocent and naive, Chirpy remains in awe of the world around her. She clings to Yashy and always does her best to follow the examples of grown-ups (while making frequent mistakes in the process.)


Lucy’s most mature pet, Lily is a source of wisdom for much of the cast (and babysitter to others.) Patient and understanding, she is usually able to steer her friends in the right direction.


Mike’s pet bird Blur was rescued from a fire as a youngster and has trouble remembering what came before the incident. He counts Yashy as a close friend and can often be seen playing or arguing with her.


Tessa "Tess" Canning

A rich party girl with a rebellious streak, Tess departed the scorched earth of Junior year to find newer, younger friends. She has since struggled to reconcile her upcoming graduation with the close friendships she quickly forged.

Alec "McCain" McCain

Alec “McCain” McCain remains detached at all times, making blunt pronouncements in situations which do not always welcome them. His tone-deaf flavour of cold rationality doesn’t earn him many favours with most of the cast.

Kizuna "Kizu"

Madly in love with David, Kizuna never has any luck getting David to notice her, let alone consider her romantically. Airheaded and clumsy, Kizuna is nevertheless a skilled cook, sadly for David. She appears oblivious to his dimwitted comments.


Carson is a manifestation of his creator’s heartfelt objection to the pervasiveness of the “token” gay stereotype in modern pop culture. (He blindly loves Michael, dresses flamboyantly and borrows his name from “Queer Eye”.)


He loves Lucy.

Minor characters


Mild-mannered popcorn merchant Amaya is Sue's best friend. She chooses to remain mute. Her job at the cinema can sometimes be very useful to those who know her!

Katherine "Katie" He-

Precocious Katie spends most of her time worrying about makeup and hair styles and has been duly rewarded by her position as the most popular girl in school. She’s not necessarily mean and cruel… she just doesn’t think too much about others.


Katie’s best friend. Fluent in the written word, Stacy’s peers haven’t (yet) deterred her from a passion for reportage, creative writing and poetry.

Flower Girl

This mysterious girl is absent from just about everything besides David’s fantasies. While she remains unaware, she has completely captured David’s affections, and he spends a lot of his time clumsily stalking her.


Abbey’s little sister seems to have an endless reserve of childish positivity, showing strong dedication to schoolwork and her local Girl Scout troop. She loves her brother dearly, and shoulders more of their shared burden than he’d like.


A hapless kid dragged into various misadventures by other members of the cast, Justin is generally seen looking for cover and wishing he could just go back home.

Alejandro "Confrontation Cat" or "Rapecat"

 Sue: So um... why are you picking on us? We're like... thirteen, ya know. If you think we're loaded with cash, then you're kind of an idiot.

Alejandro: *fingers Sue's chin* So then what's the harm in givin' us all yer money?

Sue: *slaps Alejandro's hand away* Because we actually NEED it!

Alejandro: *punches Sue in the face* WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT YOU?!?

  • Would Hit a Girl: And hits two on-panel. It's implied that he hit his old girlfriend.
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