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Quite possibly the ultimate Will They or Won't They?, Bittersweet Candy Bowl is a webcomic by Taeshi. It follows a group of feline friends through middle and high school, focusing primarily on a pretty, white-colored Tsundere called Lucy, and her ongoing crush/rivalry with Nice Guy Mike. Also featured are Love Triangles (actually, a developing Love Dodecahedron) among the resident Jerk with a Heart of Gold Paulo, cheery Teen Genius Daisy, Token Older Girl Tessa, Cloudcuckoolander David, and Abbey, Daisy's now boyfriend with a troubled past. And now there are three new girls added to the cast. They are Jessica, a strong-willed cheerleader who has a fancy for Lucy and hates/dislikes Tess, Rachel, a cheerful girl who's also a cheerleader and also holds a grudge against Tess, and Jasmine, Paulo's new girlfriend.

A deep sufferer of Cerebus Syndrome, Bittersweet Candy Bowl started off almost entirely lighthearted but delved into heavy drama as the characters moved to high school — there are still jokes, though they are increasingly rare.

The series makes use of anthropomorphic cats, dogs, and birds, but these are derived more from the Funny Animals trope than any serious links to whatever classifies as a true Furry Comic. The characters were developed when the author was young and presumably unaware of the Furry Fandom. The comic is an ongoing serial, and is published three times a week.

Often in a Top Webcomics vote drive. The comics used as incentives can be seen in their entirety by joining BCI (Bittersweet Club International).

Be warned: this comic has been known to cause an unreasonable amount of tears for insufficiently understood reasons.

Also check out the comic's Tumblr account.

Tropes used in Bittersweet Candy Bowl include:

 Peddler: ...made exclusively in Paris! (He made it with the contents of a trashcan. In front of them.)

Lucy: "It doesn't upset me"

David: "That's perfect for capturing her!! I mean..."

David: I'm menstruating.

 David & Lucy: Shake things up with Sue?

McCain: We tried that. Didn't test too well.

 Liam: I'll wait for you.

Lucy: Please don't. You deserve someone a million times better.

 Kidnapper: Oh yes. I've got you now! PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER!

Molly: No I'm not.

K: You can't fool me, child...

M: Isn't the president a dog?

 Daisy: Umm, guys... I think you're going to kill him...

Mike and Lucy: NO WE'RE NOT!

 Alejandro: What I'll do to you...


  1. Particularly a guy called Thanatos, who wants Paulo to die painfully.
  2. McCain
  3. Final Fantasy Cat
  4. Rapecat
  5. It's been explained on the forums that she got it from a Yakuza hitman attempting to kill her after offing her parents.
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