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There will be a Light Is Not Good theme going on

Daylight Horror, weird red and green lights, evil songbird-things...

DeWitt is Subject Delta, the protagonist from Bioshock 2.

You heard it here first, people.

    • DeWitt would've been 70 years old by the time Rapture was even founded (He's 38 in 1912, Rapture was founded in 1946). Subject Delta is mentioned to have accidentally found Rapture sometime after that while diving. If DeWitt was even alive by the 1950s, he'd probably be too unfit to go on a deep sea diving trip. That said, the names Delta and DeWitt do sound kinda similar.

Columbia is Rapture in some form.

  • Either it crashes into the sea somehow, is discovered by Andrew Ryan, and gets retooled/spruced up with new technology, or it's the direct inspiration for Rapture (which seems most likely).

The concept gone mad in Bioshock Infinite will be Patriotism.

  • The flags, 'You're a grand ol' flag,' the flags, one of the signs says that it's you're holy duty to support Columbia, and the FLAGS EVERYWHERE. Not exactly subtle, but it wouldn't be a proper theme if it wasn't.

By the end of Bioshock Infinite, Columbia will have (possibly literally) gone down in flames.

Seriously, Project Icarus? The guys who worked on Columbia were just begging for it to meet a messy end, weren't they?

Andrew Ryan is related to someone who made/had something to do with Columbia

Seriously, once you make a floating city, presumably reasonably self sufficient in the sky with the possible exceptions of soil issues, making an underwater city is an obvious next step. Maybe never got around to doing it though due to politics though. So that leaves their son, nephew, cousin whatever.

  • It could work if we knew how old Ryan was by the time of Bioshock...
  • Well, knowing that Jack is his son, and that Jack is 30 years old or something like that... Ryan could easily be 60-65 by the time of Bioshock, in 1960. And thus 12-17 by the time of Infinite. He could quite well be a son/nephew/cousin/whatever.
    • It seemed it was stated clearly that Jack was hyperaged, and was only physically a few years old at the time of Bioshock.

The man conducting near a phonograph in the trailer is Sander Cohen's father

No doubt Sander would be only a small child in the events of Bioshock Infinite. Could match up since music was involved and little was known of Cohen's past except that he lived in New York and was presumably converted to Ryanist ideologies by his colleagues. The man near the phonograph does dress posh as did Sander in the first Bioshock (though the latter is kind of ruffled since he became a splicer). One difference though: Sander has a love for classical music/art (thus having you fight to 'Waltz of the Flowers') and the song on the phonograph is a patriotic song (specifically 'You're a Grand Old Flag')

Elizabeth is the one keeping Columbia aloft.

Liz was born telekinetic, and is the original source of the superscience on Columbia, like the sea slug was for Rapture. Plasmids (or whatever they're called now) are manufactured from her blood, which are then used to keep the city flying. The hot air balloons and propellers are just there for show, as Columbia's engineers could scarcely admit to the world that they couldn't build a flying city with American ingenuity alone.

Columbia inspired Andrew Ryan to create Rapture

From what we know so far of Columbia it was a planned utopia built to showcase America's sheer nationalisitic fervor which eventually fell into ruin, it's denizens becoming xenophobic and paranoid. Andrew Ryan, who despised everything that Columbia stood for, wanted to make a counterpoint to Columbia, a utopia free of government and religious control, and unlike Columbia, would actually succeed. All this in his attempt to prove that his anti-authoritarian doctrine was true.

  • It has been mentioned Columbia has toured Eastern Europe, where Ryan would later emigrate from.

Columbia is actually a vivid hallucination of Booker DeWitt

The main character of Bioshock Infinite is actually a splicer who is imagining the entire "city in the sky" setting while actually still being in Rapture. It is possible that DeWitt was an American who grew up in the early 1900s, moved to Rapture only to grow disillusioned along with many others and managed to survive the civil war but is a deranged splicer like most of the city's inhabitants. Yearning for both the "good old days" as well as escape from the underwater city, he crafted a personal delusion that mixed both his wishes: a place with the trappings of his childhood and as far away from the ocean floor as possible, which is why Columbia appears as oozing with Americana and is located in the sky. However, elements of reality still sink in, such as the big daddy figurine, the big daddy-esque mechanical creature, and the fact that DeWitt and Elizabeth apparently seem to possess plasmid-like abilities.

Columbia inspired the Wizard of Oz in the Rapture timeline

Looking at the trailer, we see we're high above flat farmland, possibly Kansas, the mechanical creature that attacks is similar to the Tin Man (he wants a heart), and might be closer to the original story, in which the Tin Man is actually a cyborg, one who had body parts replaced as he lost them in accidents. By this estimate, Elizabeth might be Dorothy, and the twister which takes her to Oz might refer to the propellors keeping Columbia aloft, or perhaps her telekinetic abilities. If this is true, the 'wizard' might be the creator of Columbia, similar to Andrew Ryan.

Columbia is Rapture

Columbia will go crash into the ocean by the end Infinite and be forgotten about. Years later Andrew Ryan -after having enough of The Man In The Whitehorse- will seek out it's exact location to built his Utopia out of the broken remains of the American ideal the ultimate Take That to the US government.

  • Jossed. Bioshock 2's museum shows that Andrew Ryan founded Rapture by first loading up a 'base' and dropping it into the ocean, then using divers to ground this on the edge of an undersea cliff (which would eventually become Persephone), then built the city around this. Not to mention that Word of God says Columbia and Rapture are two separate timelines of events and thus, unrelated.
  • Then again, the game does involve alternate timelines as a gameplay mechanic...

The plot of Bioshock Infinite is eventually revealed to be an hallucination brought about by Soviet brainwashing presumably for the purpose of inducing anti-American sentiment

In the gameplay demo if you look closely at Saltonstall's badge once he turns hostile, it clearly shows the communist hammer and sickle, which didn't exist as a symbol until 1918. The game is sent in 1912. Game Informer also points out that the lyrics of the song playing in the bar closely resembles Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", which came out in 1985, when the Cold War was still going on.

    • Adding to this theory, Destructoid recently played a demo and mentions A movie theater that is advertising Return of the Jedi, which was released in 1983.
    • One problem: while the Hammer and Sickle only really became OFFICIAL in 1918, they are almost as old as Socialism is (in varrying forms, of course, and they only really started to come of age when they moved out of the industrial West and into rural Eastern Europe). It's not impossible that somebody (likely in Vox Populi) might have tossed something together and come close to the insignea adopted by the Soviets in 1918. That,, and why would a Soviet brainwashing experiment have an enemy that wears their insignea?
    • this troper has no idea what the meaning of having an old timey cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" could be, but it kinda creeps me out for some reason
      • The new Tear gameplay mechanic seems to imply time travel too, as seen by the Revenge of the Jedi sign in the horse ressurection video.

The end of Bioshock Infinite will have Elizabeth bringing Columbia down in flames..

If we assume that the debut trailer - the one where DeWitt is caught by Elizabeth's Telekinesis at the end - is set before the longer gameplay trailer, then her powers seem to have increased. Possibly this will mean that Elizabeth, who is having her powers boosted by whoever commands HIM, will scale in power with the player, as the latter finds new and more powerful Vigors. In the end, after HIM pulls a Heel Face Turn and dies taking out whatever Big Bad controls him to help Elizabeth escape, her powers are so increased that she destroys Columbia. As for the method in which this is done, well, Project Icarus should be a hint. A literal Mythology Gag, kind of.

    • Don't take the debut trailer (The one with Booker dying) as canonical. Bioshock had a similar trailer, with Jack getting gored by a Big Daddy.

Columbia is the cause of ADAM.

According to Word of God, the glowing light you see in the trench under Persephone is what mutates the slugs into ADAM-factories. The trench is where Columbia eventually crashes down, and the light is some sort of wacky science left over. There would be a certain irony in the ruins of Columbia bringing about the advent of ADAM (able to alter people as they wish) and Plasmids (much more efficient and reliable than Vigors) in Rapture, the city specifically built to escape the things Columbia celebrates.

    • Going with the WMG above where Rapture was built on Columbia's crash site, the "Glowing Light" is a corruption of geothermal vents caused by a massive release of whatever Vigors and Nostrums are made of (which the next WMG deals with). Ryan built Rapture on the crash site to take advantage of the technology Columbia's wreckage contained and ADAM was an unexpected discovery. And the fact that Word of God says Rapture and Columbia takes place in different time-lines may not mean anything since the "tears" in Infinite connect to other realities; the end of the game may see all of Columbia falling through a gigantic tear to crash in the Northern Atlantic of the original game.

Elizabeth is the origin of ADAM.

Working with the WMG above. We know very little about Liz at this point, including why she is locked in a tower in Columbia, but her powers and their similarities to the Vigors shown in the trailer can't be a coincidence. Elizabeth was either brought to Columbia because of her power or was the result of an experiment in the floating city that led to the creation of the Vigors and Nostrums, the forerunners of Plasmids and Tonics. However her powers are distilled into bottles (literally), the supply of the raw material was dumped into the ocean next to a rock that would be perfect to build a lighthouse on. And Songbird? The diving suits of Rapture (and be extension the Big Daddies) were reverse-engineered from his remains.

Eleanor and Elisabeth have a connection.

Short of Author Appeal, isn't it odd that two main characters are black-haired girls with powers? Considering the time frame of the two games it wouldn't be a stretch to have Elly be Liz's granddaughter. Or considering the latest news about Infinite, her doppelganger from another timeline.

  • Perhaps Liz escapes Columbia and moves to England. There, She meets a Mr. Lamb, they marry, have a daughter and Liz dies in childbirth. This daughter is of course Sophia, and Sophia gives birth to Eleanor in Rapture many years later.

The "Vigors" in Bioshock Infinite change your brain and make you psychic as opposed to Plasmids changing your genetic code in Bioshock

while some of the Plasmids made you psychic, this troper is predicting that the "Vigors" in Infinite don't change your genetic code or physical body, but instead change your brain giving you psychic powers (such as controlling the crows) at the cost of making you 100% batshit insane over time (not unlike Plasmids, but without the addiction aspect) and the source of all this is none other than Elizabeth herself

    • My thoughts exactly, only they don't just cause insanity. These psychic powers also can alter sensory perception. That sudden shift in appearance with Saltonstall, that's him projecting a different appearance on Booker's minds. The same thing with the suble change in that banner on the road and the picture at that bar and those guys chasing you sounding like Indian braves. The thing is that this is not an entirely conscious process. The more you use vigors and nostrums, the more you automatically change the perception of everyone around you. It just happens as your mood changes until you're completely unable to control it. So the cost isn't just insanity, it's also projecting your craziness on others. Why does Saltonstall's badge shift to a Hammer and Scykle? Because that symbolizes a philosophy that he fears and loathes. He's trying to intimidate you, so he unconsciously shows what intimidates him.

Rapture is set in the Batman: TAS universe, or a AU of it.

Was watching Batman: TAS, in season 3 we have Deep Cold which is about a underwater city for the world's elite. Batman:TAS already uses retro 60's tech. And at the end Batman blows the place to Kingdom come, And then it hit me. Rapture is set in the Batman:TAS universe. After all Batman is just a Badass Normal so Rapture could be a Alternate Universe.

Columbia has traveled to the future.

A few factual errors were found with music and the hammer and sickle symbol when those shouldn't have even existed yet. Columbia has gone rogue and disappeared. There's apparently an incredible difficulty in getting there. These things could be the results of Columbia traveling a few yearsDECADES into the future, with or without them even noticing it.

  • Pretty much confirmed by the new trailer. Elizabeth uses her powers to try and resurrect a horse by pushing back reality itself and warping to a pasture, but fails. At the end, she pushes back reality even farther than before, and the portal stays open. The only problem is that it is now a different reality, an '80s-esque street with a theater advertising Return of the Jedi behind her.
    • Actually it's "Revenge of the Jedi".
      • George Lucas reportedly changed the title from Revenge to Return at the last minute when he realized that revenge was a very un-Jedi-like concept.
      • You misunderstand, the universe Liz tears a hole into has a theater which is advertising Revenge. Apparently it's a universe in which Mr. Lucas didn't make that change.

Soviet or American Time Travelers will turn out to be the main antagonists of Bioshock Infinite.

The hammer and sickle badge, the song in the bar, and the the changing of portraits have become side effects of these time-travellers' meddling.

As a variation on the above theory, Columbia only exists thanks to time travel.

Come on, a flying city in 1912 ? There's no way they could have built it with their technology ! And that's the point : they couldn't. The men who would later build Columbia somehow managed to build a time machine, if they didn't flat out steal H G Wells' time machine, and used it for traveling to the future and retrieve some technology from that time that they adapted to their level. This also explains why Elizabeth is so important for them, and why she has her powers : she's from that future they visited where mankind naturally developed psychic powers. Not only is she the only one who understands the technology that allows Columbia to exist, but by studying her, they found a way to artificially grant similar powers to them and developed the Vigors, but didn't take into account the fact that they're still not biologically fit for harnessing this kind of power, which contributed to their insanity. All those shifts we can see in the trailers are caused by reality reacting VERY badly to the presence of technologies and persons from another time, and trying to adjust.

The inhabitants of Columbia are using Elizabeth's psychic ability to power their weapon of mass destruction.

Not only is Elizabeth a powerful psychic, she could even manipulate time if pushed far enough. The people of Columbia hope to harness this ability in order to literally unmake entire civilizations!

Assuming there's a sequel to Infinite, it will either be a deconstruction of hard left politics or democracy.

From what indication the game gives, Vox Populi is a collection of various groups opposed to the Saltonstall's hard right regime. Once his party (and Columbia) falls into chaos, Vox Populi will rise to power. Vox Populi will either have so much infighting among the tenuously linked ideologies that they descend into mob rule or will become a hard left party that fails to help the downtrodden people and groups they intended to protect.

    • Jossed. Recent videos show that the Vox Populi have already descended into fanaticism. Apparently both (extreme) ends of the political spectrum are being hit with both barrels this time around.

Elizabeth and Booker will have some sort of romantic relationship, UST, or platonic at very least.

Her relation with Songbird sounds similar to King Kong and Ann Darrow with Booker as Jack or ICO(a young boy save princess while being chase by evil witch). Think of it, Elizabeth is a young, innocent girl around twenties who never sees the world while Booker doesn't seems to be more than mid thirties. They have been chasing by Yandere Implacable Man monster who chasing them like it was cheated. It's a classic romance plot in videogame!!

  • Word of God says Elizabeth's interactions with Songbird are meant to give the impression of an unhealthy relationship, with a needy and co-dependent girlfriend and a jealous, abusive boyfriend.

At one point Elizabeth will open a tear into Rapture

Oh come on, this is pretty much inevitable. If not an "accidental teleport" like the 1980's street at least they'll have some tear send a Big Daddy to fight your enemies or something.

    • I just wanted to post that, it would be a real treat!

When Columbia first disappeared, people could start seeing the tears

Assume Columbia "disappeared" during an anomaly with the time-space continuum. Elizabeth was only a little girl at the time, brought to Columbia by her parents (Not kidnapped as previously believed) Her powers awoke during this anomaly, and she managed to save the city from total annihilation. One of the Founders (Let's call him Mr. Jefferson for now) Realized Elizabeth was the only thing keeping them all from being warped into alternate dimensions, so he kidnaped her and brought her to the Founder's stronghold. There, The Founders decided to Keep her Isolated and keep Columbia afloat and in a mostly-stable timeline. Because She was still young, and her powers were still shaky, she wasn't able to keep the city in perfect condition. People started seeing things from Alternate realities, but could do nothing to manipulate them.

The word 'Infinite' in the title refers to the nature of the multiverse and Elizabeth's true potential.

There are infinite universes, infinite alternate realities that sometimes 'bleed' into each other, and sometimes they can ignore even the sequential order of time. If Elizabeth's powers are fully developed she will be able to pull in an infinite amount of anything from ALL other alternate timelines, whether in the past, present or future. She has the potential to give everyone in her universe limitless food, water, air, energy, et cetera, as well as the power to remove anything by transporting it into one of the countless other dimensions, if she is allowed to grow in power and learn to control it further. Elizabeth represents the very concept of 'infinity', the key to limitless resources through exploiting the fact that there are infinite realities.

All the changes made to the game during the development process are just Alternate Universes of the Columbia we'll experience in the finished product.

That means there's an alternate Columbia where Booker sounds like Garrett, an alternate Columbia where The Songbird makes Big Daddy noises, an alternate Columbia where the architecture is inspired by Art Nouveau... The list goes on, really.

There will be multiple endings, dependant on how the player interacts with Elizabeth and the Tears.

I can see Irrational going two ways with this: Idealistically, where the player recieves a good/bad ending depending on whether they pushed Elizabeth to manipulate as many tears as possible (bad) or had her manipulate as few as possible (good). A more pragmatic scenario could be that Elizabeth has to use her power to manipulate a massive Tear near the end of the game. If Booker encouraged her to use her ability often throughout the game, she's experienced enough to pull it off, but otherwise has a much harder time of it, leading to a worse ending.

    • Expect a Guide Dang It for those players who tried to keep Elizabeth from straining herself.

The Songbird will make a Heroic Sacrifice for Elizabeth by the end of the game.

And it will be the game's biggest Tear Jerker.

Columbia is actually a virtual reality.

Various objects seem to be glitching, and the people's erratic behavior is due to an error in the code. Furthermore, Elizabeth's powers are not actually an ability to warp dimensions, but rather she can directly effect Columbia's source code. The Songbird is thus some sort of antiviral softwear.

    • It's not just a virtual reality, it's the Genetic Memory of a subject seen through an Animus-esque device. The subject (and therefore the player) lives in the near future and is trying to figure out what happened to Columbia by exploring the memories of Booker to prevent a cataclysm caused by the events of game.

This all has something to do with Faction Paradox.

Because seriously. Period dress? Check. Tears in the fabric of space-time allowing for the weaponized manipulation of timelines? Check. Giant crows and other gothic images? Check. A city full of people from all over the multiverse, all of them each a very special kind of insane? Check. At this rate, Elizabeth transpiring to be a rogue Timeship and the Songbird turning out to have been an Unkindness all along wouldn't be surprising in the least. Not to mention Squee-inducing.

Columbia is a literary reference to the flying island of Laputa

In Gulliver's Travels, Laputa was also used as the seat of an empire, full of scientific wonders but run by impotent madmen and Know-Nothing Know-It-All people. The comparisons are startling; this is just a more modern Laputa. What do you guys think?

Jack is Booker Dewitt

I checked their voices and noticed that they sound almost exactly alike.

Booker and Elizabeth will become stranded in either the future or past.

At least for a section of gameplay. Ending up in front of the theater showing "Revenge of the Jedi" will only be one of their trips through time with some of the tears closing around them to leave them in another period. One will be set in a modern day city with posters for Bioshock in front of a game store and Elizabeth marveling at modern clothing and technology, especially cell phones and television. It would be especially weird (yet really cool) to see her playing a game demo display in the store with the system changing depending on what version of the game is being played.

Not only Rapture will be featured as a "Tear" universe, but so will other Irrational Games and 2K games properties, as well as expy versions of other video games

  • Not only will the Rapture setting be a tear, but so will the System Shock universe and the Freedom Force universe (both done by Irrational). Some 2K games, such as the upcoming XCOM reboot and the Borderlands games, will also appear as universes that the "tears" can access.
  • There will also be expy versions of other video games. One tear might drop in a Italian-American who then uses a vigor that gives him great leaping abilities and pyrokinesis. He'll then help you out for a short time, before he dies, stops briefly in mid-air, then falls down while a funny special effect plays.
    • And then a Dinosaur with a froglike tongue comes for you to ride on. Mama-mia!

Daisy Fitzroy is the illegitimate child of one of the Founders

Despite the "purity" credo that is essential to the Founders' beliefs, one Mr. Fitzroy decided to get some tail of a different color. Daisy's mother was most likely a South American immigrant, and gave her daughter the name of her father because she had deluded herself into thinking Mr. Fitzroy actually loved her. Daisy however grew to HATE her father and everything he stood for. Fortunately, she inherited his statesman's silver tongue, and Daisy quickly amassed followers to her socialist faction.

  • Other relevant facts worth considering: Fitzroy is an Irish name. It wasn't until after the turn of the twentieth century that the Irish ceased being victims of open racism in the US; as late as the Twenties you could still find businesses hanging window signs saying things like NOW HIRING (no negroes nor irish need apply). It would not be unreasonable, however, for a rich WASP in Columbia to have had a torrid affair with someone from this hated ethnicity, and then attempt to hide the results of their forbidden love lest it destroy his reputation.

The third Bioshock Universe (after Rapture and Columbia) will take place UNDERGROUND.

Levine has already done under the ocean (Rapture), in the air (Columbia) and space (System Shock's sequel). What is left? A GIANT SERIES OF CAVERNS. Or is that too much like the Vaults from the Fallout Series?

Alternately, it'll take place in Tree-Top Town

With genetically altered trees. And tree-people. And people-trees. And it'll feature bamboo technology. It'll deconstruct eco-terrorism or destroying the enviroment. Possibly both.

By the end of the game, you'll have your hand around Elizabeth's neck again.

That bit from the trailer feels like Foreshadowing. It probably won't be the end of her, and Booker may not even be in control of himself at the time... but we'll see that moment again.

The Big Bad will turn out to be an Eldritch Abomination

What with all the tears in space/time, I'd bet money that it's going to turn out that someone or something beyond human understanding is going to be pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Daisy Fitzroy is Comstock's daughter.

The Vox Populi will be revealed eventually to have been created merely by Daisy having a temper tantrium to punish, or show up, her father. it's possible it is instead a way to take control from him, or prove to him that she is capable of leadership. Yes, the entire events happen because of a Father/daughter squabble. Not necessarily "Well Done, Son" Guy, but it works.

We will never meet or see Daisy Fitzroy in person, just her face on a TV screens, banners, etc

...for the same reason we don't see ever Big Brother in Nineteen Eighty-Four in person. Her nature, existence and manner will remain unknown to the player (Unless Bioshock 4 goes back to Columbia).

The whole game will turn out to be a time loop.

At the climax of the game, Booker and Elizabeth are placed in a completely winnable situation. Booker is badly wounded by Songbird (who Booker killed after an epic battle), the Founders and Vox Populi are warring openly, and the city is falling down around them. Desperate to save the one friend she has left, Elizabeth opens a tear back in time and sends Booker through it. This act results in Elizabeth dying from the overuse of her powers and Booker is helpless to do anything about it. Now a younger Columbia, just before the fall, Booker desperately tries to reach Elizabeth, but is stopped by Comstock (or some other semi-villainous major player in Columbia). This major player offers to save Booker and reunite him with Elizabeth, but on one condition... that Booker make sure nothing bad ever happens to her. Booker agrees, is given a Super Prototype iron lung/flying machine, and takes up the job of Elizabeth's mysterious guardian: Songbird. Remember the song: "Will the Circle be Unbroken?" Yeah. They're bastards like that.

  • Or, for the good ending, the Time Tear causes the both of them to escape into the safety of the past, and Booker becomes the person that hires himself to locate Elizabeth in the first place, in order to create a Stable Time Loop.

The Big Bad will turn out to be Andrew Ryan.

He decried the ideology of both The Founders and Vox Populi in one of his PA speeches in the first game. If he was in Columbia, it would only make him stronger in his beliefs, seeing "The Parasites" wreck their own creation. With the Tear mechanic, anything can happen. This would be the perfect time to him to gloat about Objectivism as he tries to remake Columbia to his views.

Songbird will undergo a Heel Face Turn.

His primary instructions are to protect Elizabeth from "kidnappers" at all costs. At some point, he may be led to realize that as long as she remains in Columbia, she cannot be truly safe.

Bioshock Infinite will cause a shitstorm amongst American conservatives.

Conservatives have an affinity for the Gilded Age and unashamed patriotism, and nothing seems to gall them more than a story that deliberately depicts Eagle Land, type 1, as the moral equivalent of type 2. The depictions of Columbia's Founders will not endear this game to them at all, and the fact that the game is due to debut close to the 2012 elections will only make things worse.

Alternatively, Bioshock Infinite will cause a shitstorm amongst American liberals.

So here we have the Vox Populi. A morally upright La Résistance group that, in their struggle for equality, has turned first into Well Intentioned Extremists, then into a bloodthirsty gang of Knight Templar types -- have-nots blinded by the sheer intensity of their righteous hatred for the haves -- who see no problem with terrorizing, brutalizing, and murdering the objects of their hate and calling it a well-deserved revenge. And what research did Ken Levine do to understand the mindset of these ideology-driven thugs? He started attending Occupy Wall Street protests. I don't imagine anyone will be flattered in the least by the comparison.

  • He attended Occupy Protests 5 months before Occupy Wall Street.

Songbird will pull a Heroic Sacrifice for the Good Ending.

If Booker doesn't attack Songbird too much, by the end he'll realize that not all humans are evil, and will sacrifice himself to defeat the Big Bad and give Elizabeth a better future.

The events of Bioshock Infinite will somehow, however directly, result in the sinking of the HMS Titanic.

I mean, come on! They both take place in exactly the same year, and no definite data has been set for the game as of yet. Presuming Columbia eventually is destroyed and falls from the sky, either one of the pieces strikes the Titantic or acts as the 'iceberg' that causes the sinking, with the help of a ruptured Winter Blast-esque Vigor.

Bioshock Infinite will attack moderates as well

They're too indecisive to do anything and let the extremes take over.

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