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Billy the Cat is a Franco-Belgian comic book series by the Belgian Stéphane Colman and Stephen Desberg. Also an animated cartoon version has been produced for broadcast and is ran through American Broadcasting Company, amongst others. Both comic and cartoon deal with the everyday and secret lives of urban animals, and while the characters are largely the same in both versions, the stories and situations are very different.

The Comic follows the story of Billy, a normal schoolboy who often pranks and bullies animals. However, early in the first comic album, he is killed when he carelessly runs out in the street and is hit by a car. Told that his chances of getting into Heaven are slim due to his misdeeds, he is given a second chance by being returned to earth as a young cat. The comic follows Billy's attempts to adapt to living as a cat and chronicle his misadventures while he interacts with other animals. The comic is notably darker and more dramatic than the serialized television show.

Otherwise the television show, created in 1994, follows a similar premise with some major deviations. In the show the transformation is the revenge of an angry magician whose cat Billy had bullied, while the magician's cat assumes Billy's form and lives with his family. The cartoon is more episodic and lighthearted than the comic, though it is not completely unexpected.

Not to be confused with the UK comic strip of the same name, which ran in The Beano and was about a teenage superhero, or with Bill the Cat.

Shared tropes:

Comic-specific tropes:

  • Cassandra Truth: None of the other animals believe that Billy was ever human.
  • Loud of War: Hell in the first Billy comic (even before "in the skin of a cat"). Eternal dance music that's really eternal. A party that never stops! Soonds great, huh? Not really according to Billy...
  • Darker and Edgier: The comic to the cartoon.
  • Karma
  • Fan Translation: Of the first comic at least. Translated into English into "In the skin of a Cat".
  • Mood Whiplash: Most notably in the pilot comic strip.
  • Raise Him Right This Time: In a subversion, the wrongdoer in question is given a new life as a cat instead of a human.
  • Reincarnation: Oddly, it was bestowed upon Billy by an angel. His second chance is given to atone for all the animal cruelty he perpetrated in his former life.
  • Retcon / Continuity Reboot: The very first standalone story of Billy had him also getting crushed under a car, but he actually got into Heaven. Noticing that Heaven wasn't that great, he descended to Hell, where an eternal party with loud music was going on. Then, after noticing eternal was really eternal and the music would never stop, he asks a guru to reincarnate him, and as a fluke he's returned as a cat to Earth. This whole plot was scrapped when they started writing "dans la peau d'un chat" ("in the skin of a cat").
  • Transformation Comic

Show-specific tropes:

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