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Here's an easy recipe for hilarity: take a handful of gamers, add some rulebooks and lorebooks, shake in some dice (optional), and add a Big Lipped Alligator Moment or two. Season to taste.

  • The classic AD&D module "I6: Ravenloft" is a thrilling, wonderfully-planned and -mapped Gothic vampire hunt, full of genuine scares and Genre Savvy tributes to old Universal and Hammer horror films. It plays it out as straight as can be ... until you get to the underground crypts, and realize that every tomb's engraving is some Incredibly Lame Pun that wouldn't amuse a six-year-old. Definitely a this-didn't-happen for fans and designers of the later Ravenloft setting; when the module was updated and re-released as "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft", they deliberately expunged this Old Shame, making the crypts' inscriptions illegible or pun-free.
  • The "Unglued" and "Unhinged" Magic: The Gathering sets were created when Wizards of the Coast decided to stop being so serious and make a set (twice) parodying their game. The resulting expansion sets gave players the ability to summon Carnivorous Death-Parrots, a goblin bowling team,a band made up entirely of clams and an Elvis-impersonating elf. Naturally, none of these concepts have been revisited since.
    • Doesn't really count, as a good number of mechanics introduced in Unglued were later brought back(Forecast, enchant player, power conduit, elvish piper, comet storm) and one card was even reprinted under a different name in a real set (Barren Glory).
      • Indeed, every block since then has had at least one tribute to an Un-set. Barren Glory is just the most prominent example.
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