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Fourth Doctor

Fourth Doctor Adventures

Series 1

Fifth Doctor

Monthly series

Specials and other releases

Sixth Doctor

Monthly series

The Lost Stories

Specials and other miscellanea

Seventh Doctor

Monthly series

The Lost Stories

Specials and other miscellanea

Eighth Doctor

Each series takes place in the same continuity, but at different points in the Eighth Doctor's tenure.

Monthly series

New Eighth Doctor Adventures

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Companion Chronicles

Generally, these are two-man plays with full music and sound effects.

Sarah Jane Smith

After Doctor Who, after K9 & Company, but before The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane Smith had nine Big Finish audio dramas.

Series 1:

  1. Comeback
  2. The TAO Connection
  3. Test of Nerve
  4. Ghost Town
  5. Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Series 2:

  1. Buried Secrets
  2. Snow Blind
  3. Fatal Consequences
  4. Dreamland

Bernice Summerfield

Series 1

  1. Oh No It Isn't!
  2. Beyond the Sun
  3. Walking to Babylon
  4. Birthright
  5. Just War
  6. Dragon's Wrath

Series 2

  1. The Secret of Cassandra
  2. The Stone's Lament
  3. The Extinction Event
  4. The Skymines of Karthos

Series 3

  1. The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy
  2. The Green-Eyed Monsters
  3. The Dance of the Dead
  4. The Mirror Effect

Series 4

  1. The Bellotron Incident
  2. The Draconian Rage
  3. The Poison Seas
  4. Death and the Daleks

Series 5

  1. The Grel Escape
  2. The Bone of Contention
  3. The Relics of Jegg-Sau
  4. The Masquerade of Death

Series 6

  1. The Heart's Desire
  2. The Kingdom of the Blind
  3. The Lost Museum
  4. The Goddess Quandary
  5. The Crystal of Cantus

Series 7

  1. The Tartarus Gate
  2. Timeless Passages
  3. The Worst Thing in the World
  4. Summer of Love
  5. The Oracle of Delphi
  6. The Empire State

Series 8

  1. The Tub Full of Cats
  2. The Judas Gift
  3. Freedom of Information
  4. The End of the World
  5. The Final Amendment
  6. The Wake

Series 9

  1. Beyond the Sea
  2. The Adolescence of Time
  3. The Adventures of the Diogenes Damsel
  4. The Diet of Worms

Series 10

  1. Glory Days
  2. Absence
  3. Venus Mantrap
  4. Secret Origins

Series 11

  1. Resurrecting the Past
  2. Escaping the Future
  3. Year Zero
  4. Dead Man's Switch

Series 12

  1. The Kraken's Lament
  2. The Temple of Questions
  3. Private Enemy No. 1
  4. Judgement Day

Jago & Litefoot

The popular duo from "The Talons Of Weng-Chiang" had one Companion Chronicle followed by their own spin-off range.

Series 1

  1. The Bloodless Soldier
  2. The Bellova Devil
  3. The Spirit Trap
  4. The Similarity Engine

Series 2

  1. Litefoot and Sanders
  2. The Necropolis Express
  3. The Theatre of Dreams
  4. The Ruthven Inheritance

Series 3

  1. Dead Men's Tales
  2. The Man at the End of the Garden
  3. Swan Song
  4. Chronoclasm

The Lost Stories

These audio dramas are stories that were planned to be made for the TV series, which they never actually got around to.

Series 1

Series 1, also filed under the Sixth Doctor, took many definite story ideas and a few that had been suggested to create the season of Doctor Who that never was, which would have been Colin Baker's second season had it made it to air.

  1. The Nightmare Fair
  2. Mission to Magnus
  3. Leviathan
  4. The Hollows of Time
  5. Paradise 5
  6. Point of Entry
  7. The Song of Megaptera
  8. The Macros

Series 2

Series 2 moves beyond the Sixth Doctor's lost stories, to include the Seventh Doctor - as they will be written by Andrew Cartmel, the Cartmel Masterplan may be developed.

  • The First Doctor Boxset, comprising:
  • The Second Doctor Boxset, comprising:


A mini-series of (mostly in-universe) What Could Have Been stories.



Short Trips


The British arm of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce searches for their missing commander while dealing with an ultra-nationalist agency attempting to replace them.

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