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  • The Kingmaker, a 5th Doctor tale, has the Doctor trying to write a book on the mysteries of history, lest he be killed by a robot forcing the Doctor to write said book. Somehow, this all ends up with Richard the III trying to kill ol' Bill Shakespeare for writing slanderous material based on him... but not before the robot winds up chasing after Shakespeare and demanding a new draft for The Tempest. Hilariously, the end result of all this is that Shakespeare dies 100 years before he was born, forcing King Richard the III to take up playwriting in the 1600s. Oh, and we get numerous references to the Ninth Doctor and the Master. And it really works.
  • The Brotherhood of the Daleks. Six and Charley against... Communist Daleks.
  • ...ish. The Sixth Doctor uses his legendary Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness to defeat a sentient word.
  • Davros is one long MoA for you-know-who. He starts the story off freaking DEAD, and by the end he's taken over the galaxy's biggest corporation, pretended to be a Woobie to enlist the help of the CEO's wife in taking over the company, reduced the galactic stock market to a simple, foolproof equation and held the economy hostage by threatening to release said equation to everyone, and dropped a nuclear bomb on the Doctor. [1] Magnificent. Bastard.
  • In Lucie Miller, Susan, Alex, and Lucie attack a Dalek fleet with nuclear submarines. And win.
  • In the very next episode, To the Death, Lucie blows up the Daleks' time warp drive with a giant nuclear bomb. And she makes friggin well sure they know who they're up against: "And just in case you wanted to know who it was who blew you to pieces--the name is Lucie Miller. You got that? Lucie BLEEDIN' MILLER!"
  • In Heroes of Sontar, Tegan launches a crippled Sontaran warship by firing all of its weapons, buried in the ground, at once as makeshift rockets, turning the craft into a nearly uncontrolled cannonball that lacks even the most rudimentary safety devices. She and all the occupants still survive.

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  1. Of course it doesnt work, but still.
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