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  • There are a few instances of this in Survival of the Fittest. A notable example is that of Seth Mattlock rescuing Bryan Calvert and Tory Johnson from a player - pulling it off in the true spirit of the trope: just in the nick of time. Amusingly, this is because he waited before pulling off the save, although he was, admittedly, trying to get the best possible shot on the bad guy. It also turns into an unintentional Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Also in v4, counter-terrorist group STAR show up, take Danya's HQ hostage, and rescue a large number of the students from the island.
  • Andrew Hazel, who saves Alec from Boris's firing squad in Sapphire Episode III.
  • Team Four Star's Dragonball Z AbridgedLampshades this upon Goku's entrance into the fight versus Nappa and Vegeta. "Hey guys, what'd I miss? Oh. Are they all..."
  • When the main characters are cornered in There Will Be Brawl, Captain Falcon comes out of the alley, gives a speech about only he gets to bruise Pit's face, and Falcon Punches Saki and Issac to dust.
  • Almost every time a new character is introduced in Dead Fantasy, said character is intervening to aid someone else in a fight. In fact, very few fights have had a clear winner, since every time someone's on the verge of defeat, someone else has come to save them. So far, Rikku, Hitomi, Tifa, Rinoa, Cloud, and Ryu Hayabusa have pulled Big Damn Heroes moments.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers, when terrorists are attacking the control room, Shelton is saved by Cobalt Squad busting through a window.
  • The end of Paw's Top Nine Modern Video Game Themes. That Chick with the Goggles, Angry Joe, and The Spoony One all come in to save the day against Dark Paw . And it is AWESOME.
    • This trope pretty much makes up the beginning of the Anniversary battle, first by The Nostalgia Chick and then everyone coming in after her.
  • In Yukari is Free, the RED Pyro gets quite an impressive one when he saves Fuuka from the BLU Spy.
  • Since they were all about superheroic action, most campaigns in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe featured this sort of scene all the freaking time.
  • In the second episode of The Fantastic Favio Bros, LeTony tries to convince Tony to take ecstasy as part of his goal of Everybody Must Get Stoned. Right as Tony is about to take it, Favio arrives to punch it out of his hand and provide a motivational speech.
  • Subverted in Atop the Fourth Wall at the end of the Mechakara arc. 90's Kid, Ninja-Style Dancer, and Harvey Finevoice show up to save Linkara from Mechakara...but then run away when they realize that their attacks aren't doing anything to him.
    • Played straight when Pollo returns to blast Lord Vyce and save Linkara's butt.
  • Happens occasionally in Marvels RPG, which comes with the Superhero setting. A recent example is Black Knight appearing from out of nowhere and cutting off the Hulk's arm to save Aura.
  • Ivan comes to Arthur's rescue in The Quest for Geekdom's season 1 finale.
  • Chief of Police James Colby does this near the end of Sacreya's Legacy.
  • Whateley Univerese: all over the place in "Ayla and the Birthday Brawl". When Chaka and Dyna-man have been pounded into the pavement by The Lamplighter, Riptide comes to the rescue. When she finally loses, a team of Knights of Purity save Chaka. When Skyhawk ruins the Felonious Four's hostage crisis, Bladedancer and Generator and Shroud leap in to the rescue. When the Felonious Four are about to blow Generator's brains out, she's saved by a hostage kid attending the birthday party. When the supervillains have freed the criminals from the superjail, the four powerhouses of Team Kimba fly in to save the day. When the mercenaries are ready to blow up the restaurant with Phase's friends, a team of power armor guys hired previously by Phase steps in at the right moment.
  • In entry #52 of Marble Hornets, Masky stops Alex from shooting Jay. He just suddenly appears behind Alex, then tackles him. Then, once Jay's gone, you hear a gunshot. Tim seems to be fine, though...
  • At the end of The Adventures Of The League of STEAM's season 2 finale, "Dead End", The rest of the League come to the rescue when Crackitus, the Baron, Katherine and Thaddeus get outnumbered by zombies.
  • Bailey and Mari perform a textbook one in Statless and Tactless.
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