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  • This is called the run-in, and can be done by both heels and faces alike -- but there's nothing like the crowd's pop when a face runs in to save an overmatched friend.
    • Many tag team matches contain a variant of the Big Damn Heroes called the Ricky Morton, where in one member of a tag team is beaten down, and after a period, tags in his fresh partner to the cheers of the crowd. The person giving the tag is the Ricky Morton, the one receiving the tag is going to get a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • An example of a pro-wrestling Big Damn Hero moment would be Stone Cold Steve Austin saving Stephanie McMahon from The Undertaker's black wedding on Monday Night RAW.
  • Subverted at WCW Fall Brawl 1996, in which Team WCW was to fight the N Wo in a WarGames match. Sting was originally supposed to be part of Team WCW, but then the nWo announced Sting had joined them (while running around with a fake Sting), and would be part of their team instead. Team WCW believed that Sting had actually betrayed them, and went in a man down, and thus were getting their clock cleaned by the nWo. But who should arrive as WCW's fourth man but the real Sting! Sting beat up the entire nWo team all by himself -- and then walked out of the match, angry because the WCW guys (including his own best friend Lex Luger) distrusted him enough to believe he'd actually join the nWo. WCW lost the match when Luger submitted to the fake Sting's Scorpion Deathlock.
  • At ROH Death Before Dishonor IV, Ring of Honor was looking at a surefire loss to CZW in Cage of Death after Bryan Danielson clipped Samoa Joe's knee, taking both out of the match, leaving a TWO man advantage for Combat Zone Wrestling. Then, in comes Homicide as the unofficial sixth ROH member. Still down a man, Homicide pinned Nate Webb to win Cage of Death for ROH.
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