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  • Ichigo sure thinks he's one when he arrives moments before Orihime's kidnapping is completed . Then Nell shuts him down, hard. Makes sense, she is the Primera, after all.
  • "I hate playing the Big Damn Hero." (Emphasis and Capitalisation Academia Nut's)
  • Forward uses this extensively, but being a Firefly fanfic, that's no surprise, and its lampshaded and subverted as often as it is played straight.
  • Tiberium Wars has an epic moment when the GDI Marines appear at the Langley AFB battle.
    • Havoc does this for Sandra Telfair in Chapter 16, as she escapes from Nod.
      • During the battle for the Pentagon, GDI forces are being worn down by Nod's superior numbers and seven Avatars. And then the Mammoth tanks and annihalate Nod's forces.
  • Renegade: Kaidan Alenko takes down Zaeed Massani in a mini mecha singlehandedly after the latter attempts to double cross Shepherd.
  • Enemy of My Enemy has two good ones: Vtan & Zerat saving Perry from the desperate Outlander Elites, and later the Hunter pair busting in to save a group of children from a Brute pack.
  • Raccoon City Mosh Pit invokes this trope for a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Matt, who has not been seen for the whole story up until now appears out of nowhere to save Kate from Nemesis at the Clock Tower. The best part? They even say the dialogue, with Matt as Mal and Kate as Zoe. Plus the chapter is titled 'Written by Joss Whedon'.
  • In The Sun Soul, there are more than a few moments when the heroes swoop in to save the day at the last possible second. Although the author seems to like making them pay for their constant heroics.
  • The beginning of the "Big Damn Heroes" moment in chapter 20 of Warhammer40000 fanfic ToyHammer starts off with the main character running over a Daemonhost (an Eldritch Abomination that has been summoned from a Negative Space Wedgie to possess an already unlikeable Complete Monster) with a battered pickup truck. Then offloading the elite of the Warhammer40000 universe's armies (who have been miniaturized).
    • Semi-subverted in that he still gets his ass handed to him about five minutes later, giving way to a second Big Damn Heroes moment in the same chapter by a 10 year old girl (who has the unmodifiable psychic 'fingerprint' of The God Emperor of Mankind.).
  • With a name like Kyon: Big Damn Hero you'd expect Kyon pulls this trope often. You'd be right: saving Tsuruya from a some Yakuza twice, Kanae from an upperclassman a few days later or to Sasaki when she was being kidnapped he can certainly do the titular trope.
  • Respawn of the Dead gives us Scout rushing in whacking the traitorous RED Spy over the head with his bat, when the latter had the Engineer and Sniper at both gun and knifepoint, and had just before been suggesting that he and the Engineer gang-rape Sniper.
  • The Man with No Name crosses over Firefly and Doctor Who. It would be weird if Big Damn Heroes didn't apply.
  • In Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns, Sten gets one and it overlaps with a Journey to the Center of the Mind and even Battle in the Center of the Mind, since he is helped inside the mind of the resident Guile Hero / Magnificent Bastard dwarven prince Warden Commander, by a spell of the elven mage. Once inside, he helps him fight off a psychic attack on the Archdemon's part that would have lobotomized the Warden otherwise, if not killed him.
    • A more recent chapter has not just Sten, but also Alim Surana (the elven mage Warden) and Leliana doing something quite similar, although, in this case, they have to save him from his mind breaking down since the Archdemon's psychic attack is already over.
  • In the Pony POV Series, The Final Battle with Fluttershy's Super-Powered Evil Side, Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper, is going badly. The group are battered, beaten, and bloody, Rarity's pretty much completely out of it with broken legs and no energy left to use magic, and the only way to stop Nightmare Whisper seems to be Rainbow Dash performing a Mercy Kill. Thankfully, Fluttercruel fights her way out of the Jury of the Damned she was being tried by and manifests in the physical world. Not only does she give the others the motivation to summon the Elements, she fills in for Fluttershy as the Element Of Kindness, allowing them to defeat Nightmare Whisper with them.
  • In Turnabout Storm, Ace Attorney/My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic crossover, this gets pulled out by Fluttershy, of all people, who manages to save Phoenix just in time from being attacked by timberwolves while he's lost in the forest.
  • In Point of Succession when Beyond Birthday has the rookie Matt cornered in the basement of a creepy abandoned building and is about to start cutting him up-cue Light Yagami making his guns-blazing Dynamic Entry.
  • Happens several times in Inner Demons:
    • First, adult Apple Bloom, Lezard, and Spike save Applejack from a group of Neo Canterlot soldiers that have captured her.
    • Likewise, Fluttershy saving Rainbow Dash from another group of soldiers about to finish her off after Scootaloo left her for dead.
    • Shortly after, it looks like Scootaloo's forces are going to finish off the remaining protagonists, only for Rainbow Dash to save Pinkie Pie, causing their Elements of Harmony to evolve to armor, which is followed by destroying the soldiers and sending Scootaloo running.
    • Applejack breaks Rarity out of the dungeon and as they're escaping they're cornered by the brainwashed Princess Luna, who begins to wipe the floor with them before the other Element bearers burst through a window, and turn the situation into a successful fighting retreat.
    • The Element bearers confront Queen!Twilight in Fillydelphia just before she -- in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown -- can execute Cadence in an incestuous, jealous rage.
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