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Big Brother UK

  • From Big Brother 2006, there was a task where the housemates had to all go into the main room and recite the pledge of allegiance to the State of Susie whenever the fanfare played. As you can guess, they would often do this several times in less than ten minutes. Hilarity Ensues when Nikki is trying to take a nap and just about every time she goes to bed and gets comfortable, the fanfare plays.
    • Nikki was either really good for a laugh or really good for a bunch of annoyance.
  • Another Nikki moment was where she was told to go to the diary room and as punishment, had to sit in there in silence until Big Brother is satisfied. Nikki then proceeds to throw a tantrum, and after awhile had been in the diary room for about 20 minutes, and only silent for SIX minutes. Some of Big Brother's comments were also funny.

  "Nikki, is that silence?"

  • Pete falling into the pool is just a great bit of slapstick.
    • And inspeaking of Pete, he had a little too much fun with Automated Big Brother.
  • Later in the week, Automated Big Brother broke down.
  • Flood Night in 2010.
  • From Big Brother 2008, the Electric Shock task. The houseguests had to wear suits that had electrodes in them while three walked to the back and guided a wand through a complex maze. If the wand touched the wire, the housemates would all receive a shock. To say Hilarity didn't ensue would be lying - it was released on DVD for a reason!
  • Kathreya and her obsession with cookies in 2008.
    • The song "Cookie Love" that Kathreya and Darnell sang.
  • With due respects to her, Jade Goody could say a couple funny things that were unintentionally funny. However; people aren't as keen to make fun of her as much for obvious reasons.

Big Brother US

  • Big Brother 2:
    • Shannon scrubbed the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush to get revenge on him, and it became a classic moment. However, Shannon's temper crossed over into Dude, Not Funny territory when she put chips underneath another houseguest's pillow implying she was fat.
      • Shannon was also called out on her toothbrush scrubbing because it was a health hazard.
    • In the endurance challenge, Will shifted around so much Nicole let go of the key and was eliminated from the challenge. Even if she was thinking "Wall Banger", it was funny to see what she did in the Confession Cam.

  Nicole: And I (silence) lost it! The most IMPORTANT (silence) competition!! AAAAAALLLLL because of Will's ASS!!!!"

  • Big Brother 4:
    • There was a Running Gag in the house where Alison's stuffed animal would wind up looking like it committed suicide. One of the funniest was when she found its head in the oven.
  • Big Brother 6:
    • One week, the houseguests had to hold down buttons in the pressure cooker for a Head of Household competition. Most of the houseguests would get prizes if they lost, and Beau won a Martini bar - so for several hours he just made cocktail after cocktail after cocktail and got trashed. And then Janelle, his Sitcom Arch Nemesis dropped and begun to have a couple drinks with Beau. April dropped out of the competition so the two wouldn't fight with each other and this exchange happened:


April (in the Diary room): Really, I totally did it on purpose.

    • At least once or twice, Ivette would be in the Diary Room and instead of her occupation below her name, it simply said "She's gay".
  • Big Brother 7:
    • Will and Boogie just did not care to much about the game so in the Diary Room they had those chill town calls.
    • This footage of Marcellus and Howie at Loser's Lodge
  • Big Brother 8:
    • This.
    • Another task that Eric was asked to do was to mimic a houseguest. The public voted for him to mimic Evel Dick, and one time, Evel Dick basically throws cereal all over his face while everyone (including Eric) is clearly enjoying it.
    • The luxury competition wherein Zach, Dick, and Eric had to team up against Jessica, Daniele, Jameka, and Amber into taking off as many shirts from their body as possible and using the letters on the shirts to spell the words out to win the competition. The boys had taken off the letters to spell "Toga" but instead spelled "Goat" while they tried to figure out what the other words spelled. Then Jessica yells "Toga!" on the other side, which had been doing much better. Cue Oh Crap from Zach, Dick, and Eric as they realize they're going to lose.
  • Big Brother 9:
    • When Sharon begun to drive the house crazy while baby-talking the guinea pigs, Joshuah and Adam started mocking her in the diary room. Then finally, someone in the writing crew had this funny idea:

 Guinea Pig: Sharon should go up on the block this week!

Guinea Pig #2: Yeah! She's crazy!

    • Even later in the season, there is a montage of everyone saying they weren't lied to, and then the guinea pigs say they weren't lied to either.
    • When the writers returned from the writers strike, they begun to insert some Funny Moments through editing, such as when the boys were reading the bible, they showed a "Bible Buddies" screen.
    • Parker walks to the bathroom and hears Jen and Ryan having sex inside. He then looks towards the camera and smiles.
  • Big Brother 11:
    • Jeff wins the Coup d'etat by public vote, and he's called to the Diary Room to collect his prize. But he can't quite pronounce it.

  Jeff: Coop-de-tat?

    • After Jessie was evicted, Chima, Lydia, and Natalie held a small "memorial" service in the kitchen and shared wine, acting as if Jessie had died and saying he would be missed. Kevin meanwhile just sat there looking at them weirdly, and mentioned in the Diary room that he was Surrounded by Idiots.
  • Big Brother 12:
    • There was a "punishment" where the houseguests had to stand up and dance whenever music started playing. Hilarity Ensues when Enzo has to get up and start dancing in the Diary room, and when they play it in the middle of the night. Ragan starts dancing while half-asleep.
    • When Annie revealed that Brendan has a Masters degree in Physics which he was keeping secret we get confessionals from both Andrew and Ragan both who lied about their jobs of being a Doctor and a College Professor both bragging no one knows their job.

 Andrew: Good thing no one knows i'm a Doctor!

Ragan: Good thing no one knows i'm a College Professor!

    • Britney was good for a lot of laughs! When she was tethered to Brendon thanks to a challenge talking how he had to take a chum dip every couple of hours, you could see her mouthing "Help me" in the diary room.
      • In the first competition wherein houseguests would ride across on a giant hot dog to the other side, Britney was told she couldn't compete after she fell and hurt her ankle.

  "I lost my dignity on a giant weiner."

    • The Zingbot. It's clear the houseguests were having fun, too.
  • Big Brother 13:
    • Dominic and Brendon have a superhero fight in the back yard
    • This was funny due to the editing. We see Jeff and Jordan talking to each other while Rachel and Porsche are running laps around the back yard. Every time Rachel runs by, music plays, and then stops whenever she runs out of sight. Then Rachel falls down.
    • That footage of Keith trying to get all the milk out of a fellow contestant's sponge suit for a competition is clearly not going away anytime soon.
    • The first veto competition, in which both Keith and Porsche (who are partners) are throwing it. This leads to this perfect cut to the diary room.

 Porsche: "I'm throwing the Veto competition and Keith has no idea."

( Jump Cut to Keith's Diary room)

Keith: "I'm throwing the Veto and Porsche has no idea."

      • Even funnier is that Jeff and Jordan did worse than them. Yes, Jeff and Jordan did worse than the team that was throwing the competition.

  "I'm being beaten by a team that's throwing the competition!"

    • Rachel says everyone is playing the game for themselves and is mad at people for doing so. This is ironic because the person saying this is Rachel.
    • One time, the production forgot to turn off Rachel's microphone and she went to the OOPS!
    • Around Cassi's eviction, you can spot the Zingbot in the audience.
      • And now he's no longer just a cameo. Zingbot returns to zing the new final few, and even host his own competition!
    • Shelly: "I am probably the only one in this house who knows what a dishwasher even is, since nobody in the house does their dishes!"
    • The Zingbot again.

 Zingbot: Hey Jordan. The reason that Jeff hasn't proposed to you yet because he knows you are bad at answering questions!

Jordan: *To the Confession Cam* What?

    • The look on Adam's face (and his overall reaction) when Tori Spelling walked into the house. One has never seen a grown man Squee like so before.
    • Jordan, "We beat all odds!" This is extra funny considering that Jordan had been bailed out by a combination of Pandora's Box and two challenges that were tailored to Rachel's strengths.
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