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Vigilante 6297

In the future, we will put guns on our trucks

A Big Brother Bully Trope to Cool Car, this is the kind where even four wheels isn't enough, you need the deisel fumes and huge smoking pipes and... well, you have the big rig truck that tends to be a mainstay in action movies and the like.

Examples of Big Badass Rig include:


  • Daimos in his Tranzer form.
  • The Mammoth Car from Speed Racer, essentially a train on wheels.

Comic Books


Live Action TV

Video Games

  • The premise behind the game Big Rigs Over the Road Racing.
  • The Vehicular Combat trucks from Gear Grinder.
  • Convoy from Vigilante 8 drives a large yellow Mack truck. The sequel gives him the ability to attach a trailer to the back of it.
  • Darkside in it's many iterations from Twisted Metal.
  • PlanetSide and the upcoming sequel have the Sunderer APC, more popularly known as the bang bus. The original Sunderer is absolutely huge, being almost two stories tall. A patch later gave it a cattle-catcher to the front. The sequel's version looks more like a giant APC than the original.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • "Road trains" in Australia, essentially one truck pulling up to eight trailers at once.
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