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The "father" and "mothers" of this trope

She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"

One of the most common types of Love Triangle, named after characters from Archie Comics, wherein the main character ("Archie") is caught between two love interests with drastically different personalities. "Betty" is the sweet, reliable, everyday Girl Next Door type (if done wrong, this can mean: 'kinda dull'), whilst "Veronica" is more alluring, exotic and edgy, but has a more 'troublesome' or 'dangerous' personality (which could translate to 'a bit mean'). This translates to their physical appearances; "Betty" will usually be more plain (or at least as close as Hollywood gets), whilst "Veronica" will be Ms. Fanservice in all her glory. As a rule, one will be blond and the other dark or red haired.

The usual dynamic is that "Betty", often the hero's best friend, is herself deeply in love with "Archie" (who might see them as Just Friends or being Like Brother and Sister, hence his obliviousness to her feelings), whilst "Veronica" is the sultry Ms. Unattainable who, despite attracting the hero's attention, barely notices his existence. "Betty" will want the hero to be happy and thus suppress her own desire to help the hero in his quest to win over "Veronica". Another possibility is that "Archie" and "Betty" are already in a relationship, but then "Veronica" starts batting her eyelashes, causing friction between the couple. Historically, "Betty" is the parents' choice, and "Veronica" rejected.

If the two love interests are male instead of female, they are often characterized as the kind-hearted, polite Nice Guy and the hunky 'Bad Boy'. It's not unusual for the main character to fall for the prince-like good guy who's probably rich but not in touch emotionally, and only later fall for the Tall, Dark and Handsome romantic rebel.

Whom the hero will end up with varies according to media, story, and values of the time period and culture where the story was made. Traditionally, "Betty" stood a better chance because she conformed to more 'acceptable' moral norms, whilst choosing "Veronica" would only lead the poor sap into ruin. Usually, the hero would spend the story chasing "Veronica" only to realize that "Betty" was The One -- complete with a convenient 'appreciate what you've got' or True Beauty Is on the Inside Aesop. However, as attitudes to what is 'appropriate' sexual conduct have liberalized, it's more accepted for "Veronica" to have a chance at winning a happy ending too, and she may even win a few "Betty" traits in her path to romantic happiness. Movies have traditionally favoured "Betty", but video games, comics and TV shows (especially long runners) have played this trope for all it's worth.

Comfortable and safe, Betty does not shake up your world. Picking Betty means you are happy with your life options and don't want to change things too much. Veronica is completely different from what you are used to. Veronica opens your mind to new possibilities and changes your world. Choosing Veronica suggests you are dissatisfied with the options life has given you and you want something else (even if you don't know what the "else" is).

In case this wasn't complicated enough, sometimes a Third Option Love Interest makes their presence known to shake things up even further. And in others, Betty and Veronica turn out to be more complex than it seems, or have traits of both types: in that case, it's a Betty and Veronica Switch.

Do be aware that fans like to exaggerate potential relationships; Shipping would not exist without it. As a result there are likely to be multiple instances of an Official Couple (vindicated by Word of God) that has some sort of Fanon-based "romantic rival" mirroring this trope. Even shows without such romantic entanglements in-universe can inspire Betty/Veronica debates amongst the Fandom; hence, Mary Ann/Ginger, Bailey/Jennifer, Janet/Chrissy, Velma/Daphne, etc.

Named for the two female leads of Archie Comics, which made this plot famous (although it's far older than that).

Examples of Betty and Veronica include:


Comic Books

Esoteric Card Games

  • Card VI "The Lovers" of the Tarot has, in many versions, the imagery of an Archie who needs to choose between a Bettie and a Veronica. It's meant to represent the choice between sense and sensibility, etc.



Live-Action TV


  • This dynamic is perfectly captured with the lyric "your debutante just knows what you need, but I know what you want"
    • In an odd contrast to this lyric, Veronica was actually a big-city debutante in her initial introduction in the 1940s, in order to contrast with small-town Betty.
  • Dolly Parton's famous song Jolene paints the picture of this variety of love triangle. Jolene (with her "beauty beyond compare") is the Veronica, and the singer (who "cannot compete with you, Jolene") is the Betty. The song consists of "Betty" begging Jolene not to steal her man.
  • Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" features a love triangle between blonde Girl Next Door Taylor Swift and a dark-haired cheerleader rival.
    • It's interesting to note that in one of her lesser-known songs (The Way I Loved You) Taylor Swift takes the role of Archie choosing between her current boyfriend (Betty) who she describes as 'sensible' and who 'calls exactly when he says he will' and her 'wild and crazy' ex who is 'just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated', who fills the role of Veronica. In the end, she chooses her ex.
  • A Brazilian country sertanejo song called "O Grafino e o Caipira" that tells the story of a rich city guy (the Veronica) and a hick (the Betty) fighting over a pretty girl. In the end, she gets tired of their fighting and goes for the cowboy
  • "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy and Monica. While this isn't explicit in the song itself, if you look at the ladies' individual musical styles, Brandy is more a sweet girl-next-door while Monica has more of a street edge.
  • The video clip of Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend depicts Avril (as the Veronica) convincing the Archie to leave his uptight Betty girlfriend for her more interesting, more bullying self. Veronica wins.
  • Paul and Storm's "More Than Two" mentions the Trope Namers and Takes A Third Option
  • Bryan Adams's "Run To You." The Archie sings about cheating on his Betty-esque girlfriend with his Veronica.

 "She's got a heart of gold, she'd never let me down/ But you're the woman who always turns me on, you keep me comin' 'round."

  • The Statler Brothers' 1972 country hit "Do You Remember These" has a quick line, "Veronica and Betty" toward the end of songs, part of a longer list of 1950s nostalgia.


  • In Wicked, Fiyero and Glinda initially bond over their self absorption and love of living it large. They start going steady. Elphaba realises she loves Fiyero the day they rescue the lion cub, he starts to realise he has feelings for her ... It sorts itself out for the best eventually.
  • In Georges Bizet's Opera, Carmen, Micaëla and Carmen are, respectively, a Betty and Veronica for Don José.
  • In Lady in the Dark, Liza Elliott, editor of Allure magazine, is unable to make up her mind between Kendall Nesbitt, the publisher who started the magazine for her, and hunky Hollywood actor Randy Curtis. She finally decides to reject both and Take a Third Option.
  • The Rainmaker has File (a Betty-type) and Starbuck (a Veronica-type) as rival love interests for Lizzie (same goes for The Musical version 110 in the Shade).
  • Thirteen has Brett in a Love Triangle with Kendra (Betty) and Lucy (Veronica). Meanwhile there's a friendship version of the trope where Evan has to decide between being friends with Brett and the cool kids (Veronica) or with the losers Patrice and Archie (Betty). Then there's a subtle one of Kendra liking Brett (Veronica) while being oblivious to Archie (Betty).
  • The Wildhorn musical adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde has the aristocratic Emma Carew as the Betty and prostitute Lucy as the Veronica. Several screen adaptations of the story have also used the trope, with Jekyll's fiancee (usually the daughter of Sir Danvers Carew) as the Betty and a prostitute/bar girl that Hyde picks up as the Veronica.
  • The musical Anything Goes has Hope Harcourt (Betty) and Reno Sweeney (Veronica) for Billy Crocker. Coincidentally, the actress who originally played Hope was named Bettina Hall; the original Reno, of course, was Ethel Merman.
  • The musical Girl Crazy (now best remembered for being Ethel Merman's stage debut as well as introducing the song I Got Rhythm) centers around a Betty and Veronica: Danny is stuck between simple mail carrier Molly (Betty, played by Ginger Rogers) and the saloon owner's glamorous daughter Kate (Veronica, played by Merman).
  • The musical Avenue Q has Princeton (Archie) going out with Kate Monster (Betty) before leaving her for Lucy T. Slut (Veronica). Don't worry; in the end he goes back to Kate.
  • The Phantom of the Opera has Christine choose between her childhood sweetheart and general Knight in Shining Armor Raoul (Betty) and the insane, brooding but more passionate Phantom. Subverted, as although Word of God says that Christine loves The Phantom the most, in the end she chooses the Safe Option, Raoul.
  • Romeo and Juliet - Juliet's decision between her two suitors. Paris courts her in the 'proper' way, by asking her father's permission. Romeo falls in love with her, marries her in secret and even kills a beloved family member.

Video Games

  • Remakes of Dragon Quest V did this when the player has to choose between three women to marry. The Betty and Veronica in this situation is Nera/Flora and her sister Deborah respectively (remakes, because Deborah was not in the original.)
  • Played with and in doing so arguably averted in Skies of Arcadia, where Vyse is between the Mysterious Waif Fina and his best friend Aika, who happens to be a Pirate (to be fair, Vyse himself is also a pirate). The aversion comes from the fact that aside from a few Ship Tease moments (which seem to lean towards a Tenchi Solution if anything) the plot is wholly unconcerned with the main characters' love life, unlike the vast majority of RPGs to come out around the same time.
  • An interesting example occurs in Grandia II, since Betty and Veronica are the same person. Not to mention that the Betty, Elena, is pretty much a priestess, while the Veronica, Millenia, is a part of the evil god Valmar (his Wings to be exact), that's possessing Elena. The main character seems to be leaning towards Elena, though they don't really hook up. Also, Millenia separates from Elena near the end. Somehow. And keeps waiting for Ryudo, convinced that he will choose her over Elena.
  • Occurs in Final Fantasy VII: Cloud is given a choice between the Betty, Aerith, and the Veronica, Tifa, though it can be argued that Aeris/th, as the spunky up and at 'em last of a Dying Race, is the 'special' Veronica type, and the shy girl next door Tifa is a Betty type. In reality, both girls are a blend of the two archetypes.
  • According to the author, the potential love interests for the player character in Planescape: Torment, Annah-of-the-Shadows and Fall-From-Grace, were inspired by Betty and Veronica. Weirdly, they both have a blend of features--Grace, the wealthy, worldly, educated, glamorous one is by far the more personable of the two; the guttersnipe, relatable Annah is more brash and sharp-tongued, but also younger and more inexperienced.
  • If one has two or more of the female love interests in the party in Baldur's Gate II, multiple Betty and Veronica scenarios can exist. Sweet, innocent Aerie is definitely the most Betty-ish, with no-nonsense old friend but world-wise warrior Jaheira being somewhere between the two, and darkly exotic rogue drow Viconia being firmly a Veronica. (Alternatively, with all three--and it is possible to start a romance with all three, though obviously not finish it that way--one might be said to have a Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl situation, except there are no three-way fights over you, just two-way.)
  • Interesting variation happens in Lufia II, where the situation is set up as normal: Tia, the old friend with a crush on the hero as the Betty and Selan, the exotic and (somewhat) mysterious fighter as the Veronica. The variation being that not only does Maxim ends up with Selan (the Veronica), it also occurs midway through (or even as far back as the prologue chapter, arguably) the game
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd's two most obvious love interests are Colette, his blond, quiet, gentle Victorious Childhood Friend (Betty) and Sheena, the raven-haired, tough, exotic Action Girl (Veronica). The game lets you decide who he ends up with (including neither), thanks to the multiple endings.
  • Otacon's love interests in the first two Metal Gear Solid games fit this trope: in MSG I, he has an unrequited crush on Dark Action Girl Sniper Wolf (Veronica), and in MSG II, it's revealed that his stepsister Emma (Betty) has been in love with him since childhood.
    • Also, in MSG III, Naked Snake/Big Boss has Paramedic (Betty) and EVA (Veronica).
  • In Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones, lead character Ephraim can choose between sweet, innocent, determined Tana or upbeat, cheerful, crazy (and rich!) L'arachel. but don't underestimate the fact that he can have an ending with his twin sister Eirika too.
    • Ephraim's sister Eirika actually plays this trope a bit more straight: her main options are Seth, the calm, collected and hunky bodyguard, or Innes, prince of another country whose personality and tongue are as sharp as his arrows (In a variation, the one whom she has known since childhood is Innes.) There are also two potential Cheryl Blossoms who in themselves fit here well too: Saleh is a soft-spoken Tall, Dark and Handsome magic user, whereas Forde is a Chivalrous Pervert Sleepyhead.
    • Either Innes or Tana can fall into this, too. Innes has Eirika as his Betty, with Action Girl Vanessa as an odd mix of Betty (have known each other since childhood) and Veronica (is very coolheaded and near-unemotional in battle)... and L'Arachel as the Cheryl Blossom. Meanwhile, Tana can end up either with dependable and kindhearted childhood friend Ephraim, or the also kind but very troubled (and sexy-looking) Cormag.
    • To a smaller degree, Kyle can be in this predicament too. Syrene is the childhood friend Lady of War, while Lute is the Strange Girl Lady of Black Magic.
    • And then we have Rebel Prince Joshua. Natasha, the Proper Lady White Magician Girl, is the Betty; meanwhile, Marisa is the Sugar and Ice Girl Action Girl Veronica.
  • The "main" Love Triangle of sorts in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War had Diadora as the Archie, with the kind and knightly Sigurd as Betty and the deeply troubled Alvis as Veronica. It ended horribly, when Alvis killed Sigurd before decimating his army. At thre same time, Prince Lewyn had his own Betty and Veronica in Erinys (serious Lady of War whom he knows since childhood) and Silvia (sexy dancer who's been travelling with him lately) - one can choose whom he picks as his girlfriend/wife, alongside Badass Princess Tailtiu as a Cheryl Blossom. Though Thracia 776 has a clear slant towards Erinys, since her son Ced is specifically said to be Lewyn's child..
    • And 17 years later, the second lead Seliph has the Proper Lady Lana and the Action Girl Larcei as this. In a subversion, both of them are his childhood friends.
    • Larcei has a similar predicament, too. Two Isaacsian noblemen, the brothers Iuchar and Iucharba, have the hots for her: Iuchar is the Betty due to his Purple Prose-laden speech patterns and ultra-chivalrous view of their bond, while the hotheaded Jerk with a Heart of Gold Iucharba is the Veronica.
    • And then, there's Princess Lachesis. Out of all her potential suitors (not counting Eldigan, that is), Beowulf is a cynical Punch Clock Hero Veronica and Finn is a Knight in Shining Armor Betty. Both of them might have won and then lost in Thracia: it's all but stated that Lachesis's eldest son Delmud is Beo's kid, while her youngest daughter Nanna is Fin's, though Lachesis herself is missing in action.
    • It's hinted in the Genealogy game that Sigurd's sister Ethlyn might have been the Archie at some moment, with Duke Quan as the Betty (and the canon winner) and King Trabant as the Veronica. It didn't matter in the end: Trabant, despite whatever he thought of Ethlyn, killed them both.
  • In the Zelda games, Link has several cases of these, usually with Zelda as the Betty. The most obvious example is in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, where Midna served as the Veronica.
    • Zelda does play the role of Veronica in some of her incarnations though, with Ocarina of Time providing a prominent instance of this where either Malon or Saria play the role of Betty. Then again, if you include Ruto or Nabooru, Zelda once again becomes the Betty. The main theme isn't so much what role Zelda is playing, but that Link is a total Chick Magnet.
  • If all of the content had made it into the final game, the hero of Neverwinter Nights 2 would have had the reasonable, down-to-earth Elanee (Betty) vs. the greedy and somewhat flighty Neeshka (Veronica) for male characters; and the kind and honorable Casavir (Betty) vs. the psychotic pervert Bishop (Veronica) for female characters. Arguably, as only the Betty characters made it into the final cut, they could remain in that role (though absent during actual play) to two new Veronica characters (the exotic golem-crafter Safiya for male characters and the textbook Casanova Gannayev for female characters) in Mask of the Betrayer.
    • Though thanks to the original game dropping several tons of rock on your previous love interests, there is never really any love triangle to speak of. You are allowed to say you still love the dead romantic option from the original game when your love interest from Mask of the Betrayer confesses their feelings, but it seems kind of an afterthought.
    • Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark gives us the choice between technically dead paladin Aribeth (Betty) and exotic drow Defrosting Ice Queen Nathyrra (Veronica) in the second/third chapters. Though they both could technically be either, given the fact that your character has been adventuring with Nathyrra for quite a long time by the time you meet Aribeth.
    • The Neverwinter Nights community module A Dance With Rogues gives us two Betty characters and two Veronica characters, along with a fifth who could be either. On the Betty side we have the honorable and compassionate Anden and the kind and friendly bisexual Pi; on the Veronica side we get the psychotic pervert Vico and the drow noble Rizzen who thinks you are his slave. Bran is difficult to qualify, being far more in the Betty camp when compared to Vico and Rizzen but having many more Veronica characteristics than Anden or Pia.
  • The Bastard of Kosigan doesn't actually have any long-term relationships set out yet, but from implications in text Jehanne of Albret might play Betty to Alexandra de Velan's Veronica (slightly humorous, as Alexandra is actually your character's childhood lover).
    • Though sort of ruined, as Alexandra dies either if you kill her at the end of the second module or, if you don't, she dies in a cutscene at the end of the fourth, both events coming before Jehanne has any on-screen time.
  • In Jade Empire, the player gets to choose between childhood friend Dawn Star (Betty) and pampered princess Sun Lian/Silk Fox (Veronica). In an interesting twist, there is also a third option where you can have them both.
    • Female characters have the Lovable Rogue Sky, the more conventional option (Betty) or the lesbain choice Silk Fox (Veronica)
  • Also from Bioware, Mass Effect allows the player to choose from empathic and scholarly Liara T'Soni (Betty) and spunky Action Girl Ashley Williams (Veronica). These roles can justifiably be reversed when you consider that Ashley is a regular human and Liara belongs to an exotic race of psychic aliens who reproduce by banging very nearly everything that moves. The two will eventually confront one another, and you, if you don't turn one of them down.
    • Mass Effect 2 also has Kelly and Tali (Betty) vs. Miranda and Jack (Veronica) for males, and Jacob and Kelly (Betty) vs. Thane and Garrus (Veronica) for females.
  • In Breath of Fire 2, there's Ryu's two love interests, Nina (Betty) and Katt (Veronica). Interestingly enough, Ryu actually has more opportunities to have romantic moments with Katt than Nina (even though both like him).
    • Given the trend of the Breath of Fire series as a whole, though, it's almost certain that he ends up with Nina, just like every other lead ends up with a Betty.
  • In Uncharted: Among Thieves, brand-new Action Girl sidekick Chloe Frazier is Veronica, and Intrepid Reporter Elena Fisher becomes the Betty.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II, the Handmaiden Brianna (Betty) and Visas Marr (Veronica) fight over the male PC.
    • For the female Jedi Exile, there's Mical the Jedi Disciple (Betty) and Atton Rand (Veronica). Had all of the intended content made it into the final version of the game, they could have really fought over the PC, with a Dark Side Atton killing Mical in jealousy; as it is, he's still plenty jealous, though Mical mostly seems confused by it.
  • Dragon Age: Origins gives a (straight) male character two choices for a romantic plot: sweet pious bard Leliana who wants you to help anybody in trouble, and dark sexily-dressed witch Morrigan who is nauseated if you waste time on such peasants. As the game progresses you might discover things are not as simple as that- Leliana has a dark, most Veronica-ish past whereas Morrigan becomes a Defrosting Ice Queen.
    • Straight females may choose the chivalrous (albeit a bit childish) joker Alistair, or the cynical but pleasant Badass Spaniard Zevran.
      • A bisexual character's choices can throw out the Betty-Veronica dynamic. A bisexual female may be between two Bettys, Alistair and Lelianna, or set up a Veronica through Zevran. A bisexual male may be between two Veronicas through Morrigan and Zevran. And Isabela (see below) adds a throwaway quickie Veronica for characters of either gender - which can involve half the party depending on what the player has done.
  • In Dragon Age 2 this trope applies to the two female characters who can be romanced; Merrill and Isabela. Merrill is sweet, innocent, and rather naive. While Isabela is an exotic, voluptuous, sexually promiscuous pirate queen. Both of the male romance options in the vanilla game, Anders and Fenris, are brooding, Troubled but Cute Veronica types, whereas chaste, devoutly religious DLC-only Sebastian is decidedly Betty.
  • Depending on what you choose and social links, the main character of Persona 4 can have this. Though his romantic life can go to many other female characters, Yukiko (Betty) and Chie (Veronica) can easily be this.
  • In Fading Hearts Ryou is stuck in a Love Triangle between Rina (Betty) who loves him and Claire (Veronica) who he loves. Bonus Points here since the girls' personalities and even hair colours parallel those of the Archie Comics characters.
  • Both redheaded love interests in The Witcher; Shani, The Medic who wants to protect the child and Triss the high society mage who wants to use him, but is better capable of controlling keeping his power under control.
  • Used in The Saboteur with Skylar as the Veronica and the ironically named Veronique as the Betty.
  • Subverted in Grand Theft Auto IV where Niko has Michelle as Veronica, she betrayed him when it turns out she is working for Liberty News. He can continue his relationship with Kate, the Betty. That is until her death or refusal to be in Roman's wedding.
    • There's also Roman the Betty and Vlad the Veronica to Mallorie's Archie. Until Niko murders Vlad.
  • Bully has couple of these: Beatrice (Betty) and Mandy (Veronica), Pinky (Betty) and Lola (Veronica). That is until Zoe comes to the picture.
  • Gender-flipped example in Kingdom Hearts: Kairi has two love interests who are both childhood friends to her, Sora and Riku. You know who wins pretty early in the series.
  • Played straight in In Famous with Trish (Betty) and Sasha (Veronica) to Cole (Archie). He loses them both with the former's death and the latter's capture by Kessler.
    • In the second game, we get another straight example with Kuo and Nix.
  • Resident Evil's Leon gets this in absolutely stupifying amounts due to the number of appearances he's made in the series and the fact that he's equal parts Casanova and Chick Magnet. In RE2, he has Claire (Betty) and Ada (Veronica), although a long-lasting attraction is ultimately seen to exist between him and the latter (on the opposite side, he and Claire end up as good friends). In RE4, he has Ashley (Betty) and Ada (again, the Veronica), with his Mission Control Hunnigan functioning as the Cheryl at the end. The movie Degeneration has Claire (Betty) and Angela (Veronica). The only real exception to this is The Darkside Chronicles, and even then Manuela is shown to have a subtle crush on Leon.
  • Ar tonelico series uses this on the twin token love interest. Aurica is sweet and quiet, while Misha is easy-going, cheerful, and has an exotic problem with her body.
  • Ok.... in the game called Catherine Vincent (Archie) has to decide between his longtime girlfriend Katherine (Betty, note the "K") and sexy stranger Catherine (Veronica, note the "C"), and the choice kicks off the plot of the game. Katherine is hinting that she might be pregnant and its time for them to get married while Catherine might be stringing Vincent along and is hinted to be causing nightmares in which men die in their sleep. Get all that?
  • Mina Tang and Scarlett Lake in Alpha Protocol.
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin has our protagonist Tatsuya (Archie) a pick between a fellow school age student with an obvious crush on him Lisa, (Betty) and the older teen magazine reporter and all around cheerful Maya. (Veronica) However, this game also has a highly popular Gay Option Cheryl Blossom with Jun...
  • Mega Man Star Force Geo (Archie) has Luna (Veronica) the local class president, who is more interest in Geo as Mega Man, and Sonia (Betty) a teen pop singer who is very much interest in Geo himself.

Visual Novels

  • Fate/stay night has a very subtle application in either Rin (brunette, rich, adored-by-the-male-school-populace "Veronica") and Saber (blonde, simple, virtuous "Betty") inadvertently and unconsciously vying for Shiro's (redhead "Archie") affections; or Rin and Sakura (though not blonde, is the simpler, much more well-mannered parent-friendly choice).


  • In Fans!, Rikk is the subject of a Love Triangle between Rumy, the quiet, shy but centered and focused Betty, and Alisin, the hedonistic, outgoing but self-loathing and unpredictable Veronica, both of whom are equally devoted to and passionately in love with him. Over most of the series, Alisin had the upper hand, which led Rumy to channel her feelings into ensuring that Rikk was happy with Alisin instead. Somewhat uniquely, everyone in the Love Triangle become so close that they eventually decide to form a three-way romantic relationship.
  • Pibgorn: Pibgorn (Betty) and Drusilla (Veronica) both love Geoffrey, but when he chooses Pib, Drusilla goes along with it. Unusual in that Dru is a succubus.
  • Rip and Teri: The 'Betty' is Teri, a meek and somewhat nerdy English teacher. The 'Veronica' is Tatyana, a glamourous and gorgeous ex-super spy and TV station CEO. However, whilst Tatyana thinks that the hero still has a thing for her, he's actually madly in love with Teri. It kind of helps that, in their brief romance, Tatyana manipulated and betrayed him, however.
  • Cindy (Betty) and Dusk (Veronica) in Faux Pas. They're both vixens, but Dusk's fur is darker.
  • College Roomies from Hell: While Dave seems to have chosen Veronica (rich-girl-with-issues Blue) over Betty (survivalist-psycho-chick Margaret), Dave remains close to (and admittedly emotionally attached to) Margaret.
    • Oddly enough, Margaret, the so-called Betty, was the one that barely knew Dave existed at the start of the comic, whereas Blue, the Veronica, was in love with him off the bat.
  • Arthur, King of Time and Space: In the "space arc", Arthur has to choose between the outspoken but basically nice Action Girl Guenevere (Betty) and the ambitious and amoral enchantress Morgan La Fay (Veronica). The First Girl Wins, although only after the Second Girl is disqualified.
  • Megatokyo: Piro (Archie)'s current girlfriend, Kimiko, is an emotionally insecure struggling actress (Betty), whereas Miho, his ex, is a very dark and enigmatic Veronica.
    • Inversely, Erika's former fiance was a close friend from high school (Betty), while her current beau, an insane American hacker genius / zombie slayer, is most certainly the male equivalent of the Veronica.
  • In Scary Go Round, sensible Erin Winters (Betty) and Perky Goth Dark Esther (Veronica) competed for The Boy's affection. Esther won.
    • A more recent love triangle involves Esther's friend Sarah, with Ryan Beckwith as the independent, older Veronica. Carrot would be a safer Betty here if his chances of success weren't those of the Isle of Wight trying to invade China.
  • Jean Poule and Princess Voluptua in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob.
  • Girl Genius has Klaus as Veronica, Bill as Betty and Lucrezia Mongfish as Archie. Interestingly, the friendship between Klaus and Bill is stronger than either, and Klaus is determined to protect the naive Bill from the untrustworthy Lucrezia. He fails, bigtime.
    • Then there's the current generation of Sparks, with Klaus's son as Betty, the son of Lucrezia's most fervent supporter (besides the spider-riding people who worship her as a goddess...) as Veronica, and Bill and Lucrezia's little girl as Archie.
  • Played with/deconstructed/ripped apart/critically examined (it's the way of their tribe) in this strip of Xkcd.
  • In General Protection Fault, there is initially a love triangle between Ki the Betty and Trudy the Veronica over Nick, who is torn between his feelings for the two of them and his lack of experience in dating and romance. He eventually goes with Ki.
  • In Questionable Content, Dora being mentally healthy and straightforward[1] would be the Betty to Marten's Archie. Distant, emotionally impaired and mysterious Faye would be the Veronica. Dora wins.
    • Additionally, Angus has emerged as the Betty and Sven as the Veronica to Faye.
      • And recently, we have Marigold (Betty) and Faye (Veronica) to Angus. Which even more recently appears to have been resolved by a pairing of Angus and Faye.
    • Actually, calling any Questionable Content character other than Marten himself a "Betty" is quite a stretch.
  • In Penny and Aggie, idealistic Aggie is the Betty, and cynical, venomous Karen the Veronica, to Marshall.
    • Similarly, quiet, bookish Duane is the Betty, and rough-edged sk8er boi Rich the Veronica, to Penny.
    • Also, theoretically, the original point of the comic is that Penny is Veronica and Aggie is Betty (or the other way 'round, arguably, as Aggie's goth-ness could make her seem dark and mysterious). Their animosity stems from this difference, though there's no Archie between them.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot happened to fall for both fellow (and stronger) martial artist Nanase and Sane Girl of the cast, Sarah. The triangle remains only for about five minutes after they all discover what's going on, though.
  • Misfile: Emily (the sensible Betty) and Missi (the wilder Veronica) both like Ash.
  • In The Dreamer, Bea finds herself trying choose between 21st century Ben and 18th century Alan, with Alan as the Veronica and Ben as the Betty. However, the twist is, that Ben is the "safe" one, but family-loving, apple farmer, puritan Alan probably has more Betty characteristics than Ben, so which is Betty and which is Veronica depends on your interpretation and the situation Bea is in.
    • It is also worth noting that even in the 18th century segments of the comic there is still a Betty and Veronica dynamic with Alan (Betty) and a young Alexander Hamilton (Veronica). Although, it's pretty obvious which one Bea loves best/chooses.
  • Gender-flipped in Goblins, with the cowardly Dies-Horribly and the Heroic Gremm both vying for the affections of Saves-A-Fox.
  • Sandra and Larisa from Sandra and Woo as Betty resp. a particularly chaotic Veronica. In this case, the Archie (Cloud) seems to clearly prefer the Betty.
  • In Our Little Adventure, Angelika, being the Veronica, trashes Emily as mousy.

Web Original

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Real life Betty/Veronica tensions = brunette, cute Judy Garland vs. fast, "Sweater Girl" Lana Turner, both in love with bandleader Artie Shaw.
  • More famously, Debbie Reynolds (Betty) vs. Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor (Veronica). After Liz's third husband Michael Todd suddenly died in a plane crash barely a year after their marriage, Reynold's husband Edwin "Eddie" Fisher (father to Carrie, and the best friend of the late Todd) left his family to be with Liz. The nation sided against Eddie and Liz, until Liz came down with a near fatal case of pneumonia.
  • Blonde Jennifer Aniston as the Betty, brunette Angelina Jolie as the Veronica, Brad Pitt as... Archie? The tabloids had many, many field days with this, as did the broadsheets...
  • The Notorious B.I.G. and his well-known triangle with Lil' Kim and Faith Evans. Which is Betty and which is Veronica is not as clear as it seems, as he and Kim were intimate for years before he met Faith.
  • John Lennon (Archie)/Cynthia Lennon (Betty)/Yoko Ono (Veronica, in the "exotic and edgy" sense).


  1. though she eventually turned out to be more screwed-up than she appeared
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