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The girl on the left, if you wonder.

Every Alpha Bitch needs a right hand gal pal. Someone to order the students to Make Way for the Princess, someone to give orders to the Girl Posse on behalf of the Alpha Bitch, someone to nod along with the Alpha Bitch's comments and sneer at her victims, you get the picture—she is The Dragon to the Alpha Bitch.

The Beta Bitch is the BFF to an existing Alpha Bitch; they're likely to be Childhood Friends. She's usually there to assist her in her schemes and act as a gossip buddy. She might be an Academic Alpha Bitch, worrying about her grades as much as her "buddy" is concerned about her popularity.

A lot of the time she's more like a servant and is treated like one by her supposed friend, thus making her an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain. Other times she might be waiting in the wings for her chance to backstab her and usurp the role for herself. Or if the AB in question is actually a Lovable Alpha Bitch, then the Beta Bitch will be the really nasty one and may even be jealous of the friendship between the Lovable Alpha Bitch and the Cool Loser. Others may be the Former Friend of Alpha Bitch, but she rarely is.

Has nothing to do with Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. Version 4.0 Beta Bitch.

Anime and Manga

  • Out of Nanami's Girl Posse from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Keiko Sonoda (the kid with Girlish Pigtails) is the one who gets more spotlight and therefore fits in here. She even gets a whole episode dedicated to her.
  • Pictured above: In Candy Candy, Eliza Regan gets a flunkie named Louisa Johnson during the Boarding School arc. Until her family goes bankrupt
  • Kanna Juumonji from Private Actress gets Mai Housaka as this. She dominates her and another girl named Maki Kouno through a mix of admiration and fear, especially since they know she's a Serial Killer. When Shiho get to know Maki better and starts convincing her to leave, Kanna immediately turns Mai against the two. As a "plus", Mai seems to have a bit of affinity with the local crows and can make them attack people...
  • Kill la Kill has Nonon Jazukure as the childhood friend and follower to Satsuki Kiryuu. Not necessarily: she's also in Satsuki's plans of revenge against her Evil Matriarch.
  • Narutaru has Mihaya Ohzaki, who follows Aki Honda alias one of the nastiest Alpha Bitches EVER. She gets quite the Karmic Death as punishment.


Western Animation

  • Played With in As Told by Ginger, where the Beta Bitch, Miranda Killgallen, is the real villain. Her best friend Courtney Grippling is a Lovable Alpha Bitch who has taken an interest in the title character, and Miranda seems worried about being replaced.
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