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Klingon vengeance is best served convoluted.

At long last it ended. Halaster Blackcloak lay panting and drenched with sweat. He stared up into dusty darkness.The rags of his shredded robes clung to him.

"Revenge" he announced calmly, as he forced his last shudders into oblivion,"will now commence."

He did not, however, move for a long time, even when the cold made him shiver. He lay still, remembering every last detail of Nergal's movements, words, and reactions, the archdevil's precise appearance... and what spells would make the best weapons against such a one.

Just as patiently, he recalled the drawbacks and precise effects of each suitable spell and his best tactics for using them in Avernus. At length, he smiled coldly and told the darkness, "It seems Halaster Blackcloak would make a good devil himself."
Elminster in Hell by Ed Greenwood (Elminster Saga, book 4)

When I began, my Charmander was level five

Fighting in grass, I hardly made it out alive

Pidgey hurt me with Gust and Sand-Attack

Now I am back, Charizard is level 82

His Fire Blast is going to roast all of you

Look out! Critical hit! Pidgey must be in bits...

"Cros Treewind, your ass is mine!"
—An Ever Quest fan comic with the caption that "Revenge is a dish best served 40 levels later."

Sergei:Perhaps it was the haste of a man who longed to take his revenge like is vodka, in one dreadful swallow. But I see now I must take my time. I will plant seeds of revenge and let them grow. Then I'll harvest the vegetables of revenge. And from those vegetables, I will plant more seeds.

Stan: And then you'll get your revenge?

Sergei:No, Smith. From the third or perhaps fourth harvest renge-plants, I will make a vegetable stew, and season it perfectly. With revenge!
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