Bernard Werber is a French author, famous for his novel Les fourmis (The Ants). His works include many novels, a play and one movie.

The books which compose The Ants' cycle:

  • Les Fourmis (The Ants), 1991
  • Le Jour des Fourmis (The Day of the Ants), 1992
  • La Révolution des Fourmis (The Revolution of the Ants), 1996
  • Le Livre Secret des Fourmis (The Secret Book of the Ants)

The books which compose The Science Adventurers' cycle:

  • Le Père de nos Pères (The Father of our Fathers), 1998
  • L’Ultime Secret (The Ultimate Secret), 2001
  • Le Rire du Cyclope (The Laughter of the Cyclops), 2010

Pentalogie du Ciel (The Pentalogy of the Sky)

The books which compose The Angels’ cycle:

  • Les Thanatonautes (The Thanatonauts), 1994
  • L’Empire des Anges (The Empire of the Angels), 2000

The books which compose The Gods' cycle:

  • Nous, les Dieux (Us, Gods), 2004
  • Le Souffle des Dieux (The Breath of the Gods), 2005
  • Le Mystère des Dieux (The Mystery of the Gods), 2007

Other books :

  • Le Livre du Voyage (The Book of Travel), 1997
  • L’Encyclopédie du savoir Relatif et Absolu (The Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge), 2000
  • L’Arbre des Possibles (short stories), 2002
  • Nos Amis les Humains (play), 2003
  • Nos Amis les Terriens (Our Friends, the Earthlings)
  • Le Papillon des Étoiles (The Butterfly of the Stars)
  • Paradis sur Mesure (short stories)
  • Le Miroir de Cassandre (The Mirror of Cassandra)

Film :

  • Nos Amis les Terriens (Our Friends, the Earthlings)

Bernard Werber work’s provides examples of :

  • Action Girl : Mata Hari, Marilyn Monroe, Amanda
  • Action Mom : Rose
  • Atlantis : L’Île de la Tranquillité (the Island of Tranquillity).
  • Author Tract : Michael Pinson votes white, in order to show that he agrees with democracy but not with the candidates.
  • Badass Bookworm Edmond Wells, Michael Pinson, Raoul Razorbak.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: If your angel can't be there when you make a wish, you are parasited by a lost soul who grants your wish, but take something in exchange.
  • Bi the Way : Zeus.
  • Catch Phrase : “Toi et moi contre les imbéciles!” (could be translated as "You and me against the morons !")
  • The Chosen One : Played right, the Educated. Subverted, Michael Pinson, who rather seems to be The Chosen Zero.
  • Continuity Porn : Especially at the end of the cycle of Gods.
  • Dan Browned : Bernard Werber uses to present some facts as real, whereas they just are suppositions or even things he imagined.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Raoul Razorbak.
  • Did Not Do the Research : Many errors remain in the books, especially about mythology. For example, Egyptian sphinxes aren’t female.
  • Fainting Seer : Cassandre Katzenberg.
  • Foreshadowing : The planet Red is imagined by Jacques Nemrod as a child, before being visited by Michael and the others.
  • Good Parents : Jacques Nemrod parents.
  • Grass Is Greener:
    • Subverted with the main characters of the Pentalogy of the Sky, who keep seeking a better place, even when they are in Heaven or to Aeden.
    • Fetnat leaved Africa and emigrate to France.
    • Kim moved from Corea to France for this reason.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation : Michael Pinson, Jacques Nemrod.
  • It's All About Me : Venus Sheridan
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall / Noticing the Fourth Wall
  • Meaningful Name
    • Wells is a pun on “wells” and is a reference to H.G. Wells and to Orson Welles. The character mentions that in the Angel cycle.
    • Michael means Who is like God? , which defines Michael’s quest.
    • In French, Amanda reminds almond.
    • Cassandre, who is a Seer, obviously.
    • Esméralda’s name is a reference to the character of Victor Hugo
    • Fetnat Wade’s first name comes from the French abbreviation for “national celebration”, “fête nationale”. His parents, ineducated, thought it was a real French name.
    • Orlando Van de Putte’s last name means “from the wells”, but also pronounces like the French words for “wind of whore”.
    • Philippe Papadakis likes horses, as says his name (“phil”, love and “hippos”, horses).
    • Venus comes from the Roman goddess of beauty, and this character is a top-model. Sheridan is Le Fanu’s first name.
    • Véronique Papadakis is a photograph (“vero”, real and “iconos”, image).
  • Our Angels Are Different : In the Angels’ cycle, guardians angels appear as attorneys-at-law, who defend their clients.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different : All ghosts are lost souls, who can take the control of a human, especially a medium. They can disappear in the light when they are fought with the Power of Love.
  • Power of Love : Literally.
  • Recursive Canon: The Thanatonauts, written by Michael Pinson in... The Thanatonauts.
  • Recycled in Space Greek Mythology… IN SPACE!
  • Scenery Porn : Aeden.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money : Chris Petters
  • Story Within a Story:
    • The Rats in L'Empire des Anges
    • The Dolphins in Nous, les Dieux
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