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 George: "Annie, this is a very serious question and I expect a very serious answer. Did you steal that baby from a supermarket trolley?"

    • Annie's reaction is equally funny, when she hands the baby over to George and just stares in shock as it stops crying the instant George smiles at it.
  • Nina's reaction after having sex with a very enthusiastic George who runs out of the room as he's about to transform: (with a blissful expression) "Oh, you are a deadman.".
  • Herrick's annoyance at Mitchell and George not fighting counts as one. Try and keep a straight face as he tells you what he was going to do at half time.
  • Maybe it was just the tension of the moment, but the following:

 George: We'll keep you in the attic [so you don't kill anyone]."

Mitchell: "Our success rate is not a 100% there."

  • George's meeting with doggers and subsequent awkwardness, and the entire chain of events following on from it, including him getting arrested.
  • George freaking out when there's a knock at the front door at the same time that Annie's door to the afterlife appears. "THERE'S SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR! THERE'S SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR!"
  • George getting up in the middle of the night to relieve himself, only to be repeatedly waylaid by his roommates and their problems.

 "I only got up for a pee!"

    • From the same episode, Annie giving zombie girl Sasha a makeover[1] to the tune of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". Black Humor at it's finest.
    • The entire sequence where (a very pissed-off) Sasha first follows Annie home.

 Mitchell: We've gotta let her in.

Annie and George: (in unison) What?!

Mitchell: We've got a shouting, pissed corpse on our doorstep!

George: Right. And you want a shouting, pissed corpse inside?

  • "Come on George, shake a leg. It's Thursday and you know that means. Fajitas!"
  • McNair telling Tom he shouldn't see the film The Wolf Man as it makes light of their condition. Basically, he called a horror film racist (supernaturalist?).
  • Episode 3 of series 4 has a couple of these including
    • Hal and Tom at work.

  Hal: Kill me now. I mean it. You can tell Annie I attacked you.

    • The "Second Hand Shag".
  • Hal and Tom look as if they're going to follow their predecessors by watching The Real Hustle.. and then promptly switch over to Antiques Roadshow and start estimating the values.
  • Kirby after supposedly killing Annie: "Damn it, I'm so good! I'm Starsky AND Hutch!" (Does the Saturday Night Fever pose)
  • Hal singing while doing the washing up, complete with marigolds. Not only Adorkable, but his and Annie's expressions are priceless when she walks in on him.
  • Annie's introduction in the Pilot always cracks me up

 GEORGE: That was you, moving our things? Nailing up that chicken, rearranging my books.

MITCHELL: Uh.. No, actually that last one was me... Come on, George, they were alphabetized... It's like living with Rain Man.

  • Tom taking Hal's mind off stressing about their double date by taking advantage of his OCD and pulling something out of his pocket

 Tom: Look Hal, a matchbox where some of the matches are the wrong way round. (Hal takes the box with a look of glee)

    • Anything which plays on Hal's OCD, to be honest.

  Hal: Look! I have arranged the eggs in order of size!"

  • Anything said by action-movie obsessed vampire Kane, including his last words after being staked in the heart.

 Kane: Something about heartburn... heartbreak... shit.

  • In a dark way, Hal's command to Cutler in 1950 after sweet-talking his wife and calling her an angel, the moment she walks out of the room

 Hal: Just fucking kill her

  • To me just generally the way Tom is always so polite to Hal. Even when he and Alex have Hal strapped to a chair and he's screaming obscenities at them, calling them a "hound" and a "bitch". It's just something about his voice when he goes "Don't be rude, Hal"
  • Tom's response to Hal asking him why he has the materials for bomb-making in the house and cafe.

 Tom: Mcnair told me to be polite and kind and always have the means to make to a bomb.

  • "If you see a big scary man with a burn on his arm, run!"
  • Tom and Hal's attempts to chat up Michaela.

 Tom: "I like your tights, you look like a bee and I like bees."


  1. Hint: it involves spackling over the holes in her face
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