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Nergal (centre), Orion (right), and Inferno (Left). Hey, Where's Seth?

This is not the page for a big-ass monster.

Behemoth is a Blackened Death Metal band from Poland, and one of the largest extreme metal bands in their country. Formed in 1991, they started as a straight Black Metal band, but changed their sound over time to include more and more Death Metal elements, while keeping the visual style of a black metal band. Vocalist and guitarist Nergal was diagnosed with leukemia, but managed to survive it.


  • Adam "Nergal" Darski - Vocals and Guitar
  • Tomasz "Orion" Wróblewski -Bass
  • Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Promiński - Drums
  • Patryk "Seth" Sztyber - Guitar
  • Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) - 1995
  • Grom - 1996
  • Pandemonic Incantations - 1998
  • Satanica - 1999
  • Thelema.6 - 2000
  • Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond) - 2002
  • Demigod - 2004
  • The Apostasy - 2007
  • Evangelion - 2009
Behemoth provides examples of the following tropes:
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