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The Bubble Shield device from Halo, buy one today!

Tired of being harassed on your way to work by a Giant Space Flea From Nowhere? Is that Giant Mook in Marketing always beating you down? That mean old Cyborg Zombie insist on eating your wristwatch and brain? Well worry no more! To help protect you from these horrible beasties, Trope Co® has developed the handy dandy, super duper, easy to carry, lovely to use ... Beehive Barrier!

Yes, you too can be just like other action stars such as Master Chief, Q, and Generic RPG Hero with your very own Beehive Barrierâ!

Each barrier is made of precision crafted FDA approved hexagons into a spherical barrier of utter protection! We guarantee each hexagon to have precisely six sides*. Guaranteed to withstand The Worf Barrage and intercept a Macross Missile Massacre, or your money back!

 * The rumor of occasional five sided hexagons or "Pentagons", appearing irregularly are pure fabrication, everyone knows you can make perfect spheres out of just hexagons! Pentagons can't even make flat shields without hexagons!

For other fine TropeCo® life-empowering products, please consider taking Psycho Serum®.

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