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  • "Bee Larry King"? Is that the best they could come up with? Why not "Larry Sting" or something similar?
    • So they won't ruin another joke, later into the movie.
    • Also, because it becomes a short running gag that there's a human who has a very similar name, with the bee version trying to ignore this fact.
  • Aside from all the Wall Bangers related to biology, why bother stealing a Tournament of Roses float and fly it across the country? Aren't there bees in California?
    • He wanted to get it back to New York for Vanessa's sake.
    • Also, why bother stealing the float at all? Since the post-trial montage showed Barry working with the ATHF (no, not that ATHF) couldn't he have arranged for them to procure a float for them? Surely the florists would not be so selfish as to doom the planet for the sake of their art?
      • Maybe he thought there wouldn't be enough time to set up the flight to get it back. One would think that having it on a climate-controlled aircraft would be better for the flowers, but anyway.
    • Pollen will not bring a flower back to life. Pollen is a reproductive component; it's like delivering sperm to a dead woman. This would not bring the flowers back.
  • WHY do the bees only have two arms and two legs?!Is it too much for them to just animate two more limbs?
    • It's your typical Anthro Shift in animated characters. Much like how cows, deers, rabbits and the like are drawn with their eyes facing forward instead of on the side of their head, or how octopi are drawn with their mouths on the fronts of their...erm...faces instead of underneath their body. It's simply a way to make the characters more "human" and therefore easier for the audience to relate to them.
  • At the start, apparently a bee's school years and college span the length of a few days, yet the main storyline of the movie is just as long if not longer. Are the bees rapidly aging? Is there some kind of method they have to just stop aging at a certain point?
  • Although the "Bejesus!" line is hilarious, it does raise one major question. If there is a belief in a bee version of Jesus, then does that mean that bees have a concept of Christianity? If so, how? Did they simply learn of the religion from humans and decide to adopt it as their own? Was it a coincidence? Did Bee-Christianity just happen to exist before the human concept of it? It just seems a bit odd since you'd think bees would have developed their own religion rather than have one so similar to a human belief system.


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