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The original Bedazzled was a 1967 film vehicle for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Moore plays Stanley Moon, a short-order cook at Wimpy's who is hopelessly in love with waitress Margaret (Eleanor Bron) but too shy to tell her how he feels. Depressed over his lot in life, he attempts to hang himself. When his attempt fails, in steps Satan, who goes by the unlikely name of George Spiggott and is played by Peter Cook. George offers Stanley seven wishes in return for his soul, and in his desperation, Stanley sees no reason to refuse... after all, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A remake was released in 2000 starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley. In this version, Elliot Richards (Fraser) is a geeky and friendless office drone who is in love with beautiful co-worker Alison (Frances O'Connor), but is too shy to act on his feelings. After being ditched at a bar by his "friends", Elliot runs into a beautiful woman (Elizabeth Hurley) who tells him that she's the Devil and offers him seven wishes in return for his soul. While obviously hesitant, he accepts in the hopes of using his wishes to make him into the perfect man for Alison; Hilarity Ensues.

The 1967 film contains examples of:

File:Bedazzled-1967 7565.jpg

The 2000 film contains examples of:

File:Bedazzled-2000 9704.jpg

 Devil: Yes, there's a God.

Elliot: Really? What's he like?

Devil: [[[Beat]]] Y'know, you'd think meeting THE DEVIL would be enough for some people, but no, all they want to talk about is Him. Like He's so bloody fascinating.

Elliot: So He's a man.

Devil: Yeah. Most men think they're God. This one just happens to be right.

  • Did Not Get the Girl: Even after everything he's gone through, Elliot finds out Allison was already dating. It turns out to be alright though as the experience taught Elliot about himself and gives him a confidence boost.
    • He did get a different girl though...Who looks exactly like Allison.
  • Divine Race Lift: God is black, the Devil is a woman.
  • Evil Is Petty: In between wishes, the Devil gives people parking fines, tells high school kids not to bother with their studies because they were boring, swaps medication for Tic Tacs, and cheats at chess with God.
  • Evil Lawyer Joke: Apparently, the Devil has clients.
  • Fermats Last Theorem: Erased by Satan at the all-boys' boarding school.
  • Flat Earth Atheist: Odd example during the fourth wish. Secular humanism may be "yummy", but Eliot of all people should know that at least in the film's reality, humanity isn't alone.
  • Gender Flip: The Devil is recast as Elizabeth Hurley.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: As a drug lord, Elliot yells "hijos de puta!", which is translated as "you guys suck!". It really means "you sons of bitches!"
  • God Karting with Beelzebub: The last we see of God and the Devil is the two of them playing chess in the park.
  • Greek Chorus: Elliot's "friends" reappear as different characters in each wish.
  • Hot as Hell

 "Prince of Darkness. Well, princess."

  • Hot Teacher: What the Devil pretends to be when Elliot wishes to be President of the United States.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: At the start of the movie, Elliot's ham-fisted efforts to befriend his co-workers are painful to watch.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Elliot's last wish for Allison to live a happy life.
  • Jackass Genie: The Devil fits the trope perfectly, except that she's obviously not a Genie.
  • Large Ham: Fraser got a chance to show off how hammish he can be, particularly during the second wish.
  • Magical Negro: God, apparently.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The producers got their money's worth from Hurley.
  • Mundane Wish: The Big Mac and large Coke.
  • The Remake: More of a Reimagining really, taking the basic idea of a loser guy in love with an oblivious beauty being offered wishes by Satan, and then going its own way with it.
  • Replacement Love Interest: After Elliot chats with Alison and learns she has a boyfriend, he goes home and runs into his new neighbor Nicole... played by the same actress. Lampshaded when he asks her, "Do you have a sister?"
  • Selfless Wish: Elliot uses his seventh wish to wish for his beloved to be happy.
  • Shaggy Dog Story: Elliot pining after Allison only in the end to find out she was already dating. But everything works out for him in the end.
  • Shout-Out: The Devil's dogs during the second wish are named Dudley and Peter after the stars of the first movie.
  • Straight Gay: Which was of course completely necessary for that scene to work.
  • Sympathy for the Devil

  The Devil: "Do you think I enjoy this? I'm stuck in this horrible job for eternity. Everybody hates me. When I try to help someone they turn on me like I'm supposed to be God or something! For your information, my life is a living hell!"

    • And, much like you'd expect of the Devil, Hurley does a good job of straddling the line between sincerity and manipulation when she does it.
  • Take That

 Satan: "How would you like to make one simple decision that'll change your life forever?"

Elliot: "Okay, I'm glad Scientology works for you, but..."

    • Also:

 "It's not easy being the Barbra Streisand of Evil."

    • The Devil mentions that she has offices in "Purgatory, Hell, and Los Angeles".
  • Teeny Weenie: Elliot is transformed into a huge sexy basketball player... who has laughably small equipment.
  • Vanity License Plate: The Devil's car has "BAD 1" on its license plate.
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