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Fridge Brilliance

  • Some offhand comments from Head!Six in Season one actually make sense after watching the finale. Off the top of my head I can think of Baltar's comments when he first steps foot on the remains of Kobol in the season 1 finale. "I've been here before" answered with "Of course you have" by Head!Six. He's been there before because he's been in the CIC in the Galactica, which turned out to be the opera house in the finale.
  • If you think about it, humans evolving separately on our Earth isn't that farfetched. The colonies had animals like modern dogs, and elephants (Downloaded and The Plan, Boomer's elephant statues.) It's very unlikely that there were actual elephants on the Galactica. Along with most other species on Earth, humans evolved separately and identical to the colonial, Cylon Earth, and Kobol. Humans are actually more likely considering the colonials crossbred with the proto humans.
  • The Number 3 models share the creative and religious characteristics with Ellen Tigh. One of the skinjobs five creators. Ellen was a monotheist and sketched drawings of Colonel Tigh while she was prisoner to Cavil. Number 3/D'anna did the same when she was 'addicted' to suicide to see visions of the Final Five in the opera house. Also very religious.
  • It took several people repeat viewings to realize that Caprica-Six viewed the death of the infant in the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries as a mercy killing, and the point of the scene was deeper than "Look how evil the Cylons are."
    • Another interpretation is that she accidentally killed the baby out of pure curiosity. She was stress testing the child's neck when she accidentally snapped it. This serves to emphasis the non-human nature of the Cylons, despite appearances.
      • Also, regardless of how human they have become, they cannot reproduce with each other and are simply reincarnated into adult bodies upon death. Thus, it's safe to assume that very few Cylons have ever seen a baby before.
    • Alternatively, Caprica Six and all of the other Cylons (excepting Cavil) were still very child-like their understanding of life and death. She knew she was killing the baby, but she didn't fully understand what that meant. (Similar to the reason we try children differently than adults, because they don't fully comprehend the consequences of their actions yet.)
    • The spreading-the-work-around started in "Dirty Hands" will be good practice for life on Earth.
    • Also on this show: with the Grand Finale, the ultimate symbolism of Bill Adama, Lee and Kara turns out to be eerily similar to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Word of God acknowledges this, too.
    • Having learned in Caprica that Tauron culture puts a high priority on vengeance, a lot of the actions of Admiral Cain, who we learn in Razor is from Tauron, make a lot more sense. Her guerrilla war against the Cylons at the price of executing officers who refuse to carry out risky orders and plundering civilian ships for supplies and crew is an act of revenge against the Cylons for the Fall of the Twelve Colonies and probably for the disappearance of her sister during the First Cylon War, while her condoning of the gang-rape and torture of the Cylon saboteur Gina by her crew is revenge for a personal betrayal by someone she loved and believed loved her.
  • Of course Kara Thrace came back after her death. She had Lee Adama, Sam Anders, and Leoben Conoy all trying to frak her. She was already in heaven!

Fridge Logic

  • While I get that the Galactica was perpetually under-crewed and the like, but why did it take untill the final season for someone to work out the structure in the engine room was in an advanced state of frakked? Surely even with low crew they'd still have some kind of engineering staff down there.
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