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Er.. why exactly did Black have to kill his CO?

Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but why couldn't they just explain the situation to the CO and get him on board?

  • Dima, remember? Cole was fully committed to fighting the Russians, and just lost two of his men to them; if he saw Black fraternising with one, he likely would have shot Dima on sight and branded Black a traitor.
    • Yeah, I thought that was the case, I just wasn't sure there was something else to it.
  • An equally good question is why did Cole shoot Black if he failed the QTE? What so my superior officer can frag me for talking, but I can't frag him for trying to shoot me.
    • It's implied that he does not initially recognise Black; the bright light from the sun makes it hard to see that it's even Cole who's talking to you, and he addresses you in unfamiliar terms ("I said get down on the ground!")-- for all he knew, Black might have been a Russian. It's not an unreasonable assumption, given how the suspicious the devastation around the villa must look to the Marines who just arrived.
      • Makes sense, when a light is bright in this game, it is really bright.

Why did Dima's team wear German camo on the drop?

With a massive high-profile airborne operation nearby, surely there would be little need for pretension?

  • If you look carefully, it's actually a Gorka in Sever/Flecktar-d. Being GRU, they could just use whatever they liked, and maybe they thought it would be the most effective pattern for the operating theatre.

Why Solomon have to use the nukes or trying to start a war?

Just wondering. Because that didn't explained in game. Personal reason?

  • Going by the conversation at the start of "Comrades", that does seem to be the case.

Why does Matkovic wear Multicam?

That's well out of Marine Corps regs.

  • If you look at Matkovic's body armor, there's a big ol' EOD patch on the front, attached to a magazine pouch, I believe. He's likely a Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technician attached to Misfit 1-3; if you'll remember, Matkovic was the one to examine the IED found in Operation Swordbreaker. Since he's technically a member of the Navy and not the Marine Corps, he'll wear the prescribed uniform and kit given to him by the Navy.
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