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I've waited years for this.
Angel and Angelus

Rogue: This is only happening in my mind -

"Ms Marvel": And that's exactly why it's real!

Red Zeo Ranger: Zeo Ranger Five. Don't tell me you've forgotten already.

Tommy Oliver: That's impossible.

Red Zeo Ranger: Oh, it's possible, and I'm still as tough as ever. The question is - are you?
Power Rangers Dino Thunder, "Fighting Spirit"

Soulless Sam: My I really that gawky? Howdy.

Sam: This is impossible.

Soulless Sam: Cold. Try again.

Sam: I'm, uh - I'm hallucinating.

Soulless: Warmer. But see, normally, you're awake when you're tripping balls.

Sam: I'm dreaming?

Soulless: And someone just won a copy of the home game. We're inside your grapefruit, Sam. Son, you been juiced.

Sam: I don't remember anything.

Soulless: Well, your BFF Cas brought the Hell-wall tumbling down and you, pathetic infant that you are, shattered into pieces. (points at Sam) Piece. (points at himself) Piece. [...] Now, nothing personal, but run the numbers. Someone's gotta take charge around here before it's too late.
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