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  • Awesome Music: Thanks to Manabu Namiki. For the Saturn port, the rest of the group which would be known as Basiscape joined in the fun.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Black Heart, the boss of Stage 5 and the penultimate boss, and the flamingoes in Stage 2.
  • Internet Backdraft: When it was announced that M2 would be doing a port for the PS4, many fans reacted with surprise and joy... but that turned into rage when it was confirmed that not only the port, along with the accompanying port of Dangun Feveron, would be digital-only, but that even the Limited Special Collectors' Ultimate Edition would not come with a physical game disc.
  • Memetic Mutation: Basically any remarks/jokes about what raises rank in Yagawa games, including one person asking "Does pausing the game in the saturn port raise Rank?".
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The robotic-sounding announcer. "Shot--level up!" "Weapon--level up!" "EXTEND!"
    • That satisfying chime that plays when you pick up a 10,000-point medal.
  • That One Attack: Black Heart's signature dual Spread Shot sweep. It opens up two cannons that shoot out a spread of bullet streams, and then swivels them back and forth very quickly. Serious precision is required to dodge this attack without getting torn into shreds.
  • That One Boss:
    • Black Heart, in both of its appearances. It comes back in Armed Police Batrider and is even harder! Most notably, when you encounter it in Stage 5, unlike the first four bosses which can be picked apart to disable some of their attacks, Black Heart has no parts that can be chipped off and thus you're forced to bear the full force of its attacks from start to finish.
    • The infamous turret wall in Stage 6, known for being atrociously difficult if you didn't manage rank in the first five stages properly. While it doesn't seem to be classified as a boss by the game, the fact that all game progress stops until it's destroyed means it may as well be one.
  • That One Level: Stage 6. Your chances of getting through hinge partly on how well you kept rank under control in the first five stages. You'll also need to power up your shot beginning at this stage (as opposed to conservatively powering up in the first five) to survive.
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