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The (successful) "Mystery Bidder" was either...

Ra's al-Ghul or Lex Luthor.

  • You're wrong, the mystery bidder was Dr. Clayton Forrester.
    • Dr. Clayton Forrester was the one who made Bane in the first place.
  • Actually, it was our future Overlord, Dr Insano! All hail Insano!
  • No, no. It was Doctor Doom. Because why not.

The movie's version of Venom will, in time, be known as Brawndo

...or, at least, the ingredients will be diluted to some extent. Sure, they say it's like Gatorade, but who knows what is in that stuff?!

    • Electrolytes. What plants crave.

The wacky changes to Gotham and the Batman verse from the first movie are because Batman fixed things.

The drastic change in tone of the last two of the original four Batman movies can, in fact, be reconciled with the darker, more serious tone of the first two. Because of Batman's presence, and possibly this movie version's willingness to use lethal force, all or most of the remaining sane criminals have either skipped town or gone straight (or at least been forced back into a quietly desperate law-abiding life, despite possibly extenuating socio-economic circumstances, because of the hopelessly omnipresent law enforcement via vigilante); most of the ones who're left are the kind of wackos who think it's a great idea to hang around putting on face paint under blacklights, and increasingly isolated and unorganized low level criminals. Crime is kept so in check, and mostly to the domain of harmless bumblers and weirdos, that the city has experienced a massive economic and cultural boom, and the streets are safe enough that the Dark Knight can openly attend charity auctions in front of the press. The movies didn't get stupid, they're a realistic depiction of an urban society becoming ridiculously decadent after the removal of a hitherto intractable societal bane. This troper admits he can't really explain the silly sound effects, or why someone thought it would be a good idea to build freeways through the middle of the city perched on the shoulders of 80-storey tall statues. Maybe the latter was a make-work project, or something.

    • Some kind of public works project would make sense, given the no doubt absurd problems that the mass-poisoning of Gotham in Batman and the insane terrorist attacks of Batman Returns would have on the city. Besides, even in the first film Gotham's architecture was crazy enough to support skyways through the city, just look at the pan at the end of Batman.
      • Or, supporting the theory below, after Batman Returns the events of Superman Returns takes place. Lex Luthor's crystal continent could have caused damage not only to Metropolis but also (and maybe to a larger extent) Gotham. With most of Gotham in disrepair the city is completely renovated replacing all the gothic architecture with the bright neon lights shown in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin

This version of Batman is the version that exists in the Superman films universe.

Only a reality goofy enough to support Super Flying-Around-The-World-Faster-Than-Light-To-Turn-Back-Time powers for Superman would be goofy enough to support the Batman films. Plus, that version of Superman canonically exists in a world with a Gotham, and this version of Batman canonically exists in a world with a Superman. Since the Dark Knight clearly doesn't, it makes the most sense for the Burton/Shumacre Batman to share a reality with the Donner/Singer Superman.

The Burton Batman and The Schumacher Batman are not the same people.

There are really three four Batman film universes: Adam West's Campy TV Batman, Burton's Dark Deco Batman, Schumacher's Batman On Ice, and The Dark Knight.

  • Jossed by references to the Burton films and Pat Hingle and Michael Gough appearing in all four films.
    • The same actors don't necessarily mean the same continuity. And as far as I can remember, the closest things to Burton references was the Jack Napier scene in Forever, and that could've easily been an entirely different assassin from an entirely different continuity (he's even played by a different actor!). The credits for Forever even list him as "shooter".

This was a movie in the Burton universe.

Decades after the original 1989 movie,Batman decided to retire and it was safe for his identity to be revealed.He decided he wanted a B-Movie done about him,as he has become a fan of B-movies like the ones Ed Wood does.In his universe,it was regarded as "hilariously cheesy",however a copy of the film ended up in our universe somehow.And the rest is history

The movie is All Just a Dream

Sometime after Batman Returns, Bruce Wayne came down with a high fever and had to be bedridden for several days. Both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are just his fever dreams.

Bruce was shot and killed by vengeful ex-convicts.

The manager at a Macy's in Gotham discovered that frequent shopper Batman's Bat-credit card traced back to the Wayne estate and sold the information to some of the criminals that Batman put in jail.

The satellite-aided telescope is a front project.

Bruce is actually setting up the satellites for a global surveillance system for the Batcave.

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