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Batman Forever

The Riddler's Cane is based on a Sonic Screwdriver.

Hence why it opens doors and triggers things that, by all rights, it shouldn't be able to.

Batman did kill people at first.


Bruce Wayne: Then it will happen this way: You make the kill, but your pain doesn't die with Harvey, it grows. So you run out into the night to find another face, and another, and another, until one terrible morning you wake up and realize that revenge has become your whole life. And you won't know why.
Dick Grayson: You can't understand. Your family wasn't killed by a maniac.
Bruce: Yes, they were. We're the same.


Is Bruce speaking from experience? (Though probably not starting with his parents' murderer, unless the 1989 film is discounted from canon and "I don't remember much that happened back then" is interpreted creatively. But this is WMG.)

    • In the first two movie Batman did kill people, or at the very least allowed them to die when he could have just as easily saved them.
    • Even though the two Burton films and the two Schumacher films are very loosely (if at all) connected (Michael Gough and Pat Hingle are the only thing they have in common), one assumes they take place in the same continuity.
    • Catwoman exists, too. Chase ribs Batman about how she might need "skintight vinyl and a whip" to get his attention.

Two-Face is still alive.

His costume was in the property locker at Arkham. If he were dead it would be in the evidence locker at Gotham Central.

The entire movie is a VR program.

This movie and Batman & Robin are actually a simulated world that the Tim Burton version of Batman is trapped in. "The Box" was actually made by the Mad Hatter. This explains Gordon and Alfred being the same people while everything else is changing and continuing to change in the next movie and why even the pretext of realism is going out the window.

This was originally the final chapter of the Trilogy.

Ok Returns was a good movie but Judging by the way critics couldn't handle the Darker and Edgier they just wanted the series to die. Now in a story structure sense, it would have ended with Robin looking forward to helping Batman in future crime fights. In the structure it went like this: The first movie Batman finally avenges his parents. The Second movie, it's obvious the revenge didn't satisfy him and he decided to kill more criminals. The Climax of the movie when he is trying to talk Catwoman out of Killing Schreck he was really seeing the path he was going when he himself was killing criminals and didn't want her to end up like him. He was too late, but he secretly vowed never to kill again. The third movie shows the Batman that we know in the comics and him redeeming himself for his failure to save Catwoman, by preventing Robin from killing. Had Batman and Robin the movie Ceased to exist this would have been a hell of a trilogy.

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