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 Two-Face: (fires a gunshot into the air to shut Riddler up) What's the point, big boy?

Riddler: Has anyone ever told you, you have a SERIOUS IMPULSE CONTROL PROBLEM?

    • And when Riddler demonstrates his Box to Two-Face in the same scene:

 Ridder: This is your brain on the box; this is my brain on the box. DOES ANYBODY ELSE FEEL LIKE A FRIED EGG?!

 Riddler: By the way, that's never gonna heal if you don't stop picking at it.

Two-Face: [cocks his gun, and puts it against Riddler's cheek] Let's see if you bleed green...

    • At the end of their first scene together:

 Two-Face: You have broken into our hideout... violated the sanctity of our lair. For that we should crush your bones into powder. However, you pose a most interesting proposition. Therefore heads, we accept. And tails, we blow your damn head off!

    • During their first job as a team:

 Riddler: Hey, Two-Face! Show me how to punch a guy!

Two-Face: It's darn simple my dear boy--ball up the fist, reach way back and assert yourself! (punches security guard)

Riddler: Ooooo...sound sgood! Lemme try, lemme try!

Two-Face: Ball up the fist...

Riddler: (does so) Ball up the fist!

Two-Face: ...reach way back...

Riddler: (winds up) Reach way back!

Two-Face: ...and assert yourself!

Riddler: (swings) And assert yourse--(another security agent doesn't even flinch at Riddler's weak punch) OW! (cradles wounded hand)

  • After Dick takes the Batmobile:

 Alfred: Actually, he took... the car.

Wayne: He boosted the Jag?

Alfred: No, sir. Not the Jaguar. The other car.

Wayne: The Bentley?

Alfred: No, sir... the other. car.

cut to Dick cruising

Dick: Goin' for a lil' ride in mah love machine, baybee!

  • This:

 Dick: What do you think? What's a good sidekick name?

Bruce: How about Dick Grayson, college student?

Dick: Screw you!

  • The scene with Stickley in general:

 Nygma: *sneaks up behind Stickley and bashes him on the head with a coffeepot* That caffeine'll kill ya!

  • Edward Nygma's fake tears after the office finds out about Stickley's death:

 Nygma: Why?! Oh, why?! Two years working in the same office; he was like my father... my brother... a cousin who visits all the time!

Co-worker: Get a grip, Edward.

Nygma: *hands co-worker Stickley's "suicide note" and informs him in serious voice* I found this in my cubicle this morning. You'll see it matches his handwriting exactly. As well as punctuation and sentence structure. *goes back to crying* I couldn't go on working here. The *sob* mem-- *sob* --ories!"

  • When Batman meets Chase for her secret rendezvous, only for Chase to tell him she's in love with Bruce Wayne and not Batman, he pretends to take the news sadly, but when he turns away to leave (facing the camera), he Batsmiles to himself.
  • Edward Nigma having copies of Bruce's glasses, which he puts on and takes off while talking to Bruce during the party scene.
  • The Shout-Out to the old Batman television series and the corny dialogue therein.

 Robin: Holy rusted metal, Batman!

Batman: Huh?

Robin: The ground, it's all metal. It's full of holes. You know, holey.

Batman: Oh.

  • This exchange between Batman and the bank guard, when the former uses the latter's hearing aid to crack open the vault.

 Guard: That's my hearing aid!

Batman: Thanks.

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