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  • Crazy awesome Tommy Lee Jones, the classic unshakable hero, playing the borderline psychotic.
  • While we all know Jim Carrey's insane, he emphasises this as the Riddler.

 Riddler: Hey buddy! Show me how to punch a guy! Show me how to punch a guy!

Two-Face: Why it's quite simple my boy! You just ball your fist, pull back, and assert yourself. (two-face knocks out a guard)

Riddler: Ooooh! Let me try! All right... ball my fist...

Two-face: Ball your fist...

Riddler: Pull back...

Two-face: Pull back...

Riddler: And assert myself! (throws a punch at a guard who doesn't even flinch, whilst Riddler shakes his hand in apparent pain. Two-face watches in amusement.)

    • This quote, made all the more impressive because as it's happening, two-face is nonchalantly sipping two cocktail martinis, and watching the scene with amusement.

 (Batman has just crashed through the ceiling interrupting Two-face's raid and has started beating up two-face's mooks)

Riddler: Now see... your entrance was good, his was better. The difference? Showmanship!

    • "It's always dangerous releasing a tame animal into the wild." *throws a bat-shaped bomb* "They may have trouble adapting to their new environment!" *throws another*
      • Becomes funnier when you consider the Riddler is also Ace Ventura.
    • "No! Don't kill him! If we kill him, he won't learn nothin'."
    • Somebody call the Fat Lady! Tell her she's on in FIVE!"

 Two-Face: (while playing battle-ship with the riddler.) B12!

Riddler: Hit! And my favorite vitamin might I add!

    • See, all of this is why I think Jim Carrey would make an amazing Joker...
  • Batman saving both Robin and his love interest at the end. After spending the film questioning his dual identity he fully embraces it and explains to the Riddler that he's Batman and Bruce Wayne. This simple answer that the Riddler just doesn't get pushes him over the edge, as we see in the next scene.
  • Batman's Big Damn Heroes moment at the party was awesome. The scene of him jumping off the building with the camera swirling around his cape fluttering was awesome. But the scene where he survives being burned alive and emerges from the flames with vengeance in his eyes, giving Two-Face a very noticeable Oh Crap moment... that just proves why he's the Goddamn Batman.
  • Batman rushing out of the fire after nearly saving himself from Two-Face's grenade launcher is quite epic.
  • Batman exploits the Riddler's love of riddles and puns, even while telegraphing his next move to the overconfident villain.

 Batman: I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight. What am I?

The Riddler: Please! You're as blind as a bat!

Batman: Exactly. activates his Sonar optics and throws a batarang to take out the lights.

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