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"I would die if I don't bathe twice a day."
Ponzu, 666 Satan

A character (most likely female) that seems to enjoy baths and showers a lot and is often shown bathing more frequently than any of the other characters. Like a Neat Freak, she is usually the first to mention the need to bathe when she is filthy. It is also common that many bathing beauties qualify as Ms. Fanservice.

In anime it's an extremely common fanservice addition to have women be very happy about their bath and utter more or less orgasmic sighs, moans and words like "lovely" or "this feels so good".

A stock scene of the Hot Springs Episode. See also Furo Scene.

In order to qualify for this trope, the woman must seem to love bathing a lot, have lots of bathing scenes or have some sort of significant or iconic bathing scene.

Examples of Bathing Beauty include:

Anime & Manga

  • Kagome Higurashi in Inuyasha always has to resort to bathe in lakes and hot springs while she is in the feudal era (sometimes Skinny Dipping, sometimes not) and is usually seen having a hot bath every time she comes back to the modern age. A certain scene is a subversion, however: Kagome gets stripped and put into that specific "bath" (in fact a huge soup cauldron) by a man who wants to feed her to an human-eating tree.
  • Most of the characters of Ranma ½ qualify since most of them have a curse that involves them having to take hot baths for them to restore themselves to their original form.
  • Rushuna Tendo from Grenadier is shown to have a weakness of loving baths and is seen bathing in almost every episode.
  • Colonel Felme of Zoids Genesis loves having bubble baths so much that she has conversations with some of the male characters while she is seen relaxing in them and shows no discomfort of them seeing her.
  • One Piece has quite a few.
    • Nami, for one, since she has the most bathing scenes and a few of them being memorable. (Though one counted as Fan Disservice since Absalom attacked her in the bath.)
    • Kalifa can be considered due to the theme of her devil fruit powers, which are creating bubbles. She has a bubble bath scene to taunt Nami in battle, since water weakens Devil Fruit users.
    • Boa Hancock has a significant bath scene where Luffy crashes through her roof and accidentally catches a glimpse of the tattoo on her back... the brand given to the slaves of the World Nobles.
    • Honey Queen from the second One Piece film was first introduced bathing in a giant bathtub on the top of her ship.
  • Bulma from the Dragon Ball series enjoys taking bubble baths and has a very popular shower scene in the sixth episode.
  • Doronjo, the villainess of Yatterman, is often seen taking baths and showers on many occasions, even in the live-action film.
  • Blair's most memorable scene in Soul Eater was her bubble bath in the first episode.
  • Honey Kisaragi of Cutey Honey is seen having bubble baths in the opening credits to the original series and New Cutey Honey. In the second book of the manga she has a total of four bath scenes in that one volume.
  • Shizuka from Doraemon seems to spend much of her free time bathing. And almost every time she gets in the bath, Nobita ends up accidentally walking in thanks to Doraemon's gadgets.
  • Mikiri in Change 123, which is sometimes combined with the Innocent Fanservice Girl trope.
  • Saga Bergman is shown taking a bath in 23 out of 24 episodes of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, as well as the intro credits and the eye-catch. Her fairies Sugar, Pepper & Salt can also qualify since they take baths with her in most of the scenes.
  • The two female leads to Onegai Twins, Karen and Miina. Every single episode has one or both of them taking a bath.
  • Ponzu of 666 Satan, since she says that she bathes atleast twice a day while bathing in an Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub. The quote above says a lot.
  • Lila and any of the other Humaritts from Najica Blitz Tactics qualify, since they gain energy from taking baths in tubs of special pink liquid.
  • Urt from Outlaw Star, since she lives on a hot spring planet and bathes twice in the one episode that features her.
  • The title characters of Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko. Not only does she expound the pleasures of a relaxing bath in a whispy tone of voice (the OVA is meant to promote good bathing habits), the moans and gasps she and Hiyoko make sound like they're moments away from ecstasy. (The skinship groping probably helped in that area, though).
  • Aoi Hana has the pivotal scene in which Akira openly admires a bathing Fumi, which turns out to be a crucial moment in their relationship.
  • Akiko Aoshika from Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest is seen more than once taking showers. Then again, considering the Crapsack World she lives in, no wonder she does so.
  • Most episodes of Hidamari Sketch end with a scene of Yuno in her bathtub reminiscing about the episode's events.
  • Liang Qi from Canaan loves and adores her hot baths, though nowhere as much as her bloodshed and her "Oneesama".
  • Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin. Considering that she's a dojo owner who constantly practices, it's more justified than other cases.
  • Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. She typically has a bath scene atleast once in almost every story arc while wearing her Modesty Towel in the bathtub for the anime version.
  • Kallen of Code Geass and her shower scenes are very... "famous" in fandom.
  • Almost every episode of Maicchingu Machiko Sensei has the main character in the bath or at least the shower.
  • Charady from the series of shorts titled "Charady's Daily Joke" is seen bathing the entire time in a majority of the episodes and in the opening sequence. She is also seen just outside of the bathtub in the promotional poster.
  • Hungary and Taiwan from Axis Powers Hetalia are implied be this in a strip. Considering that both lady nations have quite the hot spring culture, it makes historical sense and is In Character.

Comics -- Books

Films -- Live-Action

  • A blonde from a scene in the beginning of Doomsday has a shotgun. You only see her naked in the bathtub.


Live-Action TV

Puppet Shows

  • Ernie from Sesame Street with his signature song, "Rubber Duckie", is a male example.

Video Games

  • In Final Fantasy VII, there is a house in the town Costa del Sol, where a woman is taking a bath. She is in there for the entire game.
  • Capcom officially listed bathing as one of Rose's interests in the Street Fighter series. She is shown having a bath in her ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She is also seen having a bubble bath in the Capcom Gals Anthology manga, and mentions that she would like a bubble bath in one of her winning quotes in Super Street Fighter IV.
  • The ghost Petunia in Luigis Mansion fits this trope, even though she is not a beauty.
  • Fire Emblem:

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • Sissi Delmas of Code Lyoko is said to take up to three showers a day, and she spends lots of time in them.
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