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The Guardian Spirit

The unseen avatar of the player, ostensibly the player him/herself watching and being spoken to from another dimension. Guardian Spirits are beings from another world that occasionally drift to the world of Baten Kaitos through Nekton, the Shrine of Spirits in Mira. Anyone who is able to make contact with one and allow it into their heart becomes bonded to it, and from then on is now a Spiriter. As revealed in Origins, Spiriters are said to be The Chosen Ones, said to wield great power and knowledge, destined to sway the fate of the world. Though we're not too sure on the knowledge part (as the Guardian Spirit is also like a second, sentient conscience), they definitely endow their Spiriter with powerful magic spells when called upon, and all Spiriters seen so far have indeed had a role in the world's future.

  • Addressing the Player - The Guardian Spirit is you, the player.
  • Bond Creatures
  • Finishing Move: In the first game, carrying out your combo with Kalas and later on with your brief stint with Xelha to just before its current maximum would yield a chance for any of the Magnus in your hand to change to one of six Spirit Spells, very powerful elemental spells that scaled in strength with your class level. At class 6, they are stronger than your character's strongest finishers. The absence of this ability in Origins is a plot point.
  • Hello, Insert Name Here: Origins at least gives you a fixed gender, which helps the voice actors. This is a plot point later on. EWLO had it's awkward breaks for your name, though.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: The guardian spirit in Eternal Wings can't remember things before the beginning of the game.
  • Level Up At Intimacy 5: You’ll often get two or three options of what to say during cutscenes. What you say doesn’t affect the plot (except for one particular instance in Origins, where choosing the wrong answer gives you a Nonstandard Game Over), but giving the right answers will help you fight better, powering up your Spirit Attacks in Eternal Wings and improving the chances of you getting useful cards in Origins.
  • Tomato Surprise: In Origins.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: In EWLO, Kalas does this to you after The Reveal of his role as The Mole. In Origins, the non-standard game over (you to Sagi)

The cast of Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

The Six Man Band



  "Here's your share of the loot. Enough to shut you up I hope."


The Hero of our story. Kalas is a youth who wakes up in the clinic of Cebalrai, the Farming Hamlet, under the care of a kindly old doctor named Larikush, having been found by a Greythorne named Meemai in Moonguile Forest, unconscious. A Spiriter, Kalas hails from Mira and is hell-bent on getting even with Giacomo for killing his grandfather and little brother. Quite the Jerkass and Deadpan Snarker at first, as well as highly cynical, but eventually softens later on. Dual wields a large sword and a reverse-gripped dagger.

In actuality, Kalas is The Mole. Yes indeed, the protagonist himself was Evil All Along right under our noses, having made a deal with Melodia for power after crossing the Despair Event Horizon. He is responsible for the loss of your group's Che End Magnus, having passed it on to Melodia in Parnasse, responsible for your (the Guardian Spirit's) memory loss, as he had a memory loss spell cast on you because you didn't agree with their plans, and also apparently responsible for the groups capture after The Reveal, having obtained dark power and another wing from the End Magnus.
Kalas is rescued from the darkness by Xelha using the Ocean Mirror on him, at which point, by pure Heroic Willpower alone, he rips out his "dark" wing and vows to stop Melodia amidst a shower of feathers. From here on out, he becomes a lot nicer and becomes a lot more like TheHero he is supposed to be.
Also turns out to be an Artificial Human, the first being succesfully created entirely from Magnus; by all means a being that should not be able to even exist. Lived with Georg and Larikush in a laboratory until the adults had enough and faked their deaths in order to escape they life they had grown to regret leading, taking Fee and Kalas with them to Mira. There they would live in peace for ten years before news of Georg's genius engineering reached Giacomo's ears, leading to Kalas' Despair Event Horizon, and subsequent alliance to Melodia. In between these two succesive events, Fee has enough time to give his Magnus Of Life to Kalas, saving his life and giving him the key to defeating Malpercio.



  "Cast light upon the darkened earth... Save those lost in despair. O Mighty Ocean, guide us, as we journey through... The darkest pit of night."


A Mysterious Waif that we first meet in Cebalrai, quite distinct from the townspeople. Xelha and Kalas chat briefly before she departs with two men for Moonguile Forest, whereupon Kalas finds her at the mercy of a Sabre Dragon. Cue Big Damn Heroes. Afterwards, though initially appalled by Kalas' rough and uncaring behaviour, she nonetheless requests to accompany him towards a common goal for a while, which eventually ends up becoming a mission to save the world. Caring and very gentle, very empathic, possesses strong morals and a powerful sense of duty. Quite a contrast for Kalas. Obviously develops a thing for him due to his Big Damn Heroes moment. Fights using magic spells channeled through a wand.

As it turns out, Xelha is actually royalty. Not just any royalty either, but the Queen of the Ice Lands of Wazn. She set out on a journey as per very specific instructions left by her mother in case the hour of Malpercio's return were to be at hand, in order to monitor the world and attempt to stop the god's return. Xelha actually saw Kalas zapping the Guardian Spirits memory, but did not know what to make of it. This fact is actually foreshadowed as early as the incident in the Outer Dimension, where a slip of the tongue from Xelha immediately tipped Kalas off to the fact Xelha wasn't exactly who she said she was.
On top of this, Xelha is one of the Ice Queens. The Ice Queens of Wazn have all carried one all-important burden for generations; to protect the Ocean and keep it safe... safe sealed within themselves, until the time comes to release it back into the world, or to pass it on to the next Ice Queen. As is expected, Xelha ends up being the "Last of the Ice Queens" because she is to release the Ocean after defeating Malpercio. She requests Kalas and your help to do it, only to be interrupted by Geldoblame popping up. After dealing with him, the Ocean is released and Xelha dies in the distraught Kalas' arms, lamenting the fact that they couldn't get the chance to be a couple. Her body Disappears Into Light, rain falls, the Ocean returns and so does the Whale... But Kalas is still hurting... But what's this? Cedr and Palolo III find her pendant on the beach and bring it to Kalas. Hearing Xelha's prayer from it, a spout of water emerges and Xelha reappears alive and well, stating the Whale saved her. Guess she did get that Happily Ever After she wanted after all.



  " Damn you Pop... Damn you! - Origins


A Skyfarer, that is, Baten Kaitos's Fantasy Counterpart Culture name for a fisheman. Gibari is large, burly man, and though he has his moments of headstrongness, he's actually fairly calm and very amiable. Believes his hometown's local myths to all be fiction, which causes him to butt heads at times with Reblys, and his father as revealed in Origins. Kalas and Xelha meet him in Nashira when they go there after escaping from Imperial soldier pursuit back in Sadal Suud, in need of a boat in order to get to Sheliak and speak with King Ladekhan. Gibari pops in after they get dissed by Reblys and offers his boat in exchange for a favor; that they accompany him to the Lesser Celestial River so that he may discern the cause for its flooding. Fights with boat oars.

As revealed later on in the game and as we see in Origins, Gibari used to be a Diadem Royal Knight. In Origins, it is revealed that he and Ladekahn used to be best friends, and that they would often skip out on their training to go see the fishermen over in Nashira reel the daily catch in. He actually didn't quit knighthood; rather, Ladekahn made him quit because he knew Gibari would give his life for him if it should ever come to it, just like Gibari's father, Rambari, had done for him.

He also is the oldest one in the group. In fact, the only one who met and can reliably recall his meeting with the group from Origins, unseen in Eternal Wings thanks to Retcon. Discounting Savyna, who was five at the time.

  • Big Eater: Chews his way through a wall made of candy at one point. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Blood Knight: Actually very calm and rational, but he sure sounds excited when you encounter an enemy that is at just about your own level.
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Cool Boat: Like all ships not belonging to the Empire Or Mira, it's alive.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: With Reblys.
  • Improbable Weapon User: He fights with oars.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Balgora's Paddle, and "Ultimate Geyser" as his ultimate Finisher, and either Skull Creel or Creel of the Whale as his equipment magnus.
  • The Lancer: Often one to take initiative in the planning stage, so he comes off as second in command, as leadership often seems to default to Kalas (unwillingly it would seem, as he decries once).
  • Making a Splash / Blow You Away: His most prominent Elemental Powers, but he still has moderate access toDark and Light magnus, and very limited availability for Fire and Chrono magnus.
  • Mighty Glacier: Slowest character, but has the highest raw base power and very high defense and HP. In fact, there so happens to be one piece of equipment designed to subvert his low speed, turning him into a Lightning Bruiser, if only until you get better equipment.
  • My Greatest Failure: Not seen clearly in Eternal Wings due to Retcon, but in Origins, he blames himself deeply for his father's death.
  • Odd Friendship: With King Ladekhan. Origins shows that they weren't very different as children.
  • Power Trio: Forms one of sorts with Ladekhan and Palolo II in Origins.
  • Retired Badass: Sort of.
  • Sidequest: His involves going to the Greater Celestial River to go look for Reblys and Anna, who went looking for a remedy for a kid's fever. Gibari and Reblys end up having a fish-out... and end up fishing The Lord Of The Celestial River.
  • Slap Slap Kiss: With Anna to some extent, particularly in Origins.
  • Team Dad: Far and away the oldest member of the six, and serves as something of an authority, although most leadership defaults to Kalas.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome?: He and Reblys have a fishing competition...using enormous logs as fishing rods.



  *Points his gun* Savyna, I have reason to believe that you are an Imperial Soldier.


Imperial Ambassador of the Empire of Alfard to the Kingdom of Diadem. As his title implies, his job is to act as the go-between both nations and see it to it that peace is kept between them.

...Or so he'd like people to believe. As he himself points out, his title is actually little more than a simple name, and indeed his position is actually more of a means to get him out of the way. This is not because he was seen as a threat to the throne, but rather because he was exiled, as we learn not too long after meeting him. Indeed, Lyude is a one-in-a-million citizen of the Empire, one who does not think of himself as being above the rest of the entire world. This is later explained by the fact that, unlike the rest of the Alfard children, he was homeschooled by his surrogate mother and actual real mother and nanny, Almarde, who taught him to be kind and mindful of others. Thus his defection from the Empire comes when they prove that they have no intention of being pacific, honorable or even fair. A pacifist at heart, Lyude is very nice and also very considerate, finding himself enjoying his stay in Diadem rather than seeing it as an exile as he enjoys the simple pleasures of life that come naturally with the world. Fights with a gun, his magnus taking the form of brass instruments.

Naturally, his fellow citizens resent him for not being an arrogant Jerkass, and plenty of people from other nations distrust him for being from the Empire. He has lead a hard life, treated as an outcast within both his own family and among his people, with his sole solace found in his nanny, Almarde. This promts him to break down into despaired sobs when his own siblings, Skeed and Vallye, insult, threaten and demoralize him, and then shoot Almarde right in front of him after she tried to defend him.

If reading this didn't tip you off, he's the main Woobie of Baten Kaitos.

  • Ambadassador: This is the official position he has, being the Imperial ambassador to Diadem.
  • Black Sheep: Skeed and Vallye appear to be very close to each other, but neither likes Lyude at all, making him the outcast of their family.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: His finisher Sforzando, where he runs up to the enemy and starts bashing it repeatedly with his gun, and when he's done, he staggers backwards from the force of the attack. According to the magnus description, he's giving in to his inner rage.
  • Chewing the Scenery: In the intro. Bizarre, as his voice acting is otherwise on the wooden board side.
  • Cultured Badass: Lyude is the most sophisticated of the six, and he's not lacking in the badass department.
  • Defector From Decadence
  • Dull Surprise: Frequently.
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Heroic Bastard: As revealed in a side quest in Origins.
  • Homeschooled Kids: Which is why he doesn't blindly spout the views touted by Imperial Propaganda. Along with the accompanied reveal he didn't socialize with his siblings, it explains why his voice acting is even more wooden than the rest of the cast.
  • Improbable Weapon User
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Vishnu is gained the same way the other IPOS are gained, but you can get stronger things, like Shining Trumpets. His ultimate Finisher is "Finale", and either Skull Earrings or Platinum Earrings as his equipment magnus.
  • Instrument of Murder
  • Military Brat: His siblings are soldiers for The Empire. He was, too, until he joined you. Or, more accurately, after he was stripped of any rank and forced to act as ambassador to Diadem due to speaking out against the Azha Massacre.
    • He is also the youngest son of Lyuvann, a soldier who assists Sagi in Ahza during Origins, making this trope literal.
  • Momma's Boy: Or, failing that, nanny's boy.
    • A side quest in Origins reveals that Lyude is the nanny's son. When Camella finds out, she leaves. Hence why Skeed and Vallye consider him The Unfavorite.
  • Musical Assassin (Lyude uses a variety of weaponized trumpets, saxophones, tubas, and other brass instruments to attack. And sometimes they'll be light-based or dark-based horns.)
  • Nice Guy: Every bit as nice as Xelha.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Lyude attempts to prevent the Azha Massacre and points out that they're only rebelling because of the harsh labor conditions imposed on them by Geldoblame and his regime. This, unfortunately, results in Geldoblame proceeding to turn him into an Imperial ambassador for Diadem, and the only reason he did that instead of court-martialing and executing him as was his preferred punishment for him was because of Lyude's Alfard honor heritage.
  • Oh Crap: His reaction when Geldoblame calls him out for speaking out against the planned Azha genocide makes this trope very clear:

(with a pained, timid expression in his face) ... Excuse me, Your Magnificence...




  "Hmm... Could be worse, I guess. Let's go." - EWLO


  "..." - Origins


A woman introduced as a lone, silent huntress who lives in the mountains of Anuenue and who hunts monsters for a living. She generally gives off a cold aura, and her statements are often as cynical or blunt as one would expect, bound by ice-cold logic. She also has a tendency for not telling things outside the realm of what is asked of her. However, despite how hard to approach she is, she is indeed often shown to not be as cold as she appears to be, despite her manners. A prime example of this is how she sternly dissents Mayfee from taking her as a model example of what "a brave and strong" woman should be. She fights with no weapons, using her own fists and feet to fight.

As Savyna states not too long after joining the team, she used to work for the Empire, as Lyude suspected. However, while she was in the Empire, Savyna was known as "Lady Death", the deadliest and most feared member of a special ops unit named the Mad Wolf Unit. Savyna took part in a massacre known as Operation Sweep against the Azhani, in which she accidentally hit a child when the kid got in the way and took the hit for her father, after which Azdar came and killed the enraged man, Savyna too horrified at herself to stop his attacks. After witnessing the mortally wounded Kalas and Fee fleeing for their lives after Giacomo's attack, Savyna decides enough is enough and quits the Empire, spending her time drifting through the Sky, Desperately Looking for a Purpose In Life. A meeting with an oracle is what prompts her to lay in wait in Anuenue, in wait for Kalas and company, to fulfill the destiny the oracle predicted Savyna would take part in.

Savyna is also present in Origins, the only other one of the original party we get to see the past of. Savyna is Shannath's daughter, strongly giving off vibes of a Creepy Child as she spends all of her time following him around, idly playing with a ball and a Broken Smile permanently plastered on her face, even when she sits with her dying father after Sagi is done with him, and even when she faces almost certain death at a berserk paramachina's hands. She also happens to be the one sending all those unsigned letters Sagi keeps getting, which all keep referring only to "Dear Somebody". Before the endgame, she sends one final letter where she expresses her desire for power to avenge her father, setting Savyna up for the sequel BK.

  • Action Girl
  • The Atoner:
  • Big Damn Heroes: Is on the giving and receiving end of this. First, what she ends up doing for Kalas and company in their second meeting, and the second, in Origins, when Guillo saves her from a crazed paramachina.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents
  • Boobs of Steel: She's the strongest female party member, and the one with the most cleavage around!
  • Broken Smile: Always on in Origins.
  • Cerebus Retcon: Her line that "I hate ghosts too" is meant to be a last minute comic relief gag at the start of the first game's final dungeon but what happens in Origins, her hating "ghosts" has some backstory behind it.
  • Combat Stilettos - More evident in artwork.
  • Creepy Child: In Origins.
  • Dark and Troubled Past
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: though it edges into Kuudere at times, she's mostly this.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose In Life: What she did before joining Kalas.
  • Dissonant Serenity: NEVER stops smiling in Origins, even when Shannath lays dying before her, or when a paramachina is about to kill her.
  • Emotionless Girl: To a point
  • Hair Decorations - Honestly, she could have done with a simple ponytail. And her defense equipment are barrettes.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry
  • Flechette Storm: Her first finisher involves her raining burning feathers on the target.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Phoenix Crest, and her ultimate Finisher is "Deadly Heat Scythe", and either Skull Barrete or Fairy Barrete for her equipment magnus.
  • Irony: She witnessed her father die right before her very eyes, which made her bitter and filled her with want for power, developing resentment for Sagi, his killer. Twenty years later, now an adult, she ends up being pretty much responsible for doing the very same to another kid. The realization of this is what horrifies Savyna to the point she starts doubting herself, culminating in her leaving the Empire after witnessing Kalas and Fee escaping from Giacomo's attack.
  • Harmful to Minors
  • Lightning Bruiser: Emphasis on lightning, as in, lightning fast; she has great all around stats in all areas and executes her actions with incredible velocity; however, this lends her to being the most difficult character to use effectively because this gives you less time to choose your magnus, making it harder to obtain prizes.
  • Morality Pet: Mayfee is basically there to prove that the lady who just saved your life, then ditched you to find your own way through a dangerous, magical jungle that has a reputation for killing travelers is actually not a total bitch.
    • Savyna herself is one to Shanath, being the only good thing he is ever seen doing.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Her reaction to hitting the girl who defended her father.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast: See Red Baron. For hilarity points, all some poor Mooks need is one glance at her before running away in complete terror. Nevermind the poor guy who had to stand in her way when she became pissed off.
  • Stripperiffic: The most obvious case in the whole franchise... and not done for the sexy.
  • Overrated and Underleveled - She's supposed to be an incredibly powerful soldier, but she isn't any stronger than your current party members when she joins. Also, she executes combos faster than the rest of the party, giving you less time to pick another card to extend it.
  • Peacock Girl
  • Power Fist
  • Red Baron
    • The Butcher: Lady Death.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: She is Shannath's daughter, who in turn, is Olgan's son. Had the Alfard coucilmen not resorted to Geldoblame (who had become , she would probably have inherited the throne to Alfard. Then again, it is never made clear in Origins if Olgan ever made it public that he had a son, and through him, a grandaughter, or even if Savyna was aware of her birthright.
  • Sidequest: Hers involves helping clear an escape route for the Azhani people straight through the Lamakan Dessert.
  • Tall, Dark and Bishoujo
  • The Quiet One: A rare female example
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Her final letter to 'somebody' expresses a desire for power so she can kill Sagi, assuming the player opted to kill him with a sword. She's 'five'.
  • Tyke Bomb: Implied to have become this after Sagi kills Shannath.
  • When She Smiles: A rare photo shot makes a deal out of this (valued at several thousand Gold even!). To be fair, it is a rather charming smile.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb - Her finishers and elemental weapons are all either fire or water (manifested as ice often). Unlike Lyude though, she has a good chunk of her attack magnus are neutral instead of aligned, so she suffers less for it.
  • You Didn't Ask: The reason for the misunderstanding where Lyude accuses Savyna of being The Mole.



  "Us heroes, we have so much to do!"


A mysterious masked being that our heroes have the luck of encountering when they become lost in an Outer Dimension from the Trail of Souls. It speaks in a very strange, rather childish manner; never conjugating the verb to be (ex, "The Great Mizuti be invincible!") and always calling itself and asking others to adress it by Great Mizuti, and similar things. When it declares it can guide the party, they take it up on the offer, and eventually make it. They later meet Mizuti again in Duke Calbren's manor in Balancoire, who reveals it went there in order to protect "Bo" (which is revealed to be the End Magnus of Mira). After Giacomo comes in and declares his intetnion to steal the Magnus after eavesdropping on the conversation detailing its location, Mizuti joins the team. Without a doubt the most eccentric member of the party. Fights like Xelha, channelling it's magic through a chakram instead.

Mizuti is a girl. A Child of the Earth that came from beneath the Taintclouds in the hopes of doing justice to her ancestry and to stop the evil god Malpercio from resurrecting. Even though her parents protest that this is dangerous for someone as young as Mizuti, even they admit that Mizuti is the strongest Child of the Earth alive at the moment, a fact that is proven true when an enraged Mizuti causes her mask to break simply because of the sheer power rolling off of her, which she uses to blast Malpercio before the group engages with him in combat.
  • Ambiguous Gender: For a while.
  • Black Magician Girl
  • Calling Your Attacks: See Xelha, although Mizuti is less annoying.
  • Child Mage: At fourteen, Mizuti is the youngest of the playable characters.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Oh yes.
  • Cool Mask: Comes off exactly twice.
  • Department of Redundancy Department - Mizuti's speech falls into this. It often plays this trope straight. It's very redundant (by the way, for this to happen it also needs of the Rule of Three)
  • Elemental Powers: To the same degree as Xelha, but with less focus on light and more on Neutral spells... The first three Finishers, anyway.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Its approach in the Outer Dimension pretty much sets up Mizuti's general character.
  • Infinity+1 Sword: Again, like Xelha, no "ultimate" regular spell. "Planet Soul" as ultimate finisher, and either Skull Birdie or Broken Birdie as equipment magnus.
  • Insistent Terminology: The Great Mizuti.
  • Kid Hero: 14 years old.
  • Mighty Glacier: Much slower than Xelha, but has substantially more defensive abilities, and can generally soak up hits pretty well. That being said, Mizuti's finishers aren't as good as Xelha's.
  • Power Floats: Floats practically everywhere, and even though Mizuti does walking motions, Mizuti is still levitating even then.
  • Rings of Death: Used as such in only one finisher.
  • Samus Is a Girl
  • Sidequest: Mizuti's involves going back to Zosma Tower and doing a whole new slew of block-pushing puzzles. If you thought the first five floors were annoying, then know the five basement floors are Up to Eleven. This is all because the Great Kamroh, accompanied by Mizuti's parents, Mizuti's friend Kee and his parents went down there in order to obtain the Ring of Stars for Mizuti, an artifact of her ancestors that would be useful. The wizard's spirit deems them unworthy and blasts them, which angers Mizuti into a reckless confrontation with the spirit, but Kee's speech about them not letting Mizuti fight her battles alone anymore calms Mizuti down and allows her to focus for the battle with the Wizard Shadow, all too reminiscent of Xelha's battle with the Goddess of Ice. Mizuti wins, is deemed worthy of the Ring of Stars and obtains an Infinity Minus One Finisher.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": See Insistent Terminology above.
  • Strange Syntax Speaker: Mainly Mizuti's habit of not conjugating "to be," though its speaking quirks as a whole could qualify.
  • Third Person Person
  • Voice of the Legion/Power Echoes - Could be handwaved as Mizuti's voice echoing behind the mask, especially since it stops when her mask breaks, but none of the other Children of the Earth speak that way.
  • Will Not Tell a Lie: The Great Mizuti never lies nor tricks. Maybe only sometimes. Rarely. Once in a blue moon.





The group's Team Pet. Meemai is a light-blue-green Greythorne that lived in Cebalrai. He found Kalas unconscious in Moonguile Forest and brought him to Cebalrai at Xelha's request. Later he finds Kalas uconscious again at the spring in the forest and tags along with him to Pherkad. Once they rescue Xelha, Meemai travels with her. From then on, Meemai only really appears when talking to other Greythornes (in which case they'll have a brief "conversation" consisting of squeaks), in Xelha's "coy" face portrait and when all the Greythorne's fuse to become the Whale.

  • Freaky Friday: In Origins, if you use Salt Water on greythornes, this happens with Sagi.
  • Fusion Dance: All of the Greythornes in the world combine and fuse into the Whale.
  • Light'Em Up: Meemai acts as a channel for Xelha's "Sparkle of Life" and "Soul Flash" Finishers.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter - Greythornes in general are this.
  • Running Gag: Meemai seems to have something with having a time with Kalas in Moonguile Forest. Unfortunate that the last instance is tragically marked by Xelha's death.
  • Team Pet

Other characters



  "I won't kill you... But believe me, this is going to hurt. Prepare yourself, boy!" - EWLO


  "I'll see to it that the Service's tarnished name is washed blood!" - Origins


A high-ranking soldier in the Imperial Army, commander of the Emperor's dark forces. Giacomo is a tall and imposing man clad in armor who seems to get a kick out of antagonizing Kalas. Giacomo is resposible for the deaths of Georg and Fee, Kalas's grandfather and little brother, in an attack that took place two years before the start of the game, subsequently destroying Kalas's life and thus being the reason Kalas is always so bitter and eager to kill him. Giacomo has command of an Imperial battleship named the Goldoba, and has two loyal minions in Ayme and Folon. Giacomo fights using a Sinister Scythe and gets around with a jet pack on his belt.

Giacomo is Georg's son. Giacomo did not inherit his father's Gadgeteer Genius talents, so he opted for joining the Imperial Army at thirteen years old, where he would eventually receive an empowerment from Georg with energy from the End Magnus in Alfard. After Georg and Larikush fake their deaths and escape Alfard with Kalas and Fee, ten years later, Giacomo would hear surprising news that would reveal Georg's survival and be assigned the task to eliminate him in Mira, which sets up the beggining of EWLO.

In Origins, Giacomo appears to stop Sagi from escaping Alfard just after Milly comes in to help him and Guillo escape their ambushers. A star member of the Dark Service, the teenage Giacomo, brash and arrogant, falls before Sagi. Resenting his humilliation, Giacomo vows revenge and limps away. Sagi would encounter and battle him two more times, again in Diadem and one last time in Sadaal Suud before disappearing from the story, not before vowing to obtain a power greater than that of Sagi's Guardian Spirit.

  • Badass Boast: Makes a few throughout Eternal Wings and Origins.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil - Not that you see his hair in Eternal Wings...
  • The Brute: Only in battle, where he can attack twice but has and attacks with slow speed. Outside that, he's actually quite smart and refined. Played much more straight in Origins, where his youth renders him brash and overconfident, and where he attacks with a lot more speed.
  • Cool Ship: The Goldoba, which is primarily made of machina and gold.
  • The Dragon: Functionally serves this role to Geldoblame in EWLO, even though there's also Fadroh.
  • Face Death with Dignity
  • Famous Last Words - Life is so long when you live it but so short when you look back. Farewell, Kalas.
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Regardless of how well you were doing against him in the first battle, Kalas and Xelha will be staggering after the cutscene kicks in and Giacomo will just blast you off the Goldoba.
  • Large Ham: In Origins. Oh so much.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father - He invokes this after a boss battle. It's not what it sounds like, though.
  • No One Could Survive That: He, Ayme and Folon stay in the Goldoba as it crashes after you beat them. Predictably, they survived.
  • The Medic: Only in the rematch.
  • Playing with Fire: His main method of attacking, combined with darkness.
  • Recurring Boss - With Ayme and Folon.
  • Self-Made Orphan/Even Evil Has Standards - He was responsible for killing his father, Georg in the raid as well as Fi, the former directly. However, when admitting this to Kalas, he implies that he didn't actually want to kill his father so much as he only did so because Emperor Geldoblame ordered for him to do so, and that personally, he wanted to welcome Georg back into the fold.
  • Terrible Trio: With Ayme and Folon. He's the boss.
  • Unknown Rival - To Sagi in Origins.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Unlike his comrades, not only did he not participate in the shooting of Kalas and Fee, but was shown to be disgusted with them doing so.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Subverted. It looks like he has blue hair, but that's actually part of his helmet's ornamentation. He's actually blonde. In between learning that Giacomo is Georg's son and Kalas is an Artificial Human, we're lead to believe the then-strong implications that Kalas could be Giacomo's kid, and the apparent sharing of blue hair helped.



  "Hope you enjoy your trip to hell!"


A dark-skinned pinkhead who works under Giacomo with Folon. Ayme was there when Giacomo killed Georg, so Kalas recognizes her on sight once they cross paths with her in Diadem, where she is assisting in the seige of Elnath Castle. After she shoots King Ladekahn twice, Lyude defects and Kalas and Gibari jump in to fight her. She promptly brings in an Iron Beetle V mech and pilots it to try and kill Kalas and his group. After being defeated, she leaves. Ayme would later appear to snatch the Le End Magnus with the help of a mind-controlled Lyude. After that, all of her apperances are in the company of Giacomo and/or Folon. She fights with special gauntlets that also serve as guns, and gets around with jet boots.

As she and Folon reveal, they used to be orphans from Azha whom the Empire bought for use in experiments. Giacomo took them under his wing and kept them close, which earnt him their loyalty. After Giacomo dies at Kalas' hands, she and Folon disappear from the story until they appear at the last minute to help the other rulers breach the shield around Cor Hydrae. After that, at the end of the game, they appear one last time to the scene to bid their farewells to the Guardian Spirit, alongside the rest of the named cast.
  • Ambiguously Brown
  • Big Damn Heroes: Appears at the last minute to help the other rulers of the sky breach Cor Hydrae's magical shield.
  • Blow You Away: Her main elemental focus, with her single water attack being Chaotic Ice, one of two Finishers.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Death From Above: Her Crazy Rabbit Finisher, which consists of kicking off of her target before shooting at them several times in the air before landing and delivering a finishing blow.
  • Fragile Speedster: Ayme is very fast, to the point only Xelha could possibly outspeed her. Not to mention that she's the first enemy you'll face who will pull off combos of at least 7 cards in length. However, Ayme is the weakest of the three, as her damage can be rendered negligeble with a few defense magnus, and she has also the lowest HP and the most easily exploited weaknesses (Fire (Savyna), Chronos (Xelha/Mizuti, Kalas) and Light (pretty much everybody except Savyna)). This is why people either take her out first or ignore her, because she's really just a nuisance compared to the menace the other two pose. Subverted in the rematch, where she can also heal and boost the defense of the other two on top of receiving the largest damage boost, which means taking her out first is now a perfectly reasonable strategy.
  • The Medic: Only in the rematch, where she can also boost any of the trio's defensive power.
  • No One Could Survive That: For the same reason as Giacomo.
  • Psycho for Hire - She gets quite a kick out of hurting people, to the point that it occasionally makes her a less effective fighter or soldier.
  • Recurring Boss - With Giacomo and Folon.
  • Terrible Trio: With Giacomo and Folon.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only girl of the three.



  "Stupidity is more like it... Stupidity must be one of your stronger points!"


A crazed, joker-like man serving under Giacomo with Ayme. Folon is first introduced to us as a retainer to Geldoblame accompanying him on his trip to Anuenue, and we can tell right from that first glance that something's not right about him because he dresses like an armored version of a court jester. Folon set up a trap for Kalas and company and lured them to the Ancient Library of Magic, where he ambushed them. Only Savyna's timely intervention saved them. Afterwards, Folon would appear always with Giacomo or Ayme. Fights using whips that extend from his armor's gauntlets, and gets around with a jet pack on his back.

Just like Ayme, Folon was an Azhani orphan used by the Empire for experiments regarding the power of Malpercio. He became loyal to Giacomo after he took them in, and after his death, helps the rulers of the sky breach Cor Hydrae's shield alongside Ayme. At the end of the game, Folon is last seen bidding farewell to the Guardian Spirit alongside the rest of the named cast.
  • Ax Crazy
  • Big Damn Heroes: Appears at the last minute to help the other rulers of the sky breach Cor Hydrae's magical shield.
  • The Brute: Plays this more straight than Giacomo, also being the strongest physical attacker of the three.
  • Casting a Shadow: Balances this with Time Master, with one attack Finisher based on fire (Chaotic Flames).
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Regardless of how well you were doing against him in the first battle, Folon will not have even broken a sweat while your characters are left staggering and panting. After mocking you, he proceeds to blast your entire party. Only Savyna going Big Damn Heroes on you allows you to escape.
  • Mighty Glacier: Even more than Giacomo, attacking only once but having the ability to boost his power, as well as being able to set you on flames. A reason he is often considered the most dangerous of the trio, and often the one taken out first thereafter.
  • No One Could Have Survived That: For the same reasons as Giacomo.
  • Recurring Boss - With Giacomo and Ayme.
  • Smug Snake: Always mocking the group every chance he gets.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair



  "Kill him! If left alone he will prove a threat to my Empire!" - EWLO


  "I am but a humble servant of the noble Quaestor Verus." - Origins


The ruler of Alfard, Empire of the Flame. Geldoblame is the Big Bad of the game, the one who has given the order to obtain the End Magnus of each continent, with the apparent purpose to revive Malpercio. A plump man with a rather unpleasant demeanor, Geldoblame is a megalomaniacal villain who will not tolerate anything getting in his way. He is responsible for many things, including the execution of Operation Sweep, the order for the death of Kalas' family, the surprise attack on Diadem, the recovery and/or stealing of the End Magnus, the order for Georg's project which would yield the birth of Kalas and Fee with the intention of studying the Magnus of Life to become "perfect" and several others

Turns out he is not the real Big Bad. The one behind Geldoblame in the scheme is actually Melodia, who also passed him the Che End Magnus when Kalas slipped it to her in Parnasse. Once Geldoblame obtained all the End Magnus, he bathed in their combined light, which transformed him into a hideous monster. After battling with him, The Reveal ensues, and Geldoblame is shot into the depths of the Lava Caves, presumably dying. As it turns out, he somehow became one with the Earth, which allowed him to reappear at the end of the game in an attempt to devour Kalas and Xelha. After his final defeat, Geldoblame is gone for good, and the Ocean is then released.

In Origins, Geldoblame is almost nothing like his incarnation of 20 years later. He has a slim figure, does not wear make-up, is kind and helpful and above all, he is not Emperor. In fact, he is a servant of Quaestor Verus. Geldoblame introduces himself into the story by appearing to help Sagi and Guillo escape their pursuers. Leaving with an invitation to go to Verus, he leaves. From then on, he is almost always seen in the company of Verus. Geldoblame doesn't do much after that besides providing his own two cents every now and then, but he does give you more Blank Magnus as the story progresses. Of course, once the The Reveal of Verus ensues, Geldoblame's sanity rapidly deteriorates to the point that he arguably reaches the same level of insanity he possesses in EWLO. So much for being a good guy.

  • 0% Approval Rating: Downplayed. While the other nations outside Alfard largely hated Geldoblame for perfectly justifiable reasons, several of the citizenry in Alfard itself seemed to have high praises for Geldoblame, although it is heavily implied that this was due to mental conditioning on Geldoblame's part.
  • Adipose Rex
  • Ambiguously Gay: In Origins, he keeps a scrapbook dedicated to Verus and takes Verus' betrayal VERY badly, almost as a spurned lover, and has some generally effiminate mannerisms. In Eternal Wings, his bedroom is filled with children's toys and heart pillows and has a generally pink theme. That's also not getting into how his default appearance in the latter game has him looking like a drag queen, specifically Divine.
  • Ax Crazy: Pretty obviously that. See Obviously Evil below.
  • The Caligula: He is shown to have all the traits such as insanity, megalomania, selfishness, and also being in authority and causing carnage as a result. He doesn't even make a secret about it in his chilling lecture to Lyude when planning the Azha massacre. It is heavily implied in Origins that this was the result of Verus betraying him earlier.
    • Also a downplayed example. While obviously a petty tyrant and more than a little insane overall, he was nevertheless shown to be competent enough at the job to apparently increase Alfard's prosperity.
  • Creepy Crossdresser: Aside from his default attire in EWLO with his green ballroom dress-like robes, his bedroom makes very clear he loves to crossdress due to a huge purple dress that's explicitly described as something an overweight woman would wear.
  • Consummate Liar: He's shown to be a pretty good actor if his "stay" at Anuenue is of any indication, in particular his physical debut. Zig-zagged in the opening for EWLO, however, as while largely the same as in the game, he kind of gives away his insincerity with his clasping hands and exaggeratedly shifty eyes.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Inverted in an especially heinous manner: He had in fact been backstabbed twice, first by Quaestor Verus and later by Melodia. It's also implied that this was the main reason he didn't take treachery lightly.
  • Disproportionate Restitution: See Evil Is Petty below. What's even worse is that it was implied that the people of Azha hadn't actually harmed any Imperial personnel at that time.
  • Death by Irony: He is shot to death and forced into lava after being backstabbed by Melodia, his most trusted henchman. Again, due to being backstabbed by Verus earlier.
  • Doomed by Canon: In Origins.
  • The Emperor
  • Et Tu, Brute? Has this reaction to Melodia's betrayal. See Villainous BSOD.
  • Evil Overlord
  • Evil Is Petty His reason for conducting the infamous Azha massacre? He was outraged that they were delaying the ore shipments despite their doing so because he and his ilk placed harsh labor conditions on everyone. He also has Lyude humiliated simply because the latter spoke out against it, only not killing him because of the latter's connections to the Alfard honor. And that's not even getting into his ordering for Georg as well as Fee and Kalas to be killed on the spot simply because Georg faked his death and took the experiments with him, despite Giacomo personally disapproving of killing them.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Despite his obvious insanity, Geldoblame at least had enough self-restraint to present himself in an affable manner despite his being a complete psychopath at his core. This is especially evident in his physical debut, where he denies any knowledge about the End Magnus despite hunting them down and merely acting like he's on vacation, and overall playing dumb about the protagonists in a slimy manner (in fact, of the protagonists present, the only one he was even remotely surprised regarding their presence was Kalas, and to a lesser extent Xelha), and after leaving, vents his true views.
    • Affably Evil In Origins, he was at worst this, though after Verus betrayed him, he stopped being truly affable.
  • Fake Boss
  • Giant Space Flea From Nowhere
  • Go Mad From the Revelation: Twice. The first canonical one in Origins, where he goes off the deep end after Verus reveals himself. The other one, in EWLO, after The Reveal, when he appears again, he's arguably even more nuts than before. Just listen to him!
  • A God Am I: His main reason for desiring the End Magnus is to become a god via Malpercio, and also comes close to becoming one when merging with the Earth. Hints of this were also shown during his rather chilling speech to Lyude after the latter tried to stop the Azha Massacre.

Geldoblame: Those fools in Azha! Who do they think they are? Daring to disobey me by delaying the Ore shipments! Kill them! Find all of those involved in the rebellion and execute every last one of them! Set fire to the houses, and show them what it means to provoke my wrath! Summon the Mad Wolves! Send them to Azha immediately! // Lyude: Your Magnificence, the people of Azha are merely protesting such harsh labor conditions! // Geldoblame: What was that? Who gave you permission to grow a brain? // Lyude: ... Excuse me, Your Magnificence... // Geldoblame: Humph! Listen to me, boy. I am the Emperor. The people are my slaves, mere pawns in a game. If I desire a juicy slab of Torsina meat, they will find the animal, slaughter it, and present it before me, whatever it takes! If I demand more money, they will toil on with no sleep whatsoever and pay taxes as ordered. If I tell them to fight, every single one of them, man, woman, and child, if I so desire, will take up arms and fight to the bitter end. That is the sole purpose for those mindless weaklings. It is the only reason I allow them to live. // Turns around furiously towards Lyude // Geldoblame: Fool! // Lyude: ...


Geldoblame (Speech Machine): Hear ye, people of the great Imperial capital! Elite citizens of our mighty Empire! By nature, it is our duty to guide the foolish people of other nations and rule the world with great authority. Behold our scientific achievement and superb military force! Only the strong survive, and only the powerful may rule! All other nations will bow down to the chosen elite! Hear my words, citizens of the Imperial capital! I am Geldoblame, ruler of this mighty Empire! Devote your absolute trust, loyalty, and obedience to me!

  • Disc One Final Boss: Appears barely a few hours into the second disc. Whoops.
  • Immortality Immorality: A surprisingly sympathetic example compared to most, especially when taking into account Origins. He ultimately desired to become immortal, which was part of the reason why he attempted to have Kalas and Fee created, experimented on various other people, even use the End Magnus and risk destroying the world via Malpercio to gain a perfect body. The root behind this desire is revealed in Origins to be rather tragic: His mentor, Quaestor Verus, when backstabbing him, strongly implied when making clear he no longer needed his services that he was little more than a toy to be disposed of, which implies that the reason he desired immortality was simply so he could still prove himself to have worth and usefulness.
  • Laser-Guided Karma - Geldoblame had ordered for the infamous Azha massacre, which involved slaughtering a majority of the population, including children, and then throwing their corpses into the lava flows of Azha's mining tunnels. Guess how he ends up meeting his end courtesy of Melodia and Fadroh? Bonus points for one of the party members who disposed of him potentially being Lyude, the only one of the hierarchy who attempted to speak out against the massacre.
  • Laughing Mad: This is especially evident regarding various key scenes. Namely, him being transformed by the End Magnus and him coming back from the dead In addition, in The Stinger for Origins, he has this reaction when learning he has been made Emperor of Alfard, with Verus's betrayal having evidently taken quite a toll on his sanity.
  • Jiggle Physics: His One-Winged Angel form. Oh god.
  • Manchild: It's easily missed, but when exploring his home in Origins, you find a box filled with children's toys in the open, implying that even before his downfall, he had a somewhat immature mindset. Of course, by the time of EWLO, he became the more horrifying version of the trope.
  • Marathon Boss: Can feel like this in the first battle because he will keep healing himself practically every turn.
  • Mad Love/Psycho Supporter: Subverted. While he does act as Verus's number two, he's actually a pretty decent guy overall. He does attempt to pull these tropes off late in the game by trying to join Verus in taking over Tarazed solely out of lingering loyalty, but Verus had other ideas, and THAT'S where he goes off the deep end.
  • Not Quite Dead: Before Kalas and Xelha finish him off for good.
  • Obviously Evil: You'd think the maniacal laughter and rather demented mannerisms would offer some clue that Geldoblame's not quite right in the head.
  • One-Hit Kill: Forfeit Your Life.
  • One-Winged Angel
  • Post Final Boss
  • Playing Against Type: Zig-zagged in the Japanese version. His Japanese voice actor Chafurim generally plays fat and/or ugly characters. While one can make the case for Geldoblame matching at least one of these traits in EWLO, his incarnation in Origins is lean and handsome.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: As noted in Ambiguously Gay above, Geldoblame had various children toys inside his bedroom in EWLO, which alongside his more petulant actions in the game gives some rather big hints of his immature mindset. Although even in Origins, it was implied that he was very immature in mindset, though to a more benign degree.
  • The Social Darwinist: As noted in Hitler Cam above, he was shown to believe in the inherent dominance of Alfard's civilization over all other groups during EWLO to the extent that they exist solely to be ruled over. Subverted in Origins, as while he does still believe Alfard's civilization was better than the other nations, he initially sought to use that status to help the other nations grow in prosperity. It is implied that him playing the trope straight later on was the result of being backstabbed by Verus. It is heavily implied as well that Alfard adhering to that worldview right down to even children was the result of Geldoblame pushing that agenda onto the masses.
  • Spanner in the Works: A unique case in that not even he anticipated just how much of a spanner he was. After Verus betrayed him, he ended up returning to Alfard, only to learn from the Alfard senate that he is to be made Emperor immediately due to everyone else (specifically, Shaneth, Baelheit, and even his former mentor Quaestor Verus himself) having died and his obviously being the only one left who had enough knowledge of the Empire's governmental running to be able to rule. His reaction after hearing this shows that even he was in utter disbelief at the huge amount of good luck he got in getting the position, though he nonetheless was obviously very glad he got the position.

Me…the emperor? Heh hah hah, bwah hah hah! Me! The emperor?! You don't say! Bwah hah hah hah hah hah hah!!

  • The Starscream/Treacherous Advisor/Bastard Understudy: Inverted. He acted as the protégé to Quaestor Verus, and yet he if anything was the victim of treachery at the hands of his mentor.
  • Start of Darkness: The Stinger in Origins.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Darker example. He spends most of the game acting as a yes-man to Verus, being infatuated with him, do everything for him, only for him to not only learn that Verus was a psychopath, but also got the cruelest You Have Outlived Your Usefulness played on him, barely escaping with his life. After all of that, he learns he is to be made Emperor immediately. Those who played EWLO would realize that was an exceptionally stupid decision in hindsight.
  • Tragic Villain: Really downplayed example: It was heavily implied in Origins that, while he always had plans of becoming Emperor and his sights on the End Magnus even before he met Quaestor Verus, he intended to use the End Magnus for good and to make life better for all the floating civilizations and not just Alfard. Of course, after Verus revealed his true self to him, things just took a turn for the worse.
  • Tranquil Fury: This trope is in effect after Lyude attempts to speak out against the Azha Massacre. Geldoblame's dialogue portrait portrays him with his default, placid facial appearance before going into his rant, though it's very obvious from his words that he was utterly outraged at Lyude's insubordinate retort. No wonder Lyude apologized in a very timid manner before the rant.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: By the end of Origins, it's made pretty obvious that upon becoming Emperor, he was not going to be a good ruler at all.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: If Origins is of any indication.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To Melodia in EWLO and to Verus in Origins.
  • Villainous BSOD: He seemed genuinely shocked and hurt when learning that Melodia used him. Enters Harsher in Hindsight territory when realizing that this was only the second time he was used and backstabbed by someone he trusted after Verus in Origins, and is most likely remembering Verus's betrayal upon realizing what Melodia did to him.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist/Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Downplayed example. Origins established that, similar to Gerald Robotnik, he originally had peaceful and benevolent reasons for becoming Emperor and gaining the End Magnus, which was to make the world better and help everyone. All it took was Verus's betrayal of him to turn into the power-mad Caligula-esque tyrant in EWLO. By the events of the latter game, however, no one felt even remotely sympathetic to Geldoblame.
  • Yes-Man: In Orgins.



  "Oh, thank you, dark-winged traveler."


Lady Melodia as she is called, is the granddaughter of Duke Calbren, ruler of Mira; thus she is the heir to the duchy. Melodia's parents died when she was young because of a plague that struck Mira, and that same plague almost took her own life as well. Because of this, it is somewhat implied that she is rather frail, physically. However, Melodia is seen to be constantly smiling a gentle smile, calmly placating arguing people and inspiring admiration in all of Mira. She is also stated to be a close friend of Geldoblame's, which warrants such things as an escort headed by the general of Alfard and such. Melodia's shown to be empathic towards spirits, able to sense their feelings even before they manifest them on the physical plane, and just as well as being able to placate them. She helps the group sneak into Alfard for the final End Magnus.

Guess what? Melodia was the true Big Bad all along. Melodia got to Kalas shortly after the attack on his family and promised him power if he vowed to obey her. Kalas agreed, and she helped him obtain his Guardian Spirit. After this, they plotted to obtain the End Magnus to free Malpercio, Kalas overseeing their continued retrieval from the side of those who wanted to protect them, and Melodia secretly from the side who wanted to get them, ie, Geldoblame's. When the group ran into her in Parnasse, she faked to trip so that Kalas would catch her and slip her the Che End Magnus without anyone noticing, which she would later hand over to Geldoblame. This way, once Kalas managed to throw off the search for the End Magnus, and eventually, place it on the Empire (with Giacomo's words not helping the Empire at all), it would make it seem that there was no traitor in the group, which allowed Kalas to operate without pressure. Once Melodia reveals the plot, she calls for Kalas who also reveals himself. Melodia lets Kalas obtain the power she promised and has Fadroh eliminate Geldoblame. The group is imprisoned in Dimensional Cracks all throughout the world so that their power would synch with that of the End Magnus, and when the group would go to confront her in the Imperial Fortress, now under her control, she would use this power to revive Malpercio. At this point, Kalas returns to normal.
Melodia would leave the fortress with Malpercio, who became weakened because of the binding spell cast by the Children of the Earth. Later they would descend to Zosma Tower after Krumly dispelled the barrier and attempted to bargain with them. Stating this to be an act of arrogance, as no mortal can bargain with a god, she has Malpercio go and kill most of the villagers of Algorab Village. After the group stops them, they flee once more, and they would reside in the throne room in Cor Hydrae until the group goes to confront them.
As it turns out, Melodia DID die when the plague struck Mira, as the duke would shamefully reveal after the group subdues Malpercio. However, Calbren heard a voice calling to him to use the End Magnus. He took the bodies of Melodia and her parents to the seal chamber and called for the power of the End Magnus. Her parents' bodies disappeared, but she was revived. Melodia would live a normal life until two years before the start of the game, when she would be awakened in the middle of the night; the same night the attack on Kalas' family took place. At this point, it is now heavily implied that Malpercio was manipulating Melodia's thoughts, and at some times, her actions and even her mind; a residual efffect of using the End Magnus to revive her. Melodia acts in strong denial of this revelation before snapping and merging with Malpercio, together becoming an even more powerful entity. After the group defeats him again, Kalas jumps inside Malpercio and calls out to Melodia with the Guardian Spirit's help. Together they return outside, Melodia's hair now a teal color (a way to represent her freedom from Malpercio's manipulations). Melodia, Kalas and the Guardian Spirit combine the power of the End Magnus, the Magnus of Life and that of the spirit's in order to restore the Three Sacred Treasures used to defeat him one thousand years ago, with which they destroy him for good. Melodia would spend the celebrations in the palace of Anuenue, too shamed and full of regret to show her face. However, she is seen bidding farewell to the Guardian Spirit at the end.
After Origins, it is now very heavily implied that she is Sagi and Milly's daughter, the two having gone to Mira at the end of the game seeking asylum under Duke Calbren. Her hair color, which is the same color as Sagi's after she is redeemed, and her incredible ressemblance to Milly further support this possibility.

The Rulers of the Sky

Lord Rodolfo

Ruler of Sadal Suud, the Ancient Frontier. He is a man of pourtly build, often acting in a rather selfish way, and is also criticized to be a coward who kisses up to the Empire. Rodolfo is first seen complying with the Empire's intentions in Sadal Suud in hopes that they will go away quicker. After that, he is said to have confined himself in his mansion after Malpercio revives. Some time later, before the end of the game, he returns to help the other Rulers destroy Cor Hydrae's shield.

In Origins, we see a younger Rodolfo who is a servant to the unnamed Lord at the time, hoping to inherit the post. We see him originally as someone very greedy who would gladly allow the Empire promachinate his country, but it turns out his true intentions are to help push Sadal Suud forward in the world's economy. As expected, it doesn't work.

King Ladekahn

The reigning King of Diadem, Land of the Clouds. Ladekahn is touted as a brave and strong leader under whose leadership the will of Diadem's people is said to be unshakable. Ladekahn believes in the code of honor of a knight, and thus falls to Ayme's trap, saved only by your Big Damn Heroes moment. Afterwards, he reveals the location of Diadem's End Magnus, and later sends the group with a letter in his name to Queen Corellia, proposing an alliance against the Empire. After Malpercio revives, he forms a coalition of nations with Anuenue and Mira in order to combat their enemy.

In Origins, we see a teenage Ladekahn as someone very different from his 1st seen incarnation; the young King is not only very rash, he is also irresponsible (or so would Rambari have you know). He and Gibari used to be (and still are) the best of friends, and often took the time to skip training to go see the Nashira fishermen bring in the daily catch. However, after Rambari and Celsica die, he becomes much more serious about his position and duties, and to show how much the event changed him, he orders Gibari to stop being a knight and live as a fisherman.

Queen Corellia

Queen Corellia, the Fairy Guide as she is called, is the queen of Anuenue, the Rainbow Nation. Queen Corellia has maintained a policy of staying True Neutral in all conflicts between nations, which means she is to show as much hospitality to our heroes as she would their enemies. In both games this presents a conflict with both of the heroes' teams due to the fact that her neutrality gets in the way. However, she acknowledges that neutrality is impossible in Eternal Wings once Geldoblame is proven to be guilty of his accusations, and looks the other way when Sagi needs to retrieve Celestial Tree Fell Branches in Origins.

Corellia's demeanor in Origins is far more strict and uptight than how she is in Eternal Wings, where she is just as polite, but comes off as gentler. This may be due to the fact that coming into contact with Sagi's group, who offer their help out of free will, mellowed her beliefs about absolute neutrality.

  • Defrosting Ice Queen: In Origins, where she is a lot more strict than in Eternal Wings. She's already defrosted in the sequel.
  • Humanoid Abomination: In Origins, ride the platform beyond the core of the Veinroots. You'll come to an otherwise secret room with a couple treasure chests... and discarded husks in the form of the queen. Almost like a snake changing skins.
  • The High Queen
  • Immortality - She might be. Fans have even been known to say she was around to see the dinosaurs go extinct...
  • Older Than They Look

Duke Calbren

Regent of the Duchy of Mira, the City of Illusion. Duke Calbren first appears in Eternal Wings when the group is invited to his manor as thanks for saving Melodia from the Terrible Trio. Not too long after, he reveals the location of the Bo End Magnus. After Malpercio is revived, he forms a coalition of nations alongside King Ladekahn and Queen Corellia in order to combat the enemy.

When the heroes storm Cor Hydrae and defeat Malpercio in the Throne Room, he reveals that Melodia died alongside her parents when the plague struck Mira many years ago, and that he used the End Magnus's power to revive her. Melodia reacts by lashing out in anger before merging into Malpercio. After the final battle, he thanks Kalas for his help.

In Origins, he is unseen as Mira remains phased out of existence for the duration of the game. In the ending, the newly married Sagi and Milly elope to go together to Mira, where they plan to ask Calbren to take them in.

The Great Kamroh

Elder of Genma Village and leader of the Children of the Earth. There are actually two different Kamrohs in Baten Kaitos. The Great Kamroh in Eternal Wings who wears a red mask is the one who tells our heroes to look for the Sword of the Heavens, and later leads the effort to retrieve the Ring of Stars for Mizuti. In Origins, we see the two Kamrohs together: the previous Great Kamroh (a very old and thin man who wears a blue mask), and the Kamroh from Eternal Wings (younger and more strict), who later inherits the position once Guillo's sidequest is finished.

The Kamroh from Origins allows Guillo to examine Seginus in order to learn more about himself... which leads to a Journey To The Center Of The Mind.

  • Adipose Rex - Gives the impression to be one extreme case at first sight, but... well, he actually isn't. Indeed, both Kamrohs are actually quite thin.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Like Corellia, the Kamroh from Eternal Wings is defrosted and is rather jolly when compared to his self from Origins.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - The Kamroh of Origins.


The leader of Algorab Village. Krumly's character undergoes a serious transformation from his incarnation in Origins to twenty years later in Eternal Wings. In Origins, Krumly is polite yet companionable, obeying the Origins Great Kamroh even if at odds with Kamroh (who would become the Elder at the end of the sidequest). However, after the first Kamroh names the Eternal Wings Kamroh as his successor, Krumly leaves in outrage. In Eternal Wings, Krumly is clearly still embittered by this fact, as an NPC mentions that he and The Great Kamroh have arguements all the time he goes to Genma Village.

Krumly (along with his people in Algorab) have long held aspirations of leaving the Taintclouds and the Earth to go live in the Sky amongst the floating islands. To this end, they procure the Sword of the Heavens from its shrine in the Garden of Death. Hearing of Malpercio's revival, they decide to side with the Big Bad and lower the magical shield at Zosma Tower that protects them from the evil god. Krumly attempts to bargain with Melodia for an alliance with Malpercio, but she replies that mere mortals cannot compare themselves to a god. She has Malpercio kill his subordiantes, then has him eliminate the Children of the Earth.

After the struggle with the Big Bad in Algorab, Krumly humbly apologizes for his indiscretion and does his best to aid the rest of the Children of the Earth with relocating to the Sky, but argues that he himself will remain in the Earth as a punishment, as he does not feel he deserves to go to the Sky.

The Origins' Cast

The Power Trio



The Hero of Origins. Sagi is a fifteen-year-old assassin enlisted in the Empire's Dark Service. Another spiriter, Sagi grew up in the town of Sheratan on Hassaleh. After Emperor Olgan had most of Sheratan enslaved, Sagi joined the Imperial Army to provide for his mother's orphanage. Wields a very long katana and wears a distinctive red robe.

Sagi's not quite what he thinks he is. Shanath proves this by having Gena's wings ripped off right in front of him, at which point Sagi goes ballistic and transforms into an afterling. Sagi was the one successful test subject in the malideiter project, which sought to create artificial spiriters by implanting chunks of Malpercio into people. Due to the successful fusion, Sagi is able to return to his human form and unlock the incredible power of Malpercio.

After finishing his adventure, Sagi elopes with Milly to Mira, where they live out the rest of their days under the protection of Duke Calbren.



 "Hmm, this fight might be too much for you alone - provided their guns sting more than their wit."


An arcane puppet animated by mysterious forces, Guillo was found buried in the Nusakan Thornwood by Sagi, who dug it up and brought it back to Sheratan. Guillo has no memories before being dug up by Sagi, aside from its name. It enlisted in the Imperial Army alongside Sagi, posing as a paramachina. Attacks with powerful magic channeled through its arms and legs.

Guillo is one of four puppets created by the Children of the Earth to end the war of the gods. On the Battlefields of Atria, Guillo slew the five members of Malpercio as they headed towards Wiseman. Immediately afterwards, the Children's magic failed and Guillo was buried under the mountain of corpses, forgotten for a thousand years. Over the years, the residual power allowed Guillo to develop its own personality, taking after the Children that controlled it.

As Milly prepared to sacrifice herself to free Sagi from Tarazed, Guillo chose to sacrifice itself instead so Sagi and Milly could have a happy ending. Sagi recovers Guillo's head as they flee Tarazed. In the epilogue, a light comes on inside Guillo's eyes, indicating it might not be completely dead.

Milly (Milliarde)


  "Talk about unfair odds! I don't know how I do it."


A young girl who first appears as Sagi and Guillo are fleeing Mintaka, helping them escape and latching onto them immediately afterward. Milliarde is the sheltered daughter of an Alfard nobleman, who decided to run away and see the outside world. Despite annoying Guillo to no end, she gets along well with Sagi and quickly befriends him. In battle, she dual wields large spiked clubs.

Guillo wasn't too far off when it said it didn't trust her...she's Baelheit's daughter, planted in the party to serve as The Mole. After she confesses, however, Sagi believes her and allows her to rejoin the party.

That's not the only thing she's hiding. Milly is mostly made of machina. When she was a baby, Baelheit's malideiter test subject went berserk and tore her apart, nearly killing her. Baelheit built her a new body out of machina, and has upgraded it over the years.

At the end, Milly escapes Tarazed with Sagi as it burns around them. The two elope to Mira, where they plan to live until things settle down. Some years later, they die when a plague sweeps Mira, leaving behind their daughter, Melodia, to be adopted by Duke Calbren and raised as his granddaughter.

The Imperial Plot



  "What you're capable of...Such an apt choice of words."


The leader of the Machina Vanguard, Lord Baelheit is a powerful Imperial politician and one of the two candidates for Emperor. He strongly advocates promachination, extolling it as the way of the future and desiring to remove magic, which he detests, from people's lives. He is rarely seen in-game, preferring to act through the Dark Service or his underlings.

Baelheit is Milly's father. After framing Sagi, he had her insert herself into the party to act as The Mole, reporting on their actions and state of mind.

After being crowned Emperor, Baelheit launches Tarazed, a continent-sized airship that he intends to use to destroy the five islands. He offers the citizens of the other islands a chance to enter, provided they relinquish their wings of the heart.

After the party confronts Baelheit, he reveals a few things. He was behind the malideiter project, which created the afterlings. After a prototype failed and tore apart the facility, killing his wife and critically injuring Milly, he fled to Mira, where he met Daimon, a guardian spirit. The spirit gave him the knowledge of advanced machina, which he became convinced was his destiny and immediately set out to machinate the world, believing it to be the only way to stop another catastrophic war.

After his defeat at the hands of Sagi and co., an injured Baelheit realizes, with Daimon's help, how misguided he has become. Milly pleads with him to land Tarazed and start anew. As Milly talks with him, Quaestor Verus enters the room and viciously stabs him, mortally wounding him. As he dies, he apologizes to Sagi and Milly for the things he's done.



 "Welcome, lad. I am Verus, head of the Empire's military affairs."


The other candidate for Emperor, Quaestor Verus is a former hero of the Empire and a spiriter. When Sagi is being hunted by the Empire, Verus offers him a chance to work to stop Baelheit's effort at promachination. Sagi takes him up on the offer. Throughout the game, Verus serves as the Big Good for Sagi, providing him with a craft, blank magnus, and intelligence reports. He opposes promachination, believing strongly in tradition and the old ways.

Hoo boy. Not only was he lying about being a spiriter, he's also a particularly nasty Chessmaster. The whole time, he was manipulating Sagi, Baelheit, and just about everyone else in a mad lust for power. He kills Baelheit in cold blood and plans to use Tarazed to take over Alfard and declare war on the other islands. After Sagi vows to kill him, he flees to Tarazed's core and activates its high-powered defense machina. After Sagi wounds him, the afterling-powered machina turn on him and tear him apart.

Well, Verus was half-right when he said he wasn't a spiriter. He was actually host to the spirit of Wiseman, which may have twisted him into the Complete Monster he became. After his death, Wiseman is able to devour Verus' heart and consume the afterlings in Tarazed's core, morphing into a horrific monstrosity. After Sagi and co. are knocked out by its power, Malpercio visits Sagi, giving him the strength he needs to defeat Verus-Wiseman.

  • 0% Approval Rating: Downplayed: While he was implied to be pretty popular in the elections, at least popular enough to actually stand a chance at running for Emperor, he nonetheless was not popular enough to fairly win the election against Baelheit. To say he did not take this well is a massive understatement. One of his first goals upon taking control of Tarazed in The Reveal was to use it to wipe out not just the ones who opposed him, but also the senators who refused to elect him.
  • The Antichrist: Certainly meets that definition, given his more fraudulent use of the claim Spiriter as well as him posing as a good guy only to truly have wicked designs. Oh, and his pretty much being an avatar for an Ancient Evil as well.
  • Badass
  • Big Good Nastily subverted near the end
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Let's see, he first backstabs Gina by informing Emperor Olgan about her pregnancy and subjecting their newborn son Sagi into becoming a Maladicter, then he backstabs Emperor Olgan by arranging for his murder, then he backstabs Sagi twice [not even counting the aforementioned ratting Gena out to Olgan], first by forcing him to assume a Maladicter form by tearing off Gena's wings, then by murdering Baelheit and gloating about using them, and finally he backstabs his own servant and possible lover Geldoblame via a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Hides behind his machina, stomps on characters who are down, sics his flunkies on you...yep.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Demonic Possession: Host to the spirit of Wiseman, which may or may not have had something to do with his Complete Monster status.
  • Dystopia Justifies the Means: His speech to Geldoblame during the reveal makes clear this was his intention all along, explicitly stating that "peace" was never his intention for his actions and if anything sought to ration peace extensively, if even allow for it at all.

Verus: Peace? Spare me, Geldoblame. I have no such peace to give.
Geldoblame: What?! What do you mean?
Verus: I will restructure the world as its new leader, in keeping with Baelheit's legacy of machina and warfare. Peace? Why, that would only fit the people's spirits. That's too tasty a morsel to squander. No, I believe I'll start by eliminating the senatorial riffraff that refused to elect me. Followed by all the obsequious fools who opposed me! Hee heh hah hah hah hah!




  "Hold it right there, please. I can't allow you to run loose any longer."


The Dragon to Baelheit, Shanath is a nasty piece of work. At the beginning of the game, he slays the Emperor and leaves Sagi to take the blame. Throughout the game, he's seen at the various promachination sites, commanding the men and hiding behind machina arma when Sagi comes calling.

Throughout the game, he tries to kill King Ladekahn (only stopped by Rambari's Heroic Sacrifice), sics an afterling on Sagi in Sadal Suud, and rips out the wings of several Anuenue soldiers.

As if that didn't prove that Shanath is an utterly vile villain, he rips out Gena's wings right in front of Sagi. Needless to say, Sagi freaks out and transforms into an afterling, which Shanath has killed. When Sagi returns to human form, Shanath locks him in the bowels of Vega. Sagi, infused with the power of his guardian spirit, escapes and kills Shanath. As he dies, Shanath reveals the truth about the afterlings.

As if that wasn't enough, Shanath was also Verus' mole, working to help him manipulate Baelheit. Verus was actually behind Shanath's nastier actions.

Has a daughter, named Savyna.

  • Death by Irony: The malideiter project is supposed to make Shanath into a perfect heir for The Empire. Years later, the project's only successful sample kills Shanath. Shanath even muses on this at his last moments.
  • The Dragon: To both Baelheit AND Verus.
  • Jerkass
  • Kick the Dog: The list is quite long.
  • The Mole: A villain-to-villain example. He is secretly working with Verus.
  • Pet the Dog: He genuinely cares about his daughter, Savyna.
  • Self-Made Orphan: It's heavily implied that Shanath's father is Emperor Olgan, whom Shanath murders at the beginning of the game.
  • Smug Snake: As smug as they get.



  "What do you think I am - nice?"




  "Let's just see how many punches I've got left in me!"




  "Machina will dominate this continent!"


Assorted Allies


Wacho and Tik

Palolo II


Those from elsewhere





  • The Big Guy
  • The Chick
  • The Load: In Zaurak's Keep, Ven is the only one who can break the large boulders occasionally obstructing your path...But he can't fly up the taller ladders, so you have to find alternate routes.



 "A ruler must listen to their subjects."


A mysterious figure in the past, Wiseman is the ruler of most of the world. He taught humanity the power of their hearts, giving them powerful magic, their wings, and the technology to create Magnus. For this, they worshipped him as a god. He advocates 'promagnation', which involves turning people into magnus, so they can live in a truly happy world, according to him.

Do I even need to tell you this guy is evil? After Seph and co. confront him in Cujam, he storms Naos, killing anyone who resists and turning the rest into magnus. This drives Seph to make a Deal with the Devil for the power to destroy him.

There's more. Wiseman instigated the War of the Gods, with his army of empowered people fighting the Dark Brethren. Thanks to the Children of the Earth slaughtering Malpercio, Wiseman managed to escape the Battlefields of Atria without a scratch, stopping to consume the magnus of those who had fallen. However, with Marno's power, Sagi travels back in time and slays him, paying him back for the evil he's done.

...or so you thought. Wiseman wasn't quite dead, and spent the next thousand years wandering the earth as a spirit, too weak to regain his power or be sensed by mortals. Upon meeting Verus and sensing his heart, Wiseman bonded himself to Verus, waiting for an opportunity. When Sagi killed Verus, Wiseman was able to devour his heart and steal the power from Tarazed's core, returning to the corporeal world in a more terrifying form than ever before. After a Rousing Speech from Malpercio, Sagi and co. are able to slay Verus-Wiseman. In his death throes, he vanishes, leaving behind only Verus' cane.

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