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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

  • For this troper, the scene where Kalas rips the wing out of his back about midway through the game was so awesome and shocking, she stared at the TV for quite a while before continuing. Hell, the whole thing with Kalas working for Melodia came as a shock the first time I played it.
  • When Melodia and Malpercio attack Mizuti's homeland, injuring her parents, what does she do? Run? No. Use her powerful magic to drive them off? No, she charges and tackles Malpercio. This coming from the smallest and most fragile member of your party. Damn.
  • Gibari's Big Damn Heroes moment in Nashira, where he charges in and singlehandedly drives off a small horde of monsters.
  • Savyna and Azdar fighting the Palette Swap of Fadroh in the desert.
  • Kalas' Unstoppable Rage after Giacomo stomps on and shatters his Winglet in the Celesial Alps. Complete with Theme Music Power-Up. Sadly, the ensuing fight is still That One Boss.
  • Lyude finally standing up for himself and forcing the Eldritch Abomination that created the Phantom Goldoba to reveal it's true form.
  • The powers of the four End Magnus have failed to breach the Cor Hydrae's shield. The monsters around the various shrines are attacking the rulers of the nations. Everything seems lost...and then the power of the fifth end magnus hits the shield, done by none other than Folon and Ayme. With that power, the nations are able to breach the shield, starting the final level.
  • Xelha, who up until this point hadn't really done much other than serve as a foil to Kalas, stepping up and taking charge after The Reveal. She breaks out of the Imperial Fortress, rescues the other four party members from four Eldritch Locations, reveals herself to be the Ice Queen of Wazn, and finally invades Mintaka with only herself and her True Companions. This troper initially disliked Xelha, but after that, his opinion on her totally changed.

Baten Kaitos Origins

  • The entirety of Vega. After the Heart-to-Heart scene, Guillo and Milly show up to break Sagi out and escape. After a long dungeon, you get confronted by Shanath and his machina arma. After fighting him and losing, Sagi powers up with the Guardian Spirit and cripples his machina arma, then fights him again and kills him. The fact that you can use The Apotheosis to trash him both times is just the icing on the cake.
    • The Heart-to-Heart scene by itself is jawdropping. It starts with Sagi returning to present time, chained to an iron block in an Imperial stronghold. He asks what you are, demanding to know why you never told him any of this. As you share secrets with him, he puts the pieces together and begins to sink into despair, fearing you will overwhelm and destroy him. You reassure him, and together you merge your hearts and unlock Sagi's true power.
  • All three Big Damn Heroes moments in Tarazed. Heughes taking out a room full of machina, Nasca staying behind to keep a shutter open, and for the crowner, Valara swooping in on the Sfida to catch the falling Sagi and Milly.
  • Sagi's Shut UP, Hannibal to Shanath:

  Sagi: Go to hell, you son of a bitch! You hurt my mother!

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