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File:DrewPickles 501.gif
"Hello, my name is Drew Pickles, and I am really really gay."
A typical line from a Barney Bunch video

The Barney Bunch started out as a trolling group on Newgrounds in 2005, but has evolved since then into a loosely affiliated group of people on YouTube who make Speakonia-narrated videos about the swell exploits of Drew Pickles, Barney, Astro Boy Ronald McDonald (better known as the Penis Clown), and other cartoon and puppet characters, all of whom are really really really gay. The basis is to get a childhood cartoon character (for example: Snagglepuss) and have him talk about his homosexuality. No information whatsoever is needed on the character, and not even Pablo Sanchez is immune.

A few years back, they also trolled with fanfics that were done in the same way. They disappeared after a fewmonths.

These videos provide examples of:

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