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Kazooie is a phoenix.

At least, partially so. In Banjo-Kazooie, when you lost a life, she would sort of spread her wings over Banjo. The immediate respawn after could be evidence that there is some phoenix in her heritage.

Ninja Kiwi is Kazooie's brother

He may not be a breegull, but seeing as how absurd this game is, it seems true.

Mumbo was behind everything!

As Nuts & Bolts proves, Mumbo is a fairly competent mechanic. So, by taking everything to the absolute extreme, I came up with this theory on how he manipulated everything into a big Xanatos Gambit:

  • First, as revenge for forcing him to wear a stupid metal mask, he guided Banjo to kill Grunty, not just once, and kept her alive with his magic in case she would be useful in the future.
  • He built Minjy Jongo, a robotic replica of himself. He did this not only to test Banjo's skills, but also so he could indirectly give Grunty and her sisters the plan for the Big-O-Blaster without attracting suspicion. (Didn't one of the witches say that it was built by "Minjy and Me"?)
    • Not quite...the person she was referring to was her thin sister "Mingella", not Mingy Jongo. Minjy is a pet name for her sister.
  • He then leads Grunty to set up "Grunty Industries" while he continues to help Banjo until he finally defeats Grunty.
  • Finally, in the years preceding Nuts & Bolts, he builds Showdown Town out of the scraps of Grunty Industries, WitchyWorld, and the Cauldron Keep (it looks rather pasted together, doesn't it?), and builds Banjo Land out of Grunty's Castle. He then builds L.O.G. to act as a host and adversary, guaranteeing that Mumbo appears in the next game.

Now why does he do this, you may ask? Simple: He collects royalties for every copy of the game sold.

    • Blobbelda said the B.O.B. was built by "Mingy and me," not Minjy. She was, of course, referring to Mingella.
    • *COUGH* *COUGH* typo *COUGH*. And either way, where do you think they got the blueprints?
      • Humba.
        • Makes you wonder about the rivalry then...

Stop N' Swap has something to do with Evangelion

Banjoland is not a museum, it's a death threat to scare the duo into compliance

Put yourself in Banjo's place. You've been pulled from your home by a floating computer screen, and are now forced to potter around in vehicles, a move that even the characters admit is silly. You'd be pretty angry, and L.O.G. obviously doesn't want his competitors rebelling against him - note how he goes to great pains to stop the violence at the beginning and end of the game.

So he makes Banjoland. He does this by cruelly putting your childhood into a blender. He pulls apart Clanker, a robot shark who eats metal for a living, and sticks him into the central heating. He melts the iconic Freezeezy Peak snowman, rips up a Gobi's Valley pyramid and plonks it down elsewhere, and arbitrarily moves Boggy's house here. This basically says, "I did this to your childhood. DON'T FUCK WITH ME."

    • It certain worked on this troper. *shudders*
    • At the very least, it made George Ice Cube all better now, which made this troper... happier than she probably cares to admit.

Trophy Thomas is Timber from Diddy Kong Racing

Think about it:

  • Both Trophy Thomas and Timber are avid racers (not to mention they're both tigers).
  • Timber's baseball cap is the same color as Thomas' hair.
  • Thomas' initials, T.T., is a reference to another DKR character (the walking stopwatch guy).
  • Banjo makes a DKR reference during the second Grunty challenge. So DKR is canon in the Banjo 'verse.
  • There is a definite passage of time between Kazooie, Tooie, and Nuts & Bolts (and presumably DKR). Plenty of time for Timber to have grown up.
    • Um... he isn't a tiger, he's a Cheetah. Look at a picture.

The Banjo-Kazooie world and the Super Mario world are one and the same

OK, bear with me here...

The Mario from Super Mario Bros. and the Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong Country are the respective sons of Jumpman and the Donkey Kong / Cranky Kong from the original Donkey Kong. After that, Diddy Kong, a character canonical in the Marioverse due to his connection to the original DK (and some of the spin-offs as well), stars in Diddy Kong Racing, in which our friend Banjo makes his first appearance. Since, as stated above, DKR is canonical in the Banjo-verse, Mario and Banjo inhabit different areas of the same world. Not to mention comments about "That Italian Gentleman" in both Banjo Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

  • While that could have been true originally, the fact that Rare was acquired by Microsoft and that Banjo and Conker were removed from DKRDS strongly suggests that the Banjo-verse, along with Conker, has since been removed from the Mario-verse.
  • This would explain why Banjo's world has no police officers...
    • Actually there are police officers in Nuts & Bolts, but they're corrupt and (strangely) you can kill as many of them as you want without anything really bad happening.
  • This also means that Hyrule exists in this world, as Link cameos in Super Mario RPG and is mentioned in one of the Donkey Kong Country games. As Samus Aran also cameos in Super Mario RPG, this world is in the same universe as Brinstar and the other planets of the Metroid series. So maybe we can expect Samus to show up in the next Banjo-Kazooie game.
    • Samus also cameos in a Kirby game. In Kirby Super Star, you can also find Captain Falcon's helmet and a few swords from Fire Emblem.
      • How about we just say that all the games share the same universe more often than they share the same world? Otherwise, it doesn't quite seem to work. After all, the very serious Metroid series doesn't seem to work with the very silly Donkey Kong series. This troper will accept that Mario, Donkey Kong, and Banjo all share the same world, however. As for Conker, how about we call that an alternate reality of the Banjo world.

Alternatively, Banjoland is an parallel universe to the Mushroom Kingdom

Just like Hyrule and Termina. Everything in the Banjo universe seems almost surreal, but still a little similar to Mario, and not to mention everything is sentient. You also must collect a lot of Jiggies, which are similar to collecting power stars.

Gruntilda attempted to rig her second quiz.

Notice how Blobbelda and Mingella are able to answer the picture questions without even being asked the questions in question. Of course, Grunty never thought to give her answers to the normal questions, and/or never accounted Banjo's quick fingers and surprisingly incredible memory and her own sisters' being slower in both respects by comparison.

Gruntilda is just fighting for the sake of it.

In Banjo-Kazooie, Grunty finds out about Banjo's sister and kidnaps her, despite knowing about her brother (according to her opening dialogue in the lair. She then scatters everything Banjo needs to give chase around the lair, even constructing a needlessly large board game rather than just killing him.

Cut to the sequel, and not only does she not just send everyone after the one person able to stop her, she even seems to actively help him. She decides not to just shoot him with the giant life-sucking gun type thing, ends up needlessly murdering her sisters, and even goes easy on Banjo if he answers a question!

The conclusion? All that stuff about beauty and revenge is an outright fabrication. Grunty does it for the evulz.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends supplies everything in the Banjo world.

  • That explains why almost everything is sentient and comes back within 30 seconds of being killed.

Banjo and Kazooie are dead

In the intro to Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001) you see Banjo's head above the fireplace and Kazooie's corpse (now an umbrella) is in the closet where the "Chapters" option is. Why would Rare kill their iconic heroes for the sake of a cameo in an adult game? It's actually their way of honoring them. This explains their new look in Nuts & Bolts, it's not really them but rather some relatives brought in to replace them. Their deaths have so far been ruled a murder by an unknown person. That's right, some arsehole killed your childhood.

    • Except the intro to Nuts and Bolts makes it explicitly clear that they are the same ones from the first two games.

Tooty contains some kind of magical substance or essence that brings out her best physical qualities.

...which will, from this point forward, be referred to as "The Essence". This explains a number of things, including:

  • Why Dingpot picked Tooty as the prettiest of all. He was detecting her Essence, which she a higher concentration of than anyone else on the island.
  • How Klungo's beauty-transferring machine works. It sucks the Essence from one person and injects it into the other
  • Why Tooty isn't really all that pretty (just sickeningly adorable), but when the transformation is complete, Grunty becomes a smokin' hot babe.

Cloudcuckooland was the dumping ground for all the leftover level feature ideas.

The place is delightfully crazy with no rhyme or reason to it, and has a number of unique puzzles and environments that don't quite fit in elsewhere, including the new Zubba nest, Mingy Jongo, and so on, that don't seem connected to the 'mountain in the sky' theme. It seems reasonable to conclude that the level is made from all the design ideas that they didn't have room for elsewhere in the game, and decided they shouldn't go to waste.

The Jinjinator was sent back in time to kill Gruntilda.

Because why not?

  • Because he was obviously sent back in time to protect Banjo so that he may save all life once the Big O' Blaster becomes self-aware. Duh!

Banjo is one of the Brothers Bear from Donkey Kong Country 3

The face on the coins collected in DKC3 looked remarkably similar to Banjo's. Also, his name fits in with the pattern of all the bears' names starting with B. He looks a bit like them too - he and the Bros. all have long, bulbous snouts not typically found on real bears.

  • That's...actually really brilliant! I don't know why I never thought of that myself.
  • Actually, that's been confirmed by Word of God! See the Trivia page.

Clanker wasn´t always the trash munching monstrosity we know today and his cavern was once pristine and clean

Clanker once was a normal shark thing living peacefully in his grotto, evidenced here. until Gruntilda and Klungo came and performed horrible experiments on him and eventually transformed him into a trash compactor. His home became horribly polluted and closed shut with layers of steel. One can still see the organic remnants of Clanker's past when joruneying inside him. This only makes his eventual fate at Banjoland much more horyfying

  • This makes Clanker the biggest woobie in history. Also, talk about Body Horror.
  • That may explain why the water in his cavern remains cleaner than that of Rusty Bucket Bay : the latter one's was polluted for longer.

Gruntilda's Lair was originally a place of Jiggy worship

Take a look at Grunty's lair. It has some mountain-cave looking parts, but then there are some sewage pipes here and there. And of course, theres the Jiggy paintings. Here's my theory, Gruntilda's Lair used to be a place where disciples of JiggyWiggy could use Jiggy paintings to teleport anywhere on the Isle o' Hags. One day, Gruntilda invaded this lair, killed everyone inside, broke the Jiggy paintings, scattered the Jiggies, and filled the place with machines, sewage pipes, and monsters. To top it all off, she pulled a Wizpig and made the entrance of the cave look like her gruesome head.

One of Grunty Industries' main products is toxic waste.

This explains a whole lot. Toxic waste is everywhere in the factory, and it's not very clear how that waste was produced. Why is the factory producing this? So they can both create hazards for Banjo and Kazooie and so they can sell it to other video game baddies.

  • I always assumed the factory produced (possibly radioactive) underpants, which would explain both the many boxes with "Big-O-Pants" written on them, as well as the presence of washing machines (and service elevators that can be operated by them). It is however possible that the production itself creates huge amounts of toxic waste as a byproduct for no reason other than Grunty's amusement?
  • I always thought Grunty just polluted For the Evulz in general, I mean look at other examples. Rusty Bucket Bay stays running at full power, constantly spewing out smog and draining oil in the water . . . even though the ship is docked. Its not moving, why is it running at full capacity? Also in Nuts & Bolts Grunty wants to turn Spiral Mountain into some sort of polluted Industrial Theme Park and Resort or something, again For the Evulz more or less. Gruntilda sometimes is the brand of evil we see in shows like Captain Planet, she's so evil she enjoys destroying the environment, just for the hell of it!

Kazooie is an orphan.

This explains why she cannot fly or do any other bird things until Bottles shows her how: she never had a bird mother to teach her. This is also why she can only fly with a Flight Pad and why she needs feathers to sustain her flight (without them she can't get herself in the air at all). She is flying "incorrectly" because she learned in an unorthodox way. As proven in Grunty's Revenge, regular Breegulls don't need Flight Pads and don't shed feathers because they know how to fly the "right" way. Kazooie sheds because she had to learn from a ground-bound mole instead of another bird who could show her how to lift off on her own and move correctly to avoid losing her feathers. Her methods are bastardizations of normal avian movement.

  • Perhaps Kazooie can fly just fine on her own; she just needs the Flight Pads and feathers to do it if she's taking Banjo with her. (He's gotta be heavy, after all, and she probably needs the help.) While she could avoid the pads and feathers altogether in Tooie, she, being a Genre Savvy sort, maintains the artifice as it's a staple game mechanic, and only glides.

Nuts & Bolts wasn't "Banjo-Threeie."

When Banjo-Threeie comes out, it'll be called that. Nuts & Bolts was just a warm-up.

  • This is what I pray for every day of my life.
    • Ditto.

Tootie doesn't live with Banjo, she was just staying with him during the first game.

It'd explain why someone so important to Banjo was only there for one game. She lives with their parents somewhere, but was visiting Banjo. Then the first game happens.

  • I always assumed this was canon anyway, based on the fact Tootie had no idea who Grunty was (despite the fact Grunty lives like half a mile away and her palace in the shape of her GIANT HEAD is right there), and Grunty had never heard of Tootie before. Plus it seemed Tootie as the 'prettiest person in Spiral Mountain' had only happened recently, i.e. when she came to visit Banjo to "go on an adventure".
    • And her Face on a Milk Carton you find in the second game could have come from the time when she was kidnapped by Grunty and her parents didn't know that she'd been taken or that Banjo was saving her (after all, we have no idea how long the beauty-transferring machine takes to work, could be days or even weeks). This would, if nothing else, explain why the only place you find that Carton is in a rubbish bin that obviously hasn't been emptied for a very long time (say, two years, give or take.) The "missing since Banjo-Kazooie" bit could easily just refer to the beginning of that game, since the fact that they are in a game world seems to be common knowledge.

Loggo is L.O.G in a different form...

...making him the ultimate Almighty Janitor; a toilet who is God.

    • That is beyond magnificent. Kudos to you, sir or madam.

Banjo and Kazooie were kids in the first few games.

Although they appeared to live by themselves, their parents were still always nearby. Just sort of invisible. In the first game, they went away for the weekend, which was why Gruntilda picked that specific moment to strike. It also explains why they weren't very knowledgeable about their skills. It also explains why Kazooie is more perky in the first--she hasn't yet hit teenaged Snark Knight status. In the first game, they were probably around 11. Between the first and the second, Banjo hit puberty--explaining why his voice was suddenly much deeper. In the gap between Tooie and Nuts & Bolts, the duo fully grew up--which is why Kazooie suddenly looks a lot more feminine. She just matured, is all.

Gruntilda was trying to get the Stop 'N' Swop items.

This is how she got into the habit of speaking in rhymes; she's aware that the cheats to unlock the items were rhyming sentences, and she was hoping to stumble across them by chance. Being a witch, she doesn't need the sandcastle to enter the cheats, she can just speak them aloud like other spells.

    • This would explain why she stopped rhyming in the sequel, she realized that Stop 'N' Swop was removed, so she didn't have a reason to rhyme anymore.

Banjos backpack is Bigger on the Inside

How else does kazooie fit in there?

  • Not to mention Banjo can fit creatures or things TWICE HIS SIZE into his backpack. 'Course, that's thanks to the Taxi Pack ability...

If and when Banjo-Threeie comes out, there shall be much humour made about it

This could go down several paths really, from them making jokes that, if you include Nuts and Bolts, this should be Banjo-Fourie, with someone (Kazooie likely) making a joke about how much it sounds like Furry. If Rare happen to see this coming and make it Banjo Fourie instead, then jokes are going to be made about how Grunty said she'd return for Threeie, not Fourie, and there will be jokes about how they skipped Threeie. And if they include Grunty's revenge in the count and make it Fiveie, everyone is just going to be generally confused about why they skipped two games in a row.

Also, at one point Grunty will try to rhyme Orange. This isn't related to the WMG, but it could still be funny.

The reason for the portals to the worlds in Banjo Kazooie:

  • Mumbo's Mansion: According to the manual, Gruntilda was a fromer student of Mumbo's. Given that it's called "'Mumbo's Mansion," we can presume this was his original residence.
  • Gobi's Valley: Where Gruntilda hoarded all or some of her her Jiggies.
  • Mad Monster Mansion: Grunty's residence. Note that despite "Gruntilda's Lair" being her lair, there isn't a bed in sight. The reason Mingelda or Blobbelda do not appear as portraits may be that she viewed them as enemies, but didn't want to eliminate them until the opportune moment in the Tower of Tradgedy Quiz.
  • Rusty Bucket Bay: Is near Grunty's Industries from Banjo Tooie (note the similar background sky and water.) Either Grunty manifactures early 20th century warships, or this is its shipping port.
    • Hmm... interesting, let's see if we can't do them all:
    • Mumbo's Mountain: Mumbo's room - Indeed, as Mumbo was the one who taught Grunty, it makes sense that he'd want to keep an eye on her, even if she does send in monsters to try to corrupt his home.
    • Treasure Trove Cove: Treasure storage: where else would she store all her treasure but in a place filled with treasure chests. she even keeps Captain Blubber there so she can own his treasure and she can also store her most valuabe item, the blue mystery egg, hidden inside an island which is then buried, surrounded by water and guarded by a vicious and scary shark.
    • Clanker's Cavern: Waste disposal - Kind of self explanatory, really.
    • Bubblegloop Swamp: Larder - Since we know from Brentilda's gossipping that Grunty has... unusual tastes, it makes sense that the place she stores them would be a disgusting swamp, which also contains a giant egg and some conspicuously empty huts.
    • Freezeezy Peak: Brentilda's room - Like Mumbo, Brentilda would probably have enough power to maintain a happy, christmas-themed foothold in Grunty's domain, even if it's not as strong, with Grunty able to fill it with killer snowmen and monsters that eat Christmas tree lights.
    • Gobi's Valley: Loft - where Grunty stores all the knick-knacks that collected and got bored with, like that old memory game, those magic carpets that old indian guys sold her, that maze and that flooded pyramid, which she used as a private swimming pool.
    • Mad Monster Mansion: Grunty's room - once again, kind of a no-brainer, since it holds her house and places where she can indulge her hobbies: Ouija boards and desecrating holy ground.
    • Rusty Bucket Bay: Garage/Front door - where she goes into the outside world on her (t)rusty old boat, despite the odd dolphin wandering in accidentally.
    • Click Clock Wood: Garden - Think about it, you could go to the spring section, plant something,, then wander into the summer or autumn section and have it already be fully grown. Or, if you're as sadistic as Grunty, go to the winter section and watch it die
    • And Gruntilda's lair are the corridors and the top of the keep is her workshop. Did I miss anything?

The L.O.G. has a son.

TT. Yes, TT. Don't tell me you don't see the family resemblance, and he does have the power to be in two places at once!

Tootie was picked the "fairest" for different reasons.

When Dingpot said Tootie was the fairest in the land, he didn't mean she was the prettiest or the most attractive. She was the most honest- she never lied or cheated, whereas Gruntilda was a pathological liar and cheater. Dingpot is supposed to speak in favor of Grunty, but the extreme difference between Grunty and Tootie's honesty confused him.

Click Clock World isn't the final world of Banjo-Kazooie.

...It's the first world of Banjo-Tooie.

Confused at what I mean by this? Well, first, you know that certain worlds were swapped between Kazooie and Tooie during development, as they were developed simultaneously. Click Clock Wood is one such world. But that's not the primary thrust of my argument.

One of the main things separating Tooie from Kazooie was the second game's size and complexity. The worlds in Tooie are all much larger than the worlds in Kazooie, even the easy ones. The ways of getting the Jiggies are also much more complex and, in some cases, difficult. Even in Kazooie's more challenging worlds, there are still a number of jiggies just left "out in the open" for the player to find, and there are fewer involved puzzles. Whereas in Tooie, most jiggies are task-oriented.

However, Click Clock Wood, being the final world of Tooie, sticks out. Why? Well, for one thing, due to it having four different seasons (and a hub area), it is much larger geographically than any other world. The central tree is pretty tall vertically, as well. In addition, most of its jiggies are puzzle-oriented. Even the ones that are just "lying out" require you being in the right season to take advantage of the terrain or abilities available to you in some way. Others are more involved tasks, like bringing Eyrie caterpillars. As you can see, the world has more in common with the worlds of Tooie than it does the worlds of Kazooie. If you think of the games as a single game, with the worlds in a straight line of progression, then Click Clock Wood transitions perfectly into the larger and more task-oriented worlds of Tooie.

Thus, it's not the final world of Kazooie. It's the first world of Tooie.

Mumbo Jumbo and Humba Wumba are dating.

I know, far fetched, but hear me out.

They could be pulling it as a prank, and maybe use this as the force to make Banjo and Kazooie place them in some sort of closed space so they could "resolve the issues," but they will use it as alone time with each other. Why would they do this? It could be that the island is thinking that, both being sha(Wo)mans, they would have a rivalry. So they decided to fake the rivalry out. They couldv'e met after the first game, due to Mumbo saying "have a hot date" if you fail to get all 100 jiggies, yet clear the final boss. Also, the fact that Humba Wumba use the Bee spell and the Washing Machine spell from the first game could also let onto something.

Jump to Grunty's Revenge. Mumbo having little transformation spells could be that he is giving them the Humba Wumba since in Tooie, he lost all transformation powers and is just going around and doing the work (And Took a Level in Badass.) on his own while Humba Wumba does all the transforming. Flash forward to Nuts And Bolts. They could be doing the same thing like in Tooie. And the marriage thing in Nutty Acres is just the excuse they need! And the rivalry was less serious, due to them being business rivals, they have a excuse to be rivals, and the only true hint that the rival is still going on is Mumbo saying "don't buy from her."

The fire side of Hailfire Peaks was the original Stony homeland.

There is a small Stony presence in the fire side (including the kickball stadium) and most of the architecture is about the same. At some point the volcano erupted, and most of the Stonies fled to Mayhem Temple. The cat-people however were the original inhabitants. This would explain why Mayhem Temple has two very different "species" living in the same place.

When and if we see Boggy's kids and Tooty again, they'll be teenagers...

...and each one will have a unique personality. Yes, even Tooty. Personally, this troper likes to imagine Teenager!Tooty as a girl with a love of adventure, perhaps similar to Amelia Earhart. As for the polar bear kids, um, let's see... Well, in Soggy's case, I really hope Rare would avoid the stereotype of all girls becoming goths or emo's or whatever when they become teenagers. I mean, on that one Nuts and Bolts wallpaper that shows a profile view of each of the cubs' heads, alongside those of other characters, she seemed to still have that pink bow on her head...

So, what do you think, guys? What kind of personalities do you think each of those young characters should have?

L.O.G. is AM.

He controls all within his world, and he's just stringing the main characters along. Also, the world Ted and the others are in is a video game, which is why AM can control everything.