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  • The Banjo-Kazooie series as a whole is hilarious, but one of this troper's favorite bits comes from Tooie. A really freaky character named Canary Mary can be raced for a Jiggy--she tells you it's been wedged under her wing. When you beat her again and she gives you a Cheato page, this exchange takes place...

 Canary Mary: Oh, thank goodness! Here, you can have this. It's been wedged under my...

Kazooie: NO! We don't want to know where it's been!

    • Kazooie is a never-ending stream of this in Tooie, due mostly to her role as the Meta Girl and having her Deadpan Snarker tendencies increased by at least a magnitude.
      • Her exchanges with Salty Joe in Witchyworld.

 Joe: Looks like I'm outta fries. I'd better whip up some more.

Kazooie: Yeah, you should prepare for the impending rush.

Joe: Why, you cheeky little...

    • The Idle Animation in both games.
    • Then there's Lord Woo Fak Fak's pre battle dialogue in Tooie:

 Lord Woo Fak Fak: You were going to steal my jiggy and drain my home, leaving me to flap pathetically around on the bottom until I shriveled up and died. Weren't you?

Kazooie: Something like that.

    • Gruntilda's rhymes will forever be stuck in my head.
      • Repeating over and over until you're dead?
    • In the first level of Tooie, when you retrieve the MacGuffin for the guy, he was about to cuss when Banjo interrupts him with, "This is a family game!"
  • In Tooie, whenever you get the secret unlockable attack that involves grabbing Kazooie out of the backpack and BEATING ENEMIES WITH HER. Every player first laughs, then feels terrible...then laughs some more.
  • Gruntilda's full name. That is all.

 Grunty: "...and you'll wish you'd never messed with the great Gruntilda Winkybunion!"

Kazooie: "Your last name's Winkybunion?"

Grunty: "Erm... no it's not. And if you tell anyone, I'll kill you!"

Banjo: "Sure thing, Winky."

  • Nuts And Bolts is by far the most self-aware installment in the series, constantly pointing out the poor logic of the game's universe. Some examples;
    • The "Pointless Collecting" challenge at the start of the game.
    • Cleaning up the debris after the volcano erupts causes Humba to say "Good thing I had this Jiggy to give away as a reward in case a random emergency happened!"
    • The level introductions are parodies of 80's sitcoms, complete with their theme music. For some reason, people over 30 find this hilarious.
    • Gruntilda admits to Banjo that if he beats her in a race she won't go through with her latest evil plan ( Polluting the water by having her cat take a crap in it) Kazooie points out how stupid this is, while Banjo claims it reminds him of something he did a long time ago "...and there was a genie and a giant pig."
    • Many of Mumbo's vehicle part descriptions:

 Description for Chameleon: Vehicle go all wibbly and hard to see when bear press button. Like film with muscle man and big bad alien.

Description for Spirit of Pants: Rubbish Rare website mascot now rubbish vehicle mascot. Not exactly flying lady like on sophisticated cars.

Description for Papery Pal: Bear put papery critter on vehicle and be filled with fun. Mumbo like 'Trouble in Paradise', recommend player buy it tomorrow.

    • In Banjoland, a museum made up of elements from past games, the giant trash can appears, literally filled to the brim with copies of Grabbed By the Ghoulies boxes.
    • Boggy appearing twice in one act, lampshaded by both Banjo and Kazooie.
  • If you lose to the Final Boss in Tooie and try again:

 Grunty: Back for more, eh?

Banjo: Just shut that hatch, and let's get on with it.

Grunty: Fair enough.

  • In the beginning of Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo sleeps through his sister's kidnapping, with his backpack, Kazooie included, hanging on a hat stand. Eventually, Kazooie gets fed up and shouts at Banjo, rocking the stand so much it falls over!
  • In the beginning of Banjo-Tooie, Bottles is killed when Gruntilda blasts Banjo's house during a poker game. (He didn't evac because the whole 'Grunty's back!' thing was just a gag) When Banjo and Kazooie meet Jamjars and relate the sarge about his brother's untimely demise, Jamjars asks if Bottles went down fighting.

 Kazooie: Playing cards, actually.

Jamjars: Figures.

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