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  • Correct me if I'm wrong (and I may be, since my last Japanese History class was two semesters ago), but wasn't the Taika Reform made on 646, and not 645? If I recall correctly, 645 was the year that the assassination of Soga no Iruka occurred in what is called the Isshi no Hen, which led to the rise of Emperor Kotoku and the beginning of the Taika Era, but the New Year's Day Taika Reform Edict wouldn't be promulgated until 646. Is this right, or am I just being stupid?
    • Nope, you're right. at least according to the Other Wiki. It could've been vandalized, but I'm inclined to believe it. Either the makers of the show thought it was funny or Did Not Do the Research. Of course, if memory serves Japan was also on a slightly skewed month system for a while there (still is? I dunno), so maybe that's it.
    • Just checked again: The reference on that page from a Japanese textbook is called The Early Institutional Life of Japan: A Study in Reform of 645, so for whatever reason, in Japan it is considered to have taken place in 645.
  • is it just me who's bugged by the English name?
    • You mean the localization title? Well long story short: no, you are not the only one. However for people who have become used to localization titles being kind of weird or mis-representative of the series; It bothers them a little but find it to be nothing to fret over.
  • So Mizuki, despite being the smartest student in school, gets demoted to the F classroom all because she had to leave right before the entrance exams?! Does that mean that's POLICY- that it has to happen to every student if they miss the exam and all automatically get dumped into the F classroom?! The F classroom would be over-crowded with students who are unfairly placed into one classroom! I suppose it goes along with the idea of "earn your own progress" and all that, but the way this school is set up makes me puzzled. And if Mizuki weren't there to win the first battle, the story would probably never last past the first episode!
    • Where do you think the massive horde of the FFF came from? So yes, anyone who misses the test for any reason gets dumped in Class F. Don't forget that 1: The principal is a Chessmaster and 2: This is a brand-new system. They haven't worked out all the kinks yet.
  • From season 2, episode 3. Yuuko trade some pictures for some kind of audio device or whatever, we see those pictures, but who is the one in those pictures!!! Yuuko or Hideyoshi!!! and first though that it was Yuuko, but think to myself that if it were Hideyoshi that would be more funny, under close inspection IS Hideyoshi, but it just dont seem like him!! I dont know what to think anymore, i think this is more like a damn MindScrew to me...
  • During the Class A vs Class F fight why didn't Yuuji send Yoshii out to fight Kubo? It would make more sense for Himeji to take a easy win against the opponent that Yoshii fought (granted she still won against Kubo but this would a be safer way) and let Yoshii fight Kubo. Given Kubo's feeling for Yoshii he wouldn't have gone all out and if Yuuji tricked Yoshii into confessing his love it would have made the fight a sure win for Yoshii. Even if Yoshii can't win it would have been safer to let Himeji fight one of the weaker opponents (again she did win but Yuuji had no way of knowing her points were so high). It seems like a out of character momment for Yuuji to not take advantage of Kubo's feelings for Yoshii espically given the fact that he could screw with Yoshii's life and win the match at the same time. He didn't even have to risk going up against Shouku if it comes down to that.
    • I think it's because Kubo didn't have feelings for Yoshii at this point. Kubo never showed any feelings for Yoshii before their Crash Into Hello in episode 3, and the fight took place in episode 2.
  • Why did Akihisa use striker sigma v in episode 13? In episode 5 he said striker sigma v was for math, problem braker for japanese, and shining answer for history. Since the question was about the taika reform Akihisa should've used shining answer.
    • I suppose he use shining answer for history because it have letters and the history question are multiple options, while striker sigma V have numbres on it and jut choose randoms numbers for math problems, since Akihisa knew 2 choice, and only 1 number was different,he choose striker sigma V.... i dont know if i express it well...
      • but all 3 pencils have both letters, numbers and katakana on them.
      • Well, my video quality was horrile, but as far i´ve watch, striker sigma V was the only one with numbers, problem breaker and shining answer had letter and hiragana, but i guess u are right, so... is because striker siga V sound cooler than the others?
  • Season 2, episode 1. Akihisa is trying to avoid letting his sister know that's he's bringing girls along on their overnight trip...and yet he doesn't hesitate at all to mention Hideyoshi, whom he's consistently claimed to be female up until this point (in the anime, at least).
    • I believe his sister still thinks Hideyoshi is a boy, because clearly Akihisa can't have any female friends. Both Mizuki and Minami are simply Bishonen to her as well (although I think she only brings that up once in episode 9 of Season 1, I'm sure she's thinking that). Aside from that, Rule of Funny and the Running Gag that Hideyoshi is "special" (even having his own gender baths).
      • I understand all that; however, despite what Akira thinks, Akihisa still hesitated to tell her about Mizuki and Minami, so her opinion doesn't really factor into this at all. The part that bugs me isn't that Akira thinks her brother can't possibly have female friends, it's that Akihisa is suddenly being inconsistent when he wasn't before.
  • How does the staff at the school stay employed? For one, someone gets sent to their equivalent of the special needs class because of a medical emergency. Also, are the teachers blind when Minami beats up Yoshi? Isn't that something a student can get expelled for? Hell, isn't letting that slide something a teacher can get fired for?
    • Those injuries? Played for Laughs, dude. Fumizuki Academy students are just like any other student: brash and prone to rough-housing. And as for the teachers, well, it's a friendship thing among students, which they supposedly don't have any business with.
  • I get that it's for the plot and Rule of Funny, but being the prodigy that Yuuji is, HOW did he lose to Shouko 53 to 97?
    • He sure is a prodigy, but he stopped studying altogether after that incident with the bullies shown in the flashbacks of Season 2, Episode 11 to keep people from getting envious of him. So basically, studying is like a workout for the brain. If you haven't studied much for so long, your academic skills would definitely go to rust. This curbstomping by Shouko motivated Yuuji to study harder so he could make use of his tactical prowess for Class F to punch out higher-tier classes.
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