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  • The title character of Princess Mononoke. In a world containing spirits, some guy with a possessed super-powered arm, San is just a badass with a spear, knife, and wolf. Which are apparently enough to go over a thirty foot wall.
  • Both of the villains in the two Incredible movies do not have superpowers. However, this did not mean that they aren't a threat to them. At all.
    • Just as he wishes to be a superhero (but actually isn't a superhero), Syndrome does not have superhuman powers. However, just as he pretends to be a superhero, he has technology that can REPLICATE the powers of superheroes. For example, he can use his rocket boots to fly, much like many superheroes (but not the Incredibles themselves). He was also able to build an Omnidroid for the purpose of getting his revenge on Mr. Incredible, which actually succeeded in beating him. (Success didn't come overnight, since he had to keep improving the Omnidroid to even stand a chance of beating him), but he did manage to kill other superheroes with the robot as well, in part due to Mirage luring them to his island.
    • The sequel villain is Evelyn Deavor, who also doesn't have superpowers (and since she hates superheroes, likely doesn't wish to have them, either). She wishes people to take control of their lives and stop relying on superheroes to rescue them for them. So, she uses mind control technology to take control of the superheroes and frame them for terrorism in retaliation for superheroes being suspended years earlier...and to stop the bill to allow superheroes to legally resume hero work.
    • However, there's also a non-villainous example in the second movie, Evelyn's brother, Winston Deavor. Unlike his sister, he actually wants the superheroes to come back. But instead of being rescued by the superheroes, he actually manages to RESCUE them. Pretty impressive considering his lack of powers.
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