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Noriko - GunbusterPose 376

The Martial Arts Headband is only for emphasis.

One of the few ways to indicate that you are a Badass or at least hellishly ambitious. Badasses tend to fold their arms in front of them. When you see one doing such pose, you know they are Badass or hellishly powerful, or so calm they got the situation in control or at least harbors a GREAT ambition. It is also a symbol of cockiness. Bonus points if they have impressive muscles.

So basically, if you see people folding their arms, this is a good indication to see that they are Badass. Even if they're not, they're still showing determination/stubbornness/toughness.

Note that crossing arms below the ribcage speaks a whole other body language, and involves bringing shoulders forward defensively. This tends to denote sulkiness or defensiveness. To cross arms over chest, one must spread shoulders back, which juts out the chest and straightens the spine, making the figure stand slightly taller, and raises the chin. Each of these elements alone convey confidence, the total posture sums them up to a Badass Arm-Fold. If you wanted to add, say, the Kubrick Stare you would have to consciously lower the chin, but this tends to net more Badass points than it gives away.

Sometimes combined with I Have the High Ground. Often leads to Rebel Relaxation, but this is when they aren't leaning.

Examples of Badass Arm-Fold include:


  • Mr. Clean.
  • Much as the Dreamworks Face is seemingly mandated by law to be on every animated movie poster, attempts at a Badass Arm-Fold now seem to pop up on EVERY print ad for reality television, even if the subject matter is something like digging up meteorites or running a pawn shop.


  • Vegeta is prone to doing this in Dragonball Z.
  • Volfogg is prone to this in GaoGaiGar. Considering he's a ninja policecar robot, well, it's certainly justified. His VA then went on to do Kamina.
  • Subverted in the OVA of Super Robot Wars Original Generation. Only Lamia Loveless have the gall to wait for an exhibition to begin all while folding her arms in front of her. Amongst her group, she probably is the calmest and most Badass (but not the most between the whole cast). Unfortunately, for the rest of the OVA, she never gets to show her Badass qualities.
  • The title mecha of Gunbuster is famous for it. See its intro scene.
    • Gunbuster is associated with this trope enough that anime fans tend to refer to it, when combined with the proper leg positioning and facing forward, as the Gunbuster Pose.
    • Which is a case of the Weird Al Effect. Gunbuster is a mish-mash of references to Kamen Rider and other super robots, with that pose being a nod to the signature pose of Getter Dragon.
  • Lordgenome from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann pilots his mecha this way. Also how the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is introduced, in a Gunbuster homage. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann also does the pose.
    • This pose is Kamina's default stance when he's not sitting down, or in his heaven piercing pose.
    • Not to mention what Simon does in what's arguably the series' most famous scene.
  • In Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask often does this as he delivers his prebattle speeches.
  • Izumi and Sig Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed does it a few times when he's sulking, but he's still just as Badass as the others. If I'm not mistaken, Scar had his arms crossed once in Episode 24 of the anime.
  • Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile does this often in the Pokémon anime (and man is it badass).
    • Ash's Buizel has this, no matter if it's serious or relaxed.
    • In Pokémon Special, all of Chuck's Pokemon (And Chuck himself) do this, even while fighting. They're quite badass too.
  • Two Words Commander Sampson
  • Two more Words: Master Asia
  • Voltaire of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has a tendency to do this, as shown during the final mission in StrikerS. Considering its size and black color scheme, maybe it's a subtle Gunbuster reference?
  • Naruto has a habit of doing this when he's feeling particularly confident, or after having accomplished a Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Naruto, what about Gaara? He pretty much doesn't leave that position, especially not in battle; after all, his ability doesn't actually require him to move unless he's crushing someone, and even then he only needs one free hand. The armfold is practically his signature stance!
  • Dynamis from Negima! fights in that position. He still has two hands free, though.
  • Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Stardust Dragon does this in the fifth opening of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
  • All three Team Shots in the first three anime season openings feature Zelgadis of Slayers doing this.
  • This is the signature stance of Aldebaran, Rasgado and Ox; all different incarnations of the Taurus Saint.
  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock does this from time to time, especially when he's behind the Arcadia's ship's wheel.
  • During the climax of G Gundam, Domon and Rain's final technique summons the King of Hearts, who performs a badass arm fold as he blows a hole in the Final Boss.
  • Ranma ½: In the manga, Ranma Saotome does this on a regular basis.
  • Kirino's pose on the cover of the first volume of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai is more tsun-tsun than badass, but it's enough to undergo Memetic Mutation as seen here (NSFW).

Comic Books

  • Doctor Doom does this all the time.
  • Green Lantern Guy Gardner complained that he wasn't able to do this pose when he turned in a woman (with a physical trait common with an superheroines) in an issue of issue of Guy Gardner: Warrior.
  • The Silver Surfer did this to Mephisto.
  • Several characters in the X Wing Series comics do this, including Wedge while pondering The Chains of Commanding.
  • Commonly done by Superman, who stands and/or floats with arms crossed with a derisive look on his face after his opponent's attacks have failed to even make him flinch.
    • Also done whenever he's chiding a crook for acting like a Jerkass, usually with a "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" attitude. Being Superman, this is really effective.
    • Black Adam uses this all the time. All. The. Time. Normally while hovering a few inches off the ground. Alexander Luthor one time called him on it, saying that his constant hovering was creeping people out.
  • Cyclops of the X-Men is also prone to this when he's doing the Team Leader bit. Also, he has that "impressive muscles" part down to an absurd degree.
  • Thor does this (or something very similar) when he is facing down Tony Stark on the subject of Ragnarok (aka Clor)and the superhuman registration act. Tony wildly underestimates how powerful Thor actually is, and hits him with the full power of his repulsors when Thor refuses to play ball. When the dust clears, Thor is shown unharmed, and a mix of angry and disappointed with Tony. He then proceeds to beat the crap out of Tony while chiding him for not acting as a friend should.

Live Action TV

  • Top Gear: When not driving, The Stig is only ever seen with his arms crossed over his chest or with his hands on his hips.
    • Lampshaded in the episode where he was forced to take public transport. They wheeled him on using one of those Hannibal Lecter gurneys so he wouldn't break his cooler-than-thou pose.
  • Captain Jack Harkness often folds his arms in Torchwood, usually when he's in the Torchwood hub.
  • Just take a look around the Stargate wiki. Weir summoning this trope simply reeks of awesome.
  • Kamen Rider Odin tends to be in this pose most of the time.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess, especially effective when combined with her Kubrick Stare.
  • Captain Marvelous' default stance.
    • Leads to a great moment in the first episode: Everything is exploding, the scenery is falling apart, and the rest of the team is ducking for cover. Marvelous? Standing unfazed, not giving a damn.
  • The opening credits sequence for Iron Chef America shows all of the program's chefs assuming this pose, in a visual What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? gag.

Professional Wrestling

  • ECW wrestler Taz (not so much WWE's Tazz).

Real Life

  • One case of this in real life: bouncers outside of clubs. They fold their arms in front of them to make their arms look bigger and look more threatening. Similar groups, such as security guards tend to do the same.
  • Rugby players' pictures are often taken in this style.

Video Games

  • Ryu from Street Fighter gives us the classic 'wind blowing' win pose, which involves this. M. Bison is also fond of this pose.
  • Kazuya Mishima from Tekken likes folding his arms in front of him, whether it's opening sequence, or it's winning pose. He's been doing this since his debut.
  • Soul Calibur's Taki has a habit of this from her winning pose down to her character profile.
  • In Guilty Gear XX, whenever Sol Badguy fights a certain people (eg: Dizzy, I-No, Slayer), he folds his arms, fire comes out around him.
    • And let's not forget that Justice loves doing these as well.
  • Amongst the three rulers in Dynasty Warriors, Cao Cao is the most ambitious. Thus, he is prone to be portrayed in this pose (especially his DW 5 official art).
  • Kira Daidouji from Arcana Heart is also highly ambitious and condescending and her fighting stance has her striking this pose. Her ambitions comes from her desire to, you guessed it, Take Over the World.

 M. Bison: OF COURSE!!!

  "Turn and run now, and I will mercifully pretend this never happened."

  • In Rift, this is the default idle pose for a male bahmi character on a tartagon mount.
  • There's two variants of this in City of Heroes. One is a sort of casual random pose your character will perform if you leave the controls alone for a while. The other is a slightly wicked take, with your legs together and your character staring slightly downward. Look GREAT if you're hovering!
  • As might be expected from the large number of badasses in the franchise, Hokuto Musou has quite a few of its characters do this, especially after Musou attacks. Most notable is Souther/Thouzer, whose Badass Arm Fold and Evil Laugh are both weaponized as part of his Nanto abilities.
  • Luigi of the Super Mario Bros. series does this as a victory pose. Granted, he grins happily when he does it.


Western Animation

  • Kim Possible: Ron Stoppable does this at the end of "So The Drama", when Dr. Drakken remembers his name.
  • Aladdin: The Return Of Jafar. Jafar comes out, folds his arms, hovers hugely and ominously, then leans in really close. I'd hate to be Abis Mal.
    • He can pull off a Badass Arm-Fold as a human as well, just look at the scene of Aladdin where Prince Ali visits.
  • Chernabog's awakening in Fantasia. Seriously, that's what criminals see when Batman emerges from the shadows.
  • Robin and Cyborg from Teen Titans do this from time to time.
  • In The Legend of Korra this pose is favored by Avatar Korra, and is the stock pose she sports on her character page at, all the better for her to showcase that Sleeves Are for Wimps.
  • On Regular Show, Mordecai folds his arms at Rigby to show that he is pissed off at him. He even does it slowly just to show he means business.

 Rigby: Don't you dare!

Mordecai: Too late. It's already in motion.

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