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  • I may be the only one who thinks so, but Film Brain's rant at the end of Seven Pounds deserves a spot on this list:

 "Now many people found this movie touching. I didn't. It struck a nerve. It's bad enough that the film is severely boring because it's obvious what is going on. It's bad enough that the movie is so morose and miserable. It's bad enough that it's pretentious tosh. It's bad enough that Will Smith himself is desperately Oscar Baiting by dialing back his signature charm to trace levels and acting as mopey as possible. No, my real issue is with the film's message. Tim's sacrifice at the end of the movie is celebrated and he's made a martyr. I'm sorry, but I find that profoundly worrying. The movie is literally saying that suicide is okay as long as you donate your organs. What the fuck kind of message is that?

    • The opening deserves a mention too:

 Hello and welcome to Bad Movie Beatdown, the controversial episode. Yep, it's that time of the series again, where once again I show that I have an opinion of my own.

    • Especially since, according to his commentary, he was afraid it would be "Equilibrium times ten," and still didn't hold back.
    • And in the commentary, he reveals that someone in his family committed suicide, so doing the review was very hard for him and he worried he was too close to the material to make it a good video, on top of his fear of the film's fans. Doing the commentary also allows him to let out the rage he was holding back on during filming, and you can hear genuine anger as he brings up how Will Smith's character has had a better life than him and could do so much more than save seven people if he lived, finishing with "He has NO RIGHT!"
      • Specifying further, just admitting the personal nature of the review to his viewers took serious guts.
      • It was rewarded. The Internet Backdraft he expected didn't happen, and when they met in Reno, Doug told him he'd not only liked the review but changed his opinion of the movie!
  • Given that he has a fraction of the budget and equipment, the Doctor Who-style opening credits for crossover review of The Spirit are really good.
  • "I think I'd better take that down." At the end of his Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen review, he tears down the Transformers poster that had been hanging on his wall from the very start.
  • Pretty much highjacking into Spoony's review of the 2010 Tekken film, by declaring him a new challenger. And given the hate between the two characters, it makes it more awesome for Film Brain to one up Spoony.
  • The combined Bad Movie Beatdown/Obscurus Lupa Presents opening credits for the Hercules In New York crossover is pretty awesome.
    • As is the credits meshing of BMB and Todd in the Shadows in their crossover review of The Asylum's Sunday School Musical, complete with Todd covering the theme song on his keyboard. Epic.
  • He really tears into The Condemned, explaining at length why it doesn't work, how badly it failed, and just how reprehensible the results are. This includes pointing out the Broken Aesop of the movie.
    • Not to mention that he destroys one scene where a reporter calls out the Big Bad for not thinking of the children, explaining why that trope is stupid as hell and even sides with the villain in the argument. And this leads into him pointing out the Broken Aesop.
    • Also his Precision F-Strike before he points out how hypocritical the anti media violence message is by pointing out it was made by lionsgate (famous for producing the Saw series) and the WWE (A wrestling company) and the fact that the marketing for the movie was built around its violence.
    • The irony in that is even better from the WWE standpoint; when WWE was in the Attitude Era (known for rampant sex and violence), they mocked the Parents Television Council by trotting out the Right to Censor.
  • The opening of the crossover for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Oancitizen. Usually, crossovers feature a variation Film Brain's opening. This one features Oancitizen's theme with a mixture of clips from their respected intros.
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