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"Never do anything without my permission again. That includes breathing."
L to Watari, Death Note Abridged
"Sacrificing minions: is there any problem it can't solve?"
"I just forgot what's it like to be one of the little people. It's liberating because I have no empathy for your suffering."
Pointy Haired Boss, Dilbert

Bikke: Consider the lives of me crew forfeit.

Garland: I'm sure it won't come to that.

Bikke: It will if I says it will.
-One human-Controller was holding his own hand. The other two were very pale. Visser Three is not a leader who believes it is important to be popular with subordinates.
Ax, Animorphs no. 28
I take total responsibility for any mistakes today, which means I FIRE EVERYBODY!
Benjamin Lennox, Jekyll
The main asset in an evil intern is not asking questions. The answers are usually written on the bottom of a tank full of sharks.
Gibbous Moon, Scary Go Round
"Hey Bats, go easy on 'em. For me? Ah hell, what do I care! DO YOUR WORST!"
I just wanna say a few words to you scumbags before you deliver those nightmares. I know some of you have girlfriends and old ladies, and all that kind of crap, and you're probably expecting to get into their feathers tonight! Well, let me just say... tough shit! And for you jerk-offs who think you can hang around here on your fat asses, I have one last thing to say... go suck an egg!
Synonamess Botch, Twice Upon a Time
"Hah! I like your style! You make up your own rules just like me. Bean counter said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair. Did it anyway. Ramps are expensive!"
Cave Johnson, Aperture Science CEO, Portal 2

Niska: You see this man, ah, he does not do the job. I show you what I do with him, and now my reputation for you is fact. Is solid!...Oh, you do not like I kill this man? Hmm...

Mal: No. I'm sure that he must've been a...very bad person.

Niska: My wife's nephew. At dinner I am getting earful. There is no way out of that.
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