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Metal gear awesome meryls butt

"I'll go on ahead."

I like big butts and I cannot lie

You other brothers can't deny

That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist

And a round thing in your face, you get sprung

Sometimes, a nice rack won't do it for some people. No... Instead, they are drawn to a different part of the female anatomy. They aim a little lower...

... Too low; you're aiming at the legs. Little higher.... Now turn around...

... There we go.

A firm, round backside can have just as much stopping power as a large chest for those who are interested in them.

Important (Read before adding examples!): Due to the high prevalence of Generic Cuteness in visual media, it's very likely that you'll find one, two, or many characters that you want to add as examples just because you think their butts are nice. Please, don't. This is not about a character whose butt you feel Perverse Sexual Lust over. In order for an example to be valid it must fulfill at least one of the following conditions:

  • There's some obvious hint that the author intended this character to stand out for his/her butt. Like a Male Gaze directed exclusively (or with clear predominance) at this part of the character's anatomy.
  • There's a clear indication in-universe that this character's butt is the biggest factor in his/her attractiveness. Lampshade Hanging by other characters is one of the ways.
  • Addendum: If the above could apply to every character (males, females, or both) by said author, it belongs in Author Appeal, with an appropriate Pothole to this page.

A form of Fan Service, occasionally used as the butt of a joke. Often shown off with Painted-On Pants or a Thong of Shielding. Can be employed in Ass Kicks You. Not to be confused with Hartman Hips, which is when a female character in a comic or animated work is given broad hips to imply age and maturity, and may not necessarily involve buttocks at all. Compare Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks.

Examples of Baby Got Back include:


  • A series of Renault Megane adverts featured a lot of behinds, accompanied by Groove Armada's I See You Baby. (Sadly, the 2008 model doesn't have as much junk in its trunk.)
  • This Nike ad appears to be capitalizing on the big-butt trend of late.
  • The recent Skechers Tone-ups commercial seem to be capitalizing on this.

Anime & Manga

  • C.C. from Code Geass. There are multiple shots in the series where her backside is the center of the frame, leading fans to dub her "Pizza Butt/Ass" because of it and the large amounts of Pizza Hut pizza she consumes on screen.
    • More from the same series: Kallen, Cornelia, Suzaku and Lelouch all get at least one moment of ass focus (among the most blatant being Kallen's ass taking up a good third of the frame).
    • There's a reason why they call this show Code GeASS.
  • Shizuru from Godannar is frequently the butt of jokes on her derriere's size... and with good reason, too.
  • Mostly absent in Mahou Sensei Negima... until the Magic World arc starts, and a focus on hips suddenly appears. The focus seems to be mostly on Yuuna and her daisy dukes, and Akira, whose normal standing pose apparently involves arching her back and thrusting her butt out. See panel two, panel two, and panel one (spoilers).
  • Cattleya from Queen's Blade has this. Sure it doesn't get as much screen time as her other feature(s) but it's still a sight to behold(NSFW)
  • Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has a rather high amount of shots showing her ass, which none of the other characters have. This isn't exactly helped by the clothes she wears. The fanart isn't an exception. Thus, Fate's ass became rather memetic on a certain image board. A miracle of the universe, indeed.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya gets her share of focus for this, particularly during the Endless Eight arc.
    • Not to mention that there's a shot in the Island arc that focuses on her ass.
    • Endless Eight, hell. The opening credits showcases her hips rather unashamedly.
  • Nozomu Itoshiki's younger sister Rin from Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei almost always enters the frame her back to the viewer thanks to this trope. It's partly this trope, but it's also partly Actor Allusion- Rin's voice actress also voices Shin Chan, who faces the camera in the same way.
  • Spain having DAT ASS in Axis Powers Hetalia has grown to Memetic Mutation heights.
    • The funniest thing? This is almost completely grounded in Fanon. There's few (if any) emphasis on Spain's backside in canon afaik; the whole meme was born from him being drawn in a matador outfit once by Himaruya, and one thing led to another...
      • No longer a fanon thing. As of the 2010 Bloodbath and 2011 Fool's Bath, Word of God has focused fanservice on his ass more than anything else.
      • It is definitely now canon. See it. Or direct your attention to the bottom picture in this blog post for an alternate link, as the original seems to have broken.
      • And if the DAT ASS meme appears, it's guaranteed someone will volley back DAT ARSE in recognition to England as the fandom sex-machine.
      • Check out this little gem drawn by a fan on Deviantart. Dat ass indeed.......
  • Lieutenant Riza/Liza Hawkeye's curves are conversed in a Fullmetal Alchemist omake (vol 15). Assistants wish to know her measurements, impressed with her curvy figure, but the author "crushes their dreams" by stating the lieutenant's waist simply looks small between her muscular shoulders and age-appropriate voluminous behind.
  • Naruto: Since Sakura Haruno has very small breasts, she gets some compensation in regards to her legs and her backside. (maybe to contrast with the more busty Tsunade and Hinata.)
  • Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica seems to have been designed with this trope in mind, since she wears cut off booty shorts and has several occasions where the camera is centers on her rear, including one shot that lasts for quite a while. The character designer specifically mentioned in her notes that her clothing has a "delinquent impression".
  • Cecilia Alcott from Infinite Stratos gained notoriety as this after a.... quite memorable shot of her bottom. Quite a bit of her fanart focuses on it and she earned a Fan Nickname of sorts on "SeSHIRIa", with "shiri" meaning "butt" in Japanese (And written in kanji so it stands out).
  • Misato Katsuragi's butt is given a lot of love and attention from the camera. Particularly when she's in her apartment, where she typically wears daisy dukes. One scene from End Of Evangelion of her walking down a hallway giving orders on her phone is focused intently on her booty.
  • Mizuki from Gravion gets most of the focus on her Gag Boobs, but she definitely has a lovely backside.
  • This happens quite often in the manga version of Ore Imo.
  • One of Masakazu Katsura's drawing trademarks is the loving attention he gives to all of his female characters's butts. See this famous DNA^2 cover, in example.
  • In Fairy Tail, Ultear's Grimoire Heart uniform. Check it out for yourself here (third panel), here (fourth panel) and here (first panel)
    • Knightwalker as well.
  • Thought most would probably pay attention to what she has going on up front, Rin from Mnemosyne is pretty well stacked in the back. Which leads to one of the shows CMoF's when her ample backside is too big to squeeze under a security laser.
  • Eiken has two characters with glorious backsides to complement the large breasts that complement most of the club. Yuriko realizes her butt is so big she compares it to Chiharu's breasts. Teacher's butt is so big it actually bounces, and floats in water.
  • Hellsing: Integra is revealed to have a very nice rear in the tenth volume when she finally takes off her coat. Also, Alucard.
  • The girl that spied on Becky in episode 3 of Pani Poni Dash!, of course it could have happened when she was hiding in a Chicken-like creature (with teeth).
  • Bleach:
    • Orihime's Gag Boobs are her sort-of signature body part, but she's had her rather ample behind showcased at least twice in the in-between chapter artwork of the series.
    • A volume cover featuring Yoruichi has her in a Spider Woman-like pose that showcases her lovely ass. In fact, her and Urahara's fight with Askin Nakk LeVar has several ass-related gags, including how Urahara "unlocks" her Super Mode.
    • Rukia may not be as busty as others, but she has lovely legs and a just as nice bum. In one scene she's seen floating face-down inside a Healing Spring... with her butt sticking up and out of the water.



  • Any woman drawn by Robert Crumb.
    • Or Mitch Byrd.
    • Or Frank Cho.
  • Yenny from yenny and pretty much every other female character. Constantly mentioned on the strip. David Alvarez quite clearly loves some junk in the trunk.
  • Spider-Woman, when drawn by Ed Benes, will always have a majority of panels that feature her focus on her rear. It seems to be a form of Author Appeal with this character particularly.
    • In fact, Ed Benes seems absolutely obsessed with women's posteriors, often to the detriment of whatever series he's working on. Case in point: Justice Society of America vol. 2, where the fact that the entire cast looked like porn stars detracted from the story.
  • All Star Batman and Robin and the now infamous Vicky Vale ass shot. Frank Miller's script for that scene is absolutely blatant about the Author Appeal of it.
  • Played for laughs in Empowered, where the titular character has such a big behinda slightly larger than average behind -- she's ashamed of it and finds it disgusting, despite how many others compliment it, some louder than others.
    • Don't mock her rump, it prevented her from being kidnapped to serve in an alien overlord's harem. And then the device used to try and kidnap her (and failed because of her butt size) was used to capture Demon Wolf, who initially intended to destroy the earth... so Emp's butt saved the world!!!
    • Her boyfriend, Thug Boy, has no intention of mocking it; her rear end is one of the key things he's attracted to about her. Of course, whenever he compliments it, this just serves to stoke her own insecurity about it. This does not mean he intends on giving up complimenting it.
    • Ninjette wears short shorts with her name emblazoned across them, which several other characters have commented upon (and Emp copped a feel of once).
  • It seems to be a rule in Marvel that no artist can portray Psylocke without giving her a monster booty.
    • It probably helps that she's been saddled with one of the most ridiculously Stripperiffic costumes of anyone not named Emma Frost in the Marvel Universe.
  • Every other frame of Shuri, T'Challa's sister, from Black Panther.
  • Frequent in Isaac M. Baranoff's comics for Mystic Studios Productions, particularly Horndog, Soft Desire and Tales Of The Unrefined.
  • Druuna by Paolo Serpieri. There's a reason why he gained the nickname "Master of the Ass".
  • Played for laughs in the first volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; at one point Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain are forced to climb up a ladder to make their escape. Mina, of course, is wearing billowing Victorian-style skirts and bloomers underneath, and she disapprovingly hopes that Quatermain "will not take advantage of the situation." From the wide-eyed look on Quatermain's face, it's clear that not only is he indeed taking advantage, he very very very much likes what he sees.
  • No one; no matter what species, is immune to the charms of Dick Grayson's fantastic buttocks. Not even the writers
  • Ramba: "I have to say my butt is very popular."
  • Hal Jordan has a nice ass. Yes, he does. In fact several GL's have lovely derrieres, not just him.
  • The artists in Valerian never wasted an opportunity to do a close up on Laureline's shapely rear end.

Films -- Animation

  • The classic scene from Peter Pan where Tinkerbell (perhaps Disney's first-ever formal fanservice character) is shocked when she sizes up her hips via a handmirror.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Jessica Rabbit. Everytime she is seen from behind there is particular focus in the animation on her swerving hip movement. Of course, she also has the front to match.
  • Part of the reason Helen Parr/Elastigirl from The Incredibles is considered such a Hot Mom is because she has very shapely hips with a large, curvy backside to match. Though given her response in Syndrome's base, she doesn't feel the same way.
  • Actually invoked by name in the Shrek Karaoke. Donkey's singing involves an accompaniment in the form of Dragon dancing provocatively. Whether this counts as straightforward Fetish Fuel is highly subjective.
  • In the Madagascar franchise, Julien constantly talks about his own "booty" and keeps shaking it at the viewers; on one occasion he got an unexpected thermometer complete with hilarious stunned expression. This also carries over into The Penguins of Madagascar: his reaction when Mort helps him with his "booty scratcher" bears a distinct resemblance to The Immodest Orgasm; and one time when he thinks he's having a nightmare he begs Maurice to wake him up: "Pinch Me! Now bite me, now slap my face and spank my right buttock!"
  • Megamind: Roxanne Ritchi's ample butt hasn't escaped the attention of the fan base.

Films -- Live-Action

  • Fat Slags: The main plot features pop culture successfully promoting the idea that fat women are more attractive. A pair of fake "J-Lo" cameos show her first leaving a store before the switch then, a while later, getting stuck in the same door because her ass has grown four feet wide!
  • In The Master of Disguise, the Disguisey family love two things: learning to be a Master of Disguise, and BBWs with huge bottoms. This is so true that they worry about hiring Jennifer as Pistachio's sidekick simply because she has a "tiny, butter-bottom". Luckily, at the end of the film it is implied that (after the wedding) she's going to start putting on weight for the man she loves.
  • Please Don't Eat the Daisies builds a whole subplot around the protagonist's critical appraisal of Janis Paige's derrière.
  • In the Slasher Movie Humongous, there's a very sexy scene in which Sandy is asked by her boyfriend Eric to take the helm of the boat because he needs to have both hands. Here's what he needs both hands for: Eric peels down Sandy's bikini bottom, puts both of his hands on her bare butt and feels it up.
  • Jell-o in Date Movie is VERY packed.
    • It should be noted that Jell-o is an exaggerated parody of Jennifer Lopez, the real deal.
  • An in-universe example is found in the remake of Get Smart in the scene where Maxwell Smart(Steve Carell) and Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) have to pick their way though a room with a laser field:

Agent 99: Are you staring at my butt?

Maxwell Smart: No, no, I... I was, but I'm not... I'm staring again.

  • In Beauty Shop, one of the clients is shown having a big butt. The client's ass got so much male attention that guys had to be chased from the door as they try take pictures and record it. The hair salonists admitted this as well, one of them saying if they were ever stranded on a deserted island with her and had to resort to cannibalism, they can eat her butt for days.
    • Invoked again when one customer, who is very white/suburban, is fed "greens" throughout the movie. By the end of the movie she has a voluptuous backside to compete with the regulars.
  • This happens in "A Low Down Dirty Shame" after the titular character haves a CMOH with his sassy, energetic, action sidekick, Peaches about how much she's grown since they first met. When she bends over to give him a kiss goodnight, the camera decisively stays to get a shot of her butt and focuses on her ass with Shame watching (while a saxophone plays, mind you). Shame then comments it, "Peaches, I've seen something has grown since you were sixteen." Peaches smirks and promptly gives him the finger.
  • Into The Blue makes sure to give us several chances to check out Jessica Alba's rump, including during the end credits.
  • Deconstructed in Black Venus as a Khoi woman, Sarah Baartman, (often called the "Hottentot Venus" was put in freak shows for her Steatopygia (enlarged buttocks) and long labia. What's worse? THIS IS A TRUE STORY.
  • In The Social Network, "Amy" (the Stanford student who sleeps with Sean Parker) only appears for about three minutes, but her scene consists almost entirely of lingering shots of her curvy butt in a pair of Stanford panties. Even though she only appears briefly, the producers apparently thought her ass shot was important enough to include it in the trailer.
  • The Charlie's Angels movies never shy away from booty focus. So much that the cast actually spoofed it in this video.
  • In Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the entire Newsteam has some intense Perverse Sexual Lust for Veronica. Just to drive the point home, about half of her early scenes involve the guys gushing about her shapely butt.
  • Wichita in Zombieland. One of her cons was built on this trope.
  • As Tony Stark and Scott Lang comment on in Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers does not just have a great ass, he has America's Ass. Even Steve, after having knocked out his counterpart from an altered past, has to admit that it's quite nice.

Live-Action TV

  • In-universe example; in Frasier, Niles has quite an interest in Daphne's rear end, and is frequently given to covertly staring at it with a dreamy smile on his face.
    • Lampshaded in a later episode after they get together, in which Daphne is mildly scandalized to discover photographic evidence of just how frequently her now-husband checked her out before they hooked up and, turning around, demands that he tell her the colour of her eyes without looking. Niles is, of course, distracted by her butt.
  • Wash's description of Zoe's attributes in the Firefly episode "Bushwhacked": "Oh, yeah! I definitely have to say it was her legs. You can put that down! Her legs, and right where her legs meet her back. That -- actually that whole area. That and -- and above it."
  • House makes constant references to Dr. Cuddy's hindquarters, although the compliments are decidedly double-edged:

 Cuddy: I can't always be here to protect you. Patients talk. Doctors talk.

House: About how big your ass has gotten lately? Not me, I defend it. You got back.

  • iCarly: In iSaved Your Life after frisking Sam, Carly gives her butt a playful smack while seeing her out the door.
  • Dana in Step by Step has been known to point out when a guy has "a great butt".
  • On an episode of his Late Night, Conan O'Brien's sidekick Andy Richter played a clip from the Late Night gang's recent trip to the Emmy Awards. The clip featured Conan standing behind his celebrity crush Jeri Ryan, waiting to be interviewed. Much to his embarrassment, when the clip was played in slow motion, Conan could clearly be seen gazing at Jeri Ryan's rear end.
  • An amusing example on a show not known for humor, Law and Order: SVU. When the detectives ask a witness to describe a female suspect, he can't remember her face, but describes her rear end perfectly. As they glare at him disapprovingly, the man staunchly declares, "I'm an ass man, and I make no apologies for it."
  • In Ashes to Ashes, Gene Hunt clearly has a thing for Alex Drake's rear end. From the bum-stamping in 1.02 (despite his claims that he has "no desire to see [her] bony, privately-educated buttocks", he's clearly staring in the scene where he stamps her) to his admitted perving disguised as chivalry (i.e. letting her go up staircases first).
  • Sheila from the My Name Is Earl episode "Sweet Johnny". Earl thought she was "big" in the flashback, but later in the episode goes beyond.
  • Jay from My Wife and Kids.
  • Matter of fact, there's also Gina from Martin, who is played by the same actress.
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is interesting in that, despite the prevalence of skirts and fanservice that come standard with this franchise, there was no real focus on backsides at all. Until one glorious scene near the end of the season, when Rei got into a fake idol war with Minako. As Minako's manager was introducing her to a new rival, the camera followed an enticingly dressed Rei down the hallway to the meeting room. The camera planted itself directly on Rei's backside for three seconds straight.
  • From 1000 Ways To Die, we have This victim from "D-Parted".
  • In the 30 Rock episode "Brooklyn Without Limits", Liz finds a clothing store that sells very flattering jeans. A butt-double is clearly used.

 Jenna: I'd hit it.

Tracy: Too small.

  • In one episode of NCIS, DiNozzo enters a room that Ziva is processing, while she is in a position where her butt is pointing prominently towards the door. DiNozzo quips "Nice view", and takes a snapshot with the camera in his hand. Gibbs promptly DopeSlaps him.
  • Attack of the Show recently did a segment with Alison Haislip swimming with sharks which featured some of the most blatant ass shots ever of Haislip's bikini-clad rear end. The outtakes from that segment feature more ass shots than actual sharks. Needless to say, they're the some of the most viewed videos on G4's website.
  • In the pilot for Dark Angel when Logan catches Max in the act of robbing him, it cannot be a coincidence that the shot of her dropping the bag has her leather-clad rear end front and center. (Well, this is Jessica Alba we're talking about...) See also "Haven," in which a character enjoys the sight of Max bending over a pool table, and "Gill Girl," in which her stride into the club where the title character is being held was even included in the trailer for the episode.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles has more than one long, drawn-out tracking shot focused firmly on Summer Glau's well-rounded posterior as she slowly walks along. Not that we're complaining.
  • Saturday Night Live put on a sketch spoofing Blackspolitation films with "Black Frankenstein." In it, the doctor creates for his monster a female companion, played by Nicki Minaj. Her ample ass becomes a running gag, and when Igor asks whether such a great butt really justifies her abrasive, abusive personality, the black doctor just looks at him like he's crazy.
  • Although best known for her ample chest, one of Joan Holloway's (Christina Hendricks) early appearances in Mad Men involved her bending over a desk, with the men in the scene stunned to speechlessness by her well-rounded derriere.
  • In an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, a character says that Subcommander T'Pol has a nice bum. Said character was drunk at the time, calling into question the veracity of his statement. However, this infamous shot further validates this trope's relevance to T'Pol.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: From the episode Killed by Death, when Buffy's in the hospital:

Xander: Cordelia, someone's gotta watch her back.

Cordelia: Yeah, I've seen you watch her "back."

Xander: What's that supposed to mean?

Cordelia: I was using the phrase "watch her back" as a euphemism for looking at her butt. Sort of a pun.

Xander: Oh. Right. Hey!

Cordelia: Well, you do!

Xander: Jealous?

Cordelia: Fine. Watch my back.

[Cordelia turns and walks away. Xander watches her back.]

  • Every male on Scrubs has an obsession with Elliot's butt, and even Carla admitted that she was jealous of it. Hell, it was one of the first things J.D. noticed about her in the first episode.

 Elliot: Anyway, I know what you're thinking.

J.D. (thinking): Your butt looks like two pringles hugging.

J.D.: No you don't.

    • Paradoxically, this perception is inverted in the eighth (and kinda-last) season, where Elliot having a "flat butt" becomes a running gag, although JD is still attracted to the flat butt anyway.
  • The cameras (and Beck's eyes) seem to enjoy dropping down to the Vega sisters' rear ends in Victorious. There's a memorable moment in the Season 2 premiere where Trina is stretching out her jeans after deliberately buying them one size too small.
  • Clara Oswald in Doctor Who has quite a nice derrière. Given that he's twice slapped her on it, this has clearly not escaped the Eleventh Doctor's notice. He even trails off from a deep thought when he remembers that Clara's skirts, which do show off her butt's nice size and shape, are just a bit too tight.
  • In Riverdale, Veronica Lodge has quite the ample caboose. Whenever she's in short shorts or wearing a swimsuit, the camera will go out its way to get behind her.


 You're packed and you're stacked, 'specially in the back

Brother wanna thank your mother for a butt like that

Can I get some fries with that shake-shake booty?

If looks could kill you would be an Uzi

  • Booty Man by Tim Wilson is pretty self explanatory.
  • Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxx goes without saying either.
  • As does "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap.
  • Eminem's "Ass Like That".
  • "In Love Wit Yo Booty" by John Blu. With a name like that you probably already guess what the song is about.
  • In "Slow Down" by Bobby Valentino, the singer tries talking to a woman he finds beautiful. When it gets to the hook, it goes into this territory for a moment:

 Slow Down, I just wanna get to know you

But don't turn around

Cuz that pretty round thing looks good to me...

 Tina got a big ole butt

I know I told you I'd be true

But Tina got a big ole butt

So I'm leavin' you

  • Trace Adkins' famous song, "Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk".

Pro Wrestling


 Mimi: "They say that I have the best ass below fourteenth street. Is it true?"

Roger: "What?"

Mimi: "You're staring again."

Roger: "Oh no, I mean you do have a nice...You look familiar."

Video Games

  • Freya gets this quite a bit in Valkyrie Profile 2.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake, to the point of causing massive Stupid Sexy Flanders for a good part of the fandom. Feels like I'm wearing nothin at all!
    • In-universe, Solid Snake appears to have an ass fetish. He doesn't seem particularly appreciative of the myriad pairs of boobies that are flashed at him, but is so struck by Meryl's bottom he can identify her in disguise, rhapsodizes a couple of times about how beautiful Meryl's bottom is, is extremely happy to sneak a look up Naomi's skirt, and shamelessly lets his gaze drop when Raging Raven turns her back to him.
      • There's more... if you use First-Person View and look at Meryl's ass during the FROGs fight in Act 1, your psyche meter refills.
      • By Word of God, one of Solid Snake's defining character traits is that he "thinks he has a great ass for his age."
    • Meryl's "gratuitous ass shot" is a source of humor in Egoraptor's Metal Gear Awesome (pictured above).
    • At least one person thinks this of Mei Ling too. During the Act 5 mission briefing in MGS4, Johnny Sasaki (and by extension, the camera) spends the better part of the cutscene ogling and trying to grope her ass in spite of his minutes-old relationship with Meryl. She is sitting next to him and is not amused.
  • Mass Effect 2 gives us Miranda, and to a lesser extent, Jacob.

 "... I just pretend to have my head up my ass and only care about money."

"That would be a waste of a perfectly fine ass... sir."

    • People who complained about the slow moving elevators in the original Mass Effect clearly never noticed the amazing viewing angle you can get by rotating the camera.
    • Also from the first game, when the Consort tells the greeter that she wants to speak with you, we get treated to a short cutscene of her walking away, gently stroking the railing as the view shifts to a focus on her rear and stays there for the remainder of the cutscene.
  • The title character of Bayonetta, being a Fetish Fuel Station Attendant, actually gets a lot of ass focus. That would make sense since apparently the game's designers went to great lengths to get her ass just right. It paid off.
  • Final Fantasy

  "Ooh, soft."

    • Final Fantasy X has a ton of ass-shots. Often during conversation.
    • Ashe from Final Fantasy XII fits this trope as well, she was promoted with wallpapers showing off her ass, her red miniskirt adding to the effect.
      • There's also the scene in which Fran (in her usual outfit) turns around and walks away, with the camera placed such that her Gainaxing butt is pretty much the entirety of the shot.
  • Surprisingly enough, Kingdom Hearts is very prone to ass shots. There's a video pointing all of them out.
    • Well, that camera angle seems to be a standard feature for Square-Enix cutscenes in general, with little regard for the age, gender, or attractiveness of the target. Terra's armored form, on the other hand, quite possibly outdoes Solid Snake in terms of blatant fanservice.
  • P.N.03: Vanessa's standard idle animation is just her tapping her toes and twitching her Spy Catsuited ass to the beat. Complete with Jiggle Physics.
  • Cammy White of Street Fighter II, Rainbow Mika of Street Fighter Alpha, and Juri Han of Street Fighter IV are all famous for having nice butts. Guy becomes a Rare Male Example in IV as well, thanks to his victory pose that has him rushing out of the scene from an angle that blatantly focuses on his behind.
  • Chloe from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Dear god, Chloe. Nate blatantly tells her, "It must be a shame to sit on something so pretty."
  • Kohak Hearts from Tales of Hearts gets a lot of ass focuses in official arts. She is also a Kick Chick who also reveals her legs from ankles to near the ass.
  • Mu-12 from Blaz Blue Continuum Shift. This gets even more exaggerated when one of the achievements images are a shot of her ass. If there was any further doubt, check out the lingering shot of her bare ass during her Asstral Finish animation.
    • And by extension, Noel Vermillion. Sometimes the official art plays it up, sometimes it doesn't.
  • Julia Chang and Anna Williams from Tekken.
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade: Kitsune Yuzuruha was given a large butt as showed from her art in contrast to her sister Kongiku.
  • In Halo Reach, Kat and the female model of Noble Six both deserve a mention. There's one notable cutscene which is just a few minutes of Six walking along a cliff face, made a whole lot more interesting when using the female model. This trope also applies to Cortana, and even Miranda Keyes.
  • In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Ultimate Spider-Man's symbiote suit definitely qualifies for this. Rawr!
  • Jill Valentine, as of recent Resident Evil games. In Resident Evil Revelations, she's even been given butt wiggle by the developers.
    • Resident Evil just loves this trope. 5 gives us Sheva, who has a very bootylicious shot near the beginning of the game, and Darkside Chronicles gives us Steve blatantly staring at Claire's behind.
  • In Sega's teaser trailer for Anarchy Reigns, at about 0:20 in
  • Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur. She was, for a while, the only female character who wore a full-on thong, and one of the few girls in the series to have Jiggle Physics back there through the whole series.
  • In Sengoku Basara, this is one of Saika Magoichi's three most prominent assets. The player is also given a nice close up of it when she runs.
  • In World of Warcraft one of the random jokes from Gnomes is "I like large posteriors and I cannot prevaricate."
  • Andromeda's armor in Conduit 2 accentuates this.
  • Jeane from Suikoden, although her chest is quite distracting, too.
  • Catwoman's gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham City gives specific focus to her shapely rear.
  • If you use the option to skip to the next checkpoint in Ms. 'Splosion Man, her butt grows huge and a song all about big butts starts playing.
  • In the No More Heroes games, Sylvia gets a decent amount of focus on her backside in several of her many different outfits, one being a see-through slight midriff bearing top with a small low rise skirt and visible thong (In one cutscene, Travis walks behind her, bends over, and spends a good few seconds gawking at her ass), and her Very Sweet Mode outfit in the first game that puts a lot of emphasis on her behind with a very tight skirt as well as pantyhose.
    • Cloe Walsh from the sequel as well, which is natural for someone whose main attire is fishnets and a thong bikini. Hell, the finishing move on her gives you a close up on her jiggling asscheeks as she's being hacked to pieces.
  • Ruka Minazuki in the fourth Fatal Frame game has a very shapely rear. It even Gainaxes if she's wearing the unlockable Zero Suit.
  • Fire Emblem Fates has lots of Fan Service, including this trope:
    • The women in several Nohrian classes (like Cavalier, Paladin, Dark Mage, Fighter, etc.) will wear a Thong of Shielding or a Leotard of Power as parts of their uniforms. Naturally, that will showcase their butts. On the Hoshidan side Female Diviners show their legs less, but in "exchange" their pants leave the upper parts of their buttcracks near on sight.
    • Male Fighters may have a liiiitle more armor than female ones, but the lower part of their uniform is pretty much a small Loin Cloth.
    • In addition to her Gag Boobs, Princess Camilla wears a black Thong of Shielding as a part of her Malig Knight Custom Uniform. Her backside gets a nice focus in her personalized cutscene in Birthright.
    • If Prince Takumi's team is victorious in the Beach Brawl DLC stage, the photo that he sends to Hinata and Oboro has him in a bathing suit... and is taken from behind him, therefore it focuses a LOT on his ass.
    • Awakening is almost as fond of shots from the back as Fates is, showcasing a good number of male and female butts in the process. The Japanese version of Tharja's Summer Scramble CG also shows her rear end clad in a too-small bikini bottom, while Chrom's puts much of the focus on his gorgeous ass.
    • In Three Houses, Dorothea's Time Skip outfit is a near-backless red dress that gives quite the focus to not just her back, but her hips and butt. Additionally, Lady Rhea is known for her very pronounced hips and rear end as well... Sharp-eyed players will notice that Rhea's hips/butt are as large as those of the heroine Seiros in the flashbacks... foreshadowing how Rhea actually is Seiros....
  • The Mortal Kombat games have always had doses of Fanservice, but the newest ones have become notoriously Hotter and Sexier. As a result people like Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Kenshi, Kenshi's son Takeda, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and others have had the camera focus on their VERY well-shaped rears more than once.

Web Comics

 Lord Nightsorrow: Filby, have you seen her ass?

Filby: OK, yes. Good point, I forgive you.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law has an episode where Myron Reducto, who normally likes everything small, discovered he wanted a woman because of her big butt. In fact, he uses his Reducto Ray to make it bigger.
  • Kairel from El Arca.
  • Dexter's Laboratory has Dexter's mom and the Neighbor Lady from the episode "Nuclear Confusion".
  • Meg, of all people, invokes this trope in the Family Guy episode "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?" Upon finding out that she has a Black ancestor, her immediate response is "Now I can wear clothes that actually show off my big butt!"
  • Donna on The Cleveland Show.
  • Debbie Turnbull in Robotboy.
  • Captain Hero on Drawn Together proclaims himself "an ass man" in at least one episode.
  • In the fourth episode of Wakfu, a magical starfish-like creature evaluates the attractiveness of the heroes. It latches onto Yugo and Ruel's faces, but goes for Eva's tits. It then floats over to Amalia's ass... but she smacks it away. Either way, it is apparently pleased with the information gathered.
  • Parodied in Code Monkeys. Larrity gets an ass transplant that makes it look like he swallowed a beach ball.
  • While most of the Total Drama characters have similar features, Courtney's butt is the focus of several close-up shots for no reason other than Fan Service.
  • In Perfect Hair Forever, Brenda's skirt actually ends before her butt, meaning her cheeks are constantly on display in all their glorious glory. Much to Uncle Grandpa's liking.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan gives us head cheerleader, Kimmy. She's stacked in the back and this scene demonstrates it rather nicely.
    • Just about any girl who isn't Ilana has this. Yes, this show is full of booty.
  • Dudley Puppy of T.U.F.F. Puppy has a very bubbly butt, and it shows on a regular basis.
  • In an early South Park episode, the subplot is Bebe's crush on Kyle, which is almost entirely for his "sweet ass". Of course, being the show's art style, you can't tell.
    • Cartman might count as a very Fan Disservice-y example, being that many of the fat jokes toward him involve his ass.

 Stan: C'mon, fatass!

Ms. Cartman: Now, now, he's not fat, he's big boned!

Kyle: Then he must have a giant bone in his ass!

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