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A staple in the H-game and Netorare Genre, Lilim Darkness’ cargo ship for their games, the BLUE series is the Ur Example to go when one is looking for NTR in Visual Novels/Eroges and Anime.

Starting in 2005 Lilim Darkness launched the BLUE mark with True Blue, a game that would introduce many to heavy cuckold in their Eroges and make it a popular practice for other developers trying to follow the Leader.

The BLUE Series has created a formula ever since, and follows strictly in all other releases for the series; the protagonist is a nice guy who’s already in a close relationship with the girl he loves, the girl in question is a childhood friend or at least someone who has been close to the guy for a long time, and she also does like him; the only issue is just make them into an official couple, that which will be resolved within a few paragraphs in the game. This is it, both boy and girl are boyfriend and girlfriend, so this is the end, right? No, it is not, if so that would a normal romantic Visual Novel, something which the BLUE series is not.

The setting throws in some men who are not happy with the boy and the girl being together, the girl in particular is seen as too much for the guy is question, he’s just an average guy and the girl is sight to behold, a thing of beauty, she can’t be with this guy. So it begins, each men will scheme something to steal the girl away from the boy, some forcibly while others smoothly, this man in question will be a route within the game. The stage is set, the plot will develop with the boy being generally clueless of the events around him, while the girl is being harassed by any of the men trying to sway her; the eventual conclusion will be the guy taking notice of this dark scheme way too late, with his lover already liking to be with the offender, from here the boy can only accept that the girl is no longer his and end the story in despair… or go back and make the right choices and getting the only ending in which he keeps his love away from the clutches of these offenders.

This is not all though, after True Blue, the formula has evolved; in the newer games the boy can actually be made to take different actions according to the situation he finds himself in: like being the one who cheats, there will be other girls he can happily end up with, not just men trying to take his initial girl away, also he can become revenge bent against those who wronged him, taking a turn from his nice guy attitude and usually becoming a vicious murder, if he’s pissed enough he might even attack the girl he once loved.

Games In The Series:

  • Dark Blue Kagirinaku... Yami ni Somaru BLUE
  • Innocent Blue
  • Triangle Blue

The success of the games have been spawning animated adaptations for popular installments of the series, although these adaptations are heavily focused on the cuckold part (which made the series famous in the first place), it discards basically all the romance build up the main couple has in the game to begin with the relationship ready to be destroyed, also the boy can only sit and take his suffering as the girl will always end up liking the other guy, ending with the girl going away with the offender, or a half-assed saving from the boy, as in he let the offender do everything he could with the girl and, and not being particularly insane about it.

The BLUE Series is not the only line of NTR games that Lilim Darkness has, though. Only their most famous.

Tropes used in BLUE Series include:
  • Adaptation Distillation: All anime adaptations is just about cuckcolding and taking the route where the boy loses his girl or lets her have a "nice" time with the offender for too long, saving her too late or not saving at all.
  • Flanderization: The characters tends to become charicatures of their original game counterparts for the animation adaptation.
  • Guide Dang It: The choices are not straightfoward to which route you're getting into, it boils to paying or not paying attention to the girl, the catch is at which situation.
  • Mood Whiplash: The prologue for each game is a nice and heartwarming love story, it goes dark from here.
  • Netorare Genre: Ultimate codifier when it comes to Eroges.
  • Plot With Porn: The reason it is classified as a Visual Novel, the story tries to give depth to all the characters involved and the situation they are in, making the darker routes more dramatic in the proccess.
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