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One of the newer seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu is best known for playing catgirls Azusa Nakano from K-On!!, Ako Suminoe from Kiss X Sis Kirino Kousaka from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, and Tsugumi from Guilty Crown. Has a tendency of late to be typecast as girls who are either overly mature/serious for their age (Azusa of K-On!) or violent, selfish and domineering (Kirino of Oreimo and Mio of MM!). Almost all of them are Tsundere, and one way or another are invariably associated with cats.

She apparently is also an avid otaku in real life. She's an admitted fan of Ghost in the Shell, and even plays dating sims for men sometimes, such as Sister Princess. She also is apparently a little sister herself. (Kana Hanazawa has even called her a real-life Kirino.)

She has a voice acting relationship with Kana Hanazawa (in Dog Days, Guilty Crown, Ore No Imouto, and The World Only God Knows). They're apparently friends in Real Life too.

Notable roles by Ayana Taketatsu:

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