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Describe Ayako Kawasumi here, gyabo~!

One of the more prolific female Japanese voice actors, Ayako Kawasumi had a decent start in the 90's but really boomed after 2000. She has a great versatility in her voice, and whereas her early roles are either Genki Girls or everyday-sweet-neighbor friends, her later roles show a wider range. Her role as Saber on Fate/stay night made her one of the most popular seiyuu to this day.

In addition, Ayako Kawasumi is a skilled pianist. Has a big-sisterly friendship with younger but no-less-popular seiyuu Mamiko Noto. Has had MANY couple roles with Tomokazu Seki. Chiaki's hatred for Nodame? Requited by Gilgamesh towards Saber.

Notable roles by Ayako Kawasumi:

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