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  • First, this page needs to mention Slowbeef, creator of the idea of Let's Play-ing.
  • Helloween 4545's playthrough of F.E.A.R., specifically when he learns how to shoot grenades in midair and one-shots Replicas with flying kicks.
    • A cooler example is in his LP of Dead Space, when he's ambushed on the bridge by a bunch of Necromorphs. He uses the alt fire button for the pulse rifle he's holding. Isaac crouches down and part of the gun begins to spin, firing off shots in all directions. As ineffective as it is, it still looks awesome. Not to mention that he took down the first Brute he encountered while taking no damage.
  • Coestar, a Minecraft LPer, Colonized HELL in a mere 15 videos, and his attitude was "yeah, typical tuesday in hell, meh" for episode 7 or so onwards. He found hell kind of boring. HE FOUND HELL BORING. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE.
    • YMMV, of course.
  • Kikoskia's last stand in Doom 3.


  "Pick any damage. Any damage"

  • Cybershell13 deserves a mention here because of his hilarious, profanity-laiden, and extremely entertaining Sonic the Hedgehog playthroughs.
  • The Time Warrors and their LP of War for Cybertron. At about 2:40 in their third video, Megatron goes on about how he senses Cloakers in the room. Roboky, playing as Megatron, casually shoots at the balcony they were standing on and kills four of them in one shot.
  • You may not expect to find one in a cutesy game like Kirbys Epic Yarn, but Medibot and Kaz are here to prove you wrong by turning into a giant robot and rocket-punching the heck out of Yin-Yarn. He barely gets a shot in!
  • Crazy Commentaries gets one in during their Super Mario 64 Let's Play in this video, they were racing Koopa the Quick and they came to the part where they had to get past a bridge with wind blowing. Koopa looked like he pushed them off the bridge and onto the last platform, then they longjumped to the flag to eke out a victory by a mere 0.2 seconds
  • The milleniumfrisbee in his LP of Paper Mario manages to beat most of the game with only one badge (a HP Plus badge) and on the boss fight with the Ice King, manages to get the spell to activate when getting the star points, netting him 88 star points (beating chuggaaconroy's record of 68 star points by 20).
  • RaidouFrost pulls a string of these during the tail end of his LP of Shin Megami Tensei I, including taking down several bosses with auto-battle. Not to mention some of his Badass Boasts:

 Michael: "What kind of pathetic excuse for a savior are you?!"

RaidouFrost: "I'm not a savior. I'm just here to kill everything so that the world doesn't get destroyed even more."

 Magnus: "In the end, I couldn't beat you, Kazuya. You were always a step ahead of me."

RaidouFrost: "Darius was always a step ahead of you. Hell, Ozawa was always a step ahead of you."

Magnus: "And I thought I had finally gotten power that surpassed God's too."

RaidouFrost: "Ha, that's a good one. A stray cat was probably more around your league."

  • Diabetus' Let's Play of Battletoads is worth mentioning here. He plays through a notoriously difficult game without getting hit once, and uses only one savestate.
  • Slowflake has a few for Pokémon Emerald and Super Mario Bros 3 -- notably when he beats Norman's Slaking (a That One Boss for many a trainer, including himself) in a matter of seconds.
  • Chuggaaconroy, in Part 18 of his Pokemon Crystal LP-- he mentions that he'd like to catch a Koffing for his team before leaving Burned Tower. Literally a moment after saying that, he encounters and captures one. What's so special, let alone awesome, about this catch? It's a shiny.
  • RedChocobo proving that Bullet Seed (in Emerald) and Fury Cutter (in Platinum) can be VERY helpful in the right situation.
    • The shiny Chinchou catch in Emerald part 55.
  • After having a ton of trouble in his practice runs, UniversalGiant completes The Perfect Run in Super Mario Galaxy 2 on his first recorded attempt.
  • In a Let's Play of Fire Emblem 7, when it came time to challenge Sonia to finish the battle and claim the throne, the author sent Canas, who is canonically Nino's uncle according to her support with the druid, to take her out as a form of poetic justice. First turn in, he criticals with Luna, wiping her out in a single blast of dark magic before she can even attack. Needless to say, I cheered like he never cheered before at the outcome.
  • A similar Let's Play boss kill is in Rondie Plays Fire Emblem 8, episode 021-2a. Joshua, whose mother was murdered by Callach in the last chapter, delivers revenge in the form of the One-Hit Kill Silencer. And just to rub it in, Rondie adds extra dialogue: "You stole my Hoplon Guard, Assassin, with Shamshir, and A Support adding critical?! CURSE YOOOUUUU~"
  • BikdipOnABus at the end of his Pokemon FireRed Omega Let's Play
  • After trying to clear a room in Hero's Cave from Oracle of Ages for about 10 minutes, these LP'ers discover one of the more entertaining ways to clear a Zelda level.
    • The best part? They were joking when they tried that.
  • The Syndicate Project, a Youtube User doing essentially a Let's Play of Minecraft, had an awesome moment in the latest episode, which he titled 'Luckiest Minecraft Player Ever'. Why? He went into the Nether to collect some Glowstone, with some armour enchanted with protection, pickaxes, and a few other items. During said collection of glowstone, he falls of a ledge into lava and is momentarily blinded (you can't see under-lava). Upon surfacing and panicking, he is very slowly swimming to the nearest shore, hoping his enchanted armour can keep him alive. It does, and he reaches the shore, only to then have a Ghast attack him, causing him to run back towards his portal (he hopes). He ends up being attacked by two more Ghasts, attacking one and running from the other, before diving back to safety through the portal. Upon arriving back, he is understandably freaked out, and upon checking his armour finds that three of the four pieces are almost broken. Luckiest Minecraft Player indeed.


  1. that makes the game spawn an extra seventh ball when he's rolling down the slope, a trick that is almost impossible to dodge
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