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When you come across the ten percent of fanfiction that's worth dying for (and even some that falls squarely under Poe's Law), there will be awesome.

Please keep in mind that this is a very subjective trope; what strikes one person as "THAT'S AWESOME!!!!" may strike you as "meh". Disagreeing with someone else's opinion is NOT a valid reason to delete their example. When in doubt, leave it alone.

Now let the awesome commence!

 Aziraphale's expression was like thunder. "Come to me, my child," he said, his tone as cutting as diamonds. "And I will show you a true wonder of a miracle!"

    • There are a lot of them in Arrangements, but this troper's favorite has to be when Crowley and Gabriel are trapped by Lucifer and left to the mercy of a group of human demons. Aziraphale, Castiel, Sam, and Dean are in the same building and fighting hordes of other human demons to get to them, but will never get there in time. Crowley, who at this point is trapped by holy fire and unable to help Gabriel physically, promptly flips out and stops the human demons by transforming into an Eldritch Abomination and driving pure, unadulterated terror straight into their minds. He then goes on to do the same thing to every single human demon in the building, effectively ending the fight without ever leaving his prison. And this is after he'd spent most of the fic being the Non-Action Guy. The chapter is very aptly titled Big Damn Heroes.

 Fear was something else. Fear was something uniquely, terribly human, an immovable part of the psyche. And Crowley was the Serpent of Eden. The first demon humanity ever met. The only reason they had primal fears was because he'd put them there.

  • Eyrie Productions is a site full of fanfics that shine with these.
  • I'm surprised Fairly English Story isn't here. Episode 72 is where it kicks into overdrive.
    • Hell, he even faced the Hermit Arcana when he turned into the Chou Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!!
  • Shinji and Warhammer 40 K is perhaps the fanfiction king of this trope, with every single chapter containing at least one and every single character getting their own moments to shine. Shinji? Walking awesome factory. Rei? Never, ever cross her, ever. Asuka? Three words: GIGA! DRILL! BREEEAAAKEEEERR! Kaworu? Everything that Shinji is, but on the opposing side. Misato, Ritsuko, Gendo? There's a reason they are still in charge after everything going FUBAR on a constant basis. Maya becomes a Sister of Battle. Mana becomes a Commisar with her own personal Dreadnought. Hikari becomes an Inquisitor, with Stormtrooper Suzuhara as her retainer. There is even the original characters, including-but-not-limited-to a military genius that almost led China to world domination, and a regular solider with collossal titanium balls that has survived a Zombie Apocalypse and being absorbed by an Eldritch Abomination and is far from finished. Pick a character, pick a chapter, pick a page, and this trope is almost certainly there. Enjoy.
    • For a specific example, Shinji gets one when he consecrates EVA-01 as his personal Titan.

 Shinji: "Cast in the shape of man! Made to fight humanity's enemies! You shall carry our will unto eternity! I NAME YOU!" He leaned over the railing. "EVANGELION! I NAME YOU; TITANICUS! PRINCIPIO ETERNUS!"

    • The author also has this little habit of topping himself. Over and over and over again. In the latest chapter, Shinji had a Big Damn Heroes moment, where he rescues some PDF soldiers that were going to be killed by angel-made zombies, by charging in with Leman Russ tanks, and then deploying what amounts to Space Marine Terminators. And then used his Psychic Powers to just vaporise an enemy unit that got a little too close to him.
      • Don't forget the 'effing Grey Knights, even if it was a suicide mission.
    • Kensuke gets one during the battle against Matariel and its Angelspawn in Chapter 19.3. When the school is under attack, he sighs in vexation, goes to where his supplies are squirreled away, retrieves some armor plates from hidden caches, pulls on some goggles and a breathing mask, and slowly, deliberately straps on equipment until he completes his transformation into a full-blown Techpriest. Then he picks up two bolt pistols and goes Angel hunting. "Don't worry about this one. I'll buy you time."
    • Makoto Hyuga in the following chapter, dressed like a chainsword-wielding priest for some studio art production and coming out to stop a riot from erupting with some frothing oratory and one helluva bluff.
    • Rei. One word: "Waaagh." Or maybe its when she beats Shinji in a sim by knocking his Eva to the ground and stomping on his head repeatedly before kicking it like a football. Or turning into Apocalypse Rei when Shinji and Maya get held for ransom.

 "I propose we level this city section by section until we find him. I am capable of this and can begin within the next hour. I estimate it will only take me two days and four hours until it is completely assured that I have isolated where Ikari-kun may be."

    • Chapter 2.2. "THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!" This troper happened to own the Dawn of War soundtrack and was listening to the Space Marines' theme when he read that part, which combined with the narrative made him shed Manly Tears.
    • In order to provide some context and clarification as to exactly how awesome this story is, the very first Crowning Moment of Awesome, the one that all successive Awesome Moments exceed by increasing magnitudes, is when eight-year-old Shinji has his Warboss figurine stolen by three larger boys, and he proceeds to attempt to beat the living crap out of them, and wins, despite being nothing but a big bruise by the end of it. The boys are so impressed by his sheer balls that from then on they refer to him only as "Da' Boss".
  • This Troper sees Charles Belphin's Shinji and Warhammer 40k and raises you Academia Nut's Thousand Shinji!
    • The "Shinji Suicide Special" against Shamsel that actually makes it afraid of him.
    • Two NERV grunts finish off Ramiel by putting a TOW missile into its exposed core.
    • Asuka and Unit 02 jump inside Sandalphon, blow its rear half open with her melta and cut their way out.
    • Iruel is held off by Shinji rapidly altering the diseases in Rei's blood to horrifying extents, followed by being finished off with a psychic attack.
    • The fight against Zeruel, although retold as part of Shinji's greatest failure then, took the original and made it even more amazing.
    • Nearly beat by the MP EVA Units, Asuka makes Unit 02 go Bloodthirster and rips through eight of them before going down, noting while doing so that she should have been dead twice over. Yes, Unit 02 went One-Winged Angel.
    • The culmination of the 40k gods' Gambit Roulette has to be seen to be believed.
  • How can we ignore The Open Door?
    • Practically everything Lars does.
      • His best moment by far isn't any of the later stereotypically badass accomplishments. It's in Chapter 31, when he listens to Keiichi's account of his life. He says, before showering him with praise, what every fan of AMG has been thinking:

 "Marry her, and make sweet, sweet love until the Grim Reaper himself taps you on the shoulder to let you know that you should take a break before overdoing it."

[after praising him to the rafters by saying he's better than his whole society]"Kid, live your life."

  • Eyrie Productions Unlimited's Neon Exodus Evangelion has quite a number of these.
    • When NERV finds Sahaquiel, they send Jon and Asuka's EVAs into space to fight it. And after that, when Jon's EVA is damaged and can't make reentry, Asuka cuts the Entry Plug out of it and carries the Plug back to Earth behind her own reentry shield. This event is what starts getting them to really trust each other.
    • Rei confronting Gendo in episode 3:4:

 Rei: I'm unarmed. I have no armor, no defenses. If you want DJ and Asuka dead, then kill me.

    • In episode 3:7, DJ Croft manages to defeat an AP Eva with Jet Alone.
    • Shinji gets one in episode 3:8. After a near-miss by a plasma weapon near Jon's head, Shinji thinks Jon is dead and goes into Unstoppable Rage with a plasma rifle of his own. He stands there, shooting unflinching even when a shot goes for his own head... and is deflected by Shinji's AT field.
    • Rei also gets one in 3:8, when her rage at SEELE's manipulations manages to power and awaken EVA Unit 0 into its full glory as Moloch.
    • Bridge Bunny John Trussel manages to hold off the US Army at the dock of the Queen Elizabeth 2 long enough to save Hyuuga, which is even more awesome considering he hadn't even wanted the gun that came with his promotion in the first place.
    • And In Apotheosis Now, pretty much every one of the good guys gets at least one CMOA. Including SHODAN and Gendo.
    • Don't forget "I have been Roland, Beowulf, Achilles, Gilgamesh..."
  • When Asuka comes back to Tokyo-3 in NGE: Walking in the Shadow of Dreams, she moves into the apartment next door to Shinji's. While unpacking, Rei comes by to 'set things straight' with her, though it's mostly to pick a fight (It makes sense in context). Eventually it devolves into a cat fight, which is halted suddenly by Misato taseing them both, which naturally is complete with the Bond One-Liner...

 "Crap like this is why I don't let pilots live with me anymore?"

    • And then of course there's the part where we learn that Third Impact was averted not by Shinji, but Gendo. Ikari. "Get away from MY SON!" has often been a standard cry for a CMOA, but considering who says it, and who he says it to, makes it even more so.
  • In the Tortall/Torchwood crossover Guardian of the Gates both Jack and Ianto get CMOAs when the Graveyard Hag, a powerful trickster goddess tries to use Ianto as a bargaining piece to make Jack wipe out some alien refugees. Just prior to this, she claims the alien's will bring others if they live, Jack just laughs at her and shoots down her argument in 2 seconds flat. When she brings out Ianto, Jack tells him what is happening, and to the Graveyard Hags fury, Ianto tells him not to do it and walks out, with a parting snark attack.

  Ianto: "I'm not in your jurisdiction. I came here of my own free will, and I can leave of it as well."

This attempted manipulation also causes Jack to flip out, big time.

 Graveyard Hag: "You have no power here."

Jack: *draws revolver furiously* "Wanna bet? You wanna fight a man who can't die? Seriously? You may be a god, but let me tell you something; fighting me is the worst idea you could possibly have."

  • In another Gregg Landsman Eva fic, Nobody Dies, Misato is given the one Crowning moment the series, and most fanfics, denied her in the seventeenth chapter against the Angel ADAM.

  "My name is Misato Katsuragi," she says, "Lieutenant Colonel of NERV. Daughter of Shiro Katsuragi, the stupid son of a bitch who woke you up. I am the daughter of a murdered man and the only human being to look on you with their own eyes and live to tell about it. I am the right hand of retribution and the last human being you will ever see, you glow in the dark mother f___er. Now smile asshole. Because this, is my seventeen years of f___ing payback!"

    • Asuka gets the second half of chapter 24 and all of chapter 25 as a protracted CMOA. Having been thoroughly broken by parental neglect and emotional/mental abuse before the fic began, and spending much of the fic itself as a stammering, timid wreck - It Makes Sense in Context - her rampage of awesome begins in a deliciously just fashion when she chairshots Kyoko, the parent in question. And then she really gets started....
    • She tops this one in ch. 38 (at least in a teaser) when her various personality splits come to life to help her fight the Angel Iruel.
  • The amazing, albeit unfinished A Human Saiyajin gives Ranma a brilliant one when he comes amazingly close to beating Imperfect Cell. It gets underlined when Cell flat out tells Trunks that for all their powers, none of the Z crew were as much a danger to him as Ranma. Even after becoming Perfect Cell, Ranma gives him a good fight Then he and Vegeta spend a year in the Hyperbaric Time Chamber and Ranma learns to master the power of the Nekoken
  • The Unity Saga, a massive Star Wars/Star Trek crossover, has so, so many.
    • Picard's "The colors must not be struck" reply to Palpatine's demand for the Federation's surrender.
    • Thrawn being revealed as the advisor of the Borg.
    • Luke slicing the Borg Queen to pieces with his lightsaber. And putting the moon back in place after aliens try to drive it into the Earth.
    • Seven of Nine taking down Darth Whind and any and all scenes of her in Mama Bear mode. "Resistance is futile" indeed.
    • Sebastian defeating Ben despite getting both his arms cut off. And then refusing to join the Dark Side and sparing his life, defying everything fate said would happen.
    • Chapter 48 of part six could be considered one for the author, as all of a sudden we enter Crisis Crossover mode, with the characters rapidly moving through the worlds of Halo, Hellraiser, Wing Commander, Night of the Living Dead, War of the Worlds, the Marvel Universe, Transformers, The Lord of the Rings, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alien, and Battlestar Galactica...and it all feels completely natural.
    • Janeway becomes quite the Magnificent Bitch after becoming the Sith Lord the Oracle. Her fight with Ben Skywalker is definitely the high point.
  • The Doctor gets one in the Doctor Who/Firefly cross-over A Life Less Extraordinary´ where he is pushed one inch too far:

  "Yes, I think war is a fool's game. Yes, I believe life - all life - is precious. But tell me something, Vharaj - did you ever listen to my enemies' tales of me? If you did, it's obvious you weren't paying attention. The Daleks do not have emotion, Vharaj. They don't know fear. But do you know what they called me? Ka Faraq Gatri. It means 'Destroyer of Worlds'. I am the Bringer of Darkness, Vharaj. The Oncoming Storm. I've watched worlds and galaxies fall, and rise, and fall again. I fought the Vampires at the dawn of Creation, and I may yet witness the end of the Universe. I brought about the destruction of my own race, the deaths of my children, my grandchildren, my siblings, my friends, all in the name of peace, to save this Universe. So you tell me, Vharaj: what do you think I am capable of?"

  • A crowning moment of awesome for the author, who managed to fit well over a hundred 'Emergency!' episode titles into the text of this Doctor Who fanfic.
  • The Star Trek/Babylon 5 story A Thin Veneer has what almost seems like a Crowning Month of Awesome for Starfleet Captain Acaltha and a group of Klingon ships as their quite-possibly-deranged crews pin a Minbari strikeforce to the wall with a series of more and more deranged dirty tricks, including decoy Klingon 'ships', using weapons that were obsolete for decades to nasty effect, resonating the Minbari's hulls to overload their communications with Klingon opera and annoyingly cheerful J-Pop, and in the end, giving them the planet... that was abandoned before the Federation/Klingon task force ever showed up.
  • The first novel of Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness is, essentially, one long Crowning Moment for Neville Longbottom.
    • Heterosexual Life Partners and resident Badass Bookworms Michael Corner and Terry Boot have many throughout the novel. In fact, as soon as one (or both) of them make an appearance in the novel, you know that something is going to happen. And it's going to be awesome. Pity that neither of them survived the final battle.
    • There's also poor Dennis Creevey, who never said a word after realising his parents were dead, until one of the Death Eaters, Rudolphus Lestrange, killed his older brother, Colin. Dennis then proceeds to put his wand through Lestrange's eye, and yell "AVADA KEDAVRA YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!
    • Viktor Krum had one as well. When Hannah Abbott and Neville Longbottom realize that the Weasley family is not in their home and wrongly assume they were captured, they disguise themselves as Death Eaters and are caught and sentenced to execution. Percy Weasley witnesses their trial and contacts Ludo Bagman, who contacts Krum, who flies non-stop from Bulgaria to England, takes Polyjuice to switch out with Percy, and then proceeds to spirit Neville and Hannah away while the two of them blast through the doors. Bonus points for this little exchange:

 Hannah: But why? Why risk your life for us?

Krum: You are Hufflepuff, yes? Like Cedric?

Hannah: Yes.

Krum: Then you know vy.

    • Ah, hell, the entire story is just packed with Crowning Moments for just about all of the characters involved.
      • Its very existence is a Crowning Moment for the author, who began writing in April 2008. Yes, that's right, Thanfiction wrote over half a million words in just under eight months. That's the equivalent of the Harry Potter series up to the halfway point of Half-blood Prince. If he finishes the proposed last book of the trilogy at his previous pace, he will, with three novels and various oneshots, have equaled and surpassed JK Rowling's length in one-tenth the time.
      • It was his first fic too.
      • He was living in his car when he wrote it.
      • Also, he didn't plan anything out, or edit. ANYTHING!
  • In Burger Becky's Ranma 1/2/Sailor Moon/Terminator crossover ficTunnel Vision, there is a truly great Crowning Moment of Awesome when Ryoga takes down Skynet. Actually, creating a readable story from that mashup, let alone the tour de force that is Tunnel Vision, is a CMoA for the author herself.
  • Speaking of authorical Crowning Moments of Awesome, the entire series of Titan Legends seems to serve as a CMoA for those who write it. Especially the endings of some of the more heated arcs.
    • There are plenty of character CMoAs, though. Like when The OC Savior stabs himself through the heart with a magic sword in order to activate its true power and banish Trigon back to hell.
    • The canon characters get them too. In one story, after defeating a crazed Knight Templar, Beast Boy who is a catholic, as in the comics, tells the religious fanatic that he's only going to hear four words when he meets God: "I don't know you."
  • In the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien/DC Universe Crossover "Lost Ones" Vilgax hires Slade to kill Ben, he decides to go after Gwen For the Evulz and she fights him on an even playing field, even though she gets the crap beat out of her. She counters his Hannibal Lecture about her guilt for killing the Forever Knights who murdered Kevin, culminating in an Actor Allusion with the words, "Shut up! Just shut up and leave me alone! I’m not some sad little girl you can control, you Manipulative Bastard!". Shortly after she gives Slade an Eye Scream with a pen through his empty right eye socket, and that was after she kneecapped him with a golf club. Considering the fact that Gwen and Terra are both played by Ashley Johnson, it's just so much more awesome.
  • The Ultimate Ace just for the fact that it's Ace Combat, written Real Life-style (lampshading the difference thus: Mobius One "hadn't been responsible for the final destruction of Stonehenge though. That was a common misconception. Nothing short of a B-1 or B-2 had that much firepower"), and it actually works.
  • The Land Before Time fan fics having a CMOA? Hell yes!
  • This troper would like to think Sam Manson's disembodied consciousness leading Charles Xavier and the X-Men to almost certain doom against an army of various Dannys-turned-evil led by an omnipotent Dark Danny, and proceeding to win anyways, and then return Danny from death by sheer force of love counts, no matter how hideous his writing was at the time.
  • The Wordverse is a giant crossover fanfic on the The Atomic Think Tank boards. The first story's final fight is John Preston (Equilibrium) and Batman vs V vs the League of Shadows and Ras Al-Gul. And that's the initial story, it gets better later on.
  • Naruto gets quite a few in S'tar'kan's epic series Team 8. This troper's favorite is his battle with Neji, where he uses the Kyuubi's chakra to blow open his closed tenketsu points and beat Neji black and blue in taijutsu.

 Neji: That's impossible.

Naruto: Just as impossible as fighting against fate. Just as impossible as fighting a Jyuken user hand to hand.

    • What makes that moment even more awesome is that he actually doesn't use the Kyuubi chakra, he just brute forces it open with his own chakra, a skill learned practicing with Hinata. Compared to the fact that he DOES call on Kyuubi in canon makes that even more awesome.
    • Another moment: Naruto vs Sasuke. One punch, right in the jaw.
      • Here's an extension of the aforememntioned spoiler, just to put into perspective just how awesome that moment was:

 When the examiner said "Begin!" there was a green blur of motion that ended in a loud crack.

Naruto was standing in the space formerly occupied by the Uchiha, fist extended. Shino noticed that his eyes were a much darker shade of blue than normal, almost a deep purple.

As for Sasuke, he was flying backwards, landing in a boneless heap three and a half meters behind his starting position. There was a large lump already forming on the side of his jaw as he bounced once before sliding to a halt. To Shino's untrained eye, it was quite apparent that the last Uchiha had sustained a broken jaw.

Gekkou Hayate stared at the clearly unconscious boy as the one who struck him turned and began marching toward the exit. Clearing his throat, he announced, "Winner, Uzumaki Naruto."

    • Don't forget Haku. Breaks through the Sound Four's barrier and goes on to fight Orochimaru alongside the Hokage, easily keeping up with them.
    • Hinata's reaction to finding out just how horribly Naruto was mistreated by some for being the host of the nine-tailed fox.

 Hinata: That's bullshit! *sudden horrified pause, claps both hands over her mouth*

    • Arguably, Shino's best CMOA in the entire series is during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams, immediately following Hinata's harsh beat-down at the hands of Neji.

 Glancing around, Shino noticed that both Rock Lee and Tenten were staring at him. Looking down, he realized that there was a fine spray of aspirated blood across the front of his jacket. Hinata's blood. He looked back up.

"What variety of flowers would be appropriate?" he asked in the calmest, most matter-of-fact tone of voice he could muster.

"What?" Tenten asked, rubbing a bruise on the side of her head that she'd sustained in her loss to Temari. To their credit, both of them appeared upset with the outcome of the last match, but Shino still had a point to make.

"For your team mate's funeral," he clarified.

Lee paled.

      • My favorite Shino moment, after a great deal of cold anger at the village for the way they've treated Naruto: Kurenai casually mentions the Kyuubi in front of Naruto's entire team and the Hokage, who gets very angry before he realizes that Naruto's team knows Naruto's secret.

 "And we did not run screaming into the night," Shino murmured.

    • Kurenai gets one when she manages to break out of Tsukuyomi, a feat normally reserved for Sharingan users or demon gods. Sadly Itachi, who is a straight up villain here, kills her after she breaks his strongest genjutsu.
  • "Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto". The whole story is filled with Crowning Moments Of Awesome and Crowning Moments Of Funny.
    • Basically, all of Chapter 25 is a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Naruto fights his mother and destroys several city blocks in the process while all available Chuunin and Jounin are maintaining a barrier so the two don't destroy the entire village.
  • "Roku Naruto". Chapter 13 gets a Crowning moment of awesome for the conclusion of the first fight against Zabuza. Naruto and his clones threw several giant kunai filled with 900 kilos of rubhidium into the lake Zabuza is standing on. Zabuza later swore never to fight Naruto over water.
  • Nigh everything written by lord of the land of fire. While I can't endorse the sex scenes, he manages to make some very awesome scenes that readers often fail to fully appreciate the Awesomeness of. "A Few Angry Words" contains a paralel to Revelation Chapter 19 (Yes, that's the Second Coming of Jesus), while "The True Monster" contains a rather thorough paralel to World War II! Just when you think this guy has written himself into a corner, he comes out with something even more awesome as a resolution.
  • Edward Elric gets one in Invert, a Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter crossover. Bound by magic and being mindraped by Voldemort, Ed breaks Voldemort's concentration by calling up an image of the Gate of Truth, causing it to manifest for a few moments before fading out. In the distraction, Ed breaks Voldemort's grip on him and kicks him in the balls for good measure.
  • Sluagh, the sequel to the above mentioned "Dumbledore's Army..." has more Crowning Moments of Awesome than the original Harry Potter series combined. Seamus Finnigan, in particular, has become a serious Anti-Hero, as well as Taken A Level In Badass to a whole new degree. For anyone who was disappointed by the Big Bad of the original series being taken down with an Expelliarmus, this time the - much nastier, IMHO - bad is taken out in a last-ditch wager where the fate of the world rests on a knife fight to the death. "You want to live, I just want you to die." Made of Win.
  • An OC named Philip gets one in the W.I.T.C.H. Fanfic WITCH POWER by Xen Kenshin when he completely DESTROYS Nerissa's demonic minions Shagon and co. because of an unstoppable rage.. downside? He kills his love interest Irma.
  • In Daria fanfic, two OC's are living, breathing CMOAs every time they show their faces! Jim Vitale (especially when written by Scissors MacGillicutty) and Black Majesty (when written by Roentgen). The pinnacle of the Big Bad, both are superb examples of the Manipulative Bastard who lives by The Plan- and while Black Majesty is probably Like a Badass Out of Hell, Vitale is a fusion of Bunny Ears Lawyer and Badass Normal with his own CatchPhrases (anyone who he calls 'asshat' is in for a world of 'ow', people he calls 'sport' should watch their backs, and as he says, 'the law is just what lawyers do with it'), his own version of the Kubrick Stare, a Compelling Voice and takes any woman in sight that he wants - because All Girls Want Bad Boys, and he's a amped-up version of Draco in Leather Pants.
  • Chapter 12:6 of the Daria fanfic series 'Legion of Lawndale Heroes' - 'Bop 'Til You Drop' - features an all-out battle between the Legionnaires and their Darker and Edgier conterparts - the team of young superheroes known as ' The Alliance ', and is a dictionary of CMoAs:
    • Deadpan Snarker Jane Lane (who has magnetic powers) despite being seriously wounded, manages to go toe-to-toe with a young woman with Kryptonian powers and at one point, nearly tears her skeleton from her body by giving the woman's body and skeleton differing charges, allowing the Earth's magnetic field to do the heavy work... Ouch.
    • Subverted brutally when resident Butt Monkey Tom Sloane, who has powers equal to a Kryptonian, charges the other side's resident Flying Brick and dials it Up to Eleven with a punch that actually causes nuclear-level effects in a straight line behind the girl for over a mile... and when the smoke clears, she is standing there, unaffected. To cap off the Humiliation Conga, she drop-kicks him over the nearert river, almost as an afterthought.
    • Badass Lolita Sandi Griffin (who Took a Level In Badass during the course of the series and is actually now the team's resident Badass - though Tiffany Blum-Deckler, while seeming to compete for the Badass title, is more of a Heroic Sociopath) gets two. First, when facing off against the other teams best fighter - a girl who's also a ninja - Reality Ensues when, instead of fighting her, she simply triplicates and shoots her in the face three times - each of her three bodies fires. Later, when surrounded by four of the most powerful and dangerous members of the other team, the ninja says to her, 'Don't you know that when you're surrounded by four people like us, it means that you should give up right then and there?' Her response - just before detonating her weapon (thereby blowing up herself, her adversaries and a BIG chunk of the mall they're fighting in), is 'Don't you know that when you hear the sound of my zipper unzipping, it means that you can suck my-! '
    • Original character David Allen Farrington, who's sporting some serious Psychic Powers (like Daria Morgendorffer herself, but his are turned Up to Eleven because he also has interactive powers like telekinesis - plus, he's a walking BFG), gets a couple himself. First, When he and Daria are having a tag-team bout of A God Am I by both tapping into cosmic forces, he defeats her by giving her a kiss - causing the cosmic power to withdraw from her instantly in a literal case of a Slap Slap Kiss. Then, when the rest of the Legionnaires come after him, he gets a little bit Drunk on the Dark Side (although some would say that it's more a literal case of This Is Your Brain on Evil) and starts cleaning house - starting with Quinn, who he tells, 'This is the part where you go 'Ow'.' Trust me when I say that it gets worse until he's talked back down by The Power of Friendship.
    • Even though the entire battle happens in Cyberspace, and nobody really got hurt, doesn't make it all any less awesome.
  • In the Daria fanfic 'Emancipation', Daria gets one when she goes to buy her sister a chicken dinner, and a guy attempts to mug her right in front of the restaurant. Before anyone inside can do anything - not to mention the mugger - Daria's Damsel Fight-and-Flight Response totally fails her, instead making her momentarily Ax Crazy as she takes her Doc Martens to each of his knees and then kicks him in the face... leaving a perfect print of her boot's sole on his forehead.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Redemption by Chris & Alex Voutsis, Rei Ayanami, piloting a Unit-00' with only ten minutes of battery power, is forced to fight alone against the USAF-operated Unit-04' (codenamed MARI) when Shinji and Asuka are incapacitated. Normally, this would be impressive though not quite a Crowning Moment of Awesome. What kicks it over the top? The USAF has upgraded Unit-04's Dummy Plug and can remotely pilot the Eva themselves, meaning that, unlike the Angels who just blast things at random, Unit-04 is smart. Worse, it's armed with a jet pack, an S2 engine, a laser rifle, and stealth armor -- all of which it just used to destroy three military bases in France, steal eight other Evas for the US, and take on the UN. The situation looks so bad, even Misato thinks they're all probably screwed. After all, how can you fight an intelligent enemy that's just going to circle around above, taking out your support network (because it knows everything about you from spies in NERV), and you can't even paint it on radar? Rei's answer? Link with the Dummy Plug clone's mind to locate its position and then use her positron rifle to destroy its jet pack -- without even bothering to turn on her targeting computer. Then engage in a bloody, knock-down drag-out fist fight that levels half of Tokyo-3, goes down the Eva elevator shafts, into NERV itself, and ends with Rei beating Unit-04 to death in a berserker rage just before it destroys Unit-01 (and a Shinji trapped inside) even after Unit-00 is crippled and has taken a full gun clip to its head.
  • Post's gigantic Teen Titans fic, These Black Eyes is pretty much comprised of CMOA but my favorite is his OC Noir, who has at this point been kicked out of the Titans after Slade framed him as his Third Apprentice and had been marked with a microchip which Slade could activate and easily kill him at any time, going in to save the Titan's asses. When Slade tries to activate the chip, Noir shows how he got rid of it: by slicing off his own arm. He then proceesed to kill the bastard and save his friends. Hell Yeah.
    • Don't forget chapter 249 Dagger's forces are pursuing Robin and Noir, who end up unintentionally leading them into a ambush by the US Army, who were warned in advance by Lex Luthor, and were waiting for Dagger's men to attack.
  • Soldier of Spira has far too many to count, but several events come to mind. First, Operation Ratcatcher in its entirety, just for the build up and how Auron was written (Whose portrayal in itself is a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the writer; few can claim to write an Auron who surpasses the original). Second, Starfall in its entirety, for Auron and Rikku. Third? Auron more or less holds the entire world at ransom just by making a promise. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, in Spira and beyond knows not to goad/enrage/bother Auron. If he makes a promise, then no matter how impossible it seems, he will keep it.
    • Here's the absolutely epic speech Auron makes, in its entirety:

 Auron: Braska? Can you hear me? Yevon? Fayth? Lords of the Living and the Dead? Are you listening? Rikku will not die today. Rikku will not die today. Rikku will not die tomorrow. Rikku will not die in Zanarkand. Listen to me. Hear me all of you. All of your plans and your devices and wars, she has no part of them. She is not here because of you, to help you or to stop you. She is only here because she loves her cousin. Do you even understand such a simple reason? So Rikku does not die today. Rikku does not die tomorrow. Rikku does not die in Zanarkand at all and if she does then there is a new side in your forever wars and a new player and then I promise you that at the end of everything, at the end of it all no one will be standing.

  • Sherlock Holmes defeating Edward Cullen. Without any special powers. It just proved that Sherlock Holmes is a Badass Normal. Edward Cullen, the Vampire from Twilight. Getting his ass kicked by Sherlock Holmes. I can't stress that point enough.
  • Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past, chapter 27. Lucius Malfoy has just lost his house-elf Dobby and is pissed at Harry because of it. He spins towards Harry, ready to curse him with his wand...and stops. "Because an inch from the end of his nose was the end of Harry's wand, rock steady even with his arm at full extension. Five other wands were out as well, as a handful of children silently threatened to hex him and his son if they made another move." There are several others throughout the series, but that one always stands out to me.
  • So, so many moments in I'm A Marvel...And I'm A DC, especially in the After Hours/Happy Hour series. Let's just start with a recent one: "You mess with Dafoe, you gots to go!"
  • There are a few in the Pokémon fanfic Tales of Flame but the two that come to mind are:
    • When Grovyle, the resident Battle Butler, gets into a fencing duel with a Scyther Mook and channels Leaf Blade through a broomstick. And wins. Then later he gets a motorcycle and a real sword... all he's missing are the Cool Shades
    • At the end of the crossover with Anomaly where Scyther gets fed up with Mewtwo's attitude problems and shoots him with an Air Cutter. In the face. And hits. Actually making the legendary bleed!
  • The Harry Potter/Iron Man crossover, The Invicible Technomage, which features a Harry raised by Tony Stark. The Ministry of Magic tries to start a custody battle when they learn Harry's being raised by a muggle. Harry responds by threatening to "unleash the wrath of God on them". Ignoring what they see as an idle threat, they give him a court date. On the appointed date, Harry walks in, reminds them of his promise, and appologizes for not having been more specific as to which god. In walks Thor, who then uses the well known legal technique of "threaten to smite the mortals if they don't lay off your friend's kid".
  • From chapter 13 of the Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic Altered Destinies, where Shinji forces Gendo to de-activate the Dummy Plug before it kills the pilot of Unit Three who in this AU is a de-aged Misato by arming Unit One's self-destruct system and threatening to nuke himself if Gendo doesn't back down. Made doubly awesome in that Shinji is not only standing up to his father, but epically calling him out on an open broadcast frequency with all of NERV listening in.
    • Shinji essentially does the same thing to save Touji in The 2nd Try, though technically less awesome because he already knew that Gendo needed Unit 01 for his plans.
  • Stealing Harry by Sam-Stroyteller on Lj. "Summary: As with all good "what if?"s, the premise hinges on the smallest thing: what if Sirius was delayed just that much in going to meet Pettigrew after Lily and James were killed--so that Pettigrew used another--Lucius Malfoy--as the murder scapegoat? What if Sirius and Remus obeyed Dumbledore's injunction to let Harry grow up in the protection of the Dursley household--until they could stand it no longer, when Harry was eight years old? " CMoA? In the SECOND CHAPTER, when Remus and Sirius take Harry away from the Dursley's. They both tell them off. This Troper stopped and burst into giggles.
    • And again, in Laocoon's Children Book Two, where Tonks gives Tom Riddle a verbal whipping while standing in the Chamber of Secrets. Puny Half-Blood indeed.
  • Most of "The Treasure of Lei Fong Wu" [1], including the chapter devoted to Jayne annihilating a massive facility full of killer robots while wielding a heavy laser and an anti-tank rifle. Other moments include Wash using lasers to etch some graffiti on to the main antagonists ship.
  • The Shocker: Legit is one great big long Crowning Moment for C-List supervillain Herman Shultz, aka the eponymous Shocker. Particularily memorable moments include:
    • Herman's assessment of superhero banter from the viewpoint of a many-time loser supervillain.
    • Herman defeating master assassin Bullseye via exploiting the weakness of his adamantium laced bones. And then when Bullseye refuses to stop laughing at him, utilizing his vibrating gauntlets to literally explode Bullseye's gentitals. Which seems immensely harsh, unless you know what kind of a man Bullseye is.
    • Some fortunate timing and circumstances causing Spider-Man to think Herman has somehow scored with his ex-girlfriend, the ultra-attractive Black Cat.
      • Actually doing so about twenty chapters later. Under a series of plot circumstances so that the concept by then seems feasible rather then if you just posed the concept on its face.
    • This line:

 Shocker: "...being a meta with no direction in New York in the Eighties? Bad times: the Sentinel Program, Galactus's second and third visits, the Green Goblin's reign of terror, Ghost Rider, the Scourge of the Underworld, the Avengers going from seven members to seven hundred (I think I could've joined and they wouldn't have even noticed)..."

    • Herman showing mob boss/supervillain Hammerhead what happens if you push someone just a touch too far with your dismissive arrogance.
    • Secondary character Martin Blank aka the Gibbon gets one when he successfully steals the armor of the Crimson Dynamo in mid-fight.
    • Which happens when a few hundred supervillains and mercenaries are trying to claim a massive bounty on the Shocker's head for the shit he's stirred up. Shocker, with a little help from some friends he's picked up and a tricked-out hideout, survives. That may not seem like much, except when you recall he was being hunted by a FEW HUNDRED SUPERVILLAINS AND MERCENARIES. AT ONCE.
    • Despite being surprised by Scorpia, an assassin, Herman defeats her in an elevator and causes her to cut off her own arm. The elevator is covered with blood and is starting to flood. The door opens. Two old ladies are waiting for the elevator. Herman's reaction?

 Shocker: "Bitch wouldn't cook me dinner."

    • Herman himself states that The Rhino once had one when he told The Kingpin that he refuses to act as an assassin.
    • This troper thinks the moment that Shocker proves he really did invent his suit and gauntlets to Tony Stark was awesome. Stark and Reed Richards spent pretty much the entirety of their appearance up to then convinced that Shocker couldn't possibly have really invented the suit and gauntlets, that he MUST have stolen them from someone smarter. The moment that Stark realises that Shocker did actually invent them, and Shocker replies with a smug smile "That's right" was just great to see.
  • ShadowDragon8685's series of Misfile fanfiction starts the process of Rescuing Jenny the Second from the Scrappy Heap in Concrete Dreamscape, and by page 14 of Electric Dreams, she has become just plain awesome, defusing another superbitch by playing on the girl's latent homosexuality that she's trying to hide. (Note: Concrete Dreamscape and Electric Dreams are the fourth and fifth installments in the series. To read from the beginning, start here.)
  • This Troper found the end of "Chapter 23: For What Can Change" of Stray really powerful, maybe her absolute favorite in any fanfic, because she was counting bullets and realized what Adamska was about to do. Amazing scene.
  • In Elsewhen, and Elsewhere, a Warhammer 40000/Star Trek crossover, the Enterprise is captured by a group of Jem'Hadar. What the Jem'Hadar don't realize is that there's a couple squads of Space Marines on board. Hilarity Ensues.
  • This chapter of this Fairly Oddparents fic, The Hollow Halloween by AmandaArtiste, presents one for Remy Buxaplenty, in which he shows us all that you simply should not try to brainwash Trixie Tang (and her friend) while he's around.
  • The Master has many in the Doctor Who AU Fic Season Four, but his finest moment is in Chapter 13, where he and the Doctor confront the Rani - who plans to establish a New Gallifrey for the currently human Time Lords in her possession at a psychiatric ward with the help of the Doctor and Master. The Master laughs hysterically at this and has this brilliant rebuttal:

  "Oh, come on, a Time Lord empire? Founded by the three of us? There goes that policy of neutrality! No, wait, I've got it! I can make more black hole converters, you know. I can be Rassilon. Lucy, my dear, you get to be Omega, that would be fitting. Oh, Doctor, that leaves you as the Other. Yes, that sounds about right. I can rule for a thousand years of terror and the new Eye of Harmony will have all sorts of gadgets to keep it in check and they'll all be named after me! The Sash of the Master and the Key of the Master and the Seal of the Master. While we're at it we might as well have a bloody Trouser Press of the Master. Does that sound nice? Does that sound fun? Yes, come on, let's build a new Time Lord empire!"

  • Akane in "Road Trip", one of John Biles' Mai-HiME Future stories, when original character Mitsu is about to be tricked into summoning her Child so it can be killed:

 "I won't let you fight alone! This time, we're not going to be picked off one by one! NOT THIS TIME!" (...) "I won't lose again! THIS I DO SWEAR! We will defeat you and protect those we love! FOR I AM THE BATTLE PRINCESS OF THE WIND STORM! AND TOGETHER WE WILL DEFEAT YOU!"

    • From the same series, "Afraid To Fly Part 2" gives us Shiho's moment of awesome. Her regret over how she used her Child in the original Mai-HiME has meant she's been unable to summon it ever since, but when someone else tries to summon her own Child against her, she reclaims control of it by confronting and overcoming her own past negative feelings.

 "I am a Princess. And you are my Prince. And now it's time for us to slay some monsters together."

  • New Beginnings, New Fate by FreetheKyuubi, this scene made both hilarious and awesome by the amount of skill implied.

 "KAWAII!" All the girls (except the blonde and pink haired girls that were fighting earlier though even they looked like they were seriously fighting the urge) screamed in unison and launched themselves at the very surprised blonde. The glomping that ensued was one of legends as girls piled on top of each other in attempt to get to the boy beneath them.

A good natured chuckling suddenly came up from beneath the pile of girls and every one looked down in shock to see the aged face of the Hokage just visible. "Well, it has been a while since I was glomped by such attractive young ladies." The old man said with a smile. "But it is getting somewhat hard to breath. So would you all mind allowing this old man to get up?" The girls had to have set a new speed record in their haste to get themselves off the village's leader.

As the old man stood back up, a loud laughter filled the air and every looked over to see Naruto rolling on the ground holding his sides. "I...I can't...believe you...replaced yourself..with...the old man!" Naruto wheezed out as he laughed.

"I can't believe you replaced yourself with me, you little bastard!" Jagaa said heatedly from next to Kakashi. Naruto started laughing harder and Jagaa glared at him. Kakashi was using every ounce of will power he had not to join the sunny blonde. Seriously, how often does one see the most powerful man in the village get used as a replacement and then glomped? It was certainly a first for him.

  • Eyes of the Broken Soul, a story that has so far extended Naruto's Academy life to about 37+ chapters, while still remaining awesome, a CMOA for the author by default. This scene is taken from a rather recent chapter where Naruto is on a survival trip (read: camping trip/death trap) with his class and they need to catch their own food. Naruto decides to fish last, being unsure of himself in front of Ino, Sakura, Choji, Shikamaru and their fathers, and unintentionally, completely, shows everyone up.

 "What the hell!?!?!?!" Sakura shouted, almost causing the boy to lose his balance and fall over. "How the hell can you walk on water!?!?!?!" Naruto just shrugged his shoulders before scratching the back of his head with embarrassment.

"Ehehehe... well, the thing is I can't really swim that well." He mumbled sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed by his own "shortcomings". The pink haired girl just deadpanned.

"So... you just decided that defying the laws of nature and walking on water was easier..." She replied sarcastically. Naruto just nodded his head nervously, wondering why everyone looked so surprised by that.

"Yeah... that and I wanted to make sure that my dragon didn't get wet either..." he added lamely, trying to to escape the sittuation that he had gotten himself into. Ryuukimi just rolled his eyes before falling into his own blank expression

  • This troper, of course, has to mention the Blood fanfic Blood 2: The Unforgiven, by Eric Juneau. Specifically, the last few chapters of Part 2. That part, mostly taking place in a CabalCo-controlled prison/mental ward, just drags on and on after a while, slowly taking my sanity and love of reading with it. And then it does a complete and total 180, as the main character is rescued by Caleb himself, leading into the best chapters of the entire fanfic.

 "Move faster," the man commanded.

"It's a winding road," Avery said.

He heard the click of the revolver.

"Okay, moving faster."

  • Ultra Sonic 007's remake of Digimon: Zero 2 final battle between BelialMyotismon and the DigiKnight. Read it [2]: your head will explode from sheer awesomeness.
  • In the hilariously awful Death Note fic Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, Watari gives us the immortal line "ENOUGH OF YOUR RUDDY FLASHBACKERY YOU SODDING ARSES!" And "THAT FOOLISH WANKER DA'URQ IS IN NEW YORK AND HES KILLING SOME POOR SODS!" And a ton of other superbly ridiculous British English yellings.
  • In the Harry Potter Fanfic "The Lie I've Lived" after the Dementor fight at the end of Book 3, Harry finds out that, when his dad died, he got all of his memories. After that discovery, Harry becomes steadily more badass as the story progresses.
    • After the summer is over, Harry is, of course, put in the Triwizard tournament again. In one chapter, he sneaks onto the Durmstrang ship, where they keep a Geist. Not a mischevious prankster like Peeves, but a full blown demonic entity formed from the fear and dark magical 'residue' of the school and the boat. He gets away from it, which angers the Geist. Later, the Geist chases him and Fleur into the Forest. Harry stays there and stalls the Geist, while Fleur goes to get help...From the HOGWARTS GHOSTS. What follows is a medieval style smackdown. The Bloody Baron with a CLAYMORE, the Fat Friar with a giant cudgel, Peeves (who is actually somewhat demonic), and to top it all off, Professor Binns, wailing on the Geist with his fists.
    • One of the ten tasks of the Triwizard Tournament (yeah, it's expanded in the fic) is to solve a puzzle room and retrieve a dagger, using whatever potions you brew and objects you enchant that you can bring in beforehand. One competitor has a phasing belt. Another has a crossbow armed with an arrow that has an articulated hand. Harry has... a bandolier full of explosive potions and A FRIGGIN' GOLEM, with which he proceeds to nearly destroy the room and win swiftly.
    • Another task, a variation on the second in the original, sees Harry and Hermione riding a rhino conjured by Harry in order to make it to the finish line the fastest.
  • Men of War, a Gears of War/Halo fanfiction. Master Chief. Duel-wielding Troikas. Need I say more?
    • Yeah, it has to be said. Two squads of Cogs are pinned in a room and being overrun by a literal army of wretches. The Chief literally drops in by crashing through the ceiling, and retrieves a flamethrower from a nearby weapons rack. Cue massive asswhooping.
    • Master Chief kills a Berserker barehanded. By dropkicking it in the face.
    • Not to be outdone, in the next chapter, an entire platoon of Cogs and two king ravens are getting their asses handed to them by a Brumak. An extra large one to boot, with upgraded weapons to match. During this time, the Chief was raiding the armoury for a Galilean Nonlinear Rifle. Also known as: The Spartan Laser. When he joins the fight, he takes out the Brumak with three shots.
      • ... This troper has never read this story... but thinks teh Burmak deserves one for surviving two spartan laser shots and needing a third to die. Because i presume that all three were to the head.
  • She's Come Undone, an AU Sailor Moon where Usagi is placed in a mental asylum for the criminally insane by the government because her senshi battles were embarrassing them. She's given the choice of being set free but renouncing the fact she really was Sailor Moon, and staying in the hospital she's been confined in since forever and remaining a persona non grata and possibly never getting out alive. Her response: giving them a figurative middle finger by ripping up the papers she's given that would have had her saying she wasn't really Sailor Moon but just crazy, and stomping on them. Followed by saying she will always be Sailor Moon with a smile on her face, even while she's being dragged and beaten by the nurses for not doing what she was told. The Maya Angelou poem just enhances the awesome for me.
  • Nazo Unleashed. The first episode opens with Nazo nabbing a Chaos Emerald, then destroying the city it was located in. Then it goes into a three-minute brawl as Nazo beats the crap out of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, followed by Sonic turning into Dark Sonic. Episode two kicks the action up even further as Super Sonic and Super Shadow go two-on-one against Nazo. Finally, in the third Episode, Nazo uses the Chaos Emeralds AND the Master Emerald to go Super himself, then beats the ever-loving crap out of Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Then both hedgehogs turn the Emeralds into Super Emeralds so they can go Hyper, and then FUSE into Hyper Shadic. What follows next is a one-on-one battle across Angel Island, into SPACE, then back to the island, before Nazo uses the Super Emeralds to go Hyper as well, followed by what can only be described as a Dark Spirit Bomb versus a Wave Motion Cannon. It's basically to Flash what Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is to anime.
  • Elle Bishop gets a crowning moment in Creedog VanDrey's Heroes series The World Entire. Gabriel Gray has been mentally tormented back to his serial killing Sylar persona, where he has returned to Primatech to steal the powers of the dangerous inmates there. He comes up Elle, his wife, leaving him a series of vitriolic voice mails. Upon seeing him, she is immediately realived until he telekinetically throws her into a wall in preparation to open up her head and steal her electrical abilities. Without missing a beat, she attempts to seduce her Ax Crazy husband. When that fails, she berates him for even wasting his time on her dinky sparks. She then leads him on a tour of the cells, enticing him with the various superpowered inmates as if she were a waitress reading daily specials off a menu. The final "item" is their four-year-old son Noah, who has the one ability Sylar is most desperate for: immortality. The gambit works, while trying to kill his son, he has an emotional breakdown. He falls to his knees, seeing Elle only seconds away from electrocuting him. Later, when he asks her why offer up their son, she admits that she needed to be alive to protect Noah. She then reveals what her plan was had electrocuting Sylar not worked while pulling out a pistol from the back of her jeans: she would have, without hestitation, shot him in the sweet spot that negates his healing abilities... then followed it up with a dozen more bullets around the crown of his skull, followed by bashing his head against the cement wall until his brain fell out, which, if it wasn't in enough pieces for her liking...well, they have a "woefully underused blender". After making this point, she then proceeds to initiate sex.
  • Chapter 20 of Grand Tour has several, being essentially a climactic battle to cap a particluarly screwy Mega Crossover (Ranma ½, Star Trek, Lyrical Nanoha, Slayers, and Berserk). Most of the good guys get a crowning moment:
    • Lina Inverse: nuking down a big chunk of the enemy force, including two members of the God Hand, with a single spell.
      • Nanoha's reaction to said spell made that moment even more awesome.
    • Nanoha reducing another of the God Hand to utter gibbering terror with the line "You should not have attacked my friends."
    • Ranma and Ryoga both get moments, Ranma when he starts firebending and Ryoga when he pops a Hiryuu Shoten Ha - catching an utterly shocked Ranma in the area of effect.
    • Guts and Gourry going toe-to-toe with Femto and taking the demon lord down in his own area of expertise - the sword.
    • In Journey, the the DRB, an imperialistic evil counterpart to the TSAB, who have access to a not quite dead Queen Beryl and her youma as well, show up to conquer Earth. They end up fighting the JSDF, the TSAB, the Sailor Senshi, Hellboy, Evangeline, and the casts of both Ranma 1/2 and Black Lagoon. It... doesn't go well for them.
      • Special mention for Sailor Moon's contribution at the end. told that an orbiting battleship is about to bombard the city, she uses the Millenium Silver Crystal to throw a shield over the city that stands up to three volleys. Each of which was hitting with one hundred twenty MEGATONNES of force. Not bad at all for a clumsy crybaby.
      • The magical girl airdrop, ending in Subaru nailing a bad guy with a flying tackle to stop herself after rollerblading down from a couple thousand feet wasn't bad either.
  • Halo: Combat Evolution has several, but Wa, the Spartan Shock Trooper, gets one just by existing. Everything about his weapons and tactics is designed to scare the Covenant. He is to the covvies at large what the Chief is to the Covenant rank and file, and to the Spartans what the Spartans are to everyone else. He demonstrates this in chapter twenty-five by walking into a combat situation, saving his teammate, taking a hit from a Brute Hammer and getting right back up, then tearing the Brute's midsection out. Then he rips the top of its skull off. The oncoming brutes stop dead.
  • The Faltering of Suzumiya Haruhi is a CMOA in itself, because the writing style is so ridiculously close to Baka-Tsuki's translations of the original work, that it could be a lost original short story or something like that...
  • There are several by Thrythlind:

 "It did not understand whom it was facing."

    • Fighters of a New Day; Kurumi vs Kiba in chapter 5.
    • Kiyone Muyo!; Quote Kiyone Chapter 10: "Let me explain to you the facts of life," Kiyone started. "You've lost."
    • Slayers Bred; Third part of the Unnamed Trilogy that started with Kitsune Lina Jolrael to the Elf Lord -->"You dare mock a scion of House Feanor?"-->"I mock almost everybody," Jolrael said honestly. "Except Luna Inverse, tried that once, didn't turn out too well. Now shall we find one of your mages or do we have to tell every bleeding high elf individually that you've surrendered."
  • The Nanoha/Ranma ½ crossover Nanoha 1/2 provides several.
    • One is a threefold Crowning Moment to Ranma near the end of the Nanoha Classic arc, when Precia claims the last of the Jewel Seeds and starts on her Motive Rant/Hannibal Lecture to Fate and the TSAB. Moments after she starts talking, Genma notices that Ranma has disappeared from the Asura's bridge just as Lindy's troops move in to aprehend Precia. Precia, naturally, nukes the Red Shirts and keeps ranting, only for Ranma to make his reappearance. The AWESOME is how he slipped off the bridge, through the teleporter, and into the Garden of Time, dodged an area of effect spell potent enough to put down several squads of TSAB Space Marines and then escaped Precia's notice as long as he did. The FUNNY was stealing the Jewel Seeds literally out from under Precia's nose ("Yoink!") and then running away with them, Miyazaki Nodoka-style. The HEARTWARMING was how this affected Fate, who snaps out of the Heroic BSOD she'd been going into and manages to crack a smile despite everything she'd been put through in the last two minutes.
    • Another is during the A's arc, on the desert world with the giant worms. Signum sets up a barrier to trap Fate and Ranma, and since Ranma can't fly, he's stuck as worm fodder. Of course, Ranma isn't Ranma if he doesn't find some crazy way to turn things around, and in this case, he applies his aptitude for movement magic to create a spatial hole and them sucker the worm through it. Ranma then spawns the hole's end point right in Signum's face. The knight's reaction?

 Signum's mouth worked for a moment before she chuckled. "I do believe I like your little knight."

"He grows on you." Fate smiled and had Bardiche load another cartridge.

  • Kingdom of Chaos, a Kingdom Hearts fic set after Chain Memories (written before Kingdom Hearts 2) has a wonderful Crowning Moment at the hands of Larxene. The Organization has been betrayed and hung out to dry by Axel (whose convoluted plot to restore his heart to him has just succeeded) and most of their members have been killed by a Deadly Upgraded Sora. About all that's left is Marluxia, who takes Axel to task for his betrayal and starts kicking his ass. Finally Axel is on his last legs and, as Marluxia delivers the killing blow, Larxene, combining a Heroic Sacrifice and a CMOA teleports into the space between Axel and Marluxia's scythe, saving him at the cost of her own life. Marluxia is so astonished that he actually offers Axel an elixr that can save her life en exchange for his surrender.
  • Proving that there is always the other 10% that's So Cool Its Awesome, the Kingdom Hearts Slash High School AU fanfic Boys contains a major one for Sora in chapter 20: The Day I Tried To Live. The fic deals (professionally) with the difference between real and fake, the importance of owning up to what you are rather than fighting it, and the connections between the two. Sora finally reaches a conclusion on the matter, and kisses Riku right on the lips in the middle of the senior hall, thereby proclaiming his acceptance of the story's events and indicating how little he cares about anyone who has a problem with them. It's written and presented so that the response, even for the most devoted of Yaoi Fangirls, is not to Squee, but to stand up and cheer.
  • With Strings Attached has a ton of these, including:
    • When each of the four gets his magic, particularly when John flies.
    • When Paul explodes, when he lifts the first piece of the Vasyn, when the troll bashes him against the cavern walls, and when he escapes the five "Hitler Youth" agents in New Zork.
    • When John runs around on top of the water; when he leads the harveys into Central Park, and when he lifts the river.
    • When George unshrinks himself, when he becomes a red dragon, and when he figures out how to awaken John from a magical sleep.
    • When Ringo puts Sarekyl in a tree, when he first reaches across miles to grab John, and when he almost single-handedly captures the thirty Brothers of Doom.
    • And collectively, the battle on the Plains of Death.
  • The Harry Potter/Lovecraft crossover "Gentleman Usher of the Scarlet Rod" has some good moments, but the true CMoA that comes to mind is when Harry explains his plan for dealing with C'thulhu's half-brother coming for him;
  • The webcomic site is full of one shots and story arcs for the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, ranging from heart warming to gut-bustingly hilarious to unbelievably awesome, but the real awesome is in the most recent story arc, True Blue: Under Fire. During the storyline, X is consumed by an evil version of himself, given a Healing Factor, and Zero is faced with the task of taking him down. The sheer level of Determinator in Zero becomes a CMOA when after losing an arm, being torn apart, and welded to a wall, Zero rips himself off the wall and keeps fighting X.
  • There's at least one per chapter in People Lie, a Naruto fanfic by Nugar, but the one that stands out to me the most combines not only awesome, but heartwarming and funny. Naruto and Hinata are nearly half-dead and unconscious after defeating a Shoggoth and destroying an evil cult. That's the awesome. Sasuke carries Hinata and Naruto all the way back to Konoha, being severly beaten up himself when only a few days before, there were mutual death threats between him and Hinata. That's the heartwarming. The funny comes from all three of them being entirely naked, and references to fangirls attempting to make Naked Sasuke Day a national holiday.
  • Those Lacking Spines contains a truckload deal of these. This troper's personal favorite is Larxene's Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • The Digimon fic It's A Grand Old Team to Play For, which has Tai Kamiya playing for Glasgow Celtic has two in chapters 6 and 7. The first is when Tai passes to his teammate--who he hated for some time--and the teammate scores to beat Manchester United and the second is when Tai himself scores twice in two minutes to help his team win.
  • In chapter 28 of the Higurashi fanfic Redemption (as well as in the last half of the story in general), several characters earn their CMOAs. The one that stood out for this troper in particular was Mion's CMOA: She has only one gun...and manages to take down five soldiers with it. And just when it's revealed she missed one...she just shoots him a second time and he dies.
  • The Halo fanfic Enemy of My Enemy is chock-full of them. These include:
    • The previously-innefectual 2LT Brambley suddenly revealing his hidden badassitude and scaring the shit out of an obnoxious Obstructive Bureaucrat.
    • The Hunter pair saving a group of human children from a Brute stealth-hunter pack
    • Anything the Sangheili/Elite Rukth 'Kilkar does.
    • A Sangheili named Marikos is informed that the human's chaingun turret can't angle up high enough to shoot down enemy Banshees... so he rips it off its hinges, blows some Banshees out of the sky, and proceeds to carry the thing around like nothing for the rest of his time in the campaign.
    • The Brute-controlled Scarab getting shot in the face point-blank by artillery cannons, right after the Chieftain leading it bragged about being unstoppable.
    • The method that the humans use to kill another Brute-controlled Scarab.
    • The showdown between Elite sniper Zerat and the Jackal sniper "Yik, Slayer of Men", both absurdly-skilled marksmen, and how Zerat kills him
    • The final showdown between Elite Shipmaster Arume and Brute High-Chieftain Torikus.
    • See it here.
  • The Doctor's Nightmare gets one with this ending speech:

   "I'm going to kill you in order to release all these souls inside you and then I'll find a hole in the fabric of time and space and put your body inside the void. Once I seal it up, it won't matter if these dream demons bring you back to life because you'll be trapped forever between universes and there'll be nothing there for you to kill. You never shoulda messed with me, Krueger. You shoulda run and hid the moment you figured out I'm not an average human. You think you're humanity's worst nightmare? Well, I'm yours. Because when I get through with you, you'll wish you'd never been born." To clarify what has just happened, the Tenth Doctor has just beaten Freddy Kreuger and he's telling him what will happen.

  • Chapter 13 of the Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Outcast: "That boy just so happens to be my gormless, Yankee, muggle. So. Kindly. Step. OFF!"
  • Despite the fact that it's a Crossover Crack Fic, Deed manages to get one of her own in Time Loop when she Befriends Kodachi with her "Twin Blade Breaker"
  • In Fate's Gambit by robst, a nine year old Harry leaves the Dursley's with the help of Fate (It Makes Sense in Context). However, no one knows where he's gone and so both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds assume the Dursley's killed him. It soon gets out that Dumbledore is the one who put Harry there in the first place, causing him to fall HARD from grace. Cue eight year old Ginny Weasley, who is in Diagon Alley at the same time as Dumbledore to return a book of falsified stories about Harry Potter's supposed real life adventures. However upon seeing Dumbledore, Ginny proceeds to, as the text says, 'express the wizarding world's opinion of Dumbledore' by hurling the hardcover book at him with enough force to break his nose. Even though Harry's not actually dead, it's still pretty awesome.
  • In Malign Contingency by Edcrab, the author has essentially taken the Half-Life setting and introduced so many additional factions that it borders on original fiction. The story waddles along sedately and inconsistently until the finale, when the grand plan becomes clear, including a segment where Forty the Combine Elite finally does something remotely relevant and slaughters the alien assassin that's been stalking the main characters since the outset, and then proceeds to murder his way through the crew of an entire starship to demonstrate to his superiors that he's not a failed project. Part of it is the sheer relief that he didn't deliver the smackdown to the good guys...
    • Really? Read it and I'd say the evil Ass Pull that sees the whole group killed by a Strider was better... cos it actually turns out that the supercomputer has finally used the teleportation technology which is apparently so wonderfull for the Domarians, and it hasn't been forgotten about. That and the saw-it-coming-but-loved-it-anyway reunion ending
  • Sailor Moon: Millennials by The Judge seems determined to give a couple dozen of these to each of the Senshi, but one that stands out in particular comes from Hotaru of all people. During a sequence in which the Senshi are scattered across time and space thanks to a mishap with the Gates of Time, Hotaru finds herself alone in a tropical jungle in the Jurassic period, and the situation is testing her patience. She's tired, she's sweating buckets, and she's quite thoroughly pissed off about the whole incident, so when a T-rex decides to take an interest in her, little firefly snaps and gives it a DEATH GLARE FROM HELL.

 Saturn: Don't. Even. Think. About. It.

Rex: *Turns and runs for its life*

  • Zero vs Kira, this crossover fic is basically an epic win from the start, on behalf of our favorite Villain Protagonist Light. As soon as he teleported into Code Geass, first thing he does is to trick the guards, commander, and the scientist who is responsible of his presence to write their names and the commander's cause of death?

 Light: It says "George Taurus: orders his men to write their names down in a book, will succumb to an overwhelm fear for his own life and will follow any command given in order to save himself, dies in 30 minutes."

  • Harry Potter: Raven, a crossover fanfic of Harry Potter and Teen Titans, has one in Chapter 14, when the demon Axilano, who has unleashed an army of demons in Jump City and has been attempting to capture Harry Potter/Raven Azar for his master Trigon, finds himself on the receiving end of a massive ass-kicking. The original Titans, Terra, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Dr. Light, Zatanna, Doctor Fate, Hawkgirl, Batman, Etrigan, and a Harry from another universe, most of them very pissed off at him for picking on Raven, proceed to beat on him like he owes them money. And who gets the final blow? Harley Quinn. The Omakes at the end of the same chapter probably qualify as Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The entirety of Edward Vs Edward, a Twilight/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover, is pretty much a CMoA for Edward Elric. Most of the dialogue is Edward Elric bashing Edward Cullen's insults with ease.

 Edward Cullen: I'm practically perfect in every way.

Edward Elric: I don't NEED to be perfect for people to like me. OR fall in love with me.

Edward Cullen: I've got the most beautiful, perfect, delicious girl in the world. Her name is Bella Swan...

Edward Elric: Heh, really? I thought her name was Mary Sue.

    • Later...

 Edward Cullen: Pfft. You're just a dumb anime character...

Edward Elric: Well you're just a fake vampire - no, strike that. You're a carnivorous disco ball.

    • And then Armstong comes along... and Edward C loses all composure of someone having more sparkle power than him.

 Armstrong: FOOL! These sparkles and this godlike figure have been PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS! This was my shtick before you even EXISTED, lover-boy!

  • From The Hokage's Will by Airhead dude, we have the long anticipated Naruto vs Sasuke match. Naruto basically outclasses Sasuke in taijutsu-with Sasuke having no defense against Sage Mode Phantom Punches, so Sasuke amps up the ally by going fully incomplete Susano'o, thinking he has it won now. Know what Naruto does? Toss the Rasenshuriken into the Susano'o...and completely and utterly SHATTERS it like glass. So. Awesome.
  • The Fruits Basket Western fic (That's right, you heard me!) The Swordsman and The Gunslinger is made of this, and gives each protagonist a CMOA. The first one is when Kyo Sohma, the titular swordsman, takes out three gunmen win thirty seconds, armed only with a katana. This establishes him as the premier Badass of the fic.
  • Graveyard Shift, a Mass Effect novelization being written by the same author behind Tiberium Wars and Forward, has one for Wrex almost right off the bat, when a trio of assassins dressed up as C-Sec officers show up and try to "arrest" him. Wrex chats with them for a bit before suddenly killing all three in the span of a couple of seconds with casual and insulting ease. Then he tells off the leader of the group, saying he's really disappointed with him for the "fake arrest routine."
  • Latias from Latias' Journey. She's depicted mostly as a gentle, somewhat timid and fearful Pokémon. That changes big time in Chapter 5. After watching a bunch of evil bird Pokémon butcher a bunch of baby Flying and Bug types in Wing Fortress, she goes completely apeshit. The end result: a bunch of enemy Flying types lying in pieces in nursery, followed by a Psychic attack so powerful that it could best be described as a psychic nuke. That is followed up with an even more obscenely powerful Fire (or Dragon) attack that completely obliterates Wing Fortress and a large piece of the surrounding forest. It is utterly terrifying but at the same time awesome.
  • Michael, Action Survivor main character for ToyHammer, gets an extended one for not only being able to - through diplomacy, threats and friendship (also, impressing the commanders with his fire extinguisher - he manages to get the Human, Eldar, Tau and even Ork forces of Warhammer 40000 to not only stop fighting, but to co-exist (more or less) and even - when the need arose - to fight as one, we have to give him a Crowning Moment of Awesome... or a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Also, we have one for Sohm Vekt, a person who is normally considered a Red Shirt, being able to gun down multiple Super Soldier Space Marines while his team is dying all around him... he's barely able to stand or crawl afterwards, sure, but this guy just punched out several guys way above his pay grade.
    • Chapter 21: Chaos forces seem to be winning but the GOD EMPEROR OF MANKIND shows up in the very ticked of and very powerful flesh, and basically has the Chaos forces all void their bowels, by just appearing there.
  • The Middle Ground (an epic Naruto fanfiction) has many - Tenten beating the hell out of Tandea Shun, the Smug Snake and then sticking a sword through his heart when he gets up to attack her the last time. Tracking Shino into the middle of a warzone then landing in front of him to defend him from enemy shinobi all righteous fury. Team Gai taking down bandits with an air of boredom. Shino using his bugs to tickle someone into submission in a fight. Aburame Katsu (Shino's grandfather) using tea as a weapon... oh there are just too many!
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality(Chapter 10), the raised by rationalist/scientist Harry meets the first challenge that is able to seriously oppose him mentally, the Sorting Hat. Why? Because the Sorting Hat runs off the consciousness of the person who wears it, meaning that the Hat has all of his smarts but retains its own goals. The resultant battle of wits has to be seen to be believed, being both tense, intelligent, and hilarious. The crowning moment of the scene is the Hat's last laugh, where even after failing to convince Harry to join Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, briefly declares him Slytherin before saying "kidding, Ravenclaw". This finally gets through to Harry the danger he incurs by relying excessively on his intellect without any consideration to his or other's wellbeings, and ensures that his stay in Ravenclaw will be properly tempered.
  • The lack of Digimon Tamers AU Inner Demons Phase One[3] offends me. For optimum awesome, please see Takato's speech and the subsequent evolution from chapter 20. Fore warning, the fic is being rewritten, so updates won't be for a time.
  • Polarity is a Marvel fanfic focusing on the Shocker in a world where the dead are coming back to life as the slow, shuffling brand, and his attempts to "do the right" thing during the crisis.
    • To start, the event that kicks off Shocker's face turn, when he and the Rhino save a group of three people from a besieged 7-11 AND manage to escape from Hawkeye, who thought they were taking hostages. And the whole thing is caught on tape, uploaded to YouTube to get around a media blackout orchestrated by Norman Osborn. Later in the story, Shocker finds out that his and Rhino's video inspired other villains to do the same thing, forgoing attempts to take advantage of the chaos and working to save civilians.
      • See Chapter 21, "One Shots," for examples of Doctor Octopus, the Wizard, Deadpool, and many more doing just this.
    • Ms. Marvel gets one near the end of the tale, starting with the line "...I think she just hit terminal velocity."

 Ms Marvel: "You wanted the Avengers. Well, you got one. Come on, Electro. I've got a package for you, special delivery. Sign on the dotted line so I can hand you your ass."

    • Ares. On the firing line of SHIELD's last line of defense. Mowing down a horde of zombies. While dual-wielding M61 Vulcan mini-guns. The mini-guns they put on helicopters.
      • Just to bring it to absurd levels of awesome, he's scoring headshots with every shot from those miniguns. He has to be braced by Ms Marvel while firing.
    • The whole of "Polarity" is a long, slow-building story of redemption for Herman Schultz in the face of the world's end, with several CMoAs for the long time butt monkey.

 Osborn waved a hand in my direction. "You're nothing more than a common thug who decided to do the right thing for once, Schultz. That doesn't clean the slate of all the crimes you committed, Herman. One day as a lion does not balance out a lifetime as a jackal."

Under my mask, I raised an eyebrow. Oh, thank you for hubris. "You're right, Norman. Absolutely right. All the good things I've done don't matter a lick compared to the bad. You're the expert on that topic, aren't you, Green Goblin?" If it wasn't for the persistent hum, you could have heard a pin drop. I think Ms. Marvel let out a low whistle at the comment.

      • Let's not forget the moment when Herman actually : stops the living dead from coming back to life by giving : the Darkhold a Shut UP, Hannibal speech : and uses the theory of electrical resistance to shut down the brain of every single zombie on the planet.
  • The Neon Genesis Evangelion fic Father has one in Chapter 5, when Asuka's father Erik (and his wife "Mrs. Soryu") visit after hearing rumors (true ones) that Asuka has gotten pregnant. Long story short, things devolve quickly, leading to Mr. Soryu shoving his pregnant daughter with such force that it slams her into a nearby wall hard enough to knock her unconscious. Before anyone else knows what's happening, Shinji (Asuka's fiancé) has one-hit-KO'd Mrs. Soryu (being grazed by a bullet fired by her) and pinned Mr. Demon-Dad to the wall by the throat, having fully given himself over to the inner berserker and trying to crush the man's neck with his bare hands. Later, as Mr. Soryu storms up to Gendo in his office and threatens all sorts of retaliations, Gendo calmly and efficiently shoots down each and every one of the man's threats with logical and legal rebuttals. And when the man disowns Asuka and states that he'll leave her penniless and alone, Gendo reveals that Kyoko had left Asuka her entire estate and (considerably large) fortune to Asuka, and that SEELE (in this story now a new incarnation loyal to Gendo) have discovered that Mr. Soryu has embezzled/stolen his late wife's - now Asuka's - money, and that Mr. Soryu and his wife are now under arrest. Gendo then closes the conversation and finally blows his top at the man:

  "On a rather more personal note, allow me to tell you this: Do not mess with my family! You brandished a gun in my son's home, with the proof being a wound on the back of his hand! You throw my future daughter-in-law against the wall, endangering her and her baby! I may be considered a total bastard by everyone else, and I gladly use members of my own family to further our goals, but I will NOT allow anyone else to jeopardize their lives! And despite what I may wish, your daughter is about to become family, thus she is under MY protection! Is this understood, Soryu? She is to become an Ikari, no questions asked."

    • And then Fuyutsuki punches Soryu in the stomach hard enough to K.O. him, just for good measure.

 Fuyutsuki: Sorry, Commander. It seems my fist slipped. I apologize.

Gendo (dismissively): Ah. Well, don't let it happen again. By the way, Fuyutsuki, make sure he and his wife leave Japan as soon as possible. I think there is a military cargo flight bound for Germany leaving shortly. See to it they are on it before it leaves, will you?

Fuyutsuki: By your command.

  • The Evangelion/DBZ crossover fic Eva Possibilities and Fusion Pandemonium has a few good ones, such as Vegeta utterly dominating Shamshel and then making a one-Saiyan siege to rescue his captive son from Gendo's clutches. Also, Gogeta vs. Bardiel.
  • Few fanfics mimic their source material as perfectly as Houseplants of Gor, a parody of John Norman's Gor series. It's simultaneously a CMOA and a CMOF.
  • These two stories, Harry Potter and the Unexpected Visitor and Prodigy (yep, he is a big fan of the Harry Potter Canon couples). The author, despite not being a native, can nonetheless write with better grammar than many English and American people in, and has managed to write two scenes which are quite good Crowning Moment of Awesome in my opinion:
    • In The Unexpected Visitor, chapter 25, Dementors and Death Eaters attack Hogsmeade while the students are there. Harry Potter takes charge of the situation while the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry Aurors arrive, and he contributes quite a lot to the defence of the town. However, the CMoA comes when, after realising that there are very few Patroni (plural of Patronus) still around and several hundreds of Dementors, he makes up a charm on the spot that absorbs the still living Patroni and transforms them into creatures of fire of different colours that utterly destroy the Dementors, freeing all the souls they have Kissed.
    • In Prodigy, chapter 11, Quirrell decides, instead of freeing the troll on the dungeons, to send it directly into the Great Hall to cause as much harm as possible as well as distracting Dumbledore. The troll arrives just when Harry and his friends (Ron, Hermione and Neville) are getting out of the Great Hall, thus encountering him right on the door (this scene is told from Harry, Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black and Molly Weasley). Just when the troll is going to smash them with its club, Harry, on instinct, manages to cast a magical shield that not only stops the club, but utterly destroys it into tiny pieces, and then gets his friends to scatter. Then, the troll charges Hermione, but Ron manages to push her to a side just in time for the troll to go head on the wall, although Ron breaks his leg in the process. Neville uses a Jelly-Legs Jinx on the troll powerful enough to affect it, and then Harry manages to turn the troll into tiny chunks of burned out flesh and blood using one charm. But the CMoA hasn't finished yet! Later, Voldemort (who is now wandering around in spirit form, Quirrell having been killed by Fluffy) attempts to possess Harry, trying to steal his body. However, Harry, aided by Magic (a personification of all the magic in the world, acting much like Gaia would do) and by the Sorting Hat, manages to keep Voldemort out of his mind and then, confronting him, kicks him out of his mind in a move that also doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Finmonster asks, what if every comic book universe (Marvel, D.C., Darkhorse, Aliens, Predators, etc...) is in the same universe, then adds Harry Potter just because.This is the result. Has a way of giving each character at least one of these every fight scene too.
    • For exapmle; in Chapter eleven Victor Von Doom is covered in third degree. And when the Hulk attacks him, what does he do? Why, he taunts him about how pathetic he is while holding his own against him! Of course, Hulk eventually manages to punch him across the country. Eventually. And that's just one of the CMOAs in that chapter.
  • In Harry Potter and the Guardian's Light, a troll is attacking Hermione, and what does Harry do? He climbs onto its back and cuffs it in the ear. And the troll feels it! Better, it's implied that Harry learned to hit from his abusive uncle!
  • Another Daria fic, Turnabout Confusion is pretty much just one CMOA after another as it chronicles the epic Gambit Pileup to determine the most popular girl in school. Plus the fic itself, which started out as just a silly story where Daria and Quinn bet on who can survive the other's lifestyle the longest and soon morphed into an incredibly ambitious and complicated story with apparently little forward planning, and despite that everything fits together perfectly like one big clockwork puzzle.
  • The Tales of Vesperia fanfic "The Overlooking Crown", the sequel to "Black Brigade", has the fourth chapter stop a rebellion in the most awesome way possible. You have to read it.
  • I once read a crossover between Halloween and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Michael ends up coming to Sunnydale and stalking Willow. Well, after a LONG series of events, Michael has trapped Willow in her school, and has already taken out Xander twice and managed to get the drop on Buffy. When Loomis shows up, he's got a plan. It basically boils down to bait Michael with Willow, then when he gets close enough STABS Micheal in the NECK WITH A SYRINGE FULL OF SEDATIVE, then savagely beating him to the floor via a pistol whipping. Your mileage may vary, but I liked it.
  • There's a Phineas and Ferb fanfic called "Doof Wins" in which Irving of all people gets one. Doofenshmirtz is preparing to disintegrate Perry The platypus when Irving shows up and assumes he wants to harm Phineas and Ferb. Then he jumps into the air and punches Doof in the face, destroys the combine-inator (Long Story), and unfreezes Perry who then precedes to give Doof a severe beating. Yes Irving just single handily saved the day. Wow.
  • One excellent Yu-Gi-Oh! fic by the name of Homecoming featured the long-suffering Ryou Bakura, always portrayed as the helpless woobie in fanfiction, finally being pushed to his breaking point and slamming Yami Bakura in the face with a freaking baseball bat.
  • There's the Mass Effect Self Insert Mass Vexations, during which Author Avatar Art finds himself having to drive the Mako after Shepard suffers a hand injury. Aside from turning that entire section into a not-too-subtle Back to The Future reference, it's a moment of awesome on its own given that Art successfully drives Shepard and the crew to the Conduit. What makes it even better is that it's the cap of an entire fic's worth of character development for Art; he's gone from someone who's never fired a firearm to a very good soldier by Alliance standards.
  • The Zelda FanFic The Legend of Zelda: Exoria: Link, a member of Hylian Joint Intelligence, needs to find a vehicle which he can use to get Princess Zelda out of the city. He finds the MRX402A ULATRV, codename Epona, and proceeds to avoid two road blocks (blowing up one and avoiding the other by getting up on the curb and turning into an alley), outrun or lose a total of Humvees, outrun the crumbling of a highway cause by one of two attack helicopters shooting out the support with a missile, trick one attack helicopter into crashing into a building, drive up a breaking tree to get on the upper level of a highway, fend off two gunsword wielders also on motorcycles, jump off one end of a drawbridge to land on the other, dodge a missile of the remaining helicopter whose blast cloud destroys said helicopter, and outrun a fricken' spider mecha .
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero has Kyon vs Yakuza, numerous times. All of them count: one was a Big Damn Heroes moment, another was with Nagato and they beat 24 Yakuza, and the third is another Big Damn Heroes moment that hasn't happened yet. It's Kyon on his own against 12 Yakuza.
    • It finally happened, and it was even more awesome than the fight with 24 Yakuza.
    • Then there was what he did to intimidate Mori... Dynamic Entry involving jumping from thirty feet up unharmed, handing an eavesdropper to the Organisation, and blackmailing her. With no prior planning.
  • In a Massive Multiplayer Crossover, when worlds collide, where anime characters fight the super heroes and villains of the DCU In the final battle in Gotham city, which is split halfway with Konoha, due to the worlds merging, Black Adam fights all of the Z-fighters, and wins easily. He even rips Tien's arm off.
    • Earlier on, Black Adam fights every member of CP9 and slaughters them with ease.
    • In the same fic, When grimmjow blows up part of a building to distract Superman, who has to hold it up, he continues to wail on Supes, proclaiming he's helpless. Then superman tells him he doesn't need just his fist, and blast him away with his heat vision.
    • And there's no link to this epic sounding fic because...?
  • The absolutely wonderful Harry Potter fic The Moment It Began begins with a CMOA: Severus Snape, given the chance to go back and re-live his life starting from the day he pushed Lily away, not only never says "Mudblood", but hands James and Sirius their asses when they let their guard down, more than paying them back for every time they tortured him in his first life. It also ends with the most awesomely ironic death ever: Voldemort gets shot in the back of the head by Severus's reformed father, Tobias, in full Papa Wolf mode.
  • From the Doctor Who Dark Fic "Psycho Savior, qu'est-ce que c'est?", five words:

 Ninth Doctor: Ha, ha! Drank your death.

  • In Chapter 34 of Task Force 43, the titular Starfleet task force aides the Earth Alliance in fighting off the Minbari at Proxima. The Minbari later get a crowning moment of awesome when Delenn helps Mars by not allowing Earth Force from attacking them after Mars had joined the Federation.
  • Avengers fanfic Legends is made of this. Every time somebody dies, or almost dies, or dies in a flashback, is either this or a CMOH. Stan Lee gets one in the first chapter without even appearing, and then in the last chapter Grant Morrison and Alan Moore get theirs, Beating up Quesada. But it really picks up in the climax, starting in Chapter Six; In Which Things Get Serious, and ending in Chapter Nine; In Which It Is Clobbering Time. The alternate title is Chapter Nine; In Which There Is Much Awesomeness. I'm not kidding you here, and niether is the title.

  Captain America: Avengers! Assemble! This! Ends! Tonight! it does

    • Daredevil killing the Kingpin WITH HER EYES!
    • Thunderstrike calls in the Cavalry
    • It is revealed Arcade managed to kill Doom in one of his traps, thus imitating him for a long period of time, and finally getting most heroes depowered and killed when he used Doom's final plan. When Arcade finally dies, Doom reveals he is overlord of HELL ITSELF and begins a millenia of vengeful torture, finishing on the line "I! AM! DOOM!".
  • Ghosts of the Future, a Sonic fan-comic gets one around the Secret Rings arc with "I'm the ghost writer of this story". (Another bit of awesome, look at the improvement in the art) There was also "Let's get dangerous", but that was great for different reasons.
  • The Moment It Began by Sindie can be a bit polarizing, but then you get to the end: Tobias Snape kills Voldemort by shooting him in the back of the head. Hol. Lee. Shit.
  • Children of the Blue, a Blue Gender fanfic, features the scene where Yuji's son is kidnapped, and two of the kidnappers have been caught and are now being interrogated. The interrogator? Marlene Angel, who happens to be the kidnapped boy's mother. The kidnappers decide to cop an attitude. Anyone who's watched the show knows exactly how well that's going to work.

 Marlene: Where did they take my son?

Kidnapper #1: Bite me.

Marlene: Where did they take my son?

  • FATE/Holy Grail War of 2814, an offshoot story of Takamachi Nanoha of 2814, has Archer fighting the Wolkeritter by himself. Through a combination of Tracing, emotional manipulation based on his memories, and Unlimited Blade Works, he starts creating power rings. He starts with enraging the Wolkenritter by threatening Hayate, using their rage to make a Red ring (and making a giant angry construct of Rin), drawing on their love for her to make a Violet ring, and using Signum's will, Vita's hope, and Zafira's compassion to make Green, Blue, and Indigo. Despite bleeding from everywhere from the strain, he blasts them all with a Ring-Construct Starlight Breaker big enough to be seen from orbit and uses their fear to make a Yellow ring.
    • Of course, all of that was to free them and the Book of Darkness from Angra Mainyu's corruption, upon which he willfully surrenders his Linker Core to help save Hayate's life. Even if you don't like him, you have to admit he always has style.
  • A series of novelisations of the Half-Life games, The Black Mesa Incident and Welcome to City 17, are full to the brim with this trope, mostly by virtue of Gordon Freeman being Gordon Freeman. Even by his standards there are plenty of exceptional moments, including Gordon destroying a Gunship by dropping a piece of a bridge on it, destroying another Gunship by directing it into a Strider's warp cannon, then destroying that same Strider by riding on top of it and jamming a grenade into it, and killing the Nihilanth using nothing but his trusty crowbar, driving it straight into its brain.
  • In the Touhou fanfiction Imperfect Metamorphosis, an indestructible being that can absorb any form of attack thrown at it, soon acquiring the abilities of another being that kills most things just by being near them and whose touch is potentially deadly to absolutely anyone, is loose in Gensoukyou. It swiftly dispatches its millenia-old creator, a Reality Warper, two stupidly powerful magicians and a bearer of impervious Plot Armor, leaving only Suika to fight it. After her treasured gourd is crushed in the battle, Suika acts exactly like Suika, proceeding to pound the ever-loving crap out of the life-ending monstrosity, leaving it (temporarily) broken and unconscious in a crater. Moral of the story: never force an oni to be sober.
  • Thirty H's. All of it.
  • When the Silent Ones, the lords of Sleepwalker's race, are ready to execute him for his crimes, Sleepy's human host Rick Sheridan intervenes and refuses to let it happen:

 The Silent Ones: You are advised to stand aside, human.

Rick: And what if I don't? Can’t do much to me in my own mind, can you? That’d really screw up the tenets of the Sleepwalker race, wouldn’t it?

Sleepwalker: Rick, you must not-

Rick: No! Killing Terren’sk isn’t going to bring back Mom and Dad! Killing Terren’sk isn’t going to stop Psyko if he ever comes back! Killing Terren’sk isn’t going to protect Julia from Lightmaster, if he ever comes back! Killing Terren’sk won’t do a thing for Sv’ara, or any of the other Sleepwalkers!

The Silent Ones: Explain yourself, human.

Rick: It happened, alright? My fusion with Terren’sk, Mom and Dad’s deaths, all of it! It happened, and I wish it hadn’t, but it did! There’s nothing that’ll change it, and it’s a part of who I am now. Besides, who’s to say there isn’t a way to break the bond? Kill Terren’sk, and you lose a warrior, you lose someone who’s put his life on the line against Cobweb time and again, you lose someone who’s saved who knows how many lives, both in the Mindscape and on Earth! Besides, you think of all the criminals he’s iced, they’re not going away on their own! (To Sleepwalker) Until you can return home, we still need you.

  • ALL of Chapter Episode 15 of Power Rangers GPX.
  • prodigy. This story is actually pretty insane, and not just for the fact that it's a crossover between, ahem: Harry Potter, Crime Scene Investigation, House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Numb3rs, Psych, Law and Order:Special Victims Unit, Naval Criminal Investigative Services, and possibly even more. No, I'm not kidding. Nearly the entire story (Which is 140,841 words, if I may add.) is so awesome. Words don't describe it, while it does have the thin base of a lot of HP AU's (Harry Potter's twin is named BWL, Harry is ignored.) If runs away with it and crashes that idea into a building, then lights the building. This is easily a 'Crowning Moment of Funny' as well.
  • Supernatural: Deterioration of Reason features an OC!Gabriel fighting a demon who had kidnapped, tortured and humiliated Castiel. Gabriel's Berserk Button was already pushed and he was already beating the crap out of the demon. But the moment the demon implied that he did something else to Castiel, even God himself has had enough. This sentence said it all.

  It was the response of an incensed Father to the torture and ridicule of one of his sons, it was the vengeful mark of the Lord himself.

  • Not a Typical Civil War gets one when Doom reveals that he manipulated the entire superhero community into going to war brags about how he is going to kill their families, and unleash every Supervillain in 42 to kill them in a desperate fight for their lives, and how when the whole ordeal is over he won't have to take over the world because the world will be begging him to take over. When told by Iron Man that there was no way they would let this plan succeed, he subverts his villain monologueing and reveals that while he was distracting them with the grand reveal he was pumping an undetectable gas into the room so when the villains came to tear them to pieces they'd be helpless.
    • This is followed by Spider-Man, who was hit with the same gas as everybody else, perserveres through sheer force of will and beats up almost every super villain in 42. He proceeds to go on for another chapter, sustained solely by concern for his family.
    • In earlier chapters, the author decides to provide his definition of awesome. Wolverine proceeds to grow sixty feet tall and eat Nitro. You have to admit, that was pretty awesome.
    • Speedball. Just Speedball.
      • To clarify, Speedball beats Dr. Doom into a bloody pulp, and then takes out the Sentry with a tape recorder.
    • Namor broke his hands. How did he break his hands? He punched the Sentry's head into non-existence, that's how he broke his hands.
  • The entirety of The Angel's Voice. Its a Doctor Who/Angel crossover... involving Sweet. Particular awesome are the duet between The Doctor and The Master as they clobber Daleks together, and the chorus number by The Doctor and his previous nine regenerations.
  • In the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fic Stahlkönigin: Nanoha using full power, blaster-3 Starlight Breaker to destroy a target with MASSIVE magic defense? Business as usual. Vivio withstanding the same attack for a minute or more in order to block it from hitting civilian buildings? Epic.
  • In Silens Cursor's fic Renegade Cause, Chapter 35 (the invasion of Azkaban by Voldemort's amassed army) is rife with Moments of Awesome. Between Tonks' brutal and bloody battle with a traitorous Auror, Sirius 300-kicking Bellatrix down a flight of stairs, the desperate charge of the Azkaban guards against a horde of escapees and werewolves led by Fenrir Greyback himself, and the epic stalling fight between Voldemort and a vastly-outclassed Kingsley Shacklebolt, it's a chapter to be remembered as epic and awesome.
  • The Homestuck fanfiction Were All Doomed has many, so I'll just list a few:
    • Chapter 3: Future Gamzee 2 manages to throw off his murderous past self's tirade with one word: Ho Nk.
    • Chapter 9: Tavros out-raps Dave. That is all.
    • Chapter 12: All eleven trolls team up to beat Gamzee AND THEY MANAGE TO DO IT WITHOUT A SINGLE PERSON GETTING KILLED.
    • Chapter 13: Everybody teams up, gives Doc Scratch an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech, culminating in Sollux blowing up Doc Scratch's typewriter.
    • Chapter 14: Can be summed up with the closing line: TG: lets kill us a First Guardian
    • Chapter 15: Everybody teams up to beat Doc Scratch, but the best part has to be Aradia's awakening, which happens in the only way it could possibly be cooler than in canon: Aradia fools Doc Scratch into destroying her robot body while Derse explodes, wakes up, single-handedly engineers almost every major event since the timeline splintered, then goes back in time to mere seconds after she left, riding Bec. Hell yes!
  • In the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha / Mahou Sensei Negima crossover fic, Equal and Opposite Attraction Negi, of course, gets one. After finding Hayate trapped in a Mind Rape dark dimension, he procedes to deliver one hell of a Badass Boast, channeling his inner Kamina, before obliterating said dark dimension with a Jack Rakan Signature Finisher, Eternal Negi Fever

 Negi: "Whoever you are, whatever you are, I hope you're listening...I am Negi Springfield, offspring of the Thousand Master and the Queen of Ostia. I have been trained by the greatest masters of combat and magic, and have never failed to impress them. I have faced demons, madmen, cyborgs, and gods themselves, all for the sake of others. I have traveled the world in search of one man thought dead. And I found him." He paused before continuing ... You think the darkness scares me? You think I am just some child? You think I would back away from anyone who would hurt my students? JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?"

  • The Code Geass fanfic My Queen uses the premises that Kallen chose to stay with Lelouch instead of the Black Knights. During the Battle of Kaminejima, alone, she takes on the Royal Guard and the Knight of Twelve alone, defeating without much problems. She stands up against the Knight of One fairly, however, when the Knight of Six almost pulverizes the Shinkiro, where Lelouch was, things get ugly for her enemies. With INSANE levels of hot-bloodedness, she beheads the Mordred, much like Orange-kun, with her Radiation Wave, destroys and entire division of the Black Knights, destroys the Zangetsu, almost killing Todoh (he shouldn't have called Lelouch a demon) and destroys the Galahad, even Bismarck's Geass couldn't save him.

  Todoh, after the battle: ...if his feelings for her are true...then Kallen Kozuki has become the most dangerous warrior on this planet..."

  • The Glee fanfic And Innocents, which involves a Columbine-esque shooting at McKinley, is chock-full of these.
    • There are so many in the shooting alone. First, Will Schuester reacts to the oncoming shooters by blocking the doorway to his classroom and taking every bullet the shooter unloads at him.
    • Artie gets one when he gets Quinn, Santana, Mike, and Brittany out of the building, by carrying the latter three out on his lap. Two of them don't make it.
    • Eric, Kurt's boyfriend (the fic was written before Blaine became a character) gets one when he takes a bullet for Kurt.
    • Sue Sylvester takes a bullet for Becky. And lives.
    • But the trophy goes to Finn and Puck, who take down both shooters in the music room, stopping them from killing Kurt and Eric, or anyone else. Finn then goes on to keep Puck and Eric alive until the paramedics get there.
    • Finn gets another CMOA in the aftermath. Eric had been driven out of his home by his violently homophobic mother and brother and was now living with Finn and Kurt. [[spoiler:His brother stops by to try to force him to come back, so that he can "bring him out of his perverted lifestyle." The brother attacks Kurt and Eric. Finn
  • Chapter 16 of the Code Geass fic Code Geass Megiddo. The Ikaruga is about to be destroyed by the Avalon. In response Kallen using her geass to spot the shield weak points declares, "Lelouch... This is my miracle!" and attacks and shoots down the Avalon by herself.
  • The Family Guy fic Payback from a Pipe has Stewie beats up Quagmire after he beat Brain in Quagmire's Dad then he calls Glenn out on his hypocrisy over the stuff he said to Brain and deals him a Reason You Suck Speech and makes Quagmire apologize to Brain. Fro those who hate how Glenn has been treating Brian lately this is perfect for you.
  • In a cutway in ch.38 of Family Guy's The Spellbook which a I call "Aquaman's Revenge"

 Peter dressed as Black Manta: Surrender, you fool! We all know that you have no powers out of water!

Aquaman: Outrighteous! I can't believe that you don't know that this is The Brave and the Bold!

Peter: Ohhhhhhhhhhh shi-

  • An AU story set during Marvel's Civil War, "Addition To The Fray" by Adrian Tullberg, has Doctor Doom confront Reed Richards, via hologram, to find out why he has chosen to side with Iron Man, given his more liberal views in the past. Reed reluctantly informs Doom that SHIELD had sent spy-bots to infiltrate the Baxter Building, take photos of Franklin and Valeria and sent them to Reed, with an implied threat that he should side with them to keep his children safe. Doom, recalling that he had declared Valeria to be under his protection, decides to take matters in his own hands, and a Doom-hologram suddenly appears at SHIELD headquarters.

  "Bear Witness. You and your masters shall realise your sole purpose in this life. To serve as a warning to whoever, and whatever shall soon replace you and your organisation. To threaten that child--is to invite Doom."

  • The Code Geass/Bleach crossover Soul Chess has Lelouch, a mere 5th seat, save Renji, Momo, Izuru, and Hisagi from a menos by using a Kurohitsuji.
    • The same fic has Lelouch beat Aizen by waiting until he's caught in Negacion and Geassing him to kill himself.
  • The Disney Dark Fic Lost Tales of Fantasia, the Headless Horseman is bearing down on the king, when his servant steps up and empties all of his bullets into him.

  Lumiere: You want more!? BE MY GUEST!

  The Horseman decided he hated this human more than any other being in any other world, and by the time he hit the ground, he had decided not to cut off his head, but to systematically break and destroy every single fibre of his being, starting with his toe tips, and continuing up to his neck, keeping him alive until the very end, and then wearing his head as a trophy during the Red Queen's gallas.

  • The final battle in the Kingdom Hearts fic Omega Dawn. The entirety of the battle is a continous CMOA, but the real thing happens when Kairi regains her Princess of Heart powers and Riku getting all maximum power: after Kairi delivered a In the Name of the Moon speech, she drops the hammer (summoned literally from the Hammerspace, made of pure light, surrounded with flames from Riku's keyblade) against the cowering Ruxik.
  • Poland, in the Hetalia fanfiction 1940: Lithuania. He spends the first two thirds of the story alternating between being forced to work in a factory making uniforms for German soldiers and getting beaten up by Russia and locked in his room for several days at a time for not knowing when to shut up. Then Lithuania sneaks into Poland's room and finds out that Poland has been running an organized resistance movement from his closet this whole time and mailing instructions to his rebel forces by climbing out of his second story window and sneaking off to the post office, mailing the coded letters, then climbing back into his room, despite the fact that he is seriously weakened because Germany and Russia are killing so many of his people. Also, he blew up one of Germany's ammunition factories offscreen.
  • Fate/Black Reflection. Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Saber. Getsuga Tenshou vs. Excalibur. The end result is a stalemate.
    • This whole fic is actually a crowning moment of awesome for this troper; Ichigo's servant is Rider. The mere fact that it's Ichigo who summons Rider makes it a CMOA, and a CMOH. Add to the fact that because Ichigo's in the mix, Rider doesn't die, and she isn't subjected to Shinji's torment, and this troper has officially declared this his favorite crossover EVER.
  • In the Lucky Star fanfic The Day Everything Changed, after seeing Kagami be mercilessly attacked and laughed at by the fanfic's main antagonist, Konata decides that the time has come to take a stand against her friend's attacker. Despite being a foot shorter and about 75 pounds smaller, she ends up winning. What makes it even more awesome is the fact that she herself was badly beaten up during the scuffle but she still kept fighting, determined to protect Kagami from any more harm. Well done, Konata. My hat goes off to you.
  • The scene where Kirby destroys Dark Matter in The Dream Land Story is undeniably awesome. Kirby manages to catch Dark Matter (which had previously shown itself to have almost perfect reaction time) off guard, giving it a ruthless beatdown with the Star Rod.
  • The Doctor Who fic Invisible Road gives us this awesome Badass Boast:

 The Sontarans call me a warrior. The Cybermen call me a threat. And the Daleks called me the Fiveslayer. I have faced down ghosts and blood-drinkers, sun-eaters and world-burners. And if you, or any of your silly little ships, want to take anyone off this planet, you tell them Ace McShane will be waiting for them. [1]

  • In Kuann's Disney fic The Merging of Worlds: Night of Ashes, Atticus is an atheist boy who, for some reason, attends a Catholic school. He is critical of the monks and religion, saying they sit on their pulpits all day long preaching God, but never allow for the fact they might be wrong. When Atticus meets the head of the school, Father Joseph, he loses his temper and tells him that the prefects have no interest in his programs, and they plan to do nothing with their lives but join the War and die after graduating from school. He tells Father Joseph he preaches perfection, but is blind to the reality around him. Atticus is then shocked to see that Father Joseph isn't phased at all. He calmly gives Atticus this breathtaking "The Reason You Suck" Speech:

 Your passion has done little to change my perception of you, young man, other than to make me realize that you truly believe in foolishness. That is a shame all the more; your father said you were intelligent. You have said enough. I have a high tolerance, but my patience is depleted in the case of your "righteous" crusade. You claim of yourself what you like, but you are no different than the myriad of children that have preceded you. I am well aware that the passion for academics does not exist in the vast majority of my students; not even those before me now. But the difference between them and those that are like you is that they live their life with their own purpose and meaning, no matter the pointlessness of that goal. There have been many like you, Atticus, and you are not the last that will come to me before I pass on. They may lack your details, your acuity, even your bravery, but they all have one thing in common: their dissatisfaction. Boys like you exist for no other purpose than crush the beliefs of others, to make them squirm with gifts of intellect or courage. It may work with the young men that surround you, but not with me, and not with my brothers in Christ. We know who we are; that is a solidarity that you will never touch."

    • Atticus is left utterly speechless.
  • A Happy Ending, a LA Noire fanfic taking place after the ending, has Jack Kelso killing Roy Earle.

 Roy Earle: Los Angeles is a big city, Jack. The police will find you, I swear it!

Jack Kelso: Then I don't care.


  1. Oh, and she's beating the living shit out of a Sycorax with a BASEBALL BAT while she's saying all this.
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