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Even in the Darkest Hour, hope springs eternal.

  • Tony and Nebula bonding in the powerless Benatar. Look how happy Nebula is when she finally gets to win at something (paper football in this case) for once in her life. It's even implied Tony threw the game for her sake. He, of all people, can relate to having a distant father.
  • Even after the hell they've given each other, even before Civil War, Cap still rushes to help Tony off the Benatar.
  • Smug Super she may be, Carol is sent into a brief Heroic BSOD when she learns Fury is dead.
  • Steve Rogers helping to head a support group for those struggling to cope with the fact that half of their population was wiped from existence.
  • Thanos genuinely thanking Nebula for defending his honor when the Avengers think he's lying about destroying the Infinity Stones and saying he was too hard on her. Since she herself said he's not a liar, she knows his regret at how harsh she was is genuine. The past Thanos takes this to heart and treats his Nebula much better.
    • Just before that, Thanos visibly relaxes and smiles when she makes herself known. The Unfavourite she may have been, Thanos is happy that at least one of his children survived Infinity War. When Thanos Dies Wide Open, Nebula closes his eyes and silently cries for him.
  • Following the Time Skip, Nebula has started beautifying herself, incorporating gold into her outer shell. For someone who was so hell bent on Revenge, it's nice to see that she can live after that's gone.
  • Thor's unchained glee at seeing Bruce and Rocket again in New Asgard is just wonderful.
  • Rocket freaking Raccoon helping Thor through his panic attack and convincing him to continue with the mission to help amend their mistakes preceding the Snap.
  • Scott Lang is actually sympathetic to Tony's reasons for not joining the Time Heist. Remember that this man loathed to be compared to Tony when he was first introduced. Likewise, Tony is respectful to Scott instead of milking the Unknown Rival card, contrasting Civil War.
  • Frigga's meeting with Thor. Everything about it.
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