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These characters are not on Team Avatar, but help them out in their adventures.




 Voiced by: André Sogliuzzo


 "I heard what you two did. I am the proudest father in the world. And your mother would be proud too."


Father of Sokka and Katara, Hakoda is the chieftan of the Southern Water Tribe. Shortly after his wife Kya was killed in a Fire Nation raid, Hakoda led the men of the tribe off to war. While he genuinely loved his children, he realized that this was for a greater good and left them behind. Later in the series, he was reunited with his children and led an coalition army of Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom forces into the Fire Nation capital on the Day of Black Sun. When the invasion plan failed, he led the other Gaang tagalongs onto a bus. Sokka rescued him from prison, allowing Hakoda to return in the finale to tell his children how proud he was of them.

File:Haru 1266.jpg



 Voiced by: Michael Dow


Haru is a teenage Earthbender whom Aang, Katara and Sokka met early in their travels. He was the only active earthbender left in his village, and that because he hid his abilties at his mother's behest. The Fire Nation occupied their village and carted off any Earthbender to prison on board an all metal ship.

Katara convinced Haru to Earthbend to save the life of an old man, which resulted in him being imprisoned. Katara faked Earthbending to get captured as well, and rescued him, inspiring Haru, his father, and all the captive Earthbenders to fight back against the Fire Nation.

Katara and Haru had a strong bond because they had each lost a parent to the Fire Nation, and the bond only grew stronger in gratitude once Katara's bravery reunited not only father and son, but freed all the captive Earthbenders.

File:Mechanist avatar.png
File:Teo avatar1.png

The Mechanist and Teo


 Voiced by: René Auberjonois (Mechanist), Daniel Samonas (Teo)


As a brilliant engineer and scientist, the Mechanist works to help others and his son Teo with his inventions. When his village was destroyed by a flood (during which Teo was crippled), the Mechanist moved his people into the nearby Northern Air Temple, and gave Teo a hang-gliding wheelchair based on Airbender designs. The Fire Nation eventually learned of the Mechanist and blackmailed him into creating weapons for them. After getting a guilt trip from Aang, the Mechanist turned against the Fire Nation. Now he and Teo build weapons for the resisting forces to take down their former oppressors.

While both of them appear only a handful of times, they end up having a big role in the plot. Some of their designs end up being a big factor in the Fire Nation winning the Day of Black Sun.

File:Princess yue.jpg

Princess Yue


 Voiced by: Johanna Braddy


 "I wish we could just be friends. But I like you too much, and it's too confusing to be around you. I'm marrying someone else."


Princess of the Northern Water Tribe, Yue was born a sickly baby. In an effort to cure her, her father prayed to the Moon and Ocean Spirits for her health, and the Moon Spirit obliged, giving her a part of its life. Years later, she fell in love with Sokka, but felt conflicted over it due to her arranged marriage with another Water tribe warrior. When Zhao killed the Moon Spirit, Yue used the life energies the Moon Spirit used to heal her to bring back the moon, losing her life in the process. She now acts as the new Moon Spirit and occasional Spirit Advisor to Aang.

File:Earth king 8231.jpg

Earth King Kuei


 Voiced by: Phil LaMarr


Earth King Kuei is the king of Ba Sing Se. He is the youngest earth king in the city's history, and has unfortunately been the puppet of Long Feng and the Dai Le. But after exposing and destroying the Lake Laogai brainwashing facility, the Gaang convinces him about the war he's been kept in the dark about his whole life. He agees to commit his city's resources. A disguised Azula overthrows him before The Plan gets off the ground. Rather than take back his city (he is not, apparently, an Earthbender himself), he and his bear Bosco decide to see the world instead.

  • Adorkable
  • Captain Oblivious
  • Homage: To (quite appropriately) The Last Emperor, down to those round glasses. Some fans think he looks like Stephen Colbert, although his choice of pet is very un-Colbertesque.
  • Long Bus Trip: He goes off to travel the world after Ba Sing Se is conquered by the Fire Nation and never again reappears in the show proper.
  • Meaningful Name: "Kuei-lei" is Chinese for "puppet".
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Once his eyes are opened to what's really going on in Ba Sing Se.
    • Even before that actually, despite the Gaang breaking into his palace and laying waste to his guards, he does actually hear them out when he sees that they are willing to lay down their weapons and finds out Aang is the Avatar. And he does not take what they say at face value, he requires proof. Fortunately, they have some, leading to the aforementioned eye-opening.
  • Walking the Earth: what he decides to do after Azula overthrows him.
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