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File:Severed Survival 1959.jpg

One of the pioneering bands in Death Metal, Autopsy was formed by Chris Reifert, the former drummer for Death. They're known for being co-Trope Codifiers for several facets of Death Metal alongside bands like Possesion and Death such as gruesome album art, Harsh Vocals, and lyrics relating to death and gore. They're also notorious for changing sounds once an album and founder Reifert's numerous side projects. They've been noted as an influence in many death metal bands, including Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. They broke up in 1995 for some of the members to start a new band called Abcess but recently rejoined for live shows, and are now releasing new material.



  • Chris Reifert - Drums and Vocals (1987 - Present)
  • Danny Coralles - Guitar (1987 - Present)
  • Eric Cutler - Guitar (1987 - Present)]]
  • Joe Trevisano - Bass (2010 - Present)

Autopsy provides examples of the following tropes

  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder - All the members of the band have done side projects, but Reifert takes the cake, being in Abcess, The Ravenous, Eat my Fuk, and Doomed, as well as guest appearing on many other albums
  • Contemptible Cover - All of them, to an extent. Shitfun is notable in that it shows coprophilia rather than the Gorn album art of the others
  • Creator Backlash - Reifert and Coralles lashed out at their work in Autopsy because it took attention away from Abcess. (See Vindicated by History)
  • Epic Rocking - Their latest album, Macabre Eternal, has Sadistic Gratification, which lasts 11 minutes long.
  • Follow the Leader - While only one of the many bands who formed the beginning of Death Metal, their influence is undeniable, and the fact that every album was a New Sound Album helped in that respect too, as they were able to influence multiple scenes with different parts of their discography.
  • Harsh Vocals - A mix between a scream and a gutteral howl
  • I Am the Band - While three quarters of the band have been present since the inception of Autopsy, Reifert is both the face and main creative force in the band.
  • Long Runner Lineup - Even counting the break from 1995-2009, everybody but the bassist has remained constant for the entire life of the band
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness - Hovers around 10
  • New Sound Album - Constantly. The debut Severed Survival was fast and thrashy, while Mental Funeral was much more slow and doomy, and has had the largest lasting impact on the genre. Third album Acts of the Unspeakable moved more in the direction of Grindcore and Shitfun was basically Hardcore Punk. This move caused the formation of Abcess, which was a continuation of the same sound.
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